The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"

Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

contact to Christa-Rachel Bat-Adam,Ph.D. in Jewish Thought

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In June 2001,  I set up "Healing-K.i.s.s."
in order to study the info of
In 2012, I  completed copying the 8 books of  RUOW

Between " linear time/space " and " spherical being "
I am guided to modify any of the 1400 pages.

To my surprise - since November 6, 2013 - I feel urged,
to manifest the Tent-Vision
- shmurot-adam al adamah tzibburit ba-midbar

I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"
Lo! Allah changeth not the condition of a folk
until they change that which is in their souls.

[Qur'an, Sura "The Thunder", 13:13]

Back to "HOME", water from above merging with water from below, which symbolizes that this is the time for SPIRIT and WILL [feelings] to unite in the HEART of BODY on EARTH

I t    i s    t h e      S K I L L - t o - F E E L      w h i c h   i s    h e r a l d i n g "       H U M A N I T Y ' S       A W A K E N I N G

linear time~space amidst spherical being
My website wanted to be called Healing-K.i.s.s.!
I understood: "Keep It Simple, Sweetheart!"
I believed, "simple" meant "linear, systematical"!
Almost 13 years taught me, that 'K.i.s.s.' means
"keep it spherical, sweetheart, since you and the
world are not linear, not simple, but spherical!"

Imagine a SPHERE:   On the outside you move
through space and time, duality and multiplicity!
Inside the sphere you might (!) posture yourself
wherever you want -to get endless perspectives
of what is experienced + what can be combined
to create ever new exhilarating experiences.
In the innermost center there is  ONE  POINT,
where all is ONE, no space, no time, no duality

Only on a page in Russian letters
the sphere is animated, moving




I   B E L I E V E


Once humans know who they are

vibrate and womb what they feel,

there'll be zest ~~~ full-fill-ment,

no need for war

adapted to a tune in a movie

Video about The Tent-Vision 
Second part






Mika on the piano: a tune by Gillock,


July 2013: My website serves me to learn>>>>engrave in my brain, what I need to know about how to live my life in space-time.
"Repetitio mater studiorum est" -"Repetition is the mother of learning" and creating a song and singing it is - for me - the most effective repetition.
This song (July 2012) is the last one to which the tune was inserted, like it was inserted to the some 450 songs learnt or created till 2011.
From now on, only the lyrics of newly learnt or created songs will appear here, see.below: songs of 2012, and see in Song Game : songs of 2013.
and 2014




From "a Message
from the Mother of Manifestation

as you move
into and through
the rage, terror and grief
more deeply than you thought possible
you are not only bringing Loving Light
where it can heal,
you  are    participating   
 in  the    evolution    of     Deity.

Working backwards
is the only way to go forward
because  y o u   c a n n o t   e v o l v e
w i t h o u t    a l l   of  y o u r   S e l f .

And your movement in Body
will begin to manifest the Creation and Love
your Heart has always desired."

I want to sound you, my Feelings,
and to embrace everyone of you

be you pleasant or unpleasant
you are GOD

It's You - feeling -that full-fills
through awareness You full-fill

You grant experience
- through exploration
comes evolution-
but now please guide me
to take right choices
of circumstances-
that's how I AM
the master of my destiny

My understanding
towards manifesting
zest and full-fill-ment
demands experience

Moving, breathing, sounding
Body vibrates whatever I feel

Say Thank-you
for all your feelings

Sigh, yawn or mumble
cry, scream or rumble
shriek, hiss or grumble
moan, howl or tremble
whine, wail and
laugh and sing sing
tzahali qolekh
qolekh, bat-galim
[context: 2013-03-25 Pesach]

Fromm"Interview with the Folks", Sept. 2004

"Healing into wholeness
means more than just the end of suffering in yourself.

"The Mother has three core desires.

