puzzle piece 9
the Master Healer
of Creation

Truth and Reality Class III

"In that lesson we'll focus on the human body
as the archetypal representation of all bodies,
the microcosm of all manifestation."


Finding the Will to Heal

"And I now ask you
to please come join us
on the inside.
Body is as near as the breath you are about to take.
Feel for a moment, sense me ~
Listen for a moment,
on the inside.
I am you,
and this is part of our outer reflection
you are seeing as you read.
Let me help you use the key.
We are
the master healers of Creation,
you and I ~
and we will soon begin proving it in manifestation."

On 01/11/19 I received with joy
BODY's new channeling.
I edited it immediately,
but to analyze and integrate it
"Magic into healingkiss and into my healing work
will take time.

From "Can you give me some real help?"

"If there has been no relief,
there has been no true movement.
Working on pain, feeling pain,
and expressing pain
in various ways
are part of its healing,

"... Body...
is really the very first priority
in the healing process for humans."

From Magic and Miracles"

"Body hates miracles.
It doesn't understand them,
they make it (him) feel like a fool in his own world,
and an incompetent master.
I never had a home and I never felt acceptable to anyone.
There seems to be no true home for me in the universe (this is how it feels to me).

I can find home only in my body. We relate, and I often tell him
how helpless I feel, and miserable ...But I am determined
to stay with him,
and I take time to tell him that
as often as I can.
Even if it sounds like a fool's promise, I allow myself even that. Do you?"

"This is Spirit.
For a very long time,
I had no desire
to even be near Body.
In fact, I had found
many, many ways
to abandon him and deny him.

"But there has recently been
a big change in me
regarding Body.
Now, like you
and a growing number
of healing-minded humans,
I am determined
to stay with Body,
[ in the original linked to reality3, passage "the Father"]
and give him all the help I can
in his effort to heal Creation..."

"I resent Spirit's "know-how". Body's helplessness is much more natural and understandable to me. It is now my helplessness..."

"Body's apparent 'helplessness'
is an example
of what has happened
as a result of my wish
to undermine his power.
Body is naturally
very, very powerful.
And his 'know-how'
is much more far-reaching
than you have allowed yourself
to imagine..."

"Body's fears are my fears,
and I stick to them.
I can't eliminate them,
but at least I am here.
I feel him being my true brother.
I embrace my body dearly
and promise him to stay
and never let go...
Am I crippling myself?
I want you to feel my pain here
so you can understand me. "

"Your pain is Body's pain
from being denied so heavily.
But you are not crippling yourself
by identifying with Body.
In fact, it's vital,
and ultimately the way
the healing will happen."

"It wasn't you
who gave me a home.
It wasn't my mother and father here on earth
who made me feel I had one,
and it certainly isn't the country
I live in.
It is my body that is my home!"

"Yes, and as you find both
the Mother and me in Body,
you bring us 'home' as well.
When I was keeping my distance
from manifested existence,
I found my 'home'
to be in Heaven.
But it was really much more
like an ivory tower
than a home.

" I know now
that the Mother and I
must find our union
as New Heart
in Body ~
if we expect this Creation
to survive...

"You have found yourself
in Body,
your right place,
and the right place
and the true home
of Spirit and Will in union."

"How do you explain this:
... after body has been ridiculed, pushed away, beaten like a beast,
instincts being disciplined
to serve some "higher" purposes,
you come and say
"stand up and walk!"
And dead bodies will walk again.
It only makes my body feel like shit again, believe me!"

"I believe you.
As I said,
it was I who had tried so hard
to disable Body.
It is now my desire and intention
to align myself
with Body's Spirit,
the Father of Manifestation,

the Father and Mother of Creation.

"And I need to hear and feel
all of Body's rage about
what has been done to him
in the name
of 'higher' purposes.

"I am now moving
into alignment
with Body's Spirit.
I've also asked you
to align your spirit with me,
and when that happens,
the entire Spirit polarity
will be in alignment ~
with Body.
And this is as it needs to be
if all the lost love
and broken dreams
are to be found and mended.

