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 The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

[If you look for a word on this page,
click ctrl/F and put a word in "find"]

I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"





Homepage of www.Godchannel.com (since 1997)
graphically edited by Christa-Rachel Bat-Adam (since 2001)
95 Godchannel files (+4 pages in other libraries) appear accompanied - in chronological order -
by photos, episodes & insights from
Through this creative work of editing and composing,
I'm enjoying once more what I enjoyed, healing what was painful and despairing,
and contributing to the evolution of the revolutionary concept of a Walk-about-Love



Latest Update: 2011_06_17
Since the Walk-about-Love site of 2009 is no longer accessable,
see the trailer of the Documentary about the Walk about Love 2009 by Rotem Malenky

and "Tunnel Sound" , also by Rotem Malenky, on a page with the Walk story in Hebrew
When the latter was taken, I had already parted from the "Walk", but such sounding in resonating spaces we did also" at my time". See ! and see !and listen !
The images of beloved people, like that of starchild Gal Mor, and (kissing) Emanuel from Italy, warm my heart.

On September 29, 2009 I watch and listen to the "Musical Experience" during the last week of the Walk about Love,
edited excellently by our movie-maker Rotem Malenky during the days on which we ask Eva to walk with us for ever

March 17: At the foot of a mountain in the Negev DESERT (Makhtesh Ramon-Nekarot) : A "Morning-Circle" before setting out for today's "Walk about Love"
{see Orna's video - in Arad on March 29- which gives an idea of our dancing in a circle!}
May 11: Around a spring and pond along the Zippori River
[ "The Creek of Sepphoris" in Lower Galilee] : Immersing in the WATER during "Walking about Love"

I invited
"those, who want to learn, why I left The Walk on May 2, i.e. after 9 weeks" - into a circle.
Many more people than expected sat with me under the tree, where - earlier - Gil and I had parted lovingly.
[Continuation of this entry-composition is now on the last page: Old Heart, New Heart...
but first scroll down to some introductory compositions below "God's Intention"]



The original message bears no date, but was given before April 1997.         The most recent time I inserted new updates, was on June 23, 2011!
This is the "homepage" of Godchannel, inserted in my second homepageSince June 14, 2007, there also exists a bi-lingual French-English page.

God's Intention

[On May 23, 2012 , I discovered, that the title is now
"Spirit's Intention".
This was a very necessary correction, but when did this update appear on Godchannel?]


"I have asked that this material be published here
so that you and I can communicate more fully.

[old version: so that you and I can communicate more fully openly in the outer world.]
While my truest presence and voice will always be within you,
[old version: While my truest presence and voice is within you]
my intention is to help
strengthen the experience of our inner connection
through this outer form of communication

"You and I already know each other;
you have sometimes heard my voice speaking softly and lovingly within you,
quietly appreciating and encouraging you.
'You are good,' 'You can do it,' and 'Follow your dream,'
are examples of things you may remember hearing from me.

[this entire passage was missing in old versions]


"Talking to you from these pages now is like me talking to myself.
[old version: "Talking to you is like me talking to myself.]
It is, in fact, my own eternal presence within you
that I am addressing.
I am waking up inside of you,
which is like saying that you are waking up to realize
that you and I are one.

[old version: "that I am you.".]

"I should say that you are waking again,
because you may remember that we have been here before.

[old version: "because you have been here before."]
Your deep Being has always known the oneness of all things,
[old version: "Your deep Self has always known that All is One" ]
and has always known that you, the part of you who is a fragment, a separate being,
has been in a long and constant process of evolution toward becoming completely whole.

[the old version of these two lines was : "and you are in a constant process of becoming All That is" ]

For a very long time your own and all of humanity's evolution toward wholeness
[last version: "For a very long time
[this line was missing in the first version] your evolution toward wholeness]
has been a great mystery.
Now it is becoming a great awakening.


"If you ask me to, I can help you become aware of your true identity
[old version: "I would like to help you become aware of your true identity ."]

so that we can work together collaboratively to resolve
[old version: "so that together we can resolve "]
the otherwise insurmountable problems you and your species are facing.
[old version: "the problems you are facing"]

I am now moving to the point in my own evolutionary process where I can effectively correct the imbalances
[old version: "I am now moving to correct the imbalances"]
that have existed on Earth
and in the rest of Creation
[this line was missing in the first version]
since before the beginning of time,
and I am inviting your collaboration in doing this."
[old version: "and I am asking for your help and collaboration in doing this."]