"Her first desire is that the suffering end
~~~ for all beings in Creation.

"Her second desire is that all fragments of her lost Will essence
return to wholeness with her.
This desire has been  the  f o c u s  of the  c h a n n e l i n g  
and  h e a l i n g  w o r k        here on this web site.

"The Mother's third desire goes beyond even wholeness.
The most important desire in Creation is
the realization of the Mother's dream.

"This is where all of the healing work is heading

"The Mother's dream is...." -
[see as a song -in the center close to the bottom of this page]


12-12-12 Being Grate-Full

Celebrate, what is right with the world,
celebrate, celebrate your self-worth,
celebrate that your joy has been birthed,
now you are strong enough to go below the earth,
redeeming the pain and shame You shoved into the dirt

And when You'll be whole and one, One will be the World.
[From one of the songs created in 2012, s. below, Nr. 21,
modified on Aug.26, 2013]
And when You'll be healed and whole, Whole will be the World.

13-03-30 Redeem from Guilt

[Scham in German=shame] context & again & again




1964: Immanuel's and my immigration to Israel - April 15, 2012 - 1991: Jonathan's, my grandson's, birth
To my 3 children, to my 10 grandchildren and to my 3 children-in-love!
let us sound, let us sing and begin with  the 30 songs created for YOU !

"Everybody gets lost on your site!!"
Yes, let yourself get lost, let yourself be guided
  to what may be helpful to YOUR learning to live

K.I.S.S. =
'Keep it simple, Sweetheart'!

is meant to make me and you laugh
about my manner to complicate things ....

Kiss is not a "linear" but a "spherical" creation!

  Christa-Rachel Bat-Adam's 7 healing-steps

  1. Feel every single emotion totally  (pp13)
  2. Breathe-move-sound thoroughly  (pp17)
  3. Release judgments =RJ carefully  (pp 6)
  4. Do accept all of yourself lovingly  (pp 7)
  5. And if you still cannot accept something,
    sacrifice it to 'God' light-heartedly (pp31)
  6. Act on your understanding wisely  (pp 8)
  7. and then explore, create, love, live playfully.







2012_01_06 till 2012_02_17
4 old pages to which I added my practising
towards OUR Hebrew website
Heaven without Boredom

Since May 5, 2012,
the new website was ~struggling~~ online
but on July 4, 2012, the struggling stopped...

July 4, 2012

There will be no CO-created website!
It's not yet time for the full-fill-ment of
Malachi's prophecy "az nidberu".
when PEERS will talk, laugh, work together

See the last "linear" sculptures:
in "The HEART is Awake"
also in En-JOY-ing and GROWing
with  MIKA  and  my Family

     [the latter includes 64 pages of my
"Re-creation-in-slow-motion of Masterchef -Israel 2011"]
  and last, but not least,
in K.i.s.s.-Log 2008/2012
, Febr. 20 - April 07

[my granddaughter Rotem's 20th birthday]
Sometimes when coming across a page on my site,,
I feel like documenting a coincidence, or an event,
which strengthens my purpose in life,
but there is no longer a plan
nor the pressure to reach it!



Wherever this frame - with different dates - appears,
it means that I had the strength to omit an old entry,
just like my body lets die millions of cells each day,
while at the same time rebuilding new cells.

2014-06-21 - Since coming across such a DELETION
arouses the feeling of sadness
-and it's not my preference now to "heal the hole" behind this,
I'll, from now on, simply delete, but not indicate the deletion.

"Abraham" 2003,
e-mail quote on Febr. 28, 2011

Some things you're not letting happen right now
because the timing isn't perfect for you.
Some you're not letting happen
because you are very aware of where you are.
But all things, as they are happening,
are happening in perfect order.
And if you will relax and begin saying,
"Everything in its perfect time.
Everything is unfolding.
And I'm enjoying where I am now,
in relationship to where I'm going.
Content where I am, and eager for more,"

that is the perfect vibrational stance.

[June 19, 2012 , for Ya'acov! - from the Green Book, p. 20]

"When men are not allowed to open to their Wills fully,
whatever   f u l l n e s s    is lost there
is lost from their entire character.
Without full participation of the Will,
it is impossible to fully understand what is happening to you,
and without full understanding , true evolution is not possible.
No matter what outward behavior changes people train themselves to make,

they are no more evolved
than they are open to their Wills' movement,
and    o p e n i n g    t o   a n o t h e r   where you are closed yourself
is not possible.
There is no real way to heal this
other than to go back to the places where emotions were stopped
and re-establish the flow and evolution from there.



   Ya'acov disconnected from me and from our intended co-creation on July 4, 2012, and rightly so,
     for how can we explore "full-fill-ment", if the spaces to be full-filled are still crammed with Lost Will and Guilt?

S O U N D I N G     K E E P S    Y O U     S O U N D



ENTRY Sculpture to HEALING-K.I.S.S. in 2001 and 2002

The present,
evolved "God"
tells us

"The path that you seek,

the  right  path for you
is no path at all.
You  will  make a new path
that is uniquely your own."

click "lekh-lekhâ" 

On the background
of a glorious sunset
above the Ramon-Crater
in Israel's Desert, 2002

"My    plan    for    you,
that you become  whole,
that   you   become

who  you truly are,
that you do it your way."

2001-2012 Applying the message of ,

Though my path is uniquely my own ,
there is a guideline for anyone's path
towards      becoming      whole
and   towards   becoming   who   each one   truly   is:
to let myself feel full-filled by feeling   what    I    feel,
releasing any    judgment    about what I feel,
while VIBRATING = breathing - moving - sounding it,
so that I'll be    capable  of    accepting    what  I  feel.
For only if   BODY   does its part in the partnership of  
can  there  be   TOTAL   S E L F - A C C E P T A N C E  , 
can    I    become whole,  can  I  be  who  I  truly am..

so that I can create my life and love as I wish .



I set up "Healing-K.i.s.s." in June 2001, in order to study "",
which for ME is still  the most vital nourishment for living and loving my life.
But since 2002 more libraries created themselves,     for example these three:

 M E E M  2002      SONG-GAME 2007     K.I.S.S.- LOG  2 0 0 8   

MEEM 2002 - 50 Pages


During 50 successive days in summer 2002
I chose specific scenes from my daily life,
- with images, sounds and written utterances -
to exemplify,  how  I  move  emotions

Intro: Goal & Overview of the 50 scenes +

+ the linear time-line of "FELT    DAYS"
since August 2013

SONG-GAME 2007 : 365 PAGES [+1]
with about - so far - 450 songs in Hebrew, English,
, Arabic, Swedish, French + a song in Russian

O v e r v i e w s:

* Bat-Adam's Songs - Alphabetic Index

* Other Author's Songs - Alphabetic Index

* History of Bat-Adam's Songs
    + index of themes of all songs [not yet completed
* The Sources of Bat-Adam's songs

* Authors of Lyrics or Tunes, incl. Biblical Texts

* Calendar Order of the 365 songs of 2007 & more songs
  + "Mika's Heaven on Earth" , Aug.2009 till Dec.2010
     a sequence inserted in SG from 2007_01_01 till 2007_07_23
  + En-JOY-ing & growing with Mika & my family, 2011
  a sequence inserted in SG 2007_08_01 till 2007_12_16

K . I. S. S. - L O G
2 0 0 8

3 6 5     P A G E S

on one day, 2008_08_01,
I had "no time" to create,
but since it was a leap year,
kisslog still contains 365 days,

Introduction and table
to all days of the diary

In 2012 new sculptures were added
between Febr. 20 and April 07
and again - throughout 2013 -
corrections, deletions and additions






Three Different Approaches to Introduce Healing-K.i.s.s
"My Potential Peers"

1st Approach (a)

This first sculpture  [from .integration2003-2006]  originally  epitomized
my last effort to manifest in the exterior world - till January 2006.
I re-used it in order to trace   my   interior   path
of "Healing Myself and Creation into Wholeness" - 2006 till 2011

L I B R A R Y July 2003 - July2006
Three more Attempts to realize  my Vision of Peace
Desert Hosting Economy  in  Israel-Palestine:




Living my Dream
Training Dreamers
to Live Theirs
The image symbolizes the pages
which were meant to assist me
in realizing my new assignment.

After 2 years of "rest" with flat and family,
I suddenly got a message,
that I should continue with the realization
of my Vision of Peace
through Desert Economy.
This would also mean, or so I believed,
that I should close HEALING-K.I.S.S.
But soon enough I felt the need
to cope with what I experienced
- by sculpting words and images

I closed Healing-K.i.s.s. on July 4, 2003,

with the sculpture of a gift from my grandkids.

but --added, on October 27, 2003
  two new parts to Healing-K.i.s.s.:

"Noah's Ark" & "Noah's Shore"

