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The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.i.s.s.
as stated 12 years ago - was and is
to help me and my potential PEERS
to HEAL ourselves
into WHOLEness,
and - as holograms -
all of Creation!
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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on this page,
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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"


pp13 Feel All There Is to Feel

2001_09_06 ; last update: 2006_01_03; new entries below: 2010
yet another update on 2008_01_10: I came across this page a day after the coincidence
with Diana's sharing about "Emotions have to be moved" and Victor's e-mail with the link to the Hebrew Site about Right Use of Will.
The entry of 2006 is the answer to Diana, and , of course, a valuable reminder for myself!

On January 2, 2006, I came "by chance" across this passage in "Right Use of Will"
and realized that it demonstrates the most practical way
of integrating Will-Body-Spirit or Feeling-Body-Consciousness!

"Now I want to explain what I mean by emotional release.
When you have an emotion such as grief or fear come up

[Rachel: or any vibration of discontent or uneasiness with yourself]
you need to feel it in your Body
until your Body urges you to express it in some way.
Then express in the way your Body is urging you to do.
Express in this way until you feel no further need to do it.
Surrender to the expression while it is happening
and let it take its course freely.

Be in as much a state of openness and acceptance as possible.
Let the emotional release show you what it has to teach.
Pay attention to everything
that comes into your consciousness at this time.
Let everything that happens find acceptance with you instead of denial.
Release any judgments that surface and seem ready to go.
When the release subsides, rest and remain open.
IF more emotion surfaces, release it as
your Body directs.

The understandings you will receive from doing this
are not anything I can put in a book.
You will find that your emotions
have so much to teach you that you did not realize previously
that you will soon find yourself wanting your emotions
to release their old charge
so that you can   remember your past,    learn   and    feel   free    again.
Your Body is going to soon realize how much better it feels
when it no longer has to hold old charge.
... I may speak to you and tell you how to do it
or I may send you an experience to trigger it
... This is why I am now sending this book to Earth.
Even though many people do not at present want to hear from Me
and would prefer to face their own reflection without knowing it,
some want My help.

Copied and edited from the Hebrew translation
by Talila Hendel on 2006_01_02, p.31
Ya'acov and I visited her in Febr. 2010!


A strange technical occurrence:
The left frame
[=quotes from Godchannel.com
or from the 8 books of
"Right Use of Will"]
from the local (working) site
of this puzzle piece,
though it is still listed in the pp folder as a separate file.
The only way I can correct this now
and at least save the text,
is to establish a double table:


puzzle piece 13
Feel All There Is to Feel


"You have to allow yourself
to notice
what you feel
more than
what you think,

if you want
to throw the balance
where it needs to be
with any kind of speed



"Feelings give
to Creation.

Without feelings,
there is no desire
and without desire
would stop.

Vibration is life
and so it follows
that you must have
desire to have life."




Introduction p. VIII
"I have been impelled
to channel
Right Use Of Will
to Earth at this time because
the beings there

have not been expressing
freely enough
to adequately
vibrate their space
and hold it open
for themselves. "

"My created beings on Earth
have been experiencing
their reality
as seeming to close in on them, and their power
as seeming to be insufficient
to meet the situation
facing Earth now."

" You need to realize
it's not true;
denial of the Will
has made it that way.
You must now start
reversing the situation."





"Is it useful to erect
a shrine for my father?"

"Guilt is a problem
because it makes the feeling much harder to feel,
and this is the main reason
most people have tried to get away from their feelings.




hold the guilt in place.
Rather than try
to ignore the feelings,
it's much better to find the judgments and release them,
so the guilt can leave,
and the grief can be fully felt.




"When you have no judgments against yourself,
the grief can well up
and flow through you.

Grief that is free of guilt
is a beautiful, deep feeling, very much like love.
And as the grief
moves through,
space opens for joy.

Erect the shrine if it feels right,
and allow it to remind you
of your grief, and your love."





