I see all the topics
of God's information
as pieces of a puzzle.

And I see all of us
humans on Earth,
as pieces of a puzzle.

May this  be the time
of "linking" together,
so the puzzle will "coalesce"?

A difficult, beautiful word,
that means:
"merge by growth
into one body"

2001_10_19; last update: 2005_01_07

All links
to Godchannel's Info
refer to the files
in my own edition
of Godchannel


Each edited file starts with a link
which leads to the original file.

"Edition" means:

Breaking the lines,
to make reading easier
and other graphical design of text.

Differentiation between
text already quoted in pps (right)
text waiting to be quoted (center)
text not yet understood
or worked on (left).

My fourfold overview
of Godchannel's Material
is meant to render perspective
and facilitate understanding:

Alphabetical Files List
Names of more than 200 files
- differentiated between those
which were published till 2002_02_26
and those published or republished
since 2004_09_28.
Each file is linked to the original,
unlike in the 3 following overviews,
where the files are linked
to my edition.
Files Overview
the same alphabetical list,
but to each file its content
and category are mentioned.
Chronological Overview
To the extent that the date is known
on which the info or dialog
was channeled,
their files are listed chronologically.
Context Overview
The files published until 2002_02_26
are systematically categorized.

Addition on 2001_12_31;
last update on 2005_01_27

Since July 2001 the Channelers
have been informed
of my site and its development.
In no corner of my heart and mind
did I doubt for one minute,
that they would be pleased
with the dedicated work
I've put in making Godchannel
more accessable, more readable
by editing it graphically,
without the slightest changes
in content.

One day I sent them
a list of mistakes and questions
concerning Godchannel.com.
Thus they "discovered" my edition
and were ~~~ not pleased ~~~

In pp1, last day of 2001,and pp28
both, my spirit and my will,
try to win them over
for "transparency",
and free sharing of information.

Now a wonderful healing of feelings
has taken place,
it is with the Channelers' consent,
that I go on updating
my Edited Godchannel Files.



" Its surface is unlike anything
in the solar system with features
that are jumbled together
in a haphazard fashion.
Scientists believe
that Miranda may have been shattered
as many as five times
during its evolution.
After each shattering
the moon would have reassembled
from the remains of its former self
with portions of the core exposed
and portions of the surface burried.
This is only a theory. "

"How beauteous
mankind is,
o brave new world!"

"Your center and core
is your human Body.
Your true, whole being
includes both
the Mother and me,
and is manifesting
as Heart
in Body.

"So far it may not have seemed like much to you,
but this being you are
is the finest,
most amazing Creation
in all the universes.
The significant part of
why this is so is
that you in fact are
your own co-creator..."