Since 2003_11_13 this vision became even deeper rooted in my experience of

an ancient and ongoing sorrow with which I can live only
by dedicating my life to transforming the pain
into healing work.

In the past this work strove to create a situation,
in which representatives of traumatized peoples

would grow

1st Approach (b)


This was my purpose on November 13, 2003.

Five months later I came to understand,
that nothing will manifest on "Noah's Shore",
until the Desert People all around the Dead Sea will take the lead.
[see "a Story in Pictures"]

Thus a third "project" and a third location of "Noah's DeadSea Vision"
emerged in April 2004 :
"The Mount Ararat Evolution"

Again I felt the need to close HEALING-K.I.S.S. to new creations:

"Since I am on the threshold of grasping the core of my vocation in the exterior world,
I want to dedicate all my love, creativity, experience and time to interacting with people,
the people and peoples whom I came to empower,
to help them transform victimhood into self-determination.

"Whatever "Driving Backward" I'll still have to do, to heal denied feelings and ignored Body,
I shall do so in daily face-to-face interaction with my potential peers and partners.
My website may serve as a means of communication with other dreamers or not.
For myself it will serve as a rich well of information and memories to nourish me.
For so often I forget what I quoted or reported or sculpted and need to learn again.

"My website Healing-K.i.s.s. will also provide me with a playground for my creativity:
whenever I feel like modifying or clarifying, completing or deleting, an entry of the past 3 years,
I'll do so, as long as it won't pressure me or interfere with my live interactions with people.

But some months later, in October 2004, the opposite happened.
I set up an additional website:

I didn't know then, that "ARARAT HEART", too,
would be nothing but another arduous lesson,
the last one... , which came to teach me,
that there cannot be any blessing in manifesting dreams in the exterior world,
as long as the lack of self-acceptance of myself and of my potential partners
does nothing but increase the un-wholeness of things and people on Earth.

"Cease Creating New Manifestations" has been "God's" advice...
and so I was gently - and finally not so gently - guided
to climb my "Mountain NEBO" and LET GO...

This was in January 2006, a month after the birth of Mika.

[see a continuous edition of "Nebo-let-Go" since K.i.s.s.-Log 2008_01_26]

At the end of this turbulent year 2006

of making the transition from exterior manifestations to learning-healing-creating on Healing-K.i.s.s.
and of experiencing the 2nd Lebanon War combined with the almost fatal accident of Mika and Efrat,
there appeared a new "mission" - being PRESENT with my daughter-in-love and my tenth grandchild,
whenever Immanuel, my firstborn, would be on long flights as a pilot of El-Al.

The commuting between Arad and Shoham (3-4 hours stressful traveling) did not disturb my Healingkiss work.
On the contrary - the "commuting" between my "holy al-one-ness" and togetherness with my family
balanced the emotional motion of my "ocean" and also cross-fertilized both of my life-styles.

At the end of two relatively cosy years, on Dec. 24, 2008,
a hacker destroyed my websites and added a device to destroy them automatically, if they should be reconstructed.

The message from my Cosmic Self: 'Cease to manifest new Creations even on your websites!' 
When my genius son managed to resurrect my sites, I, indeed, stopped to create new pages,
yet inserted not only "Driving Backward" documents but even new creations -on old pages

At the end of two more "cosy" years, on Dec. 20, 2010
a series of events concerning my family as well as my close friends brought to my awareness,
that I had to limit my interaction with both, family and friends, even further,
and even part from Grandmotherhood in the same manner as I once parted from Motherhood.
The same is true for my
"action" - already restricted to creating on Healingkiss.
On Febr. 14, 2011, I renewed my vow to no longer document/sculpt my healing-feeling-living,
but to integrate more of my past, especially the treasures of the last 10 years,
and make this huge experience the basis for growing into the frequency of the 5th dimension.

This vow has not been kept!
Though in a much more restricted way,
I DID document/sculpt my healing-feeling-living.

How often have I quoted:
[from Godchannel>Free Will]
When you are relying entirely on your Will
and her mate, loving Light, for inner guidance
and no longer planning a future
or believing
what your imprints and conditioning have been telling you

about what you must do
and what you must protect yourself against ~
you are doing the work."

I didn't get that this advice pertains also to "planning what NOT to do".
I am now ready to vow, that I won't plan, what to do or what not to do,
but that I shall "rely entirely on the guidance of my Will and my Light".







On January 1, 2009, I sculpted yet another view on my life - in connection with the "command" of a new Lekh-Lekhâ ,
This view is still resonating with me on January 13, 2010, and on March 21, 2010, and on February 28, 2011,
 except that the Lekh-Lekhâ from my creating, learning, healing through my 2 websites has been gradual, not abrupt.
I desire, that from now on, the year 2011, I'll heed God's advice to "cease manifesting new creations"
and to stick to "Driving Backward into the Future" - to the 10 years of my websites and its treasures!

I des
[My Lekh-Lekhâ = my 'Going to Myself' in order to be 'a blessing for All'
as viewed on Jan. 1, 2009 appears mostly on  .index.July 2003 ]

Since my first encounter with "Right Use of Will", on Dec. 31, 1986,
and more so since the beginning of - in April 1997,
and much more since June 2001 - when I started "Healing-K.i.s.s."

"When your CONSCIOUS intention

and your free WILL

is purely dedicated
to healing into wholeness,
and nothing else
matters more to you,
you are ready
to take responsibility
for healing yourself
and all of Creation.

I am wholly committed
to HEAL myself

- as a hologram -
all of Creation

"When you are relying
entirely on your Will
[feeling,desire, intuition]
and her mate, loving Light
for inner guidance,
and no longer planning a future
or believing
what your imprints and conditioning
have been telling you
about what you must do
and what you must protect yourself against ~
you are doing the work."

A short history of my 10 years' creation on computer and Internet

Following the strong encouragement of Immanuel, my son,
[see the 16 main actors in my present drama - in 2001] or "Grandma of Ten" 2007-2010
to establish my own website,
reinforced by his patient teaching of the skills I needed,

and crowned by his and his wife's contribution of the mystical homepage animation

I began with Healing-K.i.s.s. in June 2001.

In June 2003 I summarized my life in "A Time of Fruition"!

In May 2004, after 3 years of work on "Healing-K.i.s.s." of creating~~ learning~~ healing
I viewed its vast tapestry  as  a     T R I P T Y C H     with a blurred     C R O W N     above:

 dedicated   to   Efrat-Rut,   my   Daughter-in-Love
see the details of this library further below



Studying Information
that helps me
to live my life

Dead Sea Vision

Living my Dream
Training Dreamers
to Live Theirs


Driving Backward

into the Future -
70 Years of Living

Between April and October 2005 ,
when I was still vacillating between creating in the outside world
and focusing on my interior and exterior "Healing into Wholeness",
I accumulated a limited library of 21 sculpted pages called
from Sept. 8, 2010, my late ex-husband's birthday in 1922, till Febr. 20, 2011, my mother's deathday in 1985, served
for "Closeups to my Past, Finetuning to my Present, Nourishment for my Living -
- which enhance and enrich my experience of "Mika's Heaven on Earth" "

Two years later, 2007_04_23

the kaleidoscope of my life appeared re-shuffled.
I was savoring a new view of
my Presence and my Past,
my Humankind and Myself,
grateful for yet another phase of Fruition

Structure  of  HEALING-K.I.S.S. - as perceived in 2009 - including a second website: ARARAT
After 10 years of almost daily creating and playing, learning and healing with the help of Healing-K.i.s.s.,
I find it a bit ridiculous, that in 2007-08 I wanted to point out a "structure" behind the websites' content.
And yet during the weeks of trying to at least present that content in somewhat systematical overviews,
I finally- on March 13, 2011 - played the kids oracle: "Leaving" or "Deleting"? Answer: "Leaving!"
"Leaving", of course, has a double meaning.....- what else is new with "oracles"???

which since 2009 has become
the new Intro page to healing-k.i.s.s.


70 puzzle-pieces
for studying
the over 200 files




SongGame 2007 with one or more songs for 365 days