"Above all, you have free will.
You and only you can choose

[old version: " It is my desire that you and only you choose", first version: "You and only you must choose"]
who you will be and what you will do.
I would love you to choose to be my host [see .reality>venue] here on Earth;
[old version: "I hope you choose to be my host here on Earth."]
I would love you to expand the presence of Divinity within you and allow it to fully express through you.
[old version: "I hope you allow my presence within you to express through you."]
And I would love that you and I work together
[old version: "I hope you and I will work together collaboratively"]
to bring about the healing
that is being called for by both your deepest Self and your planet.

[old version: "that your deepest Self and the Earth have been calling for "]
[the last lines were missing in the first version]


"And of course, as collaborators in the healing work,
[old version: "If you choose that we work together,"]
it will be most helpful
if you and I have strong and certain inner two-way communication with each other.
[old version: "to have strong and certain inner communication with each other ."]
This website can support us in establishing and strengthening our connection and communication.
[old version: "This web site is one of several outer forms of communication that can support us in establishing and strengthening our inner union."]

"You can, if you choose, channel my light,
the light of loving Spirit,

[this so important definition of "Light" was missing in former versions ]
and use it to help heal yourself
and the ills of your planet.

We will soon explore the exact means of our inner communication and the specific healing tools and medicine we can use together.
[This line is missing in former versions]
And in doing this healing work you will literally be preparing the way for Heaven to come to Earth.
[Former version: "and help prepare the way way for my coming to Earth." first version: "for my return to Earth"]]

If this is your choice,
a good place on this site to begin is
with the Four Steps to Wholeness."


[newest version of the Channelers' comment]

The purpose of this site is
to share our communication with God ~~~ both
and the Mother of Creation

and help provide them with a focused virtual presence on Earth.

We believe
that God is already here within everything,
including each of us humans.
Experience has shown us
that anyone can communicate with Spirit
and get verbal answers to questions,
and replies to concerns.
This communication is accomplished
through a phenomenon we call "channeling."
However, two-way prayer,
contemplation , focused presence and meditation
can also be ways of communicating with Deity.

We believe
everyone has a direct connection with God,
and the channeling on this site reflects our connection.
You are welcome to use this material in your healing process,
however, please disregard anything here
that may conflict with what you are getting directly
through your own inner communication with Deity.

Throughout the site,
God's words as we have channeled them
appear in quotes.
This note [at the end of WHO]
explains the more modern use of language on this site.

Channelers / Who is God? / Visit with God / God's Class


March 12, 2009

I am following my understanding and new lekh-lekhâ on January 1, 2009,
  that - after 7 years - I should no longer create new pages on my 2 websites,
but intermingle the evidence of new experiences with that on existing pages,
Since March 2009 I have been "synchronizing" the chronological process of the Godchannel.com files
with the chronological process of my photos and - if there should be time - observations and lessons of the
"Walk About Love"

As I understand it,
the right term in Hebrew would be:



The Biblical command to Abraham, when he was 99 years old, was not: "be a good person", but:

"walk-about before me and be whole" [Genesis 17:1]

and what characterized the mythical figure of Noah, who saved humankind from annihilation, was:

"Noah ... was whole... with God walked-about Noah" [Genesis 6:9]






not walking towards a goal, but walking "about" ,
balancing between the poles of plus and minus,
learning ~~~~ healing
creating ~~~~ loving

[the background shows the fruit of a flower in the Land of Israel]

From February 27 until May 2, 2009 , I was among the walkers of the WALK ABOUT LOVE ,
interrupting only for being present with my daughter-in-love Efrat, and my tenth grandchild Mika, while my pilot-son Immanuel was on long flights.

On May 11, 2009 I joined the walkers one more time ~~~ in order to part from them while walking!

On June 1, 2009

I sang
to my Tibetian bowl into the ears~eyes of Dido Aynee in the emergency room of Beersheva hospital,
accompanied by Emanuel from Italy and Gal Mor from Arad.
The three of us then traveled by trains and taxis to Kfar Monash ~~ to comfort the mourning family,
and gather around the grave of our Mowgli, where - at the end of the funeral - many of the Walkers
followed Mowgli's casual "testament", that in case of his death he wanted people to dance with him.

