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 The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

[If you look for a word on this page,
click ctrl/F and put a word in "find"]

I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



See below:

The photos of the "WALK ABOUT LOVE 2009" and the photos of my "Journey to Europe 2010"
- accompany
my graphical edition of the Godchannel files
in the chronological order in which they were given.

My Journey to
Europe 2010
from "Heart Pages Guide"
2000_06_09 onward
till last free page:
links 2010_04_07


Last Godchannel message: 2010_04_06
Last Update of this page [first created in Oct. 2001]: 2010_08_08

The links here, as in Files Overview and Context Overview, refer to my edition of Godchannel.
To go to the original files, find the same file-titles in Alphabetical List or open the edited pages.
Each of the edited pages of my Edited Godchannel has - on its top - a link to the original file.

I recommend reading the Channelers' Caution and Instruction about Reading New Additions to the Site

As the Channelers tell in their message of February 2002:
it was in February 1997, that they first set up "Godchannel.com"

On 2002_02_25 the Channelers started "an extended vacation".
They picked up the threads in Sept. 2004, updated earlier files and inserted new ones - though in a slow pace.
November 17, 2011: The last channeling so far was given , as I said, on 2010_04_06: Interview with the Divine Folks V.

On 2010_09_17 I discovered the following dialog, but inserted only in "Navigator" , not as a separate file:
"A Concise Summary of the Material on this Site"

A Concise Summary of the Material on this Site

Channelers: Spirit, over the fourteen years we have been receiving channeling
from you and the other parts of Deity,
we've noticed some recurring themes.
Would you please summarize what has been said here
so a new reader could easily decide
if this material will resonate with them and their life path?

"This is Spirit, thank you for asking.
The most important information you will find here is
how to use the several specific tools [see right frame]
to help you become the Healer of yourself,
and therefore the Healer of Creation.
When identified as the Healer,
you will be able to find and help come back into wholeness
the most lost and damaged fragments of the Universal Feminine
that have been hiding in your deepest Self
and therefore in the deepest recesses of Creation.

"The next most important understanding in this material is
that there is so much more to you
than who you have thought yourself to be.

Your deep feeling essence has known realities
far more significant
than the mind has been able to understand.

Along with a thirst for knowing,
this material can help you access
the truth of your whole identity

"Another understanding that you will gather along the way is
that presently you are not whole. You are still a fragment.
And even so, if you remain true to yourself
and make this all your own doing,
and also follow the advice and guidance offered here,
you will be able to heal yourself to wholeness.
That's a promise,
however you don't have to believe this or anything else,
but the Healer's faith. [scroll down to the chapter "faith"]
And the more of the frightened, hurt and damaged feeling essence
that you own and heal in yourself,
the more easily you will be able to manifest
the kind of life you truly want.

Communicating on the inside with the Universal Feminine and me
will be very important in this process."

Thank you, Spirit. We've added links to pages on the site
that relate to what you've just said.
Now, what advice do you have for a new reader?

"As with any new material,
it is most helpful to read with an open mind
and suspend disbelief as much as possible.
This material is intended for parts of you
that are deeper than the mind and its conditioning,
and the mind can sometimes have objections
if it does not immediately understand what is read.
Rather than trying to figure it out before going on,
continue reading with an open mind.
Let the mind know that later, after the material is digested,
you will analyze what you've read.

"Read slowly,
so the feeling parts of you can take in what is being said,
and try not to read too much at once.
Also, printing a page and reading it on paper
will make it all the easier to understand
and digest the unusual communications here."

Thank you, Spirit.

Channelers note:

We would like to add two more important things
we've learned in using the GC tools and perspectives.
First, that in the nitty-gritty of the healing process
we are working with energy in the body,
and that it's by feeling this energy
we can know how to relate most effectively
with our sensate, feeling selves.

The other, and perhaps most important understanding
we have about the material is
that when you're doing this healing work,
it's actually not you who is doing it.
You are channeling into action
the Universe's desire to heal and evolve.

You know what to do
because you find yourself following a stream of intuition.
And you know the effects of your actions
on a moment-by-moment basis
through what you feel,
not by 'knowing' anything ahead of time
or following an idea or plan in the mind.

Driving Backwards [scroll down to this chapter on "God's Page"]
has been big help to us in this regard.

Here is a list of the primary healing tools on the site,
and this page has a good summary of the whole healing process.
Also, our other web site has many articles with tools and understandings [the founder - Pateros - seems to be one of the channelers!]
that you may also find helpful in your healing journey.