Throughout the year of 2008 there was just one ongoing Sculpture:
K.I.S.S.-L O G

on the last of the 366 days of the year 2008, I believed
that K.i.s.s.-Log 2008,  this library of 11555 files (in the formats: .htm, .jpg, .gif, .swf)  was meant to become
the great finale of my systematical sculpting-documenting my living and learning, healing and creating.

From then on any creating should have been accidental not systematic - without pressure to complete.
Of course , , in time I regressed once again to "sculpting with words",  - see the overview of 2009
and from October 2009 till March 13, 2010 I even "surrendered" to work on three systematical threads.

Since on August 1, 2009 I began with the sequence of "Mika's Heaven-on-Earth", inserting it along the SongGame of 2007,
and since my strangely staged voyage to France & Ireland, in June 2010, felt like a succession to the Walk-about-Love in 2009,
I "forgot" about the double advice: "Cease creating new manifestations" , and instead "Drive Backward into the Future"!

Now, since February 20, 2011,
I'm determined to only re-create, what I created in the Past!

if I lovingly feel and vibrate everything feelable
without ignoring, denying or holding it captive
by judgments, beliefs and habits




HOME Moving-Evolving Emotions Manual "SOUNDING keeps me Sound I am totally committed to HEAL myself into WHOLEness - and as a hologram - all of Creation
Maryam or Christa-Rachêl Bat-Adâm , born Eva-Maria-Christa Guth, ex-married Rachêl Rosenzweig, born in Germany 1938, living at Arad , Israel, PH.D. , Grandma of 10
~ C O N T A C T

The Website HEALING-K.I.S.S. was set up in June 2 0 0 1
While ARARAT-HEART, Sept. 2004, closed with Mika's birth 2005_12_20,
Healing-K.i.s.s.  continued
in Jan. 2009 with a new Intro on this page!

Most of this Intro, including a kind of biography
and an overview  of the main inserts of  2009,
was transferred in order to keep the Intro light!

[for since 2009 I'm no longer "meant to" start new pages!
and a page should never exceed the size of 1300 kbs!]

In  2011, as in 2009-2010, I go on re-employing "old" pages
with   "Finetuning to my Present in the Presence of my Cosmic Self "

"Everybody gets lost on your site!!"

Yes, let yourself get lost, let yourself be guided
to what may be helpful to your learning to live !

[K.I.S.S. =
'Keep it simple, Sweetheart'!
is meant to make me and you laugh
about my manner to complicate things .....]


to search
for a word or a name
on an
open page,
click Ctrl/F

Back to "Water from above merging with Water from below and transforming into light"

fourfold path to InteGRATion into GRATe-FULL-ness

2 0 0 8
 The 3 6 5   DAYS  of  K.I.S.S.-L O G  

2009-2010 a 6 month sequence of daily sculptures

of (1) " M y   D e s i r e   T o d a y   "  from September 19  till  December 10, 2009

of (2)  "Celebrating what is right with the World",  from Jan. 10 till Febr. 18, 2010

and of (3) "How I've been learning to Live", from February 19 till March 13, 2010

The main two threads of

along the 365 pages of the 2007 Song Game: Mika's Heaven-on-Earth
enhanced by
Closeups to my Past, Finetuning to my Present, Nourishment for my Living

Forward to the main  thread of
  2011 with
Closeups to my Past~~~Finetuning to my Present ~~~ Nourishment for my Living
since 2011_01_24 limited to: Finetuning to my Present in the Presence of my Cosmic Self

February 20, 2011

On this day, 26 years ago, my mother died in my arms,
a date which closes the theme "Promise Body not to die",
for which I first set up a page in 2005, which now [on Febr. 24] seems to be the last one where I've inserted daily entries of my Present.
On this day I completed to unify all 1402 pages of Healing-K.i.s.s. - by topping each of them with a header, which epitomizes my LIFE.
As to this Introduction to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2011 and the Overview of its main libraries, I'm in the process of reconstructing both.
The following tables and their order are intended to make it easy to access all main folders on the Internet.
But I'll remember "Abraham": "You will never get it done, nor can you ever get it wrong!"

All these"Introductory Pages",
are still valid and relevant
though sculpted in 2001 -updated in 2011
The Mother
Whom is this site addressing?
God's and My Intention

2009 - 2011  Intro & Overview
to my 2 websites

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water merges
with water
.index-2004-WHOLEness 2009-2011

A demonstration

of how I heal myself into wholeness

The five files which I once named ".integration" are, since Febr. 2011, enhanced by an exemplary non-linear composition of two periods in my life: 1978 and 1991

Eliyahu's Lesson
L I B R A R Y July 2003 - July 2006
Three more Attempts to realize my Vision of Peace
through Desert Hosting Economy in Israel-Palestine



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As to the   c o n t e n t    of each of the following files, check it in Files Overview, which lists the files in the same order!





 S E A R C H







The present,
evolved "God"
tells us:

"The path that you seek,

the  right  path for you
is no path at all.
You  will  make a new path
that is uniquely your own."

click "lekh-lekhâ" 

On the background
of a glorious sunset
above the Ramon-Crater
in Israel's Desert, 2002

"My    plan    for    you,
that you become  whole,
that   you   become

who  you truly are,
that you do it your way."

2001-2012 Applying the message of ,

Though my path is uniquely my own ,
there is a guideline for anyone's path
towards      becoming      whole
and   towards   becoming   who   each one   truly   is:
to let myself feel full-filled by feeling   what    I    feel,
releasing any    judgment    about what I feel,
while VIBRATING = breathing - moving - sounding it,
so that I'll be    capable  of    accepting    what  I  feel.
For only if   BODY   does its part in the partnership of  
can  there  be   TOTAL   S E L F - A C C E P T A N C E  , 
can    I    become whole,  can  I  be  who  I  truly am..

so that I can create my life and love as I wish .



PUZZLE  PIECES GUIDE 2001-2002  or  G O D   HAS   E V O L V E D
LEARN & LIVE    2 0 0 5  
+ 2010-2011 Finetuning & Nourishment
.pplist PUZZLE  PIECES GUIDE 2001-2002
.pplistpreface -Preface to Puzzle Pieces Guide
.pp1 - Driving backward
.pp1b-Driving Backward to Retrieve Goodness
.pp2 - Peer Companions
.pp2b- Peer Companions
.pp3 - Moving Emotions
.pp4 - Identifying Triggers
.pp5 - Trapping Will
.pp6 - Releasing Judgments
.pp6b-Releasing Judgments
.pp7 - Total Self-Acceptance
.pp8 - Understanding and Choosing Experience
.pp9 - Body, the Master Healer of Creation
.pp10 -Denial of Will
.pp10b-How God started to feel and to deny
.pp11 - All of Creation
.pp12 - The Goal: To become Parental and Whole
.pp13 - Feel all there is to Feel
.pp14 - God's and my Will and Desire
.pp15 - Guilt&Blame are the same
.pp16 - Reality reflects Denial
.pp16b- Reality reflects Judgments
.pp17 - How I learnt Moving Emotion Techniques
.pp17b- Moving Emotions: Sound
.pp17bb-Sound + 17bbNote: Heart
.pp17c- Moving Emotions: Breath
.pp17d- Moving Emotions: Body Movement
.pp17e- "Releasing" Emotions or Moving & Evolving              them?
.pp18 - Good and Bad
.pp19 - Body's Illness and Aging
.pp19b -Body's Death
.pp20 - Everyone a Hologram
.pp21 - Oneness and Duality
.pp21b-Fragments and Fragmentation
.pp22-Perception and Projection

.pp23 - Loving Hearts' Denials
.pp24 -Lucifer and Ahriman
-Denial Spirits and Asuras
.pp26- Redeeming Lost Will
.pp26b- Redeeming Lost Spirit
.pp27 - Movement of Lost Will
.pp28 - No overriding, no letting override
.pp28b- No overriding, no letting override
.pp29 - Reclaiming my Power
.pp30 - Unconditional Love
.pp31 - Sacrifice what you don't want
.pp32 - Doing the Healing Work
.pp33 - Greatness and Grandeur
.pp33b-Reflection of Denied Greatness & Power
.pp34 - Communication with Deity
.pp35 - Following Will's and Body's Lead
.pp36 - September 11, 2001
.pp37 - Gaps and Eruption of Gapped Rage & Terror
.pp38 - Unconsciousness, Amnesia
.pp39 - Deity and Manifestation
.pp39b -The Process of Manifestation and Creation
.pp40 - Cease Creating New Manifestations!
.pp41 - I Create my own Reality
.pp42 - Victim and Perpetrator
.pp43 - Self-Victimization
.pp44 - No one needs Correction or Punishment
.pp45 - I need you to feel how I feel
.pp46 - Love&Light&Joy&Peace???
.pp47 - Mary and The Mother
.pp48 - Rage and Terror
.pp48b -FEAR
.pp49 - Ego
.pp50 - "Let Consciousness Serve Sentience!"
.pp51 - "Laughter - the Final Stage of Healing"
.pp52 - Loving and Healing Sexually
.pp53 - JOY
.pp54 - Light's Way to Dwell in Hell
.pp55 - Heaven on Earth

Le a r n & L i v e 2 0 0 5


Learn&Live1 - And honor all their experiences
Learn&Live2 - "Listening to Heal Fragmented Will"
Learn&Live3 - "Meeting the Needs of the Emotional Body"
Learn&Live4 - The Gap