On August 2, 2009, I visited Dido a fifth time, now in the Rehabilitation Center of Tel Hashomer.
And while it was exhilarating to see, how he returns to life more and more, another blow hit us:
The next day the corpse of Nir Rak was found,
he had drowned in the Sea at Dor Beach
(south of Haifa).

On August 1, 2009,
Nir and two friends had gone out with a boat and challenged themselves by diving....

My wandering
(nod)- you have counted it!
Put my tear in your water-bag
(nôd) !
( the tear) is in your counting, isn't it?
(Psalm 56:9, my translation)

As one whom his mother comforteth,
so will I, I, comfort you

(Isaiah 66:13)

Click! and click again to stop!
Shortly before I heard of "The Walk about Love"
I came across this verse in a psalm.
It touched me so much,
that I felt inspired with a tune to the words.
I added the verse from Isaiah,
which used to comfort me already when I was a child.

Now I dedicate this song
to wounded Dido (Adi ) Eynee
to dead Mowgli (Har'el Berlin) ,
to dead Nir Rak
and to Eva Sabani,
who will rise to walk with us forever

Mowgli with a child and a grandmother ~~~ Dido with a child ~~~ Nir in the embrace of friends
See my pictures and stories about the three young Walkers



See the beginning of the photos of the "Walk about Love" on the page:
"Chronological Overview of the Godchannel Files, as given since January 1997"



Here are some compositions - as an introduction to what I experienced, learnt, suffered, created, loved.

From among my many photos taken on March 1, 2009, when we began the walking

The ascent was along the place, where my mobile home was parked from Nov. 1996 till June 1997.
It was here, that my knowing and dreaming about walking the Shvil Yisrael, the Israel Trail, began.
It seems to me, that all my life was evolving towards the Walk about Love in 2009,
but the ascent from the Red Sea, so mystically illuminated from above on March 1,
staggered and stumbled, the closer we came to the Mediterranean Sea on April 27.
Sickness of soul and body matured my understanding that I had ~to leave the Walk.

On May 2, far from the Desert Red Sea - at a Mediterranean city-beach - I said to each of some 10 different friends:
"I've to go to my usual assignment with my family and should be back on May 6.
If I shall reach the inner certainty, that I should leave The Walk about Love 2009,
I'll come one more time to share my reasons with those who want to hear them."

Deep healing work, also with the support of a Walker - Lior Oren - for 36 hours - made me ready to share my insights.
I did so while WALKING - walking with my potential peers one more time - - this time in the Galilee close to Nazareth.
This was on May 11, before the wedding of a close friend and after my support to his former partner the night before.
None of these 3 events - all in the north of Israel, not in the south where I live - could have occurred without the other!


This is me, the 70 year old walker, in case you didn't guess...
On my-our first day of walking on March 1, 2009
- climbing up and down the high mountains of the Eilat-Desert,
being still insufficiently equipped, for instance without a walking-stick...
I was proud to put our flag as an envelope around my day-back-pack.

On my last day, May 2 - when we were not walking but "sitting" on a city-beach,
I had my big back-pack with the tent etc. on my back, the day-backpack in front,
the very practical pouch , given to me by my son, around my waist,
and a walking-stick in my hand -
it fell down, when I handed Avigal my camera.
Just recently I had bought a shirt, cut out the logo & sown it on my backpack
I also bought the logo and sowed it underneath - just 2 days before leaving...


April 28, 2009 - See the date! This was sculpted during my last "break" with my family, when I did not yet know, that on May 2 I would leave the Walk

The greatest experience during "the Walk" is the feeling
that the Biblical prophecy in Malachi 3:16
(close to the end of the translated Bible)
- which I put - in 5 languages - above all the K.i.s.s.-Log 2008 pages since Aug. 15, my 70th birthday -
is becoming fulfilled

az   nidberu   yir'ee  YHWH   ish - el - re'eehu      ~~~~~      va-yaqshev   [YHWH]      va-yishma'
Then those who see Ha-Shem, will talk among each other, ~~~~~ and he listens  and he hears 
[Arabic] yatakaalamuna       allathina       yarau'na-hu ,         ~~~~~         va-yusri          va-yasma'
Dann die IHN schauen,  werden reden miteinander,    ~~~~~    und er lauscht      und er hoert
Puis ceux qu'ils voient Ha-Shem, se parlent l'un a l'autre       ~~~~~      il entends,        il ecoute