The GodChannel Healing Tools

Here are links to the specific healing tools described on this site:

Running Energy       /    Inner dialogue with Spirit

Inner dialogue with 'the Folks' (Spirit and the Mother together)

Judgment Release

Deep Denial Release    /   Redeeming the Devils

Driving Backwards   /   The Healer's Faith

Four Steps to Wholeness
(Overview of the healing process)

And here are some complementary tools on our sister site, ProcessCoaching.com: / Anchoring Resources

Wounded Healer Practice / Loving Life Force Energy

Healing Desire / Expressing! Practice

Dates Files Titles of Additions Channelers' Comments
no date index

G O D ' s   


Purpose of this site
Introduction to my personal experience
and understanding of
The Walk about Love

followed by the first images

from Febr. 27 till March 1, 2009
below on this page
"Chronological Overview"

and then on the file "Channelers' Page"
from then on
the chronology of the days of "The Walk"
will be congruent with
the chronology of the files of Godchannel,
- the first : " Prophets & Messengers" -
the last: "Old Heart-New Heart"

97/04/01 prophets Prophets & Messengers A list of modern prophets
is added to this page
March 1, 2009 - Beginning of Walk
next to Taba,
the border between Israel and Egypt
no date class Announcing God's four classes  
Pictures taken by Rotem Bar on March 1
97/04/02 reality Truth & Reality Class I
Introduction:Basic Principles
Where is the World
You own the World
You are hosting the World
When the Host sleeps
When the Host awakens

The first of God's Classes has begun
97/04/04 reality Truth & Reality Class I
Lesson one of
Reality and Truth Class
+ Questions & Comments
97/04/10 godpage God's Page God invites us to join him
in the "front of the bus".

97/04/14 attributes God-Spirit's Attributes Some of God's qualities
and attributes are described.

97/04/17 channelers Channelers' Page New Information
from the Channelers
97/04/25 talk Visit with God "God, how can I stay
better connected with you"
The night between March 1 and 2, 2009
we spent
at Mt. Yehoram \ lower Shlomo stream
and the night between March 2 and 3
in Shkhoret Stream

no date godsquest God's Quest  
Pictures taken by Thomas Kuitenbrouwer
and others
97/05/11 quest Healing Class I:
The Quest for the Mother
God's class on healing has begun
97/05/24 guide Site Guide The Site Guide
& daily page feature
have been added
97/05/26 language God's Class:
The New Language of Heaven
On March 5 the group splits,
18 set out for a 2 days difficult walk,
with all their equipment on their backs,
while I feel forced to travel with 55 people
to the Ashram of Shittim
no date quest2 Healing Class I:
The Quest for the Mother:
Part Two: A Call for Healing
Pictures taken by Yossi Gottlieb
no date quest3 Healing Class I:
The Quest for the Mother:
Part Three: Choosing to Heal
Pictures taken by Thorsten Krug
97/05/28 interview1 Interview with God I Today we've begun
the Interview with God page.

photos of an experience in Febr. 2009,

"by chance" also on or close to
the Israel National Trail,
before I knew about the Walk about Love

97/05/30 who Who is God The Grandfather material
is added to Who is God?
97/06/02 reality2 Truth & Reality Class II:
Projection & Perception
On March 6-8, 2009
during the Festival at the Ashram of Shittim
97/06/05 judgment Judgment Release Today's Page is The Last Judgment
On March 8 - I leave - 2 days earlier than planned - to Arad, and then go to my assignment at Bet-Nehemia till March 13
97/06/23 talk2 Visit with God II
I worship the Goddess
I fear being in the front
If God knows everything, why is he still learning?

God's gender
and the worship of God/Goddess/
God answers a question
about the fear of moving
closer to him.

March 13: a strange hitch-hike journey
to Park Sapir.
March 14 early morning: a nostalgic private escapade to Wadi Karkeshet
March 14, 2009: at Park Sapir
1997-98 sacrifice True Sacrifice  
On March 15 we walk west
along Wadi Karkeshet & Eshboren
1997-98 spirit Healing Class II:
The Spirit Polarity
The night between March 15 and 16, 2009
we spent in Tzvira Stream
no date spirit2 Healing Class II:
The Spirit Polarity

Part Two: Divine Codependency
pictures taken by Sari Sidon on April 11, 2009
from Ein Karem to All-Nations-Cafe to Jerusalem
spirit3 Healing Class II
The Spirit Polarity