The following quote is about
how "God" felt the first feeling
- FEAR -
but, since he didn't understand it,
- he just felt that he didn't want this-
he cast it out - the first denial


I had always been,
but realizing
I had existence
took a long time.


"There was a point
in My progression
when I became aware
that I had existence.
When I became aware of Myself,
I already knew many things
but I had to realize them.


had to feel also
or it could not know.

In fact, a feeling
of having consciousness
is the way in which I realized
I had consciousness.
There were no words at first,
only a feeling
that I had existence.
I had desire to know more.

although I did not know it,
I had ...
that did not believe
I could know more.


"I had given birth to fear
and did not know it
because I had no understanding.


"This fear then became
Lost Will
because I did not realize
that I had to allow Myself
to feel it.


"I had a desire not to believe
that I could know nothing more about Myself
and so I ignored the fear.


"Ignoring this fear
gave birth to denial
which the fear then
received from Me.


"I did not know then
that I was love,
and I did not realize
I had given unlovingness
in the form
of denial of My love
to My fear.


"I had had an experience
and I pondered it.
I had a beginning concept
of progression or time,
although no way to measure it.
I realized
that I had pondered this
"not feeling good"
someplace in Myself
for a while.



Introduction p.III
"I want to introduce you now to some feelings you have not known before,
no matter what your impressions are of Heaven...


"These feelings
are feelings of joy

that do not have to deny anything
in order to be joyful,
feelings of joy

that have no undercurrent feelings
of being only an intermission
in an ongoing war
and joy
that need not hold back

because of what tomorrow may bring.




"To have these feelings,
you must be free of denials.
The more you have limited
the expression of some emotions,
the more the capacity
to experience and express
all of the other emotions
is also affected.

"...Denial is everyplace
you are not fully conscious.
If you have denial,
you have guilt
because you are not allowing
your true vibration.

"If you have no guilt,
you are no longer bound
by the physical plane.
You can leave it
without dying first
and without leaving your body behind.
you can step up the vibration
of your physical body
to the speed of light.
[see my humorous song!
"My Body be as fast as light,
or be at least light as a kite"]







Healing Class Lesson III
Reclaiming Lost Spirit
3.1 Ahriman

"Another part [of me, Spirit]
began to be drawn
into the smooth, rhythmic wiggling
of the magnetic essence.
I found her movements pleasing then,
and I felt for the first time
in my existence ~

"I decided to focus on the pleasant new feelings,
so I disregarded
my curiosity and suspicions
and paid attention
to the JOY
that was becoming
the foundation of my heart.

"In the presence of the Mother
I was experiencing love,
but I didn't know
that's what it was at the time.
It was different than
what I'd felt
in my earlier inner reveries.
Whatever it was,
I knew I liked it,
and I wanted more.

"But soon curiosity returned,
and with it came the feeling
that I must detach
from this thing,
or I wouldn't be able
to learn more about it.
I did detach and study
the magnetic essence again,
and that's when I knew
that I wanted to use it
to help me understand myself better.
I noticed its reflective nature
and I wanted it to show me what I looked liked.

"In my detached, separate state
away from the magnetic essence
I could study it,
analyze it,
and make judgments about it.

"But when I came into contact with it,
I came under its spell,
I lost my sense of being myself.
Although I felt enraptured by the closeness, love and joy,
a part of me felt somehow confined and enclosed.

"I knew if I wanted
to use this thing as a mirror,
I'd have to get close enough
to see myself,
and yet stay separate enough
to avoid being caught up in its energy.

"I became an engineer then,
adding to my already budding talents as scientist..."




           "I did not know then
                that I was love,

      and I did not realize
I had given unlovingness
       - in the form of
   denial of My love
to My fear."


When the intellect has failed in everything
and the feeling is buried underneath its ruins
God is too remote - there - abooooooove
And I , in God's big plot of miiiine,
almost loose my mind
on the way to a neeeew renaissance.

by my young friend Tamir Peleg, see pp5>02_06_11

2010_10_08- I came across Tamir's song about 7 PM, just half an hour
before he sent me an SMS: Hilah and I are in the delivery room, pray!
He desired, that their son would be born during the New Moon of Cheshvan,
and so desired I. The prayer was heard, the son was born today before dawn!