Amidst two of my first friends :
Thomas - 22 - from Leipzig, the town where my mother was born in 1909, and Emanuel -20 - from Italy, who bears my firstborn's name.
It is a photo from among the pictures on the official Walk about Love site - taken by another Thomas

Thomas had to return to his country after 3 weeks,
and Emanuel needed to be by himself "after Jerusalem"...

but traveled to Arad to part from me - finding me "by chance" in my home
joining me -the next day- on my visit to Dido, though he had not known him,
and honoring our Mowgli's fresh grave with a magnificent flower arrangement
stuck in a goat's horn, which I had once found next to my "Cave of the Womb"!



May 3, 2009

Can I believe it, that 5 days later - on May 3, 2009 - I feel forced to write that sentence in the past tense:
"The greatest experience during "the Walk"   W A S   the feeling
that the Biblical prophecy
- which I put - in 5 languages - above all the K.i.s.s.-Log 2008 pages since Aug. 15, my 70th birthday -
W A S   becoming fulfilled:

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

"And a river goes out of Eden to water the garden;
and from thence it separates into four heads."
[Genesis 2:10]
"There is a time to embrace,
and a time to refrain from embracing"
[Qohelet/Ecclesiastes 3:5]

Hear my song: "Exodus from Slavery to Freedom"






Adam (USA)
Agni (?)
Angelika (Germany)
Andy (Germany)
Ben (England)
Benjamin (France)
(Beriwan) (?)
Brice (France)

Charlie (USA)
Christie (Holland)
Christine (Germany)
Daniel (Germany)
David (USA)

Eftychia (Greece)
Emanuel (Italy)
Évi (Hungary)
Frederick (Holland)

Gabriel (USA)
Harm (Holland)
Hugo (France)

Ieva (Java) (Lithuania)
Jessica (Germany)
Jonathan (Germany)
Justas (Lithuania)

Katie (USA)
Katya (Slovenia)
Konstantin (Greece)
Luic (Luxembourg)

Maria (France)
Marc (Holland)
Martin (Slovenia)
Michael (USA)
Miryam (France)

Natalie (USA)
Nicole (Australia)

Oscar (Spain)
Peter (Bulgaria)
Phaedra (?)

Richard (Holland)
Robin (Germany)
Romain (Belgium)
------ (England)
Ruben (Belgium)

Sabrina (Germany)
+ Jonathan 14 months
Sjors (Holland)
(Sophia) (?)
Stephanie (USA)
Susanne (Germany)
+ Chanan & Matan
Suz (Holland)

Thomas (Germany)
Thomas (France)
Thomas (Holland)
Thorsten (Germany)
Timo (Germany?)

Uzaan (Turkey)
Yak (Tchechia)

May 13, 2009; last update : May 27, 2009 - on the last day, on which the Walkers of the Walk about Love walked.
See my early proposal about how to structure the Walk-about-Love in a way,
that the individual walkers and organizers would be emotionally supported,
which would have also implied a process for feedback and applying lessons
to the concept of the Walk.

The Walk about Love 2009
Understanding and Insights

framed by the names of those walkers whom I got to know personally,
(in brackets: names which I noted, but can no longer associate with faces.
Please- if you care: send me a picture so as to remind me of your face!)

and to whom I radiated "energy" by thanking you for walking with me ,
whenever I - only since April 4 - noted your names during the Morning-Circle.
To make it easier for our friends from abroad,
I spelled the Hebrew names in English and separated between women and men.
Please - whoever finds his/her name spelled wrongly - write to me!
Through "Search" [not a very reliable feature!] you might (!) find photos of yourself or of persons
who appear on the pages which - in chronological order - document my personal Walk about Love!


On July 31, 2009 I discovered a "Contact-List" of the Walkers,
which gives me joy, though I myself am not listed there.

Adi C.
Adi L.

