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 The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



Scroll down to 2010 to see how I learn
and how I now want to celebrate with Jones Dewitt
January 11-13
"I saw an angel in the stone and carved to set it free"
Michelangelo quoted by Jones Dewitt in a video of April 2009



Since from January 1, 2009 I'm no longer meant to create new pages, but may insert present photos in old pages,
I chose this second most cherished message of Godchannel in order to exemplify  "Z  E  S  T "  in my Mika's living.
For the last continuation of the CELEBRATION of MIKA'S, my tenth granddaughter's, 3rd birthday (in kindergarden)
scroll down to the end of God's message.



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[2010_02_20-for me, Christa-Rachel Bat-Adam,
this is one of the most important files in Godchannel.
It talks about the WHY of manifestation.
The teaching appears in other files , too, most vividly 5 1/2 years later in
Interview with the Folks, Part III]

Healing Class IV Body
Grandfather Remembers Original Heart


"This is Grandfather.
Body will be the primary teacher here,
and I wish to say some things to introduce this material,
and I'll begin by thanking the Spirit of this Creation
for helping bring me here ~
and of course, I am deeply indebted to the Mother
for her persistence in drawing me forth into this Creation.
Thank you again, my love.

"The Mother has recently recovered
enough of her parental essence in this Creation

[as to the Godchannel term "parental" , see my puzzle-piece 12]
to remember back before the original explosion,
to the wondrous state of complete union that she and I enjoyed then.
She has tried to remind the Spirit of this Creation
about that time
when she and Spirit were one and complete in wholeness.
Although he has had no memory of what was before him,
I have.
You see, I am the Original Spirit.

pp2 and pp21
"Before my own separate existence,
there was no separation between Spirit and Will.
Before there was any kind of duality ~
there was only one whole being.

All Will essence was completely and ecstatically
filled with Loving Light,
so there was only Heart,
the presence of our union ~

pp2 and pp21
complete and whole Heart.
There were no separations, no distinctions, no fragments,
and therefore no manifestation.

Love was all, and all was Love.
There was one - and only one,
and it was Love and Love only.
There was nothing else, not even the Void.

"The loving inner connection between
the drawing-in pole and the pushing-out pole
was of course - Heart.
And since Heart was everywhere,
including the core of each pole ~
Heart was what contained both of the poles.


"It is difficult to describe non-dual realities
with language embedded in dualism,
but metaphors can help.


"Original Heart is like the symbol of infinity -
with its indrawing, magnetic, Will essence in one loop,
and outgoing, electric, Spirit essence in the other.
But Original Heart was not only the presence
where these essences connected,
it was what contained and held the essences.


"The polar essences of Original Heart connected everywhere,
creating the presence of Love everywhere, with no limit.
In reality, Original Heart was not two essences in union ~
but rather one, undifferentiated, whole Love Presence
that neither began nor ended ~
until the original explosion that spawned manifestation.


"So then, what happened? And why?

Original Heart was its own whole being
with no unmet needs,
no desire not instantly fulfilled,
no longing not immediately satisfied~
and nothing to disturb this state of ecstatic Love.

What could cause this to blow up?

What could possibly have gone wrong?

"The answer is that nothing went wrong, really.
It was that

pp2 and pp21
"the Love of Original Heart
found something missing in its experience.

Love is of course its own celebration,
its own completion and fulfillment.
Love needs nothing else,
and desires only more Love.
Original Heart had all the Love it desired,
but for one thing.

pp2 and pp21
Heart had no one else with whom to share this Love.

"Heart was alone.


"Everything that can be done or experienced by one whole being
was done and experienced.
Every feeling that can be felt was felt.
Every thought was thought.
Everything needing completion was completed,
taken back and completed again in a different way ~

until every possible configuration of Self was explored.

All preferences were explored
until no one way of being
seemed any better than another way of being.
It was all Love, and only Love.

And whenever Heart became completely aware of itself as One,
it realized it was alone ~ the one and only One.


"For what would have been eons, had there been time ~
Heart played 'hide and seek' with itself,
purposely forgetting its wholeness and pretending
it was several, many separate 'virtual' beings interacting with each other.
Heart explored all the possibilities there,
but each time the pretend, virtual parts began waking up enough
to realize their wholeness,
one of them would remember who they really were ~
and quickly bring Heart back again to wholeness
and to full awareness of Self ~
back to fully realizing

its oneness ~ and its aloneness.

