The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



InteGRATion into GRATeFULLness
Close-ups of my Past

2006_08_24-Closeup of 1977_12_09


The Pain of "illusionary" Partnership

A snapshot of my relationship with
Dr. Nimr Ismair,
the exemplary "Partner".


Letter to Nimr Ismair, Haifa,
co-chairman with me in "Partnership"

[I don't know why I wrote this letter in English,
though we only talked in Hebrew or Arabic,
except when we were on our "Partnership-Tour" in Germany ,
two months earlier]

Dear Nimr,

I felt so hurt by your harsh, spontaneous reaction to my question, if it would be convenient for you to start the committee session next week even earlier, that I must do something in order to get the hurt "out of my system" .

I could, of course, talk to you face to face, but the way you look at a person who is hurt and the way you "twist" the words you said before ("pilpulim", I use to call it, as you know), always make my heart melt away, always cause me to delude myself, as if the problem were not real, as if it were only in my imagination. but I don't want to delude myself anymore, I want to stand up to the truth and bear it.

The words you said, were: "I could do without the session altogether".

When we told you about the session a week ago, you distorted your face in a way that made Naftali Raz say to me sadly: "Nimr doesn't show much enthusiasm about the session." I defended you, of course, and said: "Nobody is enthusiastic hearing about a session, we all have too much to do, but Nimr knows it's necessary and that is what counts." But when you threw that answer upon me on the phone, I suddenly was aware (not for the first time, but for the first time so clearly and therefore so painfully), aware of the fact, that in all these past two years it did not happen even once, that   y o u   took the initiative, that   y o u   asked for a session, that    y o u    wanted me to come to a meeting, that   y o u    wanted from me anything. And if you initiated anything, concerning Bir'am only, it never ever included me. I have started as a poor beggar, always asking for small or bigger favors, and this is what I still am: a beggar. Even the invitation to Europe was not accepted as a gift, but as still another obligation, still another "I could do without it!"


I have felt it for a long time, that my pride is being trodden down constantly, but this time - especially after that humiliating refusal of your wife and our ridiculous resort to exerting pressure on you both, to bring the two families closer to each other - everything in me revolted. If I would have followed my emotions, I would have told you: Thank you very much, none of you has to come to our house, nor have you to come to any session anymore. I'll carry on all by myself etc. etc. But my dedication to the aim of "Partnership" is above my pride. I am a beggar ten times a day, on the phone, in letters and at appointments with all the people whose help we are dependent on. This is the most difficult part of my work and revolting against it, would be revolting against the work I've taken upon myself.


Some weeks ago I wrote a letter to Bishop Raya [Bishop of Nimr's Maronite Catholic Community] , mentioning, that the partnership and even friendship with you was a "compensation" for many things I had to suffer because of my work for the solution of the old conflict. If I could go on and be content with the fact, that at least you stand by my side in all the difficulties, at least you understand, what I want and do, at least you take the responsibility for "Partnership",   a s   i f   you would really and truly identify with it, at least you advise me, when I am at a loss, and comfort me, when I tend to despair, - then the word "compensation" would be valid even today. And I know, of course, that I have no alternative than being content with that. The only other alternative is, that you drop out completely, and then where would I be, where would I go?


Maybe, I could cope with the personal aspect of "Partnership without Nimr". I would make more mistakes, I would have to do without comfort. My pride would not allow me to take your gifts for my personal needs. But the whole idea, the image of "Partnership" would be a lie, if you would drop out. There must be two people, who sign responsible for the idea, a Jew and an Arab, and the two must match each other - their personalities, their education, their age, their character etc. - I'm looking around constantly, but there is nobody for the time being who could take your place. So I need you for the work I want to accomplish, I'm wholly dependent on you and cannot but swallow my pride. On the contrary I must be grateful, I must thank you humbly for every week you are still with us, for every session and meeting you are ready to take part in, for every phone-call you are ready to answer. I know, I don't have any other choice, I know it and I accept it.

I do accept it now. You don't have to react or to relate to what I wrote.


You wanted me to be strong, "like a man'.