Lior M..
Lior O.
Michal H.A.
Michal H.
Michal K.
Michal R.
Michal S.
+Ariel, 18 months
   wounded on
    May 30, 2009

El'ad the prince

(Gil'ad P.)

    killed on
    May 30, 2009

Nir L.
Nir R.
Rotem B.
Rotem M.
Shai G.
(Shai )



June 25, 2009
Translation [with some additions to the Hebrew test ] of
The Walk about Love 2009
Understanding and Insights

(In the translation of the Hebrew verbal sculpture, the puns are lost.
Especially the contrast between "hityashvut" versus "hithalkhut"
settling versus walking-about,
walking without a target, without a deadline,
walking for the sake of thinking and feeling, learning and enjoying life.

The links in the English text are meant also for the reader of the Hebrew lines)

A warning:
In the following analysis there is not a hint of blame,
not against the behavior or personality of persons,
nor against the original concept,
which was crystalized during a long period by twenty people
following the dream of Rea Pasternak.
But any machine and any concept , yes, Creation itself…
demand e-volution [
see how "God" learnt that law], demand un-folding,
just like a bud unfolds into a blossom and into a fruit.

And as to the human beings in the drama of The Walk,
what applies to them is what applies to my personal drama:
I am never the victim of anyone: I'm forever the master of my life!
Meaning – that beyond space and time – I'm the one who creates my drama:
I am the writer, the producer, the director and , of course, the main actor!
And I'm the one who chooses other actors for my drama,
sometimes for a lifetime – like the members of my family -
and sometimes for an hour of walking with one of the Walkers of The Walk-
I choose them according to the roles they can play in my drama -
so that I'll grow and heal, create and love – I as a hologram of all Creation.

If my co-actors are not to my liking,
I have to find out, what hole in my wholeness, i.e. in my self-acceptance, attracts them.

The same is valid for The Walk:
If we – one body! – attract people with behaviors which seem damaging and destructive,
or simply "triggering"
("a trigger comes to point out a hole in my wholeness that now wants to heal!")
then I – we - the Walk - need to find out,
what flaw in the concept or what fault in its application attracted such behaviors.
(This is valid also for those walkers who are "triggered" by 70 year old Christa-Rachel….

Flaws in the concept are not only in what is missing,
but also in what there is,
- the distortion of the concept of openness!

From openness to OVER-EXPOSURE

The grand idea,
that in order to grow and evolve towards the capacity
to love myself and my neighbor,
one has to walk-about the earth with other people,
was not invented ever since
"The Walk-about-Freedom"
of Hebrew slaves from Egypt, 3250 years ago.

But exactly because of this newness,
the Walk-about-Love
is like an embryo in the womb,
which must not be exposed to the world
before the right time.
If one pulls the embryo from the womb,
in order to exhibit it to "Babylon",
be it through festivals with nature-raping "music",
and attraction of persons seeking "drugs &sex",
or be it by inviting "the public to receive Shabbat",
or be it by "contributions to special communities" -
then the development of the embryo
will be disturbed or even disrupted,
the more so as the make-up of the embryo
changes from day to day,
and its Body is forced to re-assemble all the time.

Openness which is exposure
prevents unfolding, developing, evolving,
and if those 3 exposures were not enough,
then good – but a bit megalomanic -people decided, that they had to change the world right away
and to demonstrate "Peace and Love'
to the Palestinians on the Westbank:
"If you grasp much, you don't grasp!",
said our wise people 2000 years ago:
"if you grasp little – you grasp!"
Those Walkers split off from the embryo,
and did so even more than once,
without asking themselves,
if when they wanted to return,
there would still be an embryo left.

And again:
If there was a mechanism,
a structure for drawing conclusions,
and if The Walk would un-fold from week to week, this overexposure had been blocked since long
and those who wanted to do good,
would have postponed the realization of their desire
till the time after the Walk

A new idea
is born to the World:
A Walk-about-Love

"And a river goes out of Eden
to water the garden;
and from thence it separates
into four heads."
[Genesis 2:10]

Going out, not sitting,
walking-about, not settling,
"Going to yourself ", not security
God's command to Abraham

"lekh-lekhâ"- "go-to-yourself"
"from all security and safety,
in short: from your "comfort-zone",
is the starting-point of Israel as well as myself!
Watering, not sinking,
fertilizing, not becoming a swamp
Knowing to part and to depart,
not clinging, not being attached

to every person who wants to join,
whenever and for how long s/he wants.

Waters are not settling,
they are "walking-about".
Waters which want to irrigate
and make the soil produce flowers and fruits,
will go out now and now and now
they will not attach themselves,
they part, depart and separate.