"You see,
is at the center of everything, Body IS everything.
And of course it is only right
that Body be supported
and empowered.
All of Spirit is to be available
to Body's Spirit,
all of Will available
to Body's Will.
This has never happened before, in any Creation.
And the results will be both magical and miraculous."

I am with my body,
not with you.
You can come to my home (Body) anytime you want,
but if you want me,
you'll have to learn
to accept my body...
Make my body proud,
make him the Master of the World he lives in,
not a slave to serve some higher purposes he doesn't understand. He is my highest purpose."

Although not long ago
it wasn't this way,
you and I are now
in agreement here.
Very soon
Body will have
the power you wish
to manifest
what you truly desire.

"It is my desire
that magic return now to Earth, and that humans be empowered to embody the totality
of both Spirit and Will
in the union of wholeness.

"Miracles, however,
will also be part
of the new era on Earth.
Neither the Mother nor I expect
that you will want us
to disappear completely
from the realities you inhabit.
We will remain here unembodied
at the level of pure essence
as well,
when you rest and play
and are otherwise being
In this way
we'll support your free will
with the miracles
of grace and synchronicity ~
so you may relate
with peers in wholeness,
while preserving

everyone's free will.

"Love will be here as well ~
in our union
as unmanifested Heart.
And the songs
of our Love's presence
will be in the air,
for any Heart to hear,
inspiring and supporting
your Creations.

"Those who are working
on the healing

will be contacted by Body soon
on the inside,
if not already...

"Thank you very much
for putting forward
your allegiance to Body.
And for advocating so well
for the true Healer of Creation. You are helping lead Spirit home."

"A Letter from God to the Father and Mother of Creation"

"Throughout the history
of your species
there have been
serious judgments
against your creaturehood,
and a strong urge
to deny this part of yourselves
in favor of what has been judged to be more acceptable
to my Light ~
your immortal divinity,
or 'soul' as you have termed it.

"These judgments began
when spirits decided
to become manifest in bodies bound by time and space.
Many of you got stuck in forms you did not like,
and from which
you could not escape
with all of yourself intact."

"The judgments that formed against manifestation
paralleled my own judgments against my Body,
the Father of Manifestation..."

"So now,
my dear, unfairly maligned BODY ~
I have begun clearing the air about my old judgments
against you,
and releasing them ~
so that you and I can find
our true alignment
in human form."


From "Identifying as Body"

"Regardless of gender,
in order to understand Body,
it is necessary to experience
as Body experiences..."

"...you are BODY.
And you're human.
If you're reading this,
it is with human eyes...
you are human.
And therefore,
Body is human."

"You may not like this form, and you may wish
for another form,
but the fact remains.
Here you are BODY ~
and this is your form.
At least for now.

that your point of presence
goes far beyond
your physical body
and includes everything
in your venue,
your relationships
and your dreams.
Body does not end with its skin.

"All too often
the movement of spirits
has been away from the density,
and emotional trauma
of manifestation.
There have been serious judgments
against these things,
and great efforts have been made
to lift out of all this,
to leave it all behind ~
to leave behind
the terror,
and grief,
and the rest of what has been despised about 'reality'.. ."

"All of this movement
has been movement
away from the Mother
and away from me
and my manifestation
away from Body."


"Bringing Heaven to Earth"

"Original Heart foresaw
a world of dense forms
and incredible beauty,
of trees and water,
sky and sun,

all types of plants and creatures
in which it would someday dwell with peers.
... The very world
that most spirits have despised because of its present
and limitations ~
is the world
where Original Heart wishes
to express its greatness
as one whole being ~
in Body,
in manifestation
with others just like itself.

"... the everyday world
of pain and suffering,
of dullness and drudgery,
this is the world
that needs healing. ..

"...The focus now is ...
from your solid grounding here ~
to draw down the Light.
The old focus of leaving here
to go to the Light
has not worked,
and can never truly succeed.
Every agony, pain and drudgery...
needs and deserves to have Loving Light drawn to it.
This is our work. "


From "Interview with God IV"

"I have been letting Body know
that I wish
that he/she now show me
where I need to move
to be more fully in support
of her/him and his/her desires.

"In some ways
my relationship with Body
is in a worse condition
than my relationship
with the Mother..."