Well I am strong, but not "like a man", especially not like you. What you mean by being strong, is to overcome hurts all by yourself. Nobody must know it, nobody must see it.

In my eyes this is a waste of energy, which you could better use for being  c r e a t i ve , and it is also an insult to your fellow-men, saying: "I don't need you, I don't need anybody".

I am strong by sharing my hurt with you or with another friend. By the very process of sharing it I'm already overcoming it. You need only to listen and maybe understand part of it. You need not pity me, because now again I am really so strong, that I can end this letter by thanking you - without a feeling of humiliation - for whatever you do and are for "Partnership".


From an earlier letter: 1977_11_03

Nimr, don't misunderstand me, I am not blaming you. How could I blame anybody for coming to conclusions which are, though they differ from mine, as rational as mine?
But we also have to be aware of this vicious circle: You don't believe in my approach, that's why you don't adopt it. By not adopting it you contribute to its failure.

...I did succeed in winning over people who    w o r k    for the same aim. But so far I did not succeed in getting people to understand what I mean by  the    w a y   of partnership, except maybe Abraham Lisod and Naftali Raz. I console myself, that more important than understanding is working, but when "working" means "thinking and planning" as in your case, the misunderstanding undermines the efficiency of this approach.

Now, you must believe me, that I'm analyzing this without any emotion or even pain. At this hour of the night it seems completely natural to me, that you with your independent mind could not and would not adopt another person's thinking.
I have to follow my path alone till I'll achieve that amount of success, that will prove, that my tree is not just growing but is able to produce fruits.


I do accept that now fully and wholly as part of the things "I cannot change"

[One of our slogans was:
"May I have the courage to change things I can change
and the  serenity   to accept things I cannot change
and the wisdom to differentiate between these two every moment of my life "]

But there still are things I can change: I can try to provide you with more information about the facts and the thoughts of    o t h e r s    that helped me to develop that approach.
All the enclosed material is part of the thoughts that shaped my political concept. With the difference, that I apply everything that's written there about negotiating between governments - to the interaction  w i t h  our own government, Roger Fisher suggests this application himself (p.162 in "Negotiating strategy")...,

In front of the Building of the Northern District of Israel in Nazareth, July 1976,
after out meeting with the Governor of the district, Israel Koenig,
concerning the Bir'am Project.

From left to right:
Eli, the Arab architect ,
Mtanes Ayoub, the chairman of the Bir'am committee

He died a few years ago, as I was told, when I hitchhiked with a man born into a family from Bir'am in 1963..
In July 2007, I was on my way from the new train-station Lehavim to Arad,
and he was on his way to a settlement across the border, to build them a Mikveh ...
Nimr Ismair, the second chairman of the Bir'am committee
and also the second director of the Arab Teachers College, then still in Haifa.
Next to Nimr stands Heide Kloeckner-Fuessler, the Swiss architect,
who had done most of the work of the "Bir'am-Project".
She was my classmate, later my friend. She died of cancer in 1981.

After the Bir'am Project failed (see the reasons in the page about Bir'am),
we founded "Partnership", in April 1977
together with Ibrahim Sam'aan and Rushdi Fadilah and Abraham Lisod
(all three died already in the late eighties)
and many others.

Our first outstanding activity was a 7 day summer-camp for Jewish&Arab youth,
at Neve-Shalom,

Nimr - Neve Shalom, July 1977
from which a participant, Nava Sonnenschein,
realized the dream of a Jewish-Arab village,
dreamt first by a Jewish Christian monk from Egypt: Bruno Husar.

Nimr Ismair with Dr. Gid'on (?)
during a "General Assembly" of elections for the Partnership Committee
in the Baptist Village (Ibrahim Sam'aan was a Baptist Minister), 1978.

b) A Leadership Workshop with Dr. Nel Allerhand and the historian Yig'al Elam,
in Abraham Lisod's house at Rishpon, - next to Nimr: Rushdi Fadilah.