Openness to the world,
which is not overexposure,
and not naïve "contribution"
but is within the bounds of

"the joy to create",
I experienced during our parades through the cities:
We dedicated ourselves
to this creativity and creation,
even in Arad, when nobody was on the streets
because of the cold and the timing (Friday 3 PM!)

instead of openness

The Walk is based on fantastic logistics
in everything that is connected to physical survival
or the structure of time,
but there is no space for the human soul
nor is their space for receiving feedback
and for applying lessons to the concept of the Walk.

Individuals may be open to each other,
but the exterior structure of the Walk signals
a shutdown to ourselves,
a shutdown to our feelings,
a shutdown to the feelings of the other.
There is no circle for welcoming new people
(and only after I left there was a change at least in this)
and no circle for people who leave,
if for personal reasons
or if because the Walk doesn't "suit" them any longer...
"A friend" suddenly is gone and does not return.
I always parted from each of the closer friends,
when I had to leave for a few days,
but even my best friends one day simply disappeared...
- another symptom for not caring about individuals:
whoever did not find his/her right place
in "the Festival Settlements"
had no place in "The Walk-about"...

"It's my birthday on the weekend of Shittim!"
said T., "I want to celebrate it with the Walkers,
but I don't want to be at the festival,
do I now have to go to Tel-Aviv for celebrating?"

"This is your problem!" she was told,
"you knew, that festivals are planned for the Walk!"

No wonder that there also is no transparency.
no transparency between "the organizers" and "the group",
not in matters of conflicts between the organizers,
not in matters of money and other "exterior" issues,
not when good people offer a camp like Darijaat for free,
and "the Group" doesn't even know about it,
leave alone , express their gratitude to these donors.

If in the future the concept and the structure of The Walk
will encourage and enable processes of feedback
just like the Walk 2009
takes care of the physical well-being of the walkers
and the wondrous technical functioning of the Walk,
there will be a chance,
that everyone will achieve the goals'
for which s/he would like to be committed to the Walk
with all his/her heart.

Inside Jaffa Gate, In the old city of Jerusalem: a walker is dancing with a pilgrim from Egypt!

Listen to the song about THE SONG,
the real "song", the singing and playing and dancing, the true feast,
as demonstrated outside another gate of the Old City on the same day.



2009_05_27 - The last day, on which the Walkers of the Walk-about-Love are walking.

Though there is still much work to do in the library of The Walk About Love 2009
(captions under photos and the telling of some episodes),

I feel that I have completed the process
of healing my feelings and of understanding in my mind, -
with the help of all the people, inside and outside the Walk, with whom I shared both,
as well as with the help of my camera and this creative work on my site.

I want to close this introduction with a letter from Yava (Ieva) . from Europe, dated May 24, 2009,
which resonates with me totally and wholly
even if Yava only on July 18, 2009 agreed that her name and pictures appear on my site
and even if it seemed at first that we do not agree on my belief,
that also the "sad" moments and depressing situations should be shown "on the Internet".

"shalom Christa Rachel,

Firstly, thank you for removing the pictures..
I want to explain to you, why i felt it wrong.
Because my participation in the walk,
the things i could share,
the love i could give,
the joy, laughter, music...
all what i gave it's there,
and the walkers know it, they felt it, they saw it ~~~
as my sad, and disappointment moments as well,
my talk about the lack of unity
or what ever i felt at the moment.
So they do know, as you know also.

But the information on a website, is given for a much wider audience.
It's for people to read and know about how the walk was.
And i dont think it is right to give this impression that "i lost my light"there.
Because it's not like that.
I gained more than i lost.
So i think it would be not correct to spread this little moment so widely,
as there is not mentioned
how thankful i am for those walking moments,
and how many lessons i learned,
how much love i got there,
by how many open hearts i was blessed.

Maybe it doesnt fit into a context that you wanted to show in that part but~~~"

So thats how i feel.
and i dont mind to open or be transparent~~~ not at all.
only i think if I would be transparent you could see all what i have in my heart.
but the problem is that through the Internet it's not possible...."



click to listen and click to stop

60 seconds of accidental sounding
in harmony, disharmony and laughter
in a Sheikh's tomb near Jerusalem, on April 10,
recorded with my cellphone.

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