Part Three: God's New Quest
no date spiritpages Spirit Pages  
no date poetic Poetic Mother Expression Craving an end to this curse
~~~ Please be careful
~~~ Why does it hurt so much?
no date willmessage Mother Pages:
Reflection from the Will
98/04/25 chancom Who are you channeling? A page of questions and comments
to the channelers
Experiences during our walk on March 16
98/05/18 chanclass Channeling Class Introduction The Channeling Class
has begun with the introduction.
Experiences during our walk on March 16
98/05/19 liberation How can I achieve Liberation in this life-time  
This page was used already on Febr. 3, 2009
for an insert which had to do with
the Gaza War in early January:
"Peace is boring"....
98/06/06 steps4disc FOUR STEPS TO WHOLENESS
of the Four Steps
to Full Self-Realization
Night and morning in Nekarot Wadi, March 17
98/06/10 runenergy Running Energy Exercise is added to the Channeling Class
We walk through Wadi Nekarot on March 17
experiences with Erez... and Yoav
1998 runengcom Running Energy Discussion  
We walk toward "my" Makhtesh Ramon
and it's still the 17th of March, 2009
98/06/11 escript Script for the
Running Energy Exercise
is added to the Channeling Class
Still on March 17
we walk through blooming Rotem bushes
and some of us experience a Sounding High
98/06/13 fear Love and Fear God and a contributor
discuss fear in relation to love
Some of us fear the dangerous descent
when it's almost dark
The night from March 17 to March 18:
Makhtesh-Ramon/ Saharonim Mountain
98/06/15 spiritdisc Healing Class II Discussion
How is Reclaiming Lost will related to Forgiveness?
Is Ahriman a part of me?
Two new additions to the Healing Class discussion
On March 18, 2009
I part from the walkers and travel north,
and visit "Babylon" to buy equipment
98/06/22 notyet Questions & Comments not yet answered  
My loving presence with my family
is also part of my Walk about Love
March 20 and 21
98/06/24 caution
A Caution about Reading New Additions to the Site  
I decide to visit my sick daughter, Ronnit!
I try out my tent with my granddaughter!
I travel south to the "Walk about Love"
98/06/24 chanclasscom Channeling Class Discussion has begun
On March 25 I wake up in the "Colored Sands"
of the Large Makhtesh
Healing Class III Discussion
The New Road begins here
On March 25 we walk north towards Dimona
Healing Class III
Reclaiming Lost Spirit

Part One: Ahriman
This page was used already for photos
concerning my experience
with voting in Israel's elections on 2009_02_10,
before I knew about "The Walk about Love"
98/08/02 chanclass1 Channeling Class Lesson One  
On March 26 and 27 we move north
on a long path up to Arad
no date source Meeting the Source - Exercise  
Pictures taken by different walkers
98/08/04 discussion Judgment Release Discussion for instance:
How can I release judgments against murderers and rapists?
On March 27, 2009, at about 2 PM
we reach Arad
and start our parade into the town,
in which I live
98/08/13 talk3 I want to drive my own bus  
Healing Class III Discussion
You are what it's all about
Channeling Class II:
Written Channeling
no date writing Channeling Class II:
Written Channeling Exercise
98/08/24 writingcom Channeling Class
Written Channeling Discussion
has begun
March 29-30, at the unique Arab village : Darijaat
98/08/31 steps4disc Four Steps to Wholeness:Discussion
Driving backward brings me present
98/09/05 messengerscom God's Prophets and Messengers Links are added
to God's Messenger page
including new discussion
March 30, at the unique Arab village: Darijaat
no date ruow Right Use of Will  
March 30
- spontaneous dancing with 7th grade pupils
in the local school of Darijaat
98/09/11 ruowdisc
Right Use of Will Discussion Two new contributions are added
March 30 - spontaneous dancing
with 7th grade pupils
in the local school of Darijaat
no date ruowdisc2 Right Use of Will Discussion  
March 30 - spontaneous dancing
with 7th grade pupils
in the local school of Darijaat
no date urantia Urantia Book  
March 30-31 till April 3:
from Darijaat to Bet Nehemya
and back to the Walk at Yatir Forest
98/09/17 urantiacom Urantia Book Discussion has begun
April 3: meeting the Walk in Yatir forest,
before the group splits ....
no date addiction Discussion: How can I get my power back from addiction?  
April 4-5: in and from Lahav Forest
no date miracles
A Course in Miracles  
April 5: from Lahav Forest to Moshav Amatzia
98/09/29 mother Mother Expression A New Area of the Site opens
April 5 : from Lahav Forest to Moshav Amatzia
April 6: From Moshav Amatzia to Khirbet Tzura
98/10/02 expguide Mother Expression Additions to the new Area
April 6: From Moshav Amatzia to Khirbet Tzura
no date asuras Healing Class III,
Reclaiming Lost Spirit:

Part Two: The Asuras
April 6: From Moshav Amatzia to Khirbet Tzura
no date death Healing Class III,
Reclaiming Lost Spirit:

Part Three: Death
April 6-7- Camping at Khirbet Tzura
no date redemption Healing Class III,
Reclaiming Lost Spirit

Part Four: Redeeming the Devils
April 7: Morning at Khirbet Tzura
Healing Class III,
Reclaiming Lost Spirit