A day of Preparation for Partnership Facilitators in Herzlia, July 1979.
Next to Nimr, myself, my son Immanuel, my foster-child Levi, my daughter Ronnit,
We all sing the Partnership-Hymn

A Session of the seven member Partnership-Committee in 1980:
From left to right:
Rachel Rosenzweig , Fawaad (?), Prof. Benjamin Yanouv (dead now),
Abraham Lisod (also dead), an Arab member I don't remember, and Nimr Ismair



Addition on 2007_07_25:
An excellent article by Nimr Ismair
about the task of Arab Israelis or Israeli Arabs
for both, Israel and the Arab World.


I now [2007_07_25] discovered an article,
which Nimr Ismair wrote shortly after I had written the above letter.
I don't know, for whom he wrote the article,
but he must have copied it especially for me,
and I'm grateful he did, for even today
nothing more poignant could be said
about the "metaphysical" task
of the Israeli Arabs or the Arab Israelis.

"The Arabs of the State of Israel"

by Nimr Ismair 1977




I visited Nimr one last time in July 2003,
hoping I could win him over for my new "project", "Noah's Ark".
He had just read a special ad in the Hebrew newspaper "Haaretz"
about a new partnership between Ami Ayalon & Sari Nusseibeh,
he referred me to those and I did try with Sari & Lucy Nusseibeh...
I made these photos:

Nimr on the veranda of the house in Haifa,
with which he finally put up, after the last chance of the resurrection of his Bir'am Village was gone.
From his veranda the view on the Haifa harbor is magnificent.




In contrast to what was illusion concerning the partnership between me and Nimr Ismair,
there also was something real in it, and for this I want to thank you, Nimr, after 30 years.


Nimr Ismair at my home in Ramat-Hadar
with Rafael Rosenzweig, my husband & Mona Yahia, my intimate friend.
August 1979
[before "Nes-Amim"] and October 1979 [after "Nes-Amim"

The most satisfying work we did together, Nimr Ismair,
was the preparation of the 11 day workshop/course for Partnership Facilitators at Nes-Amim.
We were sitting for many hours in my home,
while you suggested extremely valuable modifications for the program of the course, which I had written.
It was one of those rare experiences in my life, for which I have been yearning all my life:
true cooperation, true working together.

The second memory conjures up the scene of just a moment:
during a break in the intense program, you and I were walking slowly on one of the pathes through the houses of Nes-Amim.
And you said to me:
"Why is it, Rachel,
that you immediately give up your own ideas, long-grown, deeply-rooted and far-seeing,
once even the most naive person presents the most naive idea for the very first time?"

I must have had tears in my eyes.
To be understood, and be it for a moment, brings up tears even now, 28 years later.
Yes, I do this, because I did not come to this world to realize my own ideas,
but to empower others to realize theirs.

[On January 5, 2012 ,
I came across this passage in the Violet RUOW Book, p.78

"Because We were so afraid that they might not get the light they needed,
we had, without realizing it, gone to the other extreme of giving them more light than they could handle.

Because We had guilt telling Us we wanted to be God whether We were rightfully God or not,
and that it was not right to be attached to Our position,
we were unconsciously pushing out more light and power onto the Manifested Spirits than they needed or wanted to have,
in an effort to make sure
that We did not block anyone's chances
to be all that they could be." ]


2010_12_23- old slides which I've scanned now


Nimr, Ibrahim and I during the Partnership Course
at Nes-Amim August 1979

Nes-Amim: Riad (?) with Aharon Megged, journalist, author, playwright,
who once had interviewed me and written an article in a newspaper,
in which I did recognize myself, unlike in so many other interviews in newspapers, radio and television.
To the right: Nimr, behind the open door: Daniel Padnes, "Rachel's Star", as other "partners" mocked.



The first appearance of Erika Knoller in my life, a psychologist and New Age teacher
and later a long-term guest in Succah in the Desert ,
[see Succah Diary Fragments 6 and see L&L4]
here during a Partnership workshop in Haifa 1979
(visible also Sara to my left, and Nimr's niece, I think)

As to this scene, I don't remember where, when, with whom and in what workshop


The final separation
- as far as I can guess the future -
from Naftali Raz
on November 29-December 1, 2011


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