The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



2004~~~Dedicated to my daughter-in-love Efrat-Rut ~~~2011


2004 Preface
blue links - mainly English
orange links - mainly Hebrew

On January 18, 2005
I discovered on
a "Message from the Mother of Manifestation"
as part of

Body Pages

I edited this message in the frame of my
Edited Godchannel Files
and endeavor
to study
and apply it
ever since.


BODY and FEELINGS are GOD as well.

by breathing, moving and sounding them
in Body, with Body, through Body
and - since I am a hologram - all of CREATION

On April 3, 2005
I received an e-mail with the following link:

Many years ago I visited an exhibition in Tel-Aviv
with the theme: "Alternative Health" or a similar title.
I came across a booth, where they demonstrated:

the power of softness, in English: Holistic Pulsing.

Even then, from what little I saw (not read, not experienced!),
I was impressed and touched.
The info on the website confirms my intuition,
that this "method" comes quite close to what is needed now.
They even use the word le-na'a-ne'a (a derivation of "to move"),
which I use as the Hebrew equivalent for "God's" nagging info:
"EMOTIONS have to be MOVED through BODY".
Holistic Pulsing may be even more "efficient" than Paula .
Except that it still depends on "treatment" by another person
and therefore ~~~ on money and organized time!


"The healing work is coming to deeper and much more serious levels
than has been seen before on Earth.

Balance and presence in Body
are the keys to healing in the deep."

Dec.24, 2010
the 3rd stanza of my body-song: "Let my teeth grow and let my eyes see"
created during a night during which I could survive my severe coughing
only by codein-containing pills and antibiotics against bladder-infection

Let the air pass my throat, clear and free,
let my lungs fill with  JOY   TO  BE   ME!
Replace the infections by loving affections
between all the cells of thy kingdom-to-be

On April 3, 2011, God in Your Body by Jay Michaelson , Nov. 2006
I finally received the overdue info about
"God in your Body"
- Body-Centricity in Jewish tradition


This information has been there all the time,
but it seems to me, that it's only now that I've hit home.

Now that I've taken a break of 40 days to heal Body and Will,
which despite my deep intent have again been seriously overridden
since I began to realize Noah's Vision and the Mount Ararat Evolution.
It so "happened" in this time of rest,
that I felt compelled to complete the biblical puzzle of
what I now call Bat-Sheva and David.
And it's Chagall's image which conveys this knowing...

To deeper understand and more consistently apply this knowing,
that and how BODY is the Master Healer of my life and of Creation,
I'm again and again studying the following quotes from "God's" info
in the Right Use of Will series of books and the Godchannel website.

This time I'm comparing and contrasting the message
with the information given on a website about "Breema" bodywork.

The four personalized parts of Deity
can be understood as metaphors:
HEART is meant
" to balance the feeling sense of sentience
with the knowing sense of consciousness",
BODY = the manifestation of all three;
EXPLANATION of a few terms:
It's best to read all the quotes once from beginning to end.
When reading the quotes a second time, some strange expressions and metaphors will make more sense!

"TWO ATTENTIONS " (badly simplified):
the first attention is the three-dimensional world,
and the second is what is beyond.
all the feelings and sensations,
that have been maligned
and judged, ignored, denied, and pushed underground,
from where they cause havoc in each person's life
and in the world at large.

from:Truth and Reality Class III
Introduction to Manifestation

"the human body
(is) the archetypal representation of all bodies,
the microcosm of all manifestation."


from: Godchannel>FREEWILL
…"the principle is very simple.
In the hierarchy of Spirit - Body - Will,
what is below must lead what is above.
Body must lead Spirit, and Will must lead Body.

..."The secret ... is to find Body's Will,
and help her become untrapped."

This is a very scary prospect for many.
What havoc might be wrecked in the world
if Body could do as Body wants to do,
if Body were to be where Body wants to be,
and if Body could be with whom Body chose to be?


"When your conscious intention
is purely dedicated to healing into wholeness,
and nothing else matters more to you,
you are ready to begin the work
of healing yourself and all of Creation.
When you are relying entirely on your Will
[I add: and foremost on the Will of my Body]
and her loving Light for inner guidance,
and no longer planning a future
or listening to your imprints and conditioning
[mainly my "phobia of other people's expectations"!!! see Dec. 2010:Learn&Live 12]
about what you must do and what you must protect yourself against ~
you are doing the work."


"Once you have compassion for yourself,
love can be born"

"You have to learn to feel."

"You need to move into your bodies."

Right Use of Will, the 5th or Yellow Book, p.182-3

"Healing cannot manifest,
until you understand how to heal yourself.
No one else can do it for you.
God is not going to magically bring down
Earth changes
and heal everyone on earth.
The Golden Age cannot be experienced by you
unless you have the vibrational power
with   which   to  be    present   there."