"Heart woke up fully to itself for the last time
when it knew that it no longer wished to continue
without another to share its Love.
By this time Heart's Love was so great
that it demanded a new 'game'.
Hide and seek was no longer fulfilling or even satisfying.
And all this Love without another like itself
had become a burden too great to bear.


pp2 and pp21
"Heart realized
in its desire for true, peer level companionship,
the only way to find another Heart ~
required that it somehow split itself apart,
creating two distinct beings
that could never reconstitute themselves back
into the one, Original Heart.
Never, that is ~
until there would be a way for Heart

to have a companion
who was just as whole,
and yet truly separate and distinct,
not just a part of Self.


"The original explosion was not a random occurrence or even a mistake.

It was a very carefully orchestrated act of Love
by an incredibly wise and loving being
who no longer wished to remain whole ~
if it meant being alone.

"Heart first moved to separate within itself
by dividing itself internally
into the two essences that were both needed for Love ~
Spirit and Will.

"This was the basic configuration Heart had used
to begin its old game of hide and seek,
and was the most ideal starting point for its final chapter.
Then, while still one whole being,
Heart configured almost all of its Will essence to surround almost all of its Spirit.
This was also a familiar way of starting the game,
and used
when maximum diversity of experience was desired.

"But then Heart did something
that Love alone would never permit.
Heart moved to hurt itself.

"Heart asked its Spirit essence to expand too quickly and forcefully,
while moving its Will essence to suddenly contract around it.
The Will imploded and came back on herself
trying to contain the exploding Spirit.

"The result was the complete and utter fragmentation of Original Heart.

"This had happened before when beginning the old game,
but never with this much intensity ~
and this time there was a new element in the mix.

"Heart's intent was so strong,
the Spirit's expansion so forceful,
and the Will's movement to contain it so great ~
that some of her essence lost the Light entirely,
opening space for the Void.

"Heart intended that the newly opened Void
would separate some essence from the rest in such a way
that it could not reconstitute itself without Form, without duality.

"The presence of the Void quickly spread
to separate nearly all the Light from nearly all the Will.

"What was left were two beings,
one with almost no Will ~ me,
and the other with almost no Spirit ~ the Mother.

"Duality was born,
and manifestation began almost immediately

as the Mother began drawing my Light to herself from across the Void.

"Heart used Love to destroy itself,
and thus create the conditions necessary for duality and manifested existence.

pp2 and pp21
"Heart knew that sometime much later ~
multiple forms would each reconstitute themselves ~
and find Heart again.
And this time there would be more than one whole being.
This time Heart would be completely whole ~
there would be others with whom Love could be wholly shared.


"Manifested existence has come at a very high price.
Form was not necessary for Love, yet Love demanded it.

"The rest of the story, you already know.
If you're reading this,
you are experiencing manifested existence.

"And you know that there is a quality of not-love in separateness.

"The Mother and I each awoke separately from the explosion,
and ever since - we've each had our separate experiences.
On the occasions
when we have found each other again enough
to come into some alignment,
something deep within each of us
has remembered our Love and oneness in Original Heart.
On those occasions we spawned new Creations.


"But the Heart we have had in each of our Creations, including this one ~
has never been truly real, like Original Heart.
There has always been
an element of guilt, blame or denial,

or some of each ~
that has eventually caused our union to sour.

And Heart, of course has been one-sided,
present only as the progeny of the connection between us ~

never as the parental container of us.


"As Original Spirit whose expansion was too great and too sudden,
I have the responsibility of seeing to the healing of the original wound
that has caused so much suffering in the Will ~
and as you know,
the Spirit of this Creation is helping me by doing the same at his level.

"Seven Creations later
the untold suffering of the seemingly endless reenactments
caused by our Original Heart's Self-inflicted wound
has reverberated down to this present moment on Earth.

The Mother has had to bear
the awful price of manifestation on her own,

and I'm very serious about the pain, suffering and death stopping now,
and here in this Creation.


pp2 and pp21
"Here, very soon, and for the first time ever ~
Form is to become the container of New Heart ~
Spirit and Will in wholly complete union,
without guilt, blame or denial.
Original Heart is beginning to re-member itself again ~
as New Heart, now in Body ~
and looking out through human eyes,
moist with Original Love.

"And yes,
beginning now to see ~
that there is indeed ~


Original Mother Remembers Original Heart

Introduction by Body: Finding the Will to Heal

On July 12, 2012, I discovered a new file , termed .bodyclass1, as if it was a new message:

Healing Class Lesson Four: Body

Class One:

You are Body

Channelers: The whole lesson here is simply this—you are Body!