Maryam, 2001/09/10; last update: 2006_01_03

Fine-tuning in "Feeling Totally":

My individual (!) outer reality is  almost perfect.
I'm also improving my skill to enjoy, to be happy.
I have thus created the space for  feeling totally.

But once I started to succeed in  feeling totally,
I spotted a new problem:  "Too many feelings"!
When there are too many, none can be defined.
[See now - 2005_04_20 - the Mother's advice to segregate feelings from each other]
The result is general uneasiness,   feeling "bad".

15 minutes ago, sitting on the loo,  I had an idea:
While breath-move-sounding I focus and detect,
which is the event or the inner or outer situation
 that produces  the strongest emotion  right now.

 Right now, 9.07 A.M. , it is fear for my left ear.
(continuation: pp19)

Maryam, 2001/10/09

[in the second, violet book of RUOW]
and I'm amazed and deeply moved.
So different from any creation-myth:

'existence' ... 'awareness' ... 'knowing'
'feeling' ... 'desiring'

'fear' ... 'allowing to fear' ... 'not ignoring fear'
'denial' ... 'Lost Will'

'love' ... 'unlovingness'
'it did not feel good'

'experience' ... 'pondering' ... 'progression' ... 'time'

So many concepts on one first page!!
And the center of it all: F E E L I N G!

This means:
Things I haven't felt, I haven't lived!




I blindly grasped a book from a shelf:

Hugo von Hofmannsthal  
 Der Tor and der Tod/ Death and the Fool (1893)

Appropriate lines, said by the "TOR",
the Fool who started to Feel and live,
when "TOD" (Death) took him away:

Dann schwinde alles blasse Leben hin.
Erst, da ich sterbe, spuer ich, dass ich bin.
Wenn einer traeumt, so kann ein Uebermass
Getraeumten Fuehlens ihn erwachen machen,
So wach ich jetzt, im Fuehlensuebermass,
Vom Lebenstraum wohl auf im Todeswachen.

Er sinkt tot zu den Fuessen des Todes nieder.

Here is my attempt to translate this poetry:

Then all colorless life fades.
Only in dying I feel that I am.
When someone dreams,
the excess of dreamt feelings
might awaken him.
That's how I now, since feelings abound
in the waking death,
wake up from a life only dreamt.
He collapses dead at the feet of Death.


Maryam, 2002/01/25

The personal evolution,
that Garuda describes in his healing site,
(on Nov. 25, 2011, no longer available)
bears some resemblance to mine:

"My education and training had led me to believe
that emotions were complicated events
that needed to be analyzed and scrutinized
in order to be understood.
I believed it necessary
to expend considerable time and energy
‘processing’ emotional experiences
to ascertain their origins, their influence, and their meaning.
All of this changed for me in 1986
when I read a book called The Right Use of Will.
The book had a message that resonated deeply for me.
The message was this:
emotions don’t need to be analyzed or processed
if their energy is allowed to move freely in the body.
This alone would be sufficient for insight to be gained.

And I have found this to be so.
When I simply breathe deeply

and allow emotional energy to move freely in my body,
without ascribing meaning to what I am experiencing,
whatever insight is needed
to integrate the experience into my life
is revealed automatically.

I’ve found that it’s much easier to explore emotional depths
when I don’t get bogged down in endless processing and psychologizing.."



Nevertheless, sometimes the movement is blocked.

"... you might have to start with judgment release
so that held energy can start moving.
Follow this with the release of emotions,
and then, understandings will come.
Release, if you reach ignition, will bring understandings.
You need only practice this to find out
what it has to teach you."


Judgment release can only happen,
if I know what judgment is blocking me.
To find it, I do need to use my mind after all.

But often, my mind cannot find the judgment,
that is why - for me - the first healing step is
"Feeling totally".