Part Five: Spirit and Superiority
April 7: Towards Tel Yarmut near
Netiv Ha-Lamed-He
98/11/03 lwa "Leave without Absence"  
April 8: On Tel Yarmut near Netiv Ha-Lamed-He
no date trc A message to contributors from the Channelers    
98/12/21 message A Message from the Channelers  
April 8: From Tel Yarmut towards Nes-Harim
98/12/26 caution
Healing Class Discussion
Reversals from the Mother's Side of the Gap
Separating Asuras from Mother Essence
April 8: Towards Nes-Harim near Jerusalem
no date healingtoc Healing Class: Table of Contents  
April 8-9: Pesach at Nes-Harim
no date healingl Mother Teachings: Healing Lucifer  
April 9-10: from Nes Harim to Nahal Soreq
no date expression1 Mother Pages:
The Mother's Channeling on this site
April 10: Sounding in a Sheikh's tomb
no date expression2 Mother Expression:
I am ready for the miracles.
Do you remember me?
April 10: in Nahal Sorek
no date expression3 Mother Expression
Channeling and the Will Polarity
April 11: From Nahal Sorek to Ein-Karem
to All Nations Cafe to Nitzanim
no date expression4 Mother Expression
Thank you
April 11-13: Cleaning Nitzanim Beach
no date chancom2 Channelers' Questions & Comments  
April 13-14: From Cleaning Nitzanim Beach
to Jerusalem,
the Valley of Matzleva (matzluv=crucified)
no date chancom3 Channelers' Questions & Comments
Whose God is this?
April 14: The Joy which we bring to Jerusalem
by our creative dancing-walking
no date chanclasscom2 Channeling Class Discussion II
"Channeling & Prayer"
"Working with Entities"
April 14: The Joy which we bring to Jerusalem
by our creative dancing-walking
no date channelinga Personal Channeling
"I hate feeling like this"
April 15: A personal sentimental walk
no date channelingb Personal Channeling,
"How can we heal faster?"
April 15: Jerusalem, in the park
no date channelingc Personal Channeling,
"Why am I suffering?"
April 16: From Jerusalem to Sataf
This one and only time
two members of my family
walk with me
no date ruowdisc3 Right Use of Will - Discussion 3 "Heart in search of balance"
no date ruowdisc4 Right Use of Will - Discussion 4 "Having Trouble with Indigo"
"New Age Irony"
no date comments Comments addressed to the Channelers  
April 16: Reaching Sataf,
but escaping the difficulties
by radiating my energy to my family
no date cwg Conversation with God  
April 19: From my family to the Walk about Love
after a "Trance-Festival Weekend"
98/12/29 cwgcom Conversation with God Discussion  
April 19:
Walking towards
Neve-Shalom - Wahat as-Salaam
early morning: Bet-Nehemya - Modi'in,
Biq'at Ha-Nezirim (the Monks' valley)
April 19 till April 21: Intermezzo
The intense emotional experience
at Neve-Shalom,
followed by my daring sharing on Holocaust-Day,
and a specific lesson on the way
to the Ecological Farm of Modi'in
was inserted rightaway -
in 4 pages NOT in Godchannel
99/01/11 caution

Healing Class III,
Reclaiming Lost Spirit
Discussion 4

Waking Up
On "Moving Fear"
"Wholeness and
Parenting Self"
April 23: From Biq'at Ha-Nezirim to Ne'ot Kdumim,
pausing on Tel Hadid
no date steps4disc2 FOUR STEPS TO WHOLENESS
Discussion 2
[no answer was given
to this one!!...]
April 23-24 : to and at Ne'ot Kdumim,
the "Biblical Land Reserve"
99/01/17 confused Mother Expression
I'm confused, I just don't understand
April 24: at Ne'ot Kdumim
99/02/23 caution
Healing Class III,
Reclaiming Lost Spirit
Part 6: Superiority and the two Devils
April 24: on the way to Tel Hadid
a mother with her child on her back get lost,
and the only one, who realizes this, is Dido...
99/02/24 msuperiority Mother Expression
Superiority from the Will Side
April 25: A short time with the dancers at Tel Hadid,
with my family...
99/02/27 expression5 Mother Expression
"And dance this pain
through you..."
April 25: Dancing everywhere
99/02/28 heal3com5 Healing Class III,
Reclaiming Lost Spirit
Discussion 5
"Who is the Healer?"
"New Heart emerging"
April 26: From Tel Hadid to the Yarkon springs
passing by Bet Nehemya (my family's place)
99/03/14 enraged Mother Expression
"I'm enraged"
A strange synchronicity:
When I (on May 22, 2009)
- with inserting the photos of the Walk
in chronological order,
following the chronological order
of the Godchannel files,-
reached this page "I'm enraged",
I realized,
that it was already "occupied" with photos.
But what photos?
The photos of my hike to a destroyed Arab village,
north of Bet Nehemya,
along the "Israel National Trail",
on February 18,
4 days before I learnt about The Walk about Love,
and 9 days before I joined it in Eilat!

