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 The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"






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2000/07/15   checked for updates: 2005_08_29, only minor ones except for those in the last passages! 2010_03_22- checked for updates: none

Healing Class IV: Body

Introduction by Body

Finding the Will to Heal


"This is Body, welcome to lesson four of the healing class.

" As in Truth and Reality Class,
I will be using both
the first and third persons in referring to myself, Body ~
and we'll also be using both
the singular and plural pronouns in referring to Body.
Before we begin the healing class on Body,
I'd like to share some new understandings about
Will, the primary essence of Body.

"Here in duality there are two kinds of everything,
and Will is no exception.

"Even though the magnetic essence we know as 'Will'
is primal and ultimately unified, the Mother of all Creation ~
not all of her essence is 'free'
While some of her essence is free
to spontaneously move and create according to her desires ~
by far the majority,
the best and most important part of her essence ~
is trapped

"Of the 'trapped' Will, there are also two types.
One type is 'present' and known,
the other is 'lost' and unknown.
Lost Will is trapped Will
that has been pushed so far away from free Will
and the Light, that sustains her existence,
that she can no longer magnetize herself back to the rest of Will.
All trapped Will suffers to some degree.
Lost Will is hopelessly isolated and alone, and is suffering greatly.


"Will is very magnetic,
and draws to herself more essence that is like her.
Free Will draws more free Will to herself,
and trapped Will draws more of the same to herself.
These two types of Will have long been at odds with each other.
Free Will has hated the pain, desolation and drudgery
that is the constant experience of trapped Will,
and has sought freedom from this
by distancing herself as much as possible
from trapped Will.
Trapped Will has hated free Will
for going off in search of more freedom,
and so readily abandoning her,
leaving her with what has trapped her.
[see my note in .folksinterview2 on 2010_03_22]


"Spirit is drawn to all Will,
but Spirit has not been unified either.
Spirit has already discussed his denials here.
The most parental part of Spirit,
the part called 'God'

had fragmented
into a
cool, distant, observing and judging spirit known as Ahriman,
and into
a rebellious, hurtful and mean spirit known as Lucifer.


"At one point not long ago
there was very little of the core, loving parental part of Spirit
left in this Creation,
he had denied nearly all of himself as either Ahriman or Lucifer.
And it is only this central, core part of Spirit
that is capable of relating to Will or Body with lovingness.

"Only the part of Spirit that can align with Grandfather
and therefore with Spirit's original connection with Will in Original Heart
is capable of loving Will.
And only loving Light can be helpful to freeing trapped Will.
Non-loving light or 'denied light' is
what has been used to trap Will,
but it cannot be used to free her.

"Free Will also has two types, 'escaping' ~
and 'parental' Will.
Over the eons,
most free Will has been trying to escape
being trapped with the rest of Will.

"Most Will essence that has gotten 'free'
has done so by leaping for the Light.
Will that has not leapt for the Light
has become trapped.
And worse,
most Will that leapt for the Light
also became trapped.
It became trapped because the light it leapt for
was not loving Light,
it was denied light,
even though it seemed at first to be loving.

[old version: but it often seemed at first to be loving.]

"Parental Will, on the other hand
is free Will that is dedicated
to helping trapped Will become free
from where she is trapped.

Of all the Will in this Creation,
most is lost Will,
the next most plentiful is present trapped Will,
the next is escaping Free Will,
and the least abundant of course is parental Will.


"The issue of trapped Will is very important to Body,
because most of our Will of course is trapped.
But most of our trapped Will is still present and not yet lost,
as long as there is life.

"Life is the fundamental principle of Body,
and after life comes freedom.

There will be more on life
as the motive power of manifestation
later in the Truth and Reality Class lesson
on the fundamental questions of manifestation.

"Freedom, or Free Will is in very short supply here,

"and has been becoming more scarce
as the power-over tactics of denied spirit
aligned with escaping Will
have left more and more trapped Will behind.

If the healing work is to succeed,
it is urgent

that this trend be reversed.
And the only way this can be done
is by

free Will
choosing to move from escaping mode
to parenting mode.


"The essence of freedom is choice,
and if true freedom for all Will is to be a reality,
then more Will that is already free
must choose to help free the Will that is still trapped.