Learn&Live5 - Happiness is not the same as Joy

- Dealing with Emotions
Learn&Live7 - Dealing with Emotions
Learn&Live8 - Dealing with Emotions
Learn&Live9 - "And your movement in Body will   begin to manifest the Creation and Love  your Heart has always desired."
Learn&Live10 -"eternally safe to be and to play -  Manifestation is meant to be a  play- ground, where being and doing are fun"

Learn&Live11 - "Acceptance is the Essential Medicine"
Learn&Live12 - "It is learning to be in your bodies,  and to  celebrate your physical existence   on this beautiful planet."
Learn&Live13 - The Eye Movement Exercise - an Angel  Message on healing emotions.       Healing the Divine Feminine Force                                

Learn&Live14 -"we are able to become the unifying song of the hymn of creation." [Yehudi Menuhin' Vision]
Learn&Live15 - JUDGMENT RELEASE-"...Guilt                                                  erodes the sense of self worth and                                                         makes it very difficult to feel feelings                                         that have been infected by it ..."

Learn&Live16 -Promise Body not to die
Learn&Live17 - Vivation : The Skill of Happiness
Learn&Live18 - Experience the Power of Sound
Learn&Live19 - Thanks to Water-Gratitude & Love
Learn&Live20 - BLEEP

Learn&Live21- Edith Stein versus Rachel Bat-Adam


A   TIME   TO   HARVEST   -    OVERVIEW  2002-2003
The Time of Fruition-June 2003

See also the following former attempt
to structure this library under the title
Three more attempts to realize my Vision of Peace
through Desert Hosting Economy in Israel-Palestine









All Israel






Desert Vision

with Deity

Right  Use  Of  Will


.Bir'am 1976 A model of how to turn a negative                            dependency into a Partnership [3 pages]
.Neve-Shalom -
Arab-Jewish Summercamp 1977
.Jewish-Palestinian Initiative1980
.Jewish-Palestinian Initiative1980-
Note about                       Camp David and its initiator Prof. Roger Fisher
.Partnership-Ideology -
The Partnership Concept                              and its Evolution + texts to our 30 day                              Partnership Tour in the US in 1980
.Partnership -
Attempt of an Overview of my                             Partnership work 1974-1980
.Partnership2 -
Lecture in an International Workshop                          on Conflict Resolution, Haifa 1978
.Partnership3 -
After the Visit of President Sadaat
.Partnership4 -
Azmeeyeh, Fragment of a Novel 1980
.Partnership5-Mobile Partnership Workshops
.Partnership6 -
Teaching [even soldiers!] & Evolving                          [Jonathan Jacobi!] the Partnership Concept
.History-Palestine -
Pain concerning the History
                    of Israeli and Ismaeli Palestine

.Israel's SoulSearch - Tish'a be-Av 2002
Desert Vision, the Challenge                            for Israel&Ismael

.lekh-lekha - go-to-yourself   -belongs also to "MY BIBLE"
.My Ordeal
.My Hill, My Path, My Trees- Modi'in 2001-2004
   [4 pages
.Tomer - [10 pages]
.Jonathan - [3 pages]
.Yael - [4 pages]
.Itamar -[3 pages]
.The Quartet

.Right Use of Will - About the eight channeled books
.Original Introduction and principles of editing the first book  on this site and 16 pages which contain the pages of the first book, accompanied by photos of "my Nature" + the next 4 RUOW books
. Channeling from "Michael" about Right Use of Will
. The Mother's Eruption
. I honor all their Experiences

.My own "Communications with Deity", 2002-2003




The Books scanned-marked-bundled
Bundle1 starts with my present English translation of the Hebrew entry: the gist of the Books in a nutshell.
Bundle 6 includes a heart-wrenching sculpture in English about what I see as the HOlOCAUST of BETAR, in the year 133 A.D.!
Bundle 13 includes Franz Rosenzweig's understanding of    
"Y H W H"   , and my connection to the work of my father-in-law.
Bundle 16 includes that each individual is a hologram and has to say:
"The world was created for MY Sake", and therefore :
            "If I am  here everyone is here"
, and  "whoever keeps one soul alive, keeps a full world alive"!

Bundle 1 / g10-15 / h28-34
Bundle 2 / g15-19 / h34-38
Bundle 3 / g20-27 / h39-47
Bundle 4
/ g27-30 / h47-49
Bundle 5 / g30-35 / h50-55
Bundle 6 / g35-47 / h55-66
Bundle 7 / g47-53 / h67-72
Bundle  8  / g 53-  56  / h 72- 75
Bundle  9  / g 59 -  65 / h 78- 84
Bundle 10
/ g 65- 68  / h 84- 87
Bundle 11 / g 69- 77  / h 87- 95
Bundle 12
/ g 77- 83 / h 95-101
Bundle 13 / g85- 96 / h105-116
Bundle 14
/g100-110 /h117-127
Bundle15 /g111-120 / h128-138
Bundle 16/g121-130 / h139-147

Bundle 17/g130-138 / h147-154
Bundle 18/g138-148 / h154-163
Bundle 19
/g148-153 / h163-168
Bundle 20/g155-166 / h171-182
Bundle 21/g166-176 / h182-191
Bundle 22 /g176-187 / h191-201
Bundle 23 /g189-200 / h203-215
Bundle 24 /g201-210 / h215-225
Bundle 25 /g210-222 / h225-237
Bundle 26 /g226-233 / h240-247
Bundle 27 /g233-245 / h247-259
Bundle 28
/g248-262 / h261-274
.biographical background to the book
.books-intro- Introduction 2002 and Diary to the conversion  of the books to webpages
.bio-testimony - Is Moses really partner/peer-less? 1982 & 2003 Biographic Testimony to the message in my research 7p   

- Original Intro to the German book;
                   - Original Intro to the Hebrew book

.books-entry - The German & Hebrew books: original entries
.content of book - contents & links to all chapters, in English
.digests -Summaries of the chapters
                  in the German Book and in the Hebrew Book

.English Summary and Digest - [6 pages]
.German Preface and Summary
          which play a role in "All Israel are Guarantors for Each Other"

.index - Index of names and issues
.abbreviations - of 132 ancient sources and of 132 modern studies
.app to "Cain & Hevel" - "whoever looses one soul"

between the   DESERT Nations
and between Wo/Man & the   DESERT   Earth
[In my second website  ARARAT  HEART  2004-2005 this is the only theme!]

Preparing for it - unawarely - between 1984 and 1989: .Abraham's Bus-Steps !
"NEBO-LET-GO" July 2006, parting from manifesting it on the exterior plane !

My Community: Desert Vision - Succah
.a Succah-intro
.a Succah-timeline
.a Succah-glossary


[7 pages]

.Nine Succah-Stages
[9 pages including "Snow & Ice"]
["Hill of the Angels' Flight" with
Observatory and Isaac Succah]
   .Addressing the Hosts [including "Snow and Ice in the Desert"] 
   .Rukhaara: 1993-94, Guide to the Spirit-Shit-House or Succah-toilet [including "Snow and Ice"]
The 1994 Memorandum [including "Snow and Ice in the Desert"] 
    .The 1996 Testament

Fight for a tree & Flight to Egypt 1995 - [3 pages]
Our Desert Peace Process 2002 - [6 pages]

Alt-Neu-Land 2003
  .My old vision - [2 pages]
  .My partners' vision
  .My new vision

   .Hebrew e-mail documentation
    ."SARAH" - the new Sarah Succah as a symbol for a new concept
    ."DAWN over the Succah"
."The ROAD" - from Desert Succah to Desert Town

My Community:
Desert Water Vision
+ RedSea/SaltSea-PartnerSHIP

.Water in the Wilderness - the biblical sign of redemption - [2 pages]
.Water in my pre-desert and in my post-desert life
.Water in the Desert: Experiences on the Negev Heights 1989-1996
   .the 1995 proposal: "Water in the Desert",
     as a living gravestone for Prime-Minister Yitzhak Rabin

.Along the Syrian-African Rift: RED SEA - SINAI 1996 - [3 pages]
.Along the Syrian-African Rift: RED SEA - Eilat/Aqaba 1996-98
  .RedSeaPartnerSHIP - Places and Timeline
  .RedSeaPartnerSHIP - stage 1 - The 'aniyah'-Partner-SHIP
  .RedSeaPartnerSHIP - stage 2 - The Pyramidal Tent - 4th generation of R&D
  .RedSeaPartnerSHIP - stage 2- The Four Nation Tent
  .RedSeaPartnerSHIP - stage 2- The Functioning of the Jordanian Tent
   .RedSeaPartnerSHIP - stage 3- The Raft
   .The pathetic "Partneror" -
[3 pages]
   . The pathetic "Petioner"
- [5 pages]
  Last Glimpse [includes "A Passage for Ya'acov"...]
.Along the Syrian-African Rift: SALT SEA-Dragot Wadi 1998-99
.Along the Syrian-African Rift SALT SEA - Ein-Gedi 1999
.Along the Syrian-African Rift: SALT SEA Springs
- between Israel & Ismael  [2 ages]



Bat-Sheva&David            Noah's Vision        AUschwitz-BirkenAU

Isaiah 43, 19 Song

Jeremia 31,24 Song


2004 Preface
blue links - mainly English
orange links - mainly Hebrew


Retreat - November 2003
Coping with Evil

  Grief and Grace  
  Preparing in Israel   Marian's Auschwitz-BirkenAU
  Preparing in Germany   Marian's Drawn Memories I-II
  Preparing in Polish Krakov   Harmeze - Harm&Harmony I-II
  Preparing in Jewish Krakov
  Christa-Rachel's List
The Ashes Pond I-II  


July 2003-April 2004


  The new Peninsula
The hot sulphur Spring  
  The Palestinian Mountains   The Palestinian Shore  
  The Border Sculptures   Jordan State beyond  
          Noah's Shore Future
Noah's Peace-Economy
Presentation for Shimon Peres -english