no date enragedm I'm enraged - The Mother's Response  
no date enrageds I'm enraged - Spirit's Response  
99/04/09 classguide Guide to God's Classes  
April 26: on a trail
with painful historical associations...
99/05/16 mychanneling My Channeling New Area
with Personal Channeling
99/06/06 sitemap
Sitemap New Navigation and Printing Aids
April 26: towards the Yarkon Springs
no date seth The Seth Material  
April 26-27: To and along the Yarkon River
99/06/17 sethcom Discussion of the Seth Material
Seth, huh?
April 27: Along the Yarkon River to Yarkon Park,
a significant walk with Lior
no date realhelp Mother Teachings "Barely able to go on"
"Denied Mother's Heart"
April 28-29: Bet Nehemya and Tel-Aviv
on Independence/Al-Nakba Day
99/07/04 messengerscom2 Messengers' Discussion
Why are there contradictions among your messengers
April 29: Our parade in Tel-Aviv
99/07/07 channelingd Personal Channeling
Healing and Judgment
Personal Channeling Contribution
April 29-30: From Tel-Aviv to Ga'ash Beach
99/07/11 interview2 Interview with God Part 2  

photos of an experience in Febr. 2009,

"by chance" also on or close to
the Israel National Trail,
before I knew about the Walk about Love.


99/07/27 runengcom2 Running Energy Discussion
It's better to feel energy than to see it
May 1-2 : From Ga'ash Beach to Poleg Beach,
I am maturing towards accepting the message:
"Leave the Walk"
99/07/28 reality3 Truth and Reality Class Lesson 3

May 2: Poleg Beach,
maturing towards leaving the Walk
no date realitycom Truth and Reality Class Lesson 1 :
Questions and Comments
May2 till May 9: Leaving the Walk .....
no date realitytoc    
May 11: Walking with the Walk,
Parting from the Walkers
in between two encounters ...
99/08/19 caution
Healing the Invisible You
[later listed under] Mother Expression
I have problems with the content of this channeling,
and do not want the photos of The Walk to accompany it...
99/08/22 navigator
available only in the
  New frames based
Site-Navigator and Guide
available only in the
99/09/10 voicesresp Healing the Invisible You
I have problems with the content of the channeling,
to which the e-mails quoted on this page refer,
and do not want the photos of The Walk to accompany it...
99/09/15 willandvoid Mother Expression
Will and the Void
May 11: Walking with the Walk,
Parting from the Walkers
in between two encounters ...
99/10/07 dchanclassintro
not in my edition
  German Translation
of the Channeling Class
99/11/01 caution
Healing Class III,
Reclaiming Lost Spirit

Part Seven: Grandfather's Role in the Healing
This page was already used
to balance the war of men in Gaza
- from Dec. 27, 2008 till January 19, 2009 (??????) -
by the insert of a composition called
"Womens' Time",
a project of my stepdaughter Dita Liron,
99/11/08 channelinge My Channeling
Getting to know you
personal channeling contribution
May 11: Walking with the Walk,
Parting from the Walkers
99/11/11 body Body Pages New Area of the Site: Body Pages
May 11: Walking with the Walk,
Parting from the Walkers
Meeting (???) former Partners...
This is the end of the series of
Walk about Love
An attempt to understand
the personal experience
and the universal meaning
of The Walk about Love
can be seen on the page:
Old Heart - New Heart,
one of the 4 last Godchannel-messages so far
99/11/26 body1 Body Pages Three new contributions
[spared for quotations from letters to me
from the Walkers
or letters concerning the library of the photos
of The Walk]
no date body2 Body Pages
A message from
the Mother of Manifestation
Appendix to the entry page
of the photos of Walk about Love:
about Mowgli Berlin and Nir Rak
and about Dido Einee and Eva Sabani



00/04/04 caution
Healing Class IV

Celebrate what's right with the World 2010
January 11,12,13
00/04/07 expression6 Mother Expression
To my ~ Lover ~ the Dream
Celebrate what's right with the World 2010
January 14 - 26
no date expression7 Mother Expression
Please help with the Pain and Terror
Celebrate what's right with the World 2010
January 27 - February 3
Healing Class IV Discussion
Becoming New Heart
Celebrate what's right with the World 2010
February 4 - 18
00/04/23 caution
Healing Class IV Discussion
Does Earth Lead the Way?
How I've been Learning to Live
February 19 - March 2, 2010
00/04/30 parentsltr A Letter from God to the Father and Mother of Creation  
Zest in Mika's Living Heaven on Earth
December 20, 2008
00/06/05 reality4 Truth & Reality Class IV
The Fundamental Questions of Manifestation
How I've been Learning to Live
March 3, 2010



