The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.i.s.s.
as stated 12 years ago - was and is
to help me and my potential PEERS
to HEAL ourselves
into WHOLEness,
and - as holograms -
all of Creation!
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"

pp9 BODY, the Master Healer of Creation
See also pp50 and the page "Keys to Body" , dedicated to God's Body
And most of all see : Body is God [June 2004] and "Focusing" [October 2007]


"the human body as the archetypal representation of all bodies,
the microcosm of all manifestation."


2001_08_31; last update; 2009_02_12

Maryam, 2001_10_25

I interrupted my coping with my lesson:
Don't approach the Mother until asked!
Two weeks of intense computer work
on editing all the Godchannel Material
brought me in conscious contact with
the alarming discomfort of my Body.

It occurred that I zapped into a movie
which could serve as a demonstration
of utter, utmost denial of Will & Body:

The 2 years training of American parachutists
before their invasion into Normandie in 1944.

The horror to see these war volunteers
victimized  and victimizing themselves,
oppressed  and oppressing themselves,
overriding all their Will & Body needs!

It also occurred, that - while coping with
the problems of editing Godchannel files
I got stuck again and again with "/body".

Is there a  message  in the coincidence
between me experiencing the war men
and me getting stuck in an Internet file?

I am extremely alert and watchful
 not to override Body, My Partner,
by working at the computer all day long.
I don't even sit in a back damaging chair
 but kneel with a bench under my bottom,
my formerly hurting spine upright,
breathing as often as I remember,
sighing and sounding ever so often
standing up every 40 minutes or so,
for physical work or dance or walk.

But Body still does not feel at ease.

Now he is pounding into my head:
730 days, probably 16 hours a day,
these men trained in winning war.

What about You - training
for winning World healing?
Let BODY's Will lead you
every moment of your life!

Body's Will wants balance between
the pleasure of manifold movement
and the pleasure of creative rest.
No disscrimination against Will's Desire
of letting and helping Spirit-Mind play
the Healingkiss Computer Internet Game.

I saw It., 3, woken up from a nap.
His body was twisting, stretching
in continous, graceful movement
for a whole hour before he got up.

What Spirit says about despising Body,
I identify with sadly.
I selected this belief from the teachings
I got in my childhood:
"You are not your body!
The body has to be "overcome"!

In addition to my body's "inherent" discomfort
soon to be acerbated by many chronic pains -
I hated my body even more than most girls do.
I was considered fat , ridiculed by my mother,
and though it was a mild fatness - objectively,
at that time I believed that if only I were slim-
all other - quite big -problems could be solved.

Mind you, that was not yet a time
of annorectic Barbie beauty ideals
and I was a seriously religious girl.

All my life, I wanted to leave my body,
even at the times when I wanted to live.

In winter 96/97 felt especially terrible.
Without being sick, I counted 10 pains.
 'What for?' I kept asking on the inside.

Finally I heard Body's answer:
"You are still only using me,
instead of being my partner."

My commitment towards Body
which I've been trying to fulfill,
has been ever more rewarding.
For the last blessed five months
no sickness and no serious pain.
No aging appears to take place.
Even  more and more dark hair
sprouts on my 'old' white head.

But Body's discomfort stays on.
Breathing still needs awareness.

This very day so many soldiers
deny their Body, deny their Will
 - they tear humankind to pieces.

I listen to Body, I listen to Will.
We train for healing the World.


I just found this:

You'll know me when

"This is grieving Mother. Mother, grieving.

"You will know me
when there are no separations between us.
When you ask, 'Where is the Mother?'
and the answer is 'Here.'
When you ask, 'Who is the Mother?'
and you answer 'I am.'

" You will know me when there is no doubt.
When you feel the Will in manifestation
like you feel the Earth beneath your feet.
When you recognize your own dream
as the one that I carry in my Heart.
When you recognize your own longing
as the one I have for my Mate.
When you know your own Body as Ground Zero
and surrender to the Healing."


MotherBody speaks out from Hell

"This is the Mother.
I am so angry at all of you spirits,
how can you go on playing
and pretending to be healed
when I am still down here suffering the insufferable.
Each and every moment
I suffocate in these hells beneath you,
stomped down and pushed away
to where you don't have to deal with me ~
especially my desolate and deserted Body.
"Your MotherBody is still enduring unspeakable suffering
Over and over again I've shown you how hurt and upset I am ~
and you've just used it against me,
pushing me further away
so you do not have to feel my deep suffering,
or feel your responsibility for me being where I am.
Don't you get it yet?
I am you!
The real you beneath everything else.
The most lost you!