This means we cannot channel Body for you.
You are the only one who can accurately 'channel' whatever it is you as Body have to say.
The Folks have said to us:

"Search all you like, you will not find the Truth outside of yourself.
The real Truth, the whole Truth has been hidden deep inside of you.
And it's not something you can know by seeing or hearing.
The Truth, like all else, must be felt to be truly known."

Twelve years ago we channeled and posted
the three introductions to Healing Class, Lesson Four: Body,
one introduction each from Grandfather [see above] , Spirit and Body.
Then this class went silent,
however a lot of process around 'Body' has been happening within us ever since.
As we began to apply the new information in the introductions,
we realized that we were being asked
to identify as Body,
to actually be Body.
Under these circumstance, of course it is no longer possible to 'channel' Body for this class,
or for anyone other than ourselves.

Our focus in the healing work with others also began shifting at that time.
We moved toward working more in person and on the telephone,
and away from the internet, the GC Forum and updating the site with new channeling.
Being Body has meant
having a much deeper commitment to our sentient, feeling selves
than we had known at the time we had reached this place in the Healing Class twelve years ago.

Honoring this commitment has led us more inward in our explorations.
Sharing what we have been getting then
has seemed more appropriate to share with others in person,
rather than here on the internet.
However, we now want to share more of what we've been up to here on GodChannel,
so here is a practice that we do often: 'Being Body' Practice.
And here is a recording of the teleclass where we discovered this practice: 'Being Body' Class.
[Rachel on July 12, 2012: unlike in the present tele-classes, the recording was not put into texts, which means it's too difficult for me to follow]

For eleven years (It's now Summer Solstice, 2012.),
we've been developing a new healing modality
that incorporates the insights and practices of the GodChannel material
with more ordinary tools
including some from metaphysics, psychic awareness, hypnotherapy, NLP, and shamanism.
The results so far have been very encouraging.

According to the feedback we've received so far,
what we've been doing works well for all kinds of people.
We call this new form of healing work
Healing to Wholeness,
based on the Four Steps to Wholeness,
and its outer form is called Process Coaching.
We've found it to be quite effective in helping ourselves (and others)
take responsibility for all of our experiences—including our own healing.

Many people who have started out unfamiliar with the GodChannel material
(and the other sources of healing tools mentioned above)
are using this new modality
to more quickly and easily bring real healing to their emotional wounds
—from the personal layers of self down
to the deep transpersonal realm
and the most painful imprints in the lost Will.

Then just last year we came full-circle back to the subject of this lesson in the Healing Class
— Body.
We'd learned from the channeled introductions
that Body is both personal as a separate entity with four limbs and a head,
and transpersonal in that Body is ultimately all of manifestation.
We'd also learned
that Body is our true Identity, the Healer of Creation,
and that our Will to heal and manifest has been severely damaged and compromised.
More recently we're learning that the first chakra
is the meeting place between the two layers of Body, personal Body and transpersonal Body.

Now we're engaged in an ongoing series of free teleclasses
that are helping us learn more about
how to actually be Body fully in both attentions
and to heal our Wills
so we can be free to manifest the Mother's Dream.
Would you like to join us live on the telephone?
Another possibility is to participate via the recordings of the calls.
Times have been quickening lately (Summer Solstice, 2012), and we invite you
to join us where we are now working (and playing)
to complete this lesson in the GodChannel Healing Class.

Here again is a link to the recordings and notes from the teleclass on Being Body:

edited by me in .voicesresp

Lesson Four Introductions:

by Grandfather [see above]| by Spirit | by Body

Reclaiming Lost Spirit, Lesson Three | Healing Class Lesson Three Discussion

Spirit Polarity, Lesson Two | Quest for the Mother, Lesson One

Healing Class Lessons One & Two Discussion

Continuation of the pictures from Mika's third birthday celebration in her kindergarden -
(see at the end of the channeling A Letter from God to the Father & Mother of Creation )


"Mummy" too holds the parachute with Mika in it

Lee, "Mummy's" daughter and (on her right side) Oree and Amit


"that you may live to the next year,
until one hundred twenty years"


We, parents and grandma, left the kids to enjoy cookies and cakes
and - since an hour later we would have to fetch Mika from the kindergarden, we used the time in town.
Efrat invited me to a cup of choco at her "morning-bar", at Rachel's, and it was there where we saw this magnificent Challah.