Heart Pages Guide

New Area of the Site: Heart Pages




Journey to Europe

June 22, 2010-From Israel's Airport
to Paris: Bois de Boulogne

no date heart1 Heart Pages I Am Awakening
Heart Daughter's New         Psalm
June 22-23, 2010 - with the Ecksteins at
  Les Ilots de St Val - and to Maintenon
00/06/18 heart2 Heart Pages

Psalm from Heart of   Mother's Body
Coming Home
New Heart's Beloved
Heart Daughter's Torch Song

June 23-24, 2010- with the Ecksteins to Maintenon and to Chartres
00/06/21 gf
Grandfather Pages
How we've gotten here
New Area of the site Grandfather Pages Mika....]
00/07/15 freewill Healing Class IV: Body
Introduction by Body
Finding the Will to Heal
  June 24, 2010, with the Ecksteins to Chartres
00/08/16 humansltr A Letter from God to those doing the Healing Work   [Mika....]
00/09/07 identity Body Class
Introduction by Spirit
  June 25-26, 2010 from France to Ireland
00/10/05 vibration Truth and Reality Class IV Part 2
The What of Manifestation
00/10/15 anguish Mother and Spirit in dialogue I
God and the Mother's Anguish
00/10/28 anguish2 Mother and Spirit in Dialogue II
The Mother responds to God's Apology
00/11/14 threevoices Mother Pages
Three Voices of the Mother


2001/02/05 dialog3 Mother and Spirit in Dialogue III
God responds to the Mother's Invitation
2001/02/09 dialog4 Mother and Spirit in Dialogue IV
Cinderella and the Dark Wizzard
2001/02/23 pain1 The Mother's House of Pain
Charcoal Mother
no date motherofeverything A song by the same contributor of The Pain  
01/03/31 interview4 Interview with God, Part IV  
[A drama in my life, Jan.-Febr. 2009,
a lesson about "Embedded Denial"]
01/05/22 origmother Original Mother remembers Original Heart  
01/05/25 pain
The Mother's House of Pain
01/05/25 pain2 The Mother's House of Pain
Stop Eating Us
01/06/27 stone Stories of the Mother
The Mother's Heart of Stone
Stories of the Mother
Amnesia ~ The Mother forgets
01/08/18 message   Update to Message from the Channelers message
01/08/20 not in my edition
  Spanish Translations
Who is God
Four Steps to Wholenes
God's Quest
True Sacrifice
Interview with God
not in my edition
01/08/22 runenergy2 Channeling Class
Advanced Running Energy Practice
Channeling Class
Script to Advanced Running Energy Practice
heart3 Heart Pages
Charcoal Son and Green Poem
Three New Contributions
01/09/07 not in my edition
  New Spanish Translations
God's Page
Judgment Release
not in my edition
01/09/15 sept11 Spirit Pages
September 11, 2001
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2011   2011_03_30- There has been no new channeling since April 6, 2010,
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I discovered many undated files,
which are not listed in "Chronology"
? message-francais
[This is an overview of the Godchannel files
which have been translated into French so far. ]
Inserts of the Channelers' Newsletters
and excerpts from the Process Coaching Newsletter,
also the Channelers' answer to my letter, on April 23, 2010

"Israel's Coping with its Destiny, 1971

       content pages and preliminary pages
2000_06_22? .bodycom2 Grandfather Pages>How we've gotten here "Israel's Coping with its Destiny, 1971,
     rest of preliminary pages and pages 1-9
? .channelingf Personal Channeling: Channeling the Mother "Israel's Coping with its Destiny, 1971,    pages 10-24
? .discindex Index of Discussions "Israel's Coping with its Destiny, 1971,     pages 25- 38
? .eternalwoman Mother Pages: Eternal Woman "Israel's Coping with its Destiny, 1971,       pages 39-54
2000-2001 .forum GodChannel Forum