This seems like a simple and easy principle in theory,
but it is not so easy in practice.

Will's nature is to be free,
and to be true to herself.

And in practice,

Free Will that is true to herself
is Will that must above all avoid becoming trapped.
And going 'to the rescue' of trapped Will
has too often been a way of becoming trapped.

There is great terror here,
and Body has had to bear the brunt of it.


"Spirit has already pointed out
that Body,
manifestation ~
is a combination of Spirit and Will essence ~
but mostly Will essence.

"Whenever Will engages with Spirit to create something,
she traps a part of herself ~
the part of the Will that unites with Spirit
is committed to maintaining that manifestation in existence.
This Will is not able to choose another manifestation
until she becomes free from what she has already manifested.

"This in itself is not a problem,
but rather a fact of manifestation.
What is a problem, however, is
when Will loses the ability to choose again.
If she is to be truly free,
she must be free to refrain from manifesting
what she does not desire,
and to even unmanifest what she does not desire


"This is not presently the case,
because there is so very little Will essence
that is not already trapped in manifesting creations
that she does not desire.

"Manifesting creations
is not the only way Will can become trapped,
but it is the most serious
because of how much Will is trapped in unwanted creations
from which she is unable to free herself.


"Another serious way that Will gets trapped
is by guilt ~
which often says
that it is more loving to do something
you do not want to,
or to not do something
you want to.
But it is not loving
if it is not your free Will choice, without guilt.



"Another important way
that Will can easily be trapped
is in the act of planning.
Free Will decides to do something,
be somewhere or with someone ~
at a future time.
This often works out fine,
and fun is had in
both the planning of the experience and in the experience itself.

"But too often the event is not enjoyed
because the trapped Will
that must manifest this event
does not really wish for it to happen,
or would have preferred another event.

Too often the Spirit-polarized free Will of planning
has chosen to enjoy her freedom
at the expense of the Mother-polarized Will
that has been trapped into manifesting it.

"And this principle applies to any activity
that imposes one Will upon another, in any way.

"Will is very magnetic
and has a tendency to come back upon herself,
and this tendency has been ruthlessly exploited
by escaping free Will in alignment with Spirit,
who until recently had been encouraging that escape.

[Old Version: who had been encouraging that escape.]


"Thanks to Grandfather's intercession with the Spirit of this Creation
on behalf of the Mother and Body,

that encouragement to escape
has now ceased on the part of loving, parental Spirit, God ~
but of course is still going on with his denials, Ahriman and Lucifer.


"Body has many levels of existence
and each level has different understandings
and 'rules' that apply to it.
In considering human Body,
the levels relevant to this discussion
are from the top down,
spirit body,
mental body,
energy body,
physical body,
and will body.
All of these levels of Body of course
have some Spirit essence and some Will essence.
The upper bodies, the spirit and mental bodies,
have more Spirit essence,
and the lower bodies, more Will essence.

[Omitted in the new version: There will be much more on the levels of Body later in the healing class.]

"For now an easier expression of these levels is
Spirit, Body and Will.
Notice the location of Will in this hierarchy.
It is on the bottom.
Doesn't this seem strange
when you consider the importance of free Will?


"Yet the simple truth has been
that Will, the true creator and sustainer of manifestation, of Body ~
has not been free to manifest as she chooses.
She has not been allowed to be parental in her own right.

She's been trapped into manifesting
what Spirit has determined worthy of manifestation.

"In Original Heart this was not a problem,
because Spirit and Will were as one.
Will's desires were Spirit's delight,
and Spirit's delights were Will's desires.
There was no hierarchy,
only loving embrace of Desire and Delight.


"But here in manifestation it is a huge problem.
Spirit does not know what is best to manifest,
because only Will's desire holds that understanding.
And only Will that is truly free
can know what she truly desires.

Although this has been called a 'free will' Creation,
the protocol for manifestation
has come from the top down.
Will has been trapped into serving the delight of Spirit,
but with Spirit having little or no understanding
of the depths of Will's longings and desires.


"To make matters worse,
most Spirit that has engaged in manifestation with Will in this Creation
has been denied spirit
unloving light

that has been contemptuous toward the Will he's used to manifest his delight.