And who had created the Jewish bread for Shabbat?
During the war with Gaza?
Rashad, the Arab baker from Lod, an employee of "Rachel",
who had made the pittahs & pizzahs on Tomer's birthday
in my children's garden!

I asked him: "Have you made the heart, Rashad?"
"Oh no", he sad in a serious voice,
"the heart has been invented long before me!
I only made a challah from it!"

On our way home Mika falls asleep! After so much zest-full-ness and full-fill-ment!


Celebrate what's right with the World
Since 2010_01_11 this video of Dewitt Jones was no longer available on the Internet,
On April 5, 2011 it was reloaded as"See the World in a better way" only to disappear again.
But now, on February 12, 2013,Dwitt Jones informs us of having set up his own website,
and there the film "Celebrate what's right with the World", appears, without the fear it will disappear,
together with all the weekly Celebrating-Images, of which so many are inserted on my Healing-K.i.s.s.
and what is just as fantastic: Other people are posting their photos and stories on Dewitt's website!!!

See what I inserted at the end of K.i.s.s.-log 2008-02-12 and 2008-02-13

Since 2008 I was no longer supposed to create new pages,
and therefore reemployed 'old' pages, sculpted since 2001.

For the 9 week experience of "The Walk About Love 2009",
I used the chronological thread of the "Godchannel" files !

The last insert about the Walk was
in the last GC file of 1999!

While - for another ongoing thread: "Mika's Heaven-on-Earth",
I chose
- since Aug. 8, 2009 - the 2007 SongGame with its 365 pages,
I began -
during the last 3 months of 2009 - with a new goal for sculpting,
and re-used for this all pages connected to "Right Use of Will".

I practised "Desire" following the message of Abraham/Hicks.
I intended to debate the points where this message is lacking,
but after the 21 days between my last sculpted desire in 2009,
and watching that video from a "Go Gratitude" e-mail on 2010_01_01,
I prefer to exemplify the fact that is behind Abraham's premise:

If I See-Feel, what is right with the World, this right will prevail !

For this thread I'll continue to re-employ the Godchannel files.
"By chance" the first file of 2000 is one of my 2 favorites ones.
It informs us why, if all is One, we are all and always separate!

On each day of the week - except on Shabbat -
I'll give attention to one aspect of "The World",
which shows to me what's right with the world.
A slogan will sound my belief into my/your ears:


click! and click to stop!

In the right frame I shall
-after each day's accidental slide-show image on the computer-
copy excerpts from teachings which I come across accidentally,
be they from Godchannel, from Abraham or from other sources.

January 11, 2010, Monday,
in my sanctuary at Arad




On this morning, with this symbolic date 11 -01 -10, I am at last free and ready,
to begin to apply my intention for 2010, to celebrate what's right with the World.

On each and every page of K.i.s.s.-Log 2008 I gave thanks to what's in my life:
to my body, its members, functions and processes!
to my family and the other 'co-actors' in my drama!
to my experiences ~ my learning ~ creating~ loving.
I believe in Masaru Emotu's formula H2O: two parts gratitude+one part love.
I experience to be true, what the World-Gratitude team spreads on the planet.
I never wake up without feeling already ten feelings of "I am grate-great-full".

What I want to emphasize this year is less my personal life, which is whole,
but the World of which I am a part, and which is not whole, to say the least.
That exercise of sculpting "My Desire Today" during 70 days, day after day,
together with studying-excerpting Abraham's "The Vortex" and e-mail quotes
nourishes me with what resonates with me &challenges me with what I miss.

When I opened my computer at Arad this morning, I found this slide-show image:
two white-clad Judo students struggling-playing ~with each other ~on the ground.

The symbol I see in lying-struggling-playing of white on red can't be verbalized.
I went to the loo and while shitting
(thanks, my Body!) I saw the towel across me:
"how pretty is this purple color, and who applied these delicate flower patterns?"
My imagination expanded and saw ever so many scenes connected to this towel:
The cotton on some field and how sun, rain, air, soil, bacteria had made it grow!

The people who had harvested it with tools or machines made by other people.
The people who had colored and woven it based on inventions of other people.
The artist who had created the design of flowers and leaves created by Nature.

My heart rejoiced in all these co-creations, which show what is right with the World!

How had this towel come to my home ? Usually I know the origin of all my "things".
As always - I desired to feel grate-full to the person/s, who had "bequeathed" it to me.
But this piece seemed to simply be there to remind me of what's right with the World!

Then occurred & appeared what so often occurs & appears
when I focus on what I'm grate-full for or on what I desire:
More things to be grate-full for! or more things I do desire!