Presentation for Shimon Peres -Hebrew


Noah's Shore Dreamers

     Noah's Dreamer Economy
         Noah's Dreamer Training-h
      Noah's Rock Cave
Noah's Cave Manual
  Dead Sea Neighbors
Looking Closely
Noah's Shore>Mount Ararat Breakthrough

A R A R A T   - H E A R T
This is a second website of 34 pages solely about my Peace-Desert-Vision (Sept. 2004-Dec. 2005)



Inte-GRAT-ion - into GRATe-FULL-ness   2007
Introduction to the three Pathes [+ Song-Game]
       Overview of the Three Pathes   
      "Firing-the-Grid on 2007-07-17"      
Almost all of these pages - like almost all the pages in the libraries above - are enriched by sculptures and compositions
which keep being created ever since January 2009

i.e. since the time when I was advised by my Cosmic Self to not open any new page, nor letting any page exceed the "weight" of 1300 kilobytes.

Closeups to my Past

2006_08_24-Closeup-of 1977_12_09-Illusory Partnership

2007_03_24-Closeup-of-1985_10_19-Shitting in Nature

2007_04_25-Closeup-of-1986_08_10-Like Nurit Hirsch

2007_04_28-Closeup of-1972_06_09-Eliyah, get up!

2007_04_29-Closeup of-1987_01_04-One who helped me live

2007_05_01 Closeup of 2006_05_01 Rejoice in potential Peers

2007_05_02-Closeup of-2006_05_02-Day of

2007_05_03-Closeup of-2006_05_03-Coping with Failing myself

2007_05_24-Closeup of-1970_03_12-to David Flusser

2007_05_25-Closeup of-1971-Immanuel

2007_05_26-Closeup of-1971-Ronnit

2007_05_27-Closeup of-1971-Micha

2007_05_28-Closeup of-1971-Naftali Raz

2007_06_04-Closeup of-2006_06_04-
   [2 pages]

2007_06_05-Closeup of-2006_05_22-My Birthday-Trauma

2007_06_06-Closeup of-2006_05_15-BEING-TOO-MUCH

2007_06_22-Closeup of-2006_06_10-GRATe-FULL to the Seven

2007_07_17-Closeup of 2006_07_17-Hidden in Your Face

2007_07_18-Closeup of 2006_07_18-War~My Life~My People

2007_07_25-Closeup of 1974-The Secret of Israel's Uniqueness

2007_07_26-Closeup of 2006_07_26-Yearning for Partners

2007_07_27-Closeup of 2006_07_02-Prophecy in Desert-Songs

2007_07_28-Closeup of 2006_06_09-Angels' Camp at Salt    
        [7 pages]

2007_08_01-Closeup-of-1974_06_11-MF&our Denial-of-Feelings

2007_08_03-Closeup-of-1974_06_03-FULL-FILL-ment in WORK




????-Closeup-of-???? Guilty without having sinned

2007_10_05-Cl-of_1979_11_05-Don't force yourself to change


2007_10_14-Closeup-of-2006May-June: before_Accident & War
       [3 pages]

2007_10_15-Closeup-of-2005-06:Mika's hesitating Incarnation
      [3 pages]

2007_12_02-Closeup-of-2001 and 2003 - Migdal

2007_12_12-Closeup-of-May2001 - Goodbye to Grandma

2007_12_02-Cl-of-2001_05-Is this a "God-Victorious-Journey"?
    [3 pages]


2007_12_31-Living with Joy-FULL GRATe-FULL-ness

Finetuning to my Present

Finetuning to 2007_01_31- The Four Elements [4 p]

Finetuning to 2007_03_30-31- The Four Girls

Finetuning to 2007_04_03-05-The Four Starchildren
[4 pages]

Finetuning to 2007_04_28-Grandma of Ten

2007_06_13-Converting Judging into Communicating

Finetuning to 2007_06_17-The Four Elements of Tomer

Finetuning to 2007_06_20-Gaza today&3100 years ago

Finetuning to 2007_07_09-Israel&Ismael today&1969

FT to 2007_07_17-Firing the Grid

FT to 2007_07_17-Conditions for Heaven on Earth (1)

Finetuning to 2007_07_29-SHAME's TASK & CURSE

FT to 2007_08_04-Conditions for Heaven on Earth (2)

Finetuning to 2007_08_10-Israel& her Enemy-Partners

FT to 2007_08_14-Conditions for Heaven on Earth (3)

FT to 2007_08_15-Sixty-Nine Hodayot-Thanksgivings

FT to 2007_08_16-FULL-FILL-ing-Fountainhead

FT to 2007_08_17-Conditions for Heaven on Earth (4)

FT to 2007_08_28-19 Hodayot to my Daugther-in-Love
[3 pages]

FT to 2007_08_31-FULLmoon_FULL-FILL-ment f.Micha
[13 pages]

Finetuning to 2007_09_17-Mika's FULL_FILL-ments)
[3 pages]

FT to 2007_09_25-The HolyDay-Holiday of Yom Kippur
[3 pages]

FT to 2007_10_02-Mika's FULL-FILL-ments with Abba
[4 pages]

FT to2007_10_03-Mika's FULL-FILLments_with_Imma

FT to 2007_10_05-Mika's small creations with Nature

FT to 2007_10_08_Mika's FULL-FILL-ments w. Playing

FT to 2007_10_09-Mika's FULL-FILLments_w.Parents

FT_to_2007_10_10-Mika's_ FuLLFillments_w._Siblings

FT_to_2007_10_11-Mika's_ FULL-FILLments_w.Family

FT to 2007_10_12-Mika's FULL-FILLments with Yael


Finetuning to 2007_11_15-I_desire_Companionship for healing&creating~~ with Peers who are truly themselves

Finetuning to 2007_11_25-On the Eve of Annapolis

FT to 2007_12_04-11Chanuka:_God_is_lights&shades
[11 pages]

FT to Chanuka- My Dolphin swimming/singing in the pool

FT to Chanuka- My children helped me with my teeth

2007_12_31-Living with Joy-FULL GRATe-FULL-ness

Nourishment from Others

[See also: LEARN&LIVE- 22 Sculptures Created in 2005]

2007_04_23-a Sufi message

2007_04_25-Body is the Healer

2007_04_30-The Hidden Message of Water

2007_05_30-Paradise on Earth & Living in a New Body

2007_05_31-Healing the Inner Child


2007_06_03-Body is the Healer

2007_06_05-New Pattern of Manifestation on new Earth

2007_07_11-Matthew's Message

2007_07_13-How to create Heaven on Earth-Firing the Grid
     [9 pages]

2007_07_23-Heaven-on-Earth-in the Hebrew Bible

2007_08_05-Next Steps towards Heaven-on-Earth


2007_08_13-Learning to Want

2007_08_21-The_only_Planet_of_Choice, incl. Israel's task


2007_09_18-C.G.Jung: The Patient heals from within

2007_09_25-The Meaning of Life in 700 Words

2007_10_03-New on Earth: From Light &Dark to Lightness&Joy

2007_10_06-FULL-FILL-ment in Godchannel's Message

2007_10_13-Only through your creations will you know yourself

2007_10_22-How_to_hold_Aloneness in balance with Fullness

2007_10_27-DAS HERZ IST WACH - the heart is awake (1) Don

    [4 pages]

    [2 pages]

2007_11_03-DAS HERZ IST WACH - the heart is awake (2) Martin

2007_11_19-A Letter from God to those doing the Healing Work

2007_11_20-Starchild-Channeller Celia Fenn's Earth-Log

2007_11_24-DAS HERZ IST WACH - the heart is awake (3) Rafael

2007_12_07-Compassion for Myself

2007_12_08-DAS HERZ IST WACH - the heart is awake (4) Rafael

2007_12_29-DAS HERZ IST WACH - the heart is awake (5) Mona



2007_12_31-Living with Joy-FULL GRATe-FULL-ness


Many pages have been reused since 2009, and the content of the added inserts are rarely listed here.
This content can only be reached through the links which appear in relevant contexts or via "Search"




A few accidental glances into Healing-K.i.s.s.
Last update: 2010_10_06 [see my life's context around this date]

see "You will never get it done,
nor can you ever get it wrong!"

This was MY FOCUS also in 2010 - till...... July 2012!
2013-05-24- But since then, I'm going below the earth
redeeming Lost Will that's been shoved into the dirt!
My focus : exploring & exemplifying
how each-one can discover and live
the Condition for 'Heaven-on-Earth'
which I define as:
'Feeling Grate-full, Feeling Zest-full, Feeling Full-filled'
as ongoing vibration of "HEART" breathing in "BODY"!
To be able to live this, the first assignment is:
"Learning to feel better   requires
that you become better at feeling"



H E A V E N     O N     E A R T H
"Consider a world where everybody enjoys every experience they ever have
and consistently create experiences to satisfy all parts of themselves.
It seems reasonable to call such a world
Heaven on Earth.
To the extent that any of us do not experience
Heaven on Earth we are obviously making something wrong.
We all take a quantum leap toward
Heaven on Earth
when we realize, if only intellectually, that we are responsible for everything in our experience,
that everything is the way it is to satisfy our conscious or unconscious desires,
and that once we stop making something wrong we are free to change it as we will.
Surrendering fully to the task of manifesting
Heaven on Earth is tantamount to already being there."


See now - 2010_10_05, how - in a song - I've "upgraded" and epitomized my life - beyond linear time



Since January 1, 2009, I am following my understanding and new
  that - after 8 years - I should no longer create new pages on my  2  websites, 
but intermingle the evidence of new experiences with that on existing pages

A good example is the continuous series of my experience with
"The Walk about Love 2009", inserted in 99 "Godchannel" files .
A compilation of inserts in other files was moved to 'July 2003'
as well as a kind of intro to - attempted in 2009.

April 2, 2009
Since February 27 , 2009, onward I am among the walkers of the WALK ABOUT LOVE
interrupting it only for being present with my daughter-in-love Efrat, and my tenth grandchild Mika,
while my pilot-son Immanuel is on long flights.
The photos which I took on the Walk are accompanying the files ~~~
in the order in which they were given since January 1997.

April 28, 2009

The greatest experience during "the Walk" is the feeling

that the Biblical prophecy
in Malachi 3:16
(close to the end of the translated Christian "Old Testament")