[Old Version: has been denied spirit, bad light that has been unloving toward the Will he's used to manifest his delight. ]

[I'm reading this again, on July 22, 2010,
after I've finally managed to learn by heart,
what expresses this "contempt" so bluntly:
the song "The Pain"!

This is how you have come
to have parking lots instead of forests,
work instead of play
and competition instead of cooperation.

"The issue of Spirit overriding Will
has been around
ever since Grandfather and the Original Mother
lost most of the Will

that had been present in Original Heart.

But the issue is now present in Body in this Creation,
and this is where it must be resolved,
where it must be healed.


pp32 and pp50
"the principle is very simple.
In the hierarchy of Spirit - Body - Will,
what is below must lead what is above.
Body must lead Spirit,
and Will must lead Body.


"This is the key to freeing all the trapped Will.
First, use your parental free Will
to help the present trapped Will get free.
And then with the greater strength of more free parental Will ~
find the lost Will and help her gain her freedom as well.

"And it's no coincidence
that this is just the opposite
of what 'everyone knows'
is the sure way to freedom ~
lifting out of and leaving behind
the unwanted, awful feeling trapped Will.


"The secret to using this key is to find Body's Will,
and help her become untrapped.


pp32 and pp50
This is a very scary prospect for many.
What havoc might be wrecked in the world
if Body could do as Body wants to do,
if Body were to be where Body wants to be,
and if Body could be with whom Body chose to be?

"Much of Body and Will have been very seriously judged against,
and then constrained and trapped
by the power-over tactics of the spirit
and mental bodies
who have not been okay with the power of choice not being theirs.


"Even the so called new age mind-body medicine
makes this error,
and in this way is identical
to the science-over medicine of Ahriman.

pp26 and pp32
"Will must lead, if Will is to become free.
And unless you wish to spend
the rest of your manifested existence
in an ever larger and better parking lot,
Will must become free.


"To understand the secret
to using the key
requires both a deep commitment to heal
and a firm willingness to risk everything in doing it.

"Here is the secret, if you are ready.
First, consciously choose to dedicate
all of your free Will
to helping free all of your trapped Will.
Second, take Spirit's advice,
and drive backward under guidance.


quoted and updated on 2005_08_29 in 3rd homepage, pp26 and pp32 and in "Grandmotherhood"
"When your conscious intention and your free Will
[in the old version "your free Will" was missing!]
is purely dedicated to healing into wholeness,
and nothing else matters more to you,
you are ready to take responsibility for

[ old version: you are ready to begin the work of ]
healing yourself and all of Creation.
When you are relying entirely on your Will
and her mate, loving Light, for inner guidance

[in the old version "mate," was missing!]
and no longer planning a future
or believing
what your imprints and conditioning have been telling you

[old version: or listening to your imprints and conditioning]
about what you must do
and what you must protect yourself against ~
you are doing the work."

pp9 and pp32
"And I now ask you to please come join us on the inside.
Body is as near as the breath you are about to take.
Feel for a moment, sense me ~
Listen for a moment, on the inside.

You and I are one,

[old version: I am you,]
and what you are seeing here as you read is part of our outer reflection.
[old version: and this is part of our outer reflection you are seeing as you read.]

" Let me help you use the key.
We are the master healers of Creation,
you and I ~
and we will soon begin proving it in manifestation."

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The next day, June 24, 2010,
we drove again to Chartres, to see also the inside of the cathedral
and to roam through the old city.

Compare the woman who leads the kids with the woman who poses above the street....

Another impressive cathedral across the little river, which enhances the beauty of the town with its reflections












We wanted to eat at a nicer place, above the river,
but at 2:20, proper restaurants are closed already.
So we honored the cathedral
with our eating together.

Though I was prepared to spend most of the time alone,
I gladly yield to my hosts' wish to spend time with me,
in addition to the very intense and deep talking ......

Towards the evening Elinor takes me to a little lake:




how pretty can an old henhouse look?



Continuation of the photos of my journey to Europe in 2010, in the Godchannel file
Healing Class IV: Body - Introduction by Spirit: Identity