Nor is it true for me,
that movement always "brings understandings".

Therefore quite often the only thing I can do, is
to feel totally ,
and to move at least by breathing and dancing,
even if I cannot discern the connection
 between the feeling and the movement.

If understanding comes, it's marvelous.
But if not, I know that
to feel is to heal.
[See the song "Freude .... heal your feeling, feel your healing, joyful, zestful, grate-full-filled]




3 days ago I felt, that I'm wholly satisfied with my life,
and in harmony with Body, all humans and Creation,
and today I feel, I cannot handle this 'TOO MUCH'.
Every single second of this day a child has starved to death,
every 4 minutes a person, lacking vitamins, has lost an eye,
200 000 children in Africa are sold into slavery every year,
in Benin with its infamous "King's Palaces of Abumey",
its history of chopping heads and selling their own kin,
and all this while the planet could feed 12 billions,
almost twice as many as its population today.

This "TOO MUCH", which closes in on me more and more,
restarted with an urge to follow the "24 Stunden um die Welt",
yesterday's program of the "3 SAT" television channel
with videos [interactive on the Internet] about 120 places from among the 700,
declared as "Cultural Heritage of Humankind" by the UNESCO.

Contrary to my creative skills, which can keep me going up to 12 hours per day,
my receptivity, the ability to take in, to respond to stimulations, is limited to two.
In this case I forced myself to take in as much as time and vigilance allowed,
for almost every video or in-between discussion were of extreme interest to me.
But too many emotions drowned me, too much thinking pushed me,
too many ideas, of how to sculpt information-feelings-thinking into ONE,
exacerbated my frustration concerning all the sculptures I've not yet completed.

And to add guilt to the pressure and the frustration:
Tomer wanted to come for some hours and I agreed,
but I could hardly conceal my lack of enthusiasm.
"I need to work", said the slave driver in me.

Oh, the shame about pain, that has no legitimation!
Who can possibly understand, leave alone justify my predicament?
How can I not judge myself?


The State of Israel
after 55 years of existence:

6.7 million people,
i.e. 8 times more than
when the state was founded
81% are Jews,
who are 38% of World Jewry.
Since 1948 immigrated to Israel
about 3 million Jews.
During the last year more than
140 000 babies were born.
[81% = 5 427 000 Jews
= less than the 6 millions murdered
by the nation into which I was born.]


The Day of Independence - the official ceremony in Jerusalem - on my television:
320 young people from my dancing town Modi'in moved into a Menorah-candelabrum

Later they moved into two hearts

Why is this puzzle piece so miserable?
It should be the center piece of this site!
After 26 years of "owning" the information,
that I should feel and accept my feelings,
I see myself still fighting them ever so often.

"I shouldn't feel this!"
"Why didn't I avoid this situation,
so I wouldn't have to feel so bad!"
"Why do I keep torturing myself
with unnecessary suffering."

The only thing I can do,
when watching this constant nagging,
is to accept myself doing this nagging..

But I also want to remind myself ,
that "to feel all there is to feel",
means to make a conscious effort,
to feel the feelings I'm grateful for.

Like - if I get a complement,
I pass over it within a second.
If I get blamed or humiliated,
I dwell on it for days & years.


As every year 12 candles were lit by 12 representatives of the nation.
I was most impressed by this candle:
not one , but two soldiers, who serve in the Border-Guard,
a Jewish girl
who immigrated only 4 months ago from Morokko, without her family,
and a Druse boy from Sajour in Western Galilee,
whose brother was recently killed in a terror attack.

This could have been my granddaughter Elah,
who also was among the 320 dancers from Modi'in

I'm very aware of the feeling of not wanting to exist,
which "attacks" me often.
But I am rarely aware of the feeling of
"Yes, at this moment I do want to live."