Right Use of Will, the second or Violet Book, p. 180



"And I now ask you to please come join us on the inside.
Body is as near as the breath you are about to take.
Feel for a moment, sense me ~
Listen for a moment, on the inside.
I am you,
and this is part of our outer reflection
you are seeing as you read.
Let me help you use the key.
We are the master healers of Creation,
you and I ~
and we will soon begin proving it in manifestation."


from: Godchannel, Identity
quoted in pp9

"Body can be both at the balance point
and be parental and responsible,
but Body has been seriously overridden and undermined
by both the Spirit and Mother essences,
and in humans even more so by Heart."

"Heart has knowingly and unknowingly
abused Body
in the pursuit of his and her pleasures.
Ridden like a horse into battle by Heart Son
in pursuit of yet another damsel to save or dragon to slay,
Body has been pushed down,
and even discarded capriciously
in the name of love or honor.

Pranced like a horse by Heart Daughter,
Body has endured unspeakable indignities
in the name of looking good and showing off. "

"New Heart however is quite different.
Born in balance and wholeness,
New Heart becomes present in manifestation
as Body
manifesting the union of Father and Mother, Spirit and Will.
New Heart and Body are the best of friends and allies,
and New Heart knows that Body is parental,
and asks Body to lead the way to more wholeness."

"Spirit has made so many rules for Body to follow
about what is good for Body and what is not ~
that Body has lost track of the reason for existence
and wishes to give up sooner rather than later.
And the Mother has asked Body to hold everything
she has been unable to hold, which is a lot.
Body suffers under both of these burdens
and feels worn down and hopeless
in the face of all the non-acceptance and power-over
that Body must endure.

"Yet of the four parts of Deity,
Body is the best suited and positioned
to be the healer of Creation

"The Mother is the only part of Deity
who knows what the right medicine should be.
Only she knows what needs to happen,
and how it must happen
for all of this to work into the healing
we are all seeking ~
the healing of Self,
and the healing of Creation.


"In other words, the secrets of the healing
are held by Body's Will,
and most of her Will is not yet free,
or even available.
Most of her Will is still lost,
and horribly trapped
in the most unimaginably painful and compressed depths of Hell.
See pp54 Light's Way to Dwell in Hell


"As you embody the highest vision of Spirit
and the deepest knowing of Will,
they come together in manifestation
as they were once together
in the unmanifest solitary whole being,
Original Heart.

"And in you, the human ~
they unite in what Original Spirit and I have called
New Heart.

"Further, because you are not alone in Body,
the deepest desire of Original Heart can be realized ~
for others like you to also be present with you
as universe creator peers.

"So, who are you?
If you are someone who is doing the healing work,
or someone who is 'doing' anything at all,
the answer that makes the most sense is
that you are Body
manifesting as a human being
becoming New Heart.

"You are right now reading these words through the eyes of Body.

"If you are thinking or feeling,
Body's nervous system is registering it for you,
manifesting it, making it so.

"If you go anywhere, there goes Body.

"If you do anything in manifestation, you do it as Body.

"Taking the attitude
that Body is something or someone
who belongs to you,
that you own
and have control over ~
is a mistake I've spent eons trying to recover from.
Taking the attitude
that you will go on some place else
once Body has been worn out and discarded ~
is to buy into the bunk
my held terror of manifestation was promoting for most of that time.

"If you wish to exist in manifestation,
and if you wish to manifest anything at all,
may I gently suggest
that you do yourself a favor
and save a lot of pain
by realizing
you can't 'be' anywhere
or 'do' anything
unless you are Body.

"If you have not already done so,
my strong advice is
that you identify with
the most powerful and parental aspect of Deity in yourself.
Identify with Body in every aspect of your experience.

You won't go wrong ~
but you will surely come home,
and all the more quickly."

"….Identity is shifting from moment to moment...
when you sense your presence in manifestation,
you are Body, and so on.

"Your true identity is as a whole being,
all the parts are you ~
no one of these 'parts' can finally be who you are.
Just as the parts of Deity are fragments of a single identity,
so are the parts of Self.

"But one fragment of Deity,
one fragment of Self
is capable
of bringing all the other fragments together into wholeness.
One part of Deity, one part of Self is the Healer.
And fortunately you don't have to go anywhere else to find this part.
Of course it is Body.
And Body is always 'here'.
Body is always the most present and available part of you,
and believe it or not, the most evolved."



this animation, created on my quest by my son Immanuel, like the above infinity symbol,
seems to me to be the most blatant illustration for
"Body is always there"

See Preface to Puzzle Pieces Guide, left frame


"Body has presence in two attentions,
your constant companion and best friend in the first attention,
and the Parents of Creation in the second attention.
When you are the Father and Mother in both attentions
you are truly Body.
And Body is not only who you are
at your deepest core identity
in both attentions of manifestation,
Body is the healer.
Body is the healer of Self
and Body is the Healer of all Creation.

"This class will be about some ways
you may better identify with Body in both attentions,
how bringing the two attentions together
empowers Body