A game began of automatically becoming aware of what is right in the World:
Like when I undressed  in my corner in the cloakroom of the swimming-pool:
I heard some women talking in Hebrew (usually there are Russian voices only)
about letting go of a long past pain: "you only do damage to yourself! Let go!"
Or like when, on exiting the pool, I passed by 3 employees of the municipality:
they were Bedouin sitting on the sideway, sharing their meal placed on a cloth.
They had earned their meal, not stolen it, and nobody defamed or blamed them.


January 12, 2010, Tuesday,
in my sanctuary at Arad




24 hours of "family-distress"............ but what is right with the World, is
that already 60 years ago,  humankind's evolution  had reached  a stage,
when the teaching from a human could take root in some people's minds,
35 years before it was backed up by the overall information from "God",
that Feelings have to be moved by Body, in order to heal and to evolve,
for only then can they fulfill their task of showing me what is right for me.

From Desert-Peace-Process 2002 - Rachel supports troubled Maya [1995]
[See about Maya and her parents, my partners at that time, for instance in Gadi's & Efrat's vision]
"It was on a memorable hike into the Desert with the participants of an "Aetgar".
Maya, then not yet nine, was part of the group of 16-17 year young people.
I don't remember the reason for her staying behind with the worst of feelings.
I asked the group to wait and went back to her.
For the tears of a human being are more important than any group adventure.
She had learnt, like her parents, like the group, the tools of "Mutual Support".
And there - in the middle of nowhere - she let me help her move her sorrows."



January 13, 2010, Wednesday,
in my sanctuary at Arad


Most of Israel's TV channel 2 is in sharp contrast to what is right with the World.
When I zap into the 'news', it is about terrorists or murderers or corrupt officials.
But yesterday (in between the commercials during which I switched to a movie)
there were scenes with 6 different persons, which made my heart jump with joy.

(A) this wondrous coacher Alon Gal in the Reality Show "Mishpakhah Khoreget":
2 carpenter partners, both deeply dedicated to their craft as well as to each other,
but unable to run a business!
Alon discovered, that the person to make this a "threefold thread" was a mother,
Nili, the wife of Pe'er, one of the partners, by professor a counselor in nutrition.
Alon empowered all 3 actors in this drama in his rigorous but loving way!

Alon, the coacher
and Chaemo

Pe'er and Nili

b) Then the moderator Avri Gilad and his first guest in a talkshow  made me gasp:

Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, a physician from Gaza, who works in an Israeli hospital.
Three of his daughters were killed and one wounded by an Israeli shell in Gaza.
He works for peace!
(see his message and two heart-rending videos of January 2009)
The way Avri Gilad related to the doctor was incredibly sensitive and wise...
and after the commercials, which followed this talk,and before the next guest

Avri said: "Sometimes I wonder, what I'm doing here on television,
but when I meet a man like Abuelaish, I know why!"
And I now cry!








two grandsons in Judo body contact, 2001

Today's e-mail quote - "Abraham" 2004
Your joy factor will remain constant
as you are
continually refining your ideas of what you want,
and that's why it is so important for you to get everybody else out of the equation. They've got their own game going on; they don't understand your game.
Give them a break; stop asking them what they think.
Start paying attention to how you feel.
Joy will be yours immediately,

and everything else that you have ever thought would make you happy,
will start flowing, seemingly effortlessly, into your experience.



e-mail quote on December 23, 2009 -"Abraham" 1997

So the big question is,
"Well, do I just dump all those unwanted things and try to start fresh?"
And we say, no.
You just set the Tone, where you are,
by looking for things to appreciate.
And by setting your Tone in a very clear deliberate way,
anything that doesn't match it
gravitates out of your experience,
and anything that does match it
gravitates into your experience.

It is so much simpler than most of you are allowing yourself to believe.

e-mail quote on December 13, 2009 -"Abraham" {money-book}

The realization that something is not as you want it to be
is an important first step,
but once you have identified that,
the faster you are able to turn your attention in the direction of a solution,

the better,
because a continuing exploration of the problem
will prevent you from finding the solution.


e-mail quote on December 14, 2009 -"Abraham" 2004
You are all perfect and expanding;
you are all adored and worthy;
you are all here having your exposure to experiences
and doing the best that you can from where you are.
You have not been sent here in a test or trial;
you're here as creators as part of an expanding Universe.

e-mail quote on December 15, 2009 -"Abraham" 2001
Whenever you're trying to understand anything
that is as huge as all of the Universe,
or as huge as all eternity,
all you have to do is
bring it back to something simple that you do understand,
and ask the questions and apply them.
And then you can understand the Whole.
Everything that's true of the Whole is true of the individual.

e-mail quote on December 19, 2009 -"Abraham" 2004 9
There has never been an injustice anywhere
in this physical time/space reality or anywhere else.