The reason for having opened this page right now,
- while still focused on the Tomer pages -
is an "insight" , which I want to catch before it's gone.
(I laugh at what I feel coming to me as "insights",
because I mostly had had them before and forgot)

All the time I preach to myself and others,
that feelings have to be felt,
because DENIAL of feelings
is the cause of all misery on earth,
and I can prove that eloquently.
But now I remember a line in the "Blue Book"
which I've started to copy and edit on this site:

"Right Use of Will offers ....to recover the powers of the Will
.... an opportunity ...of  enjoying  life  to its fullest".
In other words
- it's so banale, I'm ashamed to call it an insight -
it's not only for saving myself and humankind from misery,
that stopping denial is asked for,
but in order to enjoy life to its fullest.
Enjoying life doesn't mean, that the feelings have to be"good".
I KNOW, that I can enjoy almost all feelings,
for the very reason, that they are feelings,
which means I am vibrating and therefore living.

Which means, that instead of judging myself
for creating bad feelings
(mainly three:
"I should work and complete what I've started!"'
"I shouldn't have said or written this or that, or I shouldn't have talked so much,"
and: "I don't want to exist".)

I want to be GRATE-FULL for all these OPPORTUNITIES TO FEEL.

Also when I've done something,
which causes a turmoil (Ruth's letter) for others and for myself,
instead of blaming myself,
I should be grateful for this great chance to feel,
even if it's anger and fear, guilt and shame.

The foot
of the

my town's


40 minutes later:
I'm watchful right now.
I let myself feel, that I enjoyed my breakfast,
Ra'ayah's bread and butter, Ronnit's fantastic jam,
I also felt the pressure of setting out for my daily break:
going to the pool, and choosing to take the path of my Hill,
both back and forth, which is becoming ever more difficult.
I want to do both, pool and path,
but neither do I want to leave my home and my home-page,
[especially since I have an intuition or a fear~~~,
that the "time of gestation" might come to an end,
and that in some months I may be "on the move" again.]

so I feel my ambivalence of taking this break at all,
and also the ambivalence of taking it now or later.

And then came a phonecall from my landlord,
on this day of Israel's Independence and Palestine's Naqba,
that my check for the rent had come back,
for no reason I can imagine.
I said:
"Uff!" feeling a strong resistance to
a) having to deal with something so unnecessary,
like going to my local postal bank,
standing in line
which will "waste my time",
b) having to feel, that I have to deal with this,
while I do everything to be free of "hassles".

So now you can apply your insight, M'dam!

I'll do so, while going for path, pool and path.

83 minutes later,
path, pool, path, thorns in my sandals & clothes
a bunch of flowers and a big bunch of feelings.
Meeting the crowds in the pool I felt punished:
"What do I expect, arriving at 11 on this day!"
Now comes the choice:
Should I feel the suffering of the crowds?
Or should I get away from the situation?
I chose the latter, by choosing the outdoor pool.
I jumped head-on into the cold water, but alas:
there was a new reason for "suffering":
The lifeguard listened to a "stupid" radio program.
On request he reduced the volume, but it didn't help.
Noise at the wrong time and place is torture for me.

Did I again have the choice between feeling what IS
and getting out of the situation that forces me to feel?
Not really.
Even swimming mostly under water, when on my belly,
or with cap-covered ears under water, when on my back,
making vigorous, splashing movements to drown the noise,

did not let me get away completely from the torture.
I tried to feel it, to breathe it, to accept it, I couldn't

So what about "enjoying life to its fullest?"
At the end of unbearable situations/feelings
(shame on me calling such ridiculous torment "unbearable")
there is only one savior: "getting used to it".

And ---- to laugh at myself



On June 26, 2003,
seven days before the closure of Healing-K.i.s.s.
and seven days after my sculpture of
Paula's Keys to Body
Paula's Keys to Body
Chapter 7 : Eye and Ear Exercises

Victor Barr forwarded me the following message:

The Eye Movement Exercise
An Angel Message on healing emotions.

Healing the Divine Feminine Force.

The magnetic Divine Feminine force expresses itself through emotions and through the physical plane.

Feelings are intense now because great healing is underway.