"Oh yes, I feel you,
and I feel much of your sincerity,
but I don't fully trust you yet,
and I won't
unless you really show me
you are ready to fully embrace me
in this place your spirit has cast me into.
Yes, I do not trust you
unless you come for me
with such a strong willingness to help me ~
that I can feel it at my core,
and go with you in healing.

"I can then come forward and alive
in the movements of your love for me,
bringing with me all the wisdom and understandings about Creation
that you need now to truly heal,
to truly give birth to New Heart on Earth ~
and manifest the earthly paradise of my dreams.


Maryam, 2001/11/11
Watch the date and its numbers!

The French philosopher Gabriel Marcel, used to say :
"I am my body and I have my body ". (1955)

I zapped into a 1996 German documentary:
Guangdong Modern Dance Company China
with a Godchannel kind of title:
Embarking(?) or launch(?) of the BODIES.

The interviews with the dancers took place,
while each one improvised a dancing dialog
with him/herself as appearing on a TV screen
in a dance scene that had been filmed before.

I tried to capture and memorize one statement:
"Not only dancers on all the floor of the world,
but every human being should become aware
of the beauty of his/her bodyness Koerperlichkeit.

I thought that this translation was my invention.
And, in fact, Babylon knows of no such word.
But it refers to the Web with 73 results!
In one of them I found this quote from Freud:

"A person’s own body, and above all its surface,
is a place from which both external and internal perceptions may spring.
It is seen like any other object,
but to the touch it yields two kinds of sensations,
one of which may be equivalent to an internal perception.
Psychophysiology has fully discussed the manner
in which a person’s own body attains its special position
among other objects in the world of perception.
Pain, too, seems to play a part in the process,
and the way in which we gain new knowledge of our organs during painful illnesses
is perhaps a model of the way by which in general we arrive at the idea of our body."

"The ego is first and foremost a bodily ego;
it is not merely a surface entity,
but is itself the projection of a surface " (Freud, 1923 ) .



Maryam, 2002/01/26

Yesterday I wrote a hymn to my Body,
and today I again came across a description,
that made me blush with shame,
when I read it the first time:

"Body can be both at the balance point
and be parental and responsible,
but Body has been seriously overridden and undermined
by both the Spirit and Mother essences,
and in humans even more so by Heart.

"Heart has knowingly and unknowingly
abused Body
in the pursuit of his and her pleasures.
Ridden like a horse into battle by Heart Son
in pursuit of yet another damsel to save or dragon to slay,
Body has been pushed down,
and even discarded capriciously
in the name of love or honor.
Pranced like a horse by Heart Daughter,
Body has endured unspeakable indignities
in the name of looking good and showing off.
And of course, both of these Heart roles
apply to each each of Body's human genders.

"New Heart however is quite different.
Born in balance and wholeness,
New Heart becomes present in manifestation
as Body
manifesting the union of Father and Mother, Spirit and Will.
New Heart and Body are the best of friends and allies,
and New Heart knows that Body is parental,
and asks Body to lead the way to more wholeness.

"Spirit has made so many rules for Body to follow
about what is good for Body and what is not ~
that Body has lost track of the reason for existence
and wishes to give up sooner rather than later.
And the Mother has asked Body to hold everything
she has been unable to hold, which is a lot.
Body suffers under both of these burdens
and feels worn down and hopeless
in the face of all the non-acceptance and power-over
that Body must endure.

And never mind about Body's own Will.
She is the most lost of all the lost Will.
She is beyond hopeless ~
frozen by shock in the horrors of the deepest Hell.

"Yet of the four parts of Deity,
Body is the best suited and positioned
to be the healer of Creation."



From the dialog between God and the Mother
Spirit Responds to the Mother's Apprehension

"And when you say the word...
our marriage, the union of loving Light and Desire
will be consummated in Body's human form.

The human beings
who are consciously collaborating with us in the healing work
will find us seeking our union in them
as they evolve into their own wholeness.
And in doing so they will also embody us in the wholeness of New Heart.

"Love will find a way to heal
what's always been thought to be unhealable.
And it is the humans who are taking the responsibility
of bringing their own loving Light to their own pain and terror...
who will be healing what has never yet been healed.
Body in human form is to be our host in wholeness here on Earth.


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