"Israel's Coping with its Destiny, 1971,      pages 65-70
1999_11_26 .full-new Site Updates through December, 1999
"Israel's Coping with its Destiny, 1971,    pages 71-80
2000/10/28? .heal3com6 Healing Class III Discussion:
How do you love hatred?
Israel's Coping with its Destiny, 1971, pages 81-93
  .heart4   Israel's Coping with its Destiny, 1971, pages 94-105
  .magic Body Expression Israel's Coping with its Destiny, 1971, pages 106-119
  .miracles Godchannel about "A Course in Miracles" Israel's Coping with its Destiny, 1971, pages 120-135 end
  .navigator navigator of all Godchannel files Ch.1 of "Bringers of the Dawn" 1992, copied on March 26, 2012
  .new   Ch.2 of "Bringers of the Dawn" 1992, copied on March 26, 2012
  .psalm   Ch.3 of "Bringers of the Dawn" 1992, copied on March 26, 2012
Immanuel's 50th birthday [4]
  .ruowdisc5   Ch.4 of "Bringers of the Dawn" 1992, copied on March 26, 2012
  .scarletwoman   Ch.5 of "Bringers of the Dawn" 1992, copied on March 26, 2012
  .teachings1   Ch.6 of "Bringers of the Dawn" 1992, copied on March 26, 2012
Immanuel's 50th birthday [2]
  .teachings2   Ch.7 of "Bringers of the Dawn" 1992, copied on March 26, 2012
Immanuel's 50th birthday [3]
  .thisisawful   Ch.8 of "Bringers of the Dawn" 1992, copied on March 26, 2012
  .trc   Ch.9 of "Bringers of the Dawn" 1992, copied on March 26, 2012
  .voices (6 pages) "Healing the Invisible You" Ch.10-19 of "Bringers of the Dawn" 1992, copied on March 26, 2012
  .voicesresp Responses to "Healing the Invisible You" Ch.20-21 of "Bringers of the Dawn" 1992, copied on March 26, 2012
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The Destroyer
Ch.20-21 of "Bringers of the Dawn" 1992, copied on March 26, 2012
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         since April 2012
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as well as graphically edited copies of the "teleclasses" from "Processcoaching"
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2012_06_21 added to .bodyclass Healing Class Lesson Four: Body

Class One: You are Body

Channelers: The whole lesson here is simply this—you are Body!

This means we cannot channel Body for you. You are the only one who can accurately 'channel' whatever it is you as Body have to say

2012_08_07 .lovinglucifer A "contribution" - i.e. not a channeled message- added to Denial Pages Index,[see above 10_02_19], a file which is not inserted in Healing-k.i.s.s.




Following my understanding and new lekh-lekhâ on January 1, 2009,
  that - after 7 years - I should no longer create new pages on my 2 websites,
but intermingle the evidence of new experiences with that on existing pages,
Since March 2009 I was "synchronizing" the chronological process of the Godchannel.com files
with the chronological photo-documentation of the
"Walk About Love 2009"
First page following the introductory page - last update: 2009_08_02


Rea Pasternak - the dreamer of "Walk about Love"

Story of the beginning
"In the summer of 2006, a guy named Rea Pasternak,
a released soldier from the Israeli Army, the IDF,
was hiking in the reserves of Australia

News he heard of the war in Israel
caught him in the middle of a backpacking journey along side other hikers from around the world
and set an internal conflict for him.

The care for Israel,
his friends fighting in Lebanon and the sense of responsibility
- told him to drop it all and to fly back to Israel.
On the other hand, his experience as a a hiker,
the sense of traveling with variety of people all around the world,
the peace and the freedom feelings that he experienced with his fellow hikers,
forced the thought that a Peace Journey in Israel is better than a one about War.
In a moment of "enlightenment", Rea realized that all soldiers are all potential hikers .

Rea realized that there are many young people from different countries and nations,
traveling together with mutual joy and collaboration,
and that these hikers bear the ability to make a change.

In Rea's vision he saw thousands of hikers hiking in the Israel Trails together,
along with their musical instruments,
sharing the joy and peace in those places known for conflict and war~~~
Then he founded The Walk about Love Organization.

Starchild Gal Mor
came to visit me for the first time
after she had come back from half a year in Europe.

It was Sunday, February 22, 2009:

"Have you heard of the "Walk about Love?"
It begins with two days of preparation
in Eilat on this Friday,
while the Walk itself will begin on March 1.
Since the walkers will also come to Arad,
as initiated by our Arad friends,
Eitan and Tamar Shaqed,
on March 27,
I would like to invite you to take part
in what will be set up during those days in Arad."

"To take part only
when the walkers will stay in Arad?"
I asked and had already decided:

"I want to take part in the entire Walk about Love,
and right from the beginning!"

Gal was stunned and very happy!

50 years separate between Gal Mor and me...
a photo by walker Thorsten Krug (Germany)

From Wednesday till the following Monday I was supposed to be with Efrat, my daughter-in-love and Mika, my tenth grandchild, age 3.
It was the very first time in 2 years, that I cut part of my assignment of being present there, whenever my son, an EL-AL pilot, is on flight.

On Friday morning, February 27, 2009, Efrat drove me the 5 km from Bet Nehemya to the entry of Highway 6 near Ben-Shemen.
It was raining a bit, but Efrat's car was hardly out of sight, when a driver picked me up who was going straight to Hatzeva in the Arava.

After a very deep conversation with Yehuda Elkarib (Elqariv) I crossed the Hatzeva junction and right then the bus to Eilat stopped!
At the central station of Eilat I used the 50 minutes until a bus to the south of Eilat would leave,
in order to immerse myself in my Eilat history.

The first sight on February 27, 2009

an ad for the municipal elections in 2008:
Gabi Kadosh!
He was the mayor already in January 1998
and sat with me in the Jordanian tent
of "The Four Nation Tent"
We had the best of talks,
but nothing came out of it.