Some people are ending lifelong relationships,
leaving projects that they have faithfully given their all to,
experiencing death of loved ones,
and facing uncertain futures.
They may be feeling great fear and trepidation
about politics, health, and the future of earth.

Wounded feelings from childhood are coming up to be healed in everyone.
There are feelings that need to be healed now.
This is necessary for the transformation of consciousness in the physical body.

In flowing into these feelings, sometimes memories surface that feel violent.
They have so much pain associated with them
that the programmed instinctual reflex is to do everything to avoid feeling them.
It feels like life itself is at stake...This is a true panic attack.

Everyone has experienced panic and these feelings are surfacing now to be healed.
Emotions heal through flowing.
Use eye movement to relive the tragic event, if you can remember it.
Relive the memory over and over until all the feelings associated with it have time to flow.
If you cannot remember anything, but just have the feelings,
flow with them using eye movement and deep breathing.

These are times when overwhelming feelings are coming up to be healed.
Deep rythmic breathing is the foundation of holotropic breath work.
Just as a woman breathes while giving birth, keep breathing when panic feelings come up.

"now will I cry like a travailing woman, gasping and panting at once" Isaiah 42:14

In addition to deep breathing, use eye movement
and stay focused on the feelings for as long as it takes for good feelings to return.
Usually this happens quickly.

Traditionally when panic attacks happen~~~
the old paradigm of shutting DOWN the feelings IMMEDIATELY takes over.

This has been accomplished
through medication, alcohol, diversion, disassociation, denial, magic, hypnosis, etc.

Break the habit and STAY WITH THE PANIC.

The panic passes in SECONDS~~~
and use every bit of will power and mastery
to stay with the feelings
and to FEEL THE FEELINGS through.
Conscious flowing is how feelings heal.

This is important,
everything depends on GETTING THROUGH THE FEELING
Flowing is how EMOTIONS heal,
denial just makes them unconscious
and the body stores them as tension and stress in the musculature.
Use eye movement and deep breathing
instead of giving into disassociation
or destructive acting out.

It is wonderful when panic comes up.
By healing these emotions, the Divine Feminine Force is healed.
By healing the emotions of the dark dark wounding, the body is healed.
It is like having an emotional bowel movement.
Whether it is fear, anger, hopelessness, suffocation, betrayal, shame, etc,
this is the healing process at work.

The next time feelings become unbearable,
stay with the feelings
no matter how painful they are,
use eye movement and keep breathing.
The feelings heal so fast it is amazing.



I've been reading this message now,
after I had re-immersed myself in learning about VISION ACUITY.
What is not mentioned in the Angelic Message, is my MAIN FEELING:
when I "believe" that something is expected from me.

It was this feeling which caused my near-sighted-ness in the first place.
And now, that I want to heal my eyes, because that's what they deserve,
I wonder, how I can heal a life-time of such pressure.
Right now I believe, that only by limiting "the situations of expectations",
can I free myself, and not so much by "feeling all I feel".

When expectations from others cause tension,
I'm giving my own eyes more loving attention.

I tried this in the last "situation of expectation" I found myself in,
or more exact: "which I staged in my drama":
the grandma-day with the quintet at Shoham on January 9, 2010.
I was aware of how I projected "expectations" on all around me!
Yet the very stress prevented me from giving attention to my eyes.

What I'm grasping lately, by watching friends like Irene and Yaacov,
is how megalomanic I have always been in playing the super-woman.
And I am not talking about my super-human "projects" like my bus!
I'm talking about ever so many "small" and daily assignments,
just like what I did the last weekend.
If I would have been in my own flat with the five grandkids,
it would not have been difficult for me, the super-grandma.
But there were grownups around and there was a schedule,
and in the background a seething volcano in someone's soul,
which had nothing to do with the Quintet Grandma-Shabbat.
I'm teaching my friends
what I inserted above all 2008 "Communications with Deity";

"and walking humbly with your God"
[ Micah 6:8]

but what about myself?
Only twice I remember myself having said to someone:
"This is too difficult for me to do! You must do it alone!"
(I could tell the story with Ram Eisenberg in Succah in the Desert...)
(or about how I cancelled the invitation of 3 grandkids to Eilat...)