- which I put - in 5 languages - above all the K.i.s.s.-Log 2008 pages since Aug. 15, my 70th birthday -
is    b e c o m i n g     f u l f i l l e d    however hesitantly and falteringly!

az   nidberu   yir'ee  YHWH   ish - el - re'eehu      ~~~~~      va-yaqshev   [YHWH]      va-yishma'
Then those who see Ha-Shem, will talk among each other, ~~~~~ and he listens  and he hears 
[Arabic] yatakaalamuna       allathina       yarau'na-hu ,         ~~~~~         va-yusri          va-yasma'
Dann die IHN schauen,  werden reden miteinander,    ~~~~~    und er lauscht      und er hoert
Puis ceux qu'ils voient Ha-Shem, se parlent l'un a l'autre       ~~~~~      il entends,        il ecoute

click the sound-button above all K.i.s.s.-log pages since Aug.15, 2008 and listen to the verse in 5 languages !

In the desert - with an injured finger - amidst two of my friends among the Walkers from abroad, who joined us Israelis,
Thomas - 22 - from Leipzig, the town where my mother was born in 1909, and Emanuel - 20 - from Italy, who bears my firstborn's name.

May 14, 2009
As strongly - clearly as I heard the message: "Join the Walk!", on Febr. 22,
as clearly and strongly I heard the message: "Leave the Walk!", on May 2 !
After having healed feelings, I joined the Walk to share insights, on May 11.

But -back in my two castles, Bet-Nehemia and Arad - there is still much to integrate and to apply.
You can follow my learning-healing-creating on the background of my edited Godchannel files.

July 30, 2009
Healing and integration - as documented in 99 files on Healing-K.i.s.s.- are completed.
The message, that I should no longer open new pages, is now extended:
"Keep photographing to a minimum!"

Just like reporting on my days in a diary (K.i.s.s.-Log 2008!) - photographing in its five stages means:
witnessing and documenting my life,
i.e. rendering intensity and depth to experiencing, learning and healing, creating and loving, by:
1) focusing on a scene, person or object,
2) transferring the photos to the computer and choosing what is valuable.
3) Cropping the pictures and editing size and quality
4) Creating compositions of the images on chosen pages.
5) Later re-opening or even re-editing of pages
Except for the first stage, all this implies much work, which prevents me from dedicating myself to other work,
though only on July 4, 2012, I understood what this work should be: see my Hebrew-English song on top. .

January 13, 2010
I still do not know, what the work is, but I am in no hurry to find out.
More space, more time free of exterior experiences, seems to appear.
I am breathing, embracing each moment and I am ready & prepared.

Since March 13, 2010
it is clear, that no exterior action or interaction is awaiting me ,
now that I'm free from my inner oppressors.
I am free to lovingly relate to those feelings and body sensations
which I've been judging or denying or ignoring since the beginning.
It seems, that My Spirit and My Will have become whole and one,
playing in the movement of embracing a n d challenging each other.

My free Will and my free Spirit  create pleasant circumstances and situations.
I am, therefore, free from personal "functioning" or personal "coping".
I am free to feel and think deeper into the richness of each moment of my life
at this time on this planet, with my co-creatures in Nature and my co-humans.
Mind-full-ness       Grate-full-ness       Zest-full-ness       Full-fill-ment
are the goal and the way, ~ are the breathing in and the breathing out.

And ~~~ I am free to "descend into Hell" and redeem "Will's" Self-Hatred~~~


February 20 , 2011
Again and again: "Laughter is the final stage of healing"...
It took me another 15 months to follow the advice
(see above July 30, 2009),
to keep photographing to a minimum,
and to heed God's pleading
"to cease creating new manifestations" .
It's only now that I truly limit my photographing
[compare the Mika-pages since Jan. 2011 with previous pages]

and - after another 6 weeks - to also limit my verbal sculpting,
I'm now able to totally focus on "Driving Backward".

If I, Bat-Adam, am so slow to apply the messages, that resonate with me,
how do I dare to still judge other people and humankind altogether?  


August 8 , 2009
After inserts of new experiences in old pages, which - in their content - were somehow associated, I, today, started a new continuous series ,
this time not like "The Walk about Love" - along the chronology of Godchannel files~~~~~~~~~ but along the 365 dates of my 2007 Song-Game
I shall re-employ song-page after song-page for exploring the evolution of my youngest grandchild,
a starchild whose assignment for this planet seems to be: to demonstrate by her own living & doing,
how to playfully create from moment to moment, thus feeling zest-full & full-filled>Heaven-on-Earth.

[May 17, 2013: she has to demonstrate much more..]
A demonstration of how and when I add new inserts to "old pages", see a list of not systematic- additions to old pages during 2009. ~
As to new songs added in 2009-2011, see Song-Game-Songs' History

A new video: Febr. 21, 2011, shows one (!) connection between my two sons: "Brothers"


Grandma Dancing alone
in what was then Mika's garden, at Bet-Nehemya on Oct. 31, 2008

Grandma moving Mika, sitting on a frisbee,
around the house with a broom, at Shoham on March 13, 2010

When I reached the end of "Learn&Live 16" on February 20, 2011
[remember , I'm limiting a page to 1300 kilo-byte!]
I felt, that I was mature enough to let go of sculpting any new theme .
My purpose has been since then (but it took another year till I learnt it)
to re-new, to re-learn, to re-create the messages of 10 years work on my websites.
The first relearning/recreating was inserted in "My Training for Wrestling with Tomer" (2003):

May 6, 2003
I now totally went out of my mind,
first because I have that electricity trauma since my accident at 15,
second, because Alon was an expert in building such cycles,
so why didn't he act as his brother's keeper,
third, because the grownups had deserted me despite my quest,
but most of all because of my utter stupidity of chasing around
instead of being there - focused, loving - with my partner Tomer.

I didn't change. I only learnt to surrender to the fact,
that my "Loving Heart" creates such terrible situations.

And I learnt to cope with this in cooperation with Tomer.
I was not the good, wise grandmother of the fairy tales.
I was Tomer's partner-in-torment and he was mine.
February 18, 2011:

I confess, that I still
["Kineret summer 2010] haven't learnt my lesson.
But remembering that dire incident
while re-reading this sculpture,
I suddenly believe,
that "to be whole" doesn't mean to be free of flaws and blunders,
nor to be free of pain-attracting judgments like
I need to be good,
If I am aware, accepting, responsible for my flaws
= not their victim,
then I'm"whole" and also the "lessons" will become less and less.

February 19, 2011:
"responsible" means,
that instead of judging myself and regretting my mistake,
I face the results and convert the frightful into the fruitful,
as I do with any situation, that was staged by my Cosmic Self.


to "INTEGRATION" : Eliyahu's Lesson         or to how I heal myself into wholeness    or to   the short autobiography of 2009







December 24-31,    2  0  1  2
Over the course of this year I minimized my creating on my 2 websites.
The only realm in which tiny creations do occur, is the realm of   SONGS.
I recorded and worked on new songs with the help of my digital recorder
Now towards the end of 2012 I allow myself to create an artful overview
of the lyrics of these songs - without any images and without the TUNES!

Newly created songs by Christa-Rachel


This song created itself in spring 2012,
when we worked on setting up
the purpose of which should have been,
to show, how there can be "Heaven on Earth"
without the dangerous side-effect of bore-dom.
An unknown song by Shulli Natan (not on the Net),
discovered on an old casette of mine,
attracted the alliteration of shamayim bli shi'amum,
Heaven without boredom
From Shulli's lyrics I adopted the second stanza,
since it fitted exactly into my new song

mi-qtzê ha-aretz elaekha aeqrâ

Psalm 61:3


Genesis 32,25-26 +32-33, see the pages and images in
Ya'aqov wrestling with himself


Seltsam im Nebel zu wandern

(German: Hermann Hesse, Hebrew: Rachel)

Elohim lanu makhasaeh ve-oz

Psalm 46 , adapted to a tune by Martin Luther
to his choral "Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir"

Do no longer fight to get it right

Based on a line of the Hebrew poet Bialik


Lev. 25,23-24, a law that should be guarded in Israel today!


Jeremiah 17:8 [8, not 9!] + Psalm 1:3


Ezekiel 47:12 [chapter 47, not 49!]

Qovê ha-Shem yakhlifu koakh

Isaiah 40:31+29 + Psalm 9:11

ve-ata koh amar bora'akha Ya'aqov

Isaiah 43:1-2+10


Psalm 27:10-11 + Psalm 31:4
see more of Ps 27