The next sight:
a three-dimensional commercial poster!

It must have been this heavy thing,
which fell down and almost killed us,
when - during a horrid storm-
Immanuel and I met here in February 1990.
Immanuel, then a pilot in the airforce,
used to fly a transport plane from Tel-Aviv to Eilat,
and I found it easier to meet him there
- traveling from Mitzpe-Ramon to Eilat by bus.
[See in "Heaven-to-Earth-4", on August 18, 2011:
my associations on the day of the five-fold terrorist attack
on the road on which I had come to meet my son ]

When we caught our breath, I said:
"I fear for 'Succah in the Desert'!"

And indeed, when I came back that late afternoon,
one of the first two succahs had flown away:
the succah at the cliff of the Hill of the Angels' flight,
in which our very first guest,
my pupil and my friend Irene Sonnabend lived,
[see photos with her and with Dani, the builder,
in "Integration of two periods of my life",

but which never should have been built there, since,
as I explained to the sculptur and builder Dani Qish:

"To places of strong engergy you should come
and then go away again, but never stay there."

But I hadn't wanted to interfere with Dani's creativity.
He needed to learn by experience....


Back at the central bus-station of Eilat I encountered three astonishing women, also headed for the "Walk about Love":
Mirjam from France (now England), Frederick from Holland, and Sabrina from Berlin, with 14 year old Jonathan on her back.


We got off the bus at the Migdalor (Lighthouse) Beach, met the first future walkers behind a sand bar on the mountain side
and each tried to find her place.
Soon enough I felt the need to take in more of my history and walked south to the Princess hotel.
It was there, where I snorkeled three times a day between November 1996 and June 1997.
It was across the beach, on an empty parking lot between "the Princess" and the "Army Border Control",
where I tried to figure out, why I was no longer supposed to continue my "Pyramidion" project in Sinai.
And if so - what should be my next step.
Meanwhile my bus was parking there , so that friends who would be allowed to enter Egypt,
would keep up the connection and communication with the Bedouin friends,
whom I had trained as hosts of a mobile hosting enterprise.

"Princess" Beach and "Princess" Hotel


Glowing clouds and whipped palms in front of the "Princess"

I needed a toilet and I needed drinking water.
So as in that winter 1996-97, I slipped into the hotel through the workers' entrance,
except that this time I didn't steal toilet paper.
Later in South-India (Sept.-Nov. 1998) I learnt to clean myself with water,
and that would be my cleaning method during the Walk about Love.


The togetherness with the future walkers was not very satisfying that night, nor the next day.
Once I met Rea, the initiator, on the beach and dared to voice my request,
to announce the gathering of small "know-each-other" groups.
He wasn't opposed, but neither was he enthusiastic, not then and not later.
I didn't have the strength then to win people over for my need.

So I did, what others did: looked for a place to sleep.
I had no tent that first night.
And the noise from the Migdalor- restaurant or whatever it was,
didn't make it easier to bear the cold.
I found a little shelter behind Frederick's low tent,
(which much later she lent me for 3 nights, but that wasn't very helpful then either)
and somehow endured the sleepless hours and the foul smell of the polluted sea.

My thin mattrass - between Frederick's low tent and the sea


I rose from my miserable "bed" with the first light of dawn and - to make myself warm - climbed up the steep mountain to the lighthouse.

Watching the trail of the boat, I remembered another of my Eilat dreams, which never came true:
the "Aniyah-Partner-SHIP"...

Underneath the lighthouse,
Frederick and other future walkers are still sound asleep in their tents on the beach
or in their tents in the camp behind the sand bar


Up on the mountain I meet David, who is only five years younger than me.
For I , of course, am 40-50 years older than everybody else on the Walk about Love.
David said, he would stay only for this day, but join us later.
As would happen so often during the Walk - we entered right into the middle of a central issue in his life.
I hope, that my "wombing"
(= listening without judging) together with some valuable input from my mind will help him to heal.

A diary-entry
on February 28, 2009, 16:00 ,
between "Princess" and "Migdalor"

"My intention is
to dive into feelings
and let those show me the way.

This means
I shall NOT try to figure out
how to avoid terrible feelings,
which I feel,
because I'm ashamed
of triggering people
or because i might not fulfill
the "true" purpose
of my participation
in the Walk about Love,
or - most dangerous -
because I feel deprived of intensity
in doing, giving and experiencing.

I desire to let go of any plan
- like what to "contribute' -
of any purpose other than humming
what I feel
and thus be with the Mother in Hell.


Is the lighthouse symbolic for the Walk about Love?


The breakfast food-circle includes friends of the Walk about Love, who live with their children in Eilat, but cannot join our walking



Continuation of the photos of the "Walk about Love" in the Godchannel.com file:
Channelers' Page