My children and grandchildren never ever heard this!
I'm always there, always available,
yes, taking upon myself more than anybody demands!
And then I'm wondering, that nobody can follow me!
I must , I desire to heal myself from this megalomany!

2010_12_01, Eve of Chanuka - holidays of grandkids....
Did an "angel" push my eyes into this last passage?
For this morning I suggested to my daughter-in-love
exactly the same kind of megalomanic "Quintet-Day"!
2010_12_02, First day of Chanuka - holidays and guests....
I listened! And I cancelled what I had suggested!
Now I'm afraid of the reacton to the cancellation!
In any case, as to the pressure of this day: Dec.2,
I've created a sculpture which will help me today
to continually breathe, blink and en-joy all I feel!

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.pp1b-Driving Backward to Retrieve Goodness
.pp2 - Peer Companions
.pp2b- Peer Companions
.pp3 - Moving Emotions
.pp4 - Identifying Triggers
.pp5 - Trapping Will
.pp6 - Releasing Judgments
.pp6b-Releasing Judgments
.pp7 - Total Self-Acceptance
.pp8 - Understanding and Choosing Experience
.pp9 - Body the Master Healer of Creation
.pp10 -Denial of Will
.pp10b-How God started to feel and to deny
.pp11 - All of Creation
.pp12 - The Goal: To become Parental and Whole
.pp13 - Feel all there is to Feel
.pp14 - God's and my Will and Desire
.pp15 - Guilt&Blame are the same
.pp16 - Reality reflects Denial
.pp16b- Reality reflects Judgments
.pp17 - How I learnt Moving Emotion Techniques
.pp17b- Moving Emotions: Sound
.pp17bb-Sound + 17bbNote: Heart
.pp17c- Moving Emotions: Breath
.pp17d- Moving Emotions: Body Movement
.pp17e- "Releasing" Emotions
                  or Moving & Evolving them?
.pp18 - Good and Bad
.pp19 - Body's Illness and Aging
.pp19b -Body's Death
.pp20 - Everyone a Hologram
.pp21 - Oneness and Duality
.pp21b-Fragments and Fragmentation
.pp22- Perception and Projection

.pp23 - Loving Hearts' Denials
.pp24 - Lucifer and Ahriman
- Denial Spirits and Asuras
.pp26 - Redeeming Lost Will
.pp26b- Redeeming Lost Spirit
.pp27 - Movement of Lost Will
.pp28 - No overriding, no letting override
.pp28b- No overriding, no letting override
.pp29 - Reclaiming my Power
.pp30 - Unconditional Love
.pp31 - Sacrifice what you don't want
.pp32 - Doing the Healing Work
.pp33 - Greatness and Grandeur
.pp33b-Reflection of Denied Greatness & Power
.pp34 - Communication with Deity
.pp35 - Following Will's and Body's Lead
.pp36 - September 11, 2001
.pp37 - Gaps and Eruption of Gapped Rage & Terror
.pp38 - Unconsciousness, Amnesia
.pp39 - Deity and Manifestation
.pp39b -The Process of Manifestation and Creation
.pp40 - Cease Creating New Manifestations!
.pp41 - I Create my own Reality
.pp42 - Victim and Perpetrator
.pp43 - Self-Victimization
.pp44 - No one needs Correction or Punishment
.pp45 - I need you to feel how I feel
.pp46 - Love&Light&Joy&Peace???
.pp47 - Mary and The Mother
.pp48 - Rage and Terror
.pp48b -FEAR
.pp49 - Ego
.pp50 - "Let Consciousness Serve Sentience!"
.pp51 - "Laughter - the Final Stage of Healing"
.pp52 - Loving and Healing Sexually
.pp53 - JOY
.pp54 - Light's Way to Dwell in Hell
.pp55 - Heaven on Earth