in the expanded song Nr. 5, May 2013

ve-haya yom aekhad hu yivvada la-Shem

Zecharia 14:7-9


Micah 7:8


Und meine Seele ist ein Weib vor dir

Und meine Seele ist ein Weib vor dir.
Und ist wie der Naëmi Schnur, wie Ruth.
Sie geht bei Tag um deiner Garben Hauf
wie eine Magd, die tiefe Dienste tut.
Aber am Abend steigt sie in die Flut
und badet sich und kleidet sich sehr gut
und kommt zu dir, wenn alles um dich ruht,
und kommt und deckt zu deinen Füßen auf.

Und fragst du sie um Mitternacht, sie sagt
mit tiefer Einfalt: Ich bin Ruth, die Magd.
Spann deine Flügel über deine Magd.
Du bist der Erbe...

Und meine Seele schläft dann bis es tagt
bei deinen Füßen, warm von deinem Blut.
Und ist ein Weib vor dir. Und ist wie Ruth.
Rainer Maria Rilke, 1901, Westerwede
based on the biblical book Ruth 3:5-9
(See about Rut(h). See more of Rilke)

DESERT-SONG : ani yeda'tikha ba-midbar
s. how I phrased part of this already in 1984

Hosea 13:5 + Ezekiel 20:5 + Rachel
the 3rd stanza- Hosea 2:16+22 - was added on Febr. 28, 2013


Es waechst heran ein neues Geschlecht,
ganz ohne Schminke und Suenden,
mit freien Gedanken und freier Lust!
Dem werd' ich alles verkuenden!

Heinrich Heine [see another song by him]


Micah 5:1-3 - I changed one crucial word ....
"mashal" instead of "moshel"...
See my interpretation of "ad et yoledah yaladah"


I'm attached to the word "raekhaem" - womb,
in Arabic "rakhm" (see my cave of the womb).
The verb in both Hebrew and Arabic means
to have compassion,
in Hebrew in the Piel-Form.
Only once in the Bible it appears in the Qal-Form,
in Psalm 18:2
Therefore both Martins (Luther and Buber)
chose a special wording as translation.
I allowed myself,
to turn YHWH from the subject of the LOVING
into the object of the Loving
and see YHWH
as male, Spirit and female Will (feelings)

hinneni holaekhet al khaevel

as to the metaphors "Caleb and Efrat",
see "The hidden female threat of Redemption"
and "Cain and Hevel", see
"Caleb is close to "caeleb"-dog! a dog barks, i.e. "sounds"...
The last 2 lines were modified on Aug. 26, 2013:
"and when you'll be healed and whole,
whole will be the world."

Every Experience is Valid

the red quotes are from Godchannel and RUOW
On 2013-03-06 I added what I rediscovered
"All my choices are valid
yesh aerekh lekhol bkhirotai"
see also a quote from Veronica in pp52...


Links to existing songs in SongGame 2007,
which were modified or expanded this year

'and their sins he will bear'


redemption of Adam from Scham, from asham
= from shame and guilt

At peace with all the universe
'full-filled in zest and grate-full-ness'


'haqshivi - listen'


'a goldmine is offered in what you feel,
embrace what you feel and feel full-filled'


'in Shalem is his succah,
...I'll be shalem, whole, in the succah'

'Enwrap me, my Shekhinah, in your feeling'

'so powerless'


I worked on this .png format 3 times.
Since it always came out like this,
I believe it should appear like this.
It depicts the situation of the psalmist.
See the original song: me-ma'amaqim


aet bitti ha-ahuvah hashivaenna


Wenn ich frueh erwachen tu



































































The Mother's Dream
[from Godchannel>folksinterview I]
put in tune
on December 24, 2012

"The Mother's dream is

that all beings in Creation

their true grandeur and greatness.

And in their greatness,

do whatever they desire.

"... and everyone...

be completely

f r e e  


e m p o w e r e d

to do whatever you want,

go wherever you wish

and be with whomever you choose.


"Free Will,

completely free and    j o y o u s

in the presence of
unwavering loving Light

is the truly natural way in our Creation.

And this Creation

is the basis of your own Creation

and the full manifestation

of your   g r e a t n e s s."


























































A Psalm for Nation and World
Though this is not a new song-

see and hear my song of December31, 2008

Newly learnt songs created by other authors


Co-creation of
Yael, my daughter's daughter,
and Arnon, my younger son's son,
at Grandma's, in Arad, on April 1, 2012

"ve-ha-yam lo nirga'"

"Your beauty, the magic which is in you,
you cannot share with everyone,
look around you and love yourself"

This is the chorus in this Hebrew song
which I like very much
It accompanies Immanuel's
video with stills about Mika in Bangkok
and see my composition - photos and song



I hear the wind across the plain

A sound so strong - that calls my name

It's wild like the river - it's warm like the sun

Yes it's here - this is where I belong

Under the starry skies - where eagles have flown

This place is paradise - it's the place I call home

The moon on the mountains

The whisper through the trees

The waves on the water

Let nothing come between this and me

Cuz everything I want - is everything that's here

And when we're all together - there's nothing to fear

And wherever I wander - it's this that I learned

It's to here - I will always....always return.

(Brian Adams, Spirit Stallion
from the Cymarron sound track.
The video, which Arnon and Yael showed me on April 1,
no longer appears, but the tune (different words!) does.


by Leah Naor and Nurit Hirsch,
performed by Hava Alberstein
see the pretty video with the 1967 performance

See the image in the sculpture about my name
in "A Time of Fruition" 2003



We are two and two of us are one

I'm back on my feet again

Out on the street again

Looking for love

On the way to the sky

Some people moving up

Some people standing still

Some hold their hand out

And some people never will

Lover and liers

Consumed by the fires

Of too many dances

But not enough songs

Hear my song

We pity the poor one

The shy and unsure one

Who wanted it perfect

But waited too long

There's no way to count

Or to measure the cost

Of the innocence lost

On the way to the sky

You and I

And we are two and two of us are one

But maybe two of us can be enough

To get it done

Lover and liers

Consumed by the fires

Of too many dances

But not enough songs

We pity the poor one

The shy, the unsure one

Who wanted it perfect

But waited too long

Much too long

I'm back on my feet again

I'm out on the street again

Looking for love

On the way to the sky

You and I

Neil Diamond's singing


Lea Goldberg
see a lovely performance and artful video


Wonderfully sung by the Parvarim-Band


Yuval "Ha-mevulbal"- see the wondrous video



lyrics: Dan Almagor, tune:Ilan Mochiach
30 years after my book was published,
I met this song for the first time,
within a satyrical show....
When I now, 2012-12-26, searched for a video,
I found another tune
and a very moving, funny-sad application
in the Israel of 2012


Achinoam Nini and Mira Awaad
in Hebrew, Arabic and English,
carefully sculpted on 2012-03-06 in Kisslog
See this performance - so beautiful,
though the first stanza is missing.




In a program in memory of Uzi Hitmann
I heard him saying,
that this song - see him singing at a young age-
which he created to words in the prayerbook-
was expressing his whole being.
It was just after I had learnt the song myself
from Mika's own singing on my digital recorder.

"My" "God" doesn't want to be seen as a king,
he wants to be my peer and partner,
but since this is still too difficult to grasp
- for Mika and for most people -
I'm grateful for Hitmann's wondrous song.
See our role-play:Moses and YHHW.

An Israeli stamp of 2009



Winning song in the Eurovision 1979




at 3 AM ~~~e-mail sent from Maureen Moss, The World Puja Network

"So much has changed since the 12-12-12.
It certainly wasn’t hype, that the end days of the final cycle
would bring about palpable shifts for many,
so much so that the life and even the work
many "thought" would continue to be, would not.

"Many of my clients have seemed distressed for the mere fact
that those around them are unable to accept that they have changed.
They’ve changed their minds,    their hearts,    their interests,    and more.

"Some are in a complete void,
some need stillness for deep contemplation, rather than activity,
and some are going to surprise many with new decisions
that will impact others comfort and dare I say expectations.

"... please, allow for the unfolding of yourself and all others in a loving and kind way.
This is a new world, we are walking a new road with a very different vibration."


between 9-12 AM

a last song created itself towards my daily swirling
4 additional short stanzas to my old "orbital" canon

m a ' g a l i m - o r b i t s - s p h e r e s

:10+13; + Rilke (hear a tune to the entire poem)
Ps. 23,2-3 [hear the traditional tune to the entire psalm]
+ Rilke's line in English, + Proverbs 4:11 + Psalm 65:12

Healing-k.i.s.s. is meant to be a work of art.
The Jewish-German-Russian Victor Shklovsky put the purpose of art in a nutshell:


SONGS of 2013 and 2014 at the end of the Calendar Order of the 2007 Song Game