Law of Attraction does not promote injustice.
Law of Attraction amplifies the vibration that is within you.

e-mail quote on December 24, 2009 -"Abraham" 2000
Say yes to whatever it is.
Because if you say yes to it and then you get in the middle of it, and you say, "Uh oh, this isn't really turning out the way I wanted it to,"
then out of that is born another desire.
And as you say yes to that, then it turns out.
And you say, "Well, it's still not quite right."
So you have another desire...
Until eventually you get it exactly right.
You cannot get it wrong.
No creation is ever complete.

Just do it.


Again 2 white-clad figures on the ground!
this time kneeling! as part of a dance performance with my granddaughter Elah (ca,2003)


e-mail quote on December 25, 2009 -"Abraham" {money-book}
You are the creator of your own life experience,
and as the creator of your experience,
it is important to understand that it is not by virtue of your action,
not by virtue of your doing—
it is not even by virtue of what you are saying—
that you are creating.
You are creating by virtue of the thought that you are offering.

You cannot speak or offer action
without thought-vibration occurring at the same time;

you are often offering a thought-vibration
without     offering     words     or    action.

Children or babies learn to mimic the vibration of the adults who surround them long before they learn to mimic their words.

e-mail quote on December 26, 2009 -"Abraham" 2003
Your conclusion that there isn't enough of something
—whether it is enough land, or money, or clarity—
stems from you learning, without meaning to, a vibration
that holds you apart from what you want.
There is no limitation.
If you identify a desire for it, Source recognizes your desire,
and immediately begins to deliver it to you.
And it will manifest in the variety, in the fullness, and in the way
that you, and only you, learn to allow it.

e-mail quote on December 29, 2009 -"Abraham" {money-book}
You are meant to live
an expansive, exhilarating, good-feeling experience.

It was your plan when you made the decision
to become focused in your physical body in this time-space reality.
You were born knowing
that you are a powerful Being;
that you are good;
that you are the creator of your experience,

and that the Law of Attraction
(the essence of that which is like unto itself, is drawn)
is the basis of the Universe,
and you knew it would serve you well.
And so it has.


see the shadow of jumping Mika

Today's e-mail quote - "Abraham" {money-book}
Things are coming into your experience in response to your vibration.
Your vibration is offered because of the thoughts you are thinking,
and you can tell by the way you feel
what kinds of thoughts you are thinking.
Find good-feeling thoughts
and good-feeling manifestations must follow.
Make a decision to look for the best-feeling aspects
of whatever you must give your attention to,

and otherwise look only for good-feeling things to give your attention to
—and your life will become one of increasingly good-feeling aspects.

e-mail quote on January 1, 2009 -"Abraham" 2001
Complaining about anything, holds you in the place
of refusing to receive the things you've been asking for.
Justifying about anything holds you in the place
of refusing to let in the very things that you've been asking for. Blaming someone, holds you in the place
of refusing to let in the things that you've been asking for.
Feeling guilty, feeling angry, it doesn't matter what you call it,
it is a refusal, not a conscious one.
You're asking; you can't help but ask.
The Universe is yielding; it must yield.
It's a big question, folks: why aren't you letting it in?

e-mail quote on January 2, 2009 -"Abraham" 1999
That "death do us part" thing is a protective mechanism.
It says, "I don't trust me, and I don't trust you to be in a place
where we are evoking the best from each other.
And so, just to make sure, let's promise that even if we don't,
we'll suffer it out together."
Every law, sacred or secular, that we have ever seen in your environment
has always come from a place of disconnection,
from a place of protectiveness.

e-mail quote on January 3, 2009 -"Abraham" 1999
The entire Universe is set up to produce wanting within you!
You cannot squelch wanting. You are born wanters. Wanting is a good thing. Write that down in big letters: WANTING IS A VERY GOOD THING!

e-mail quote on January 4, 2009 -"Abraham" 1999
These beings, that are acting out in those ways that you find so awful,
are tormented and suffering in ways that you will not understand.
Their horrible acts are extensions of that pain.
We also have to say to you --
no one who is not a vibrational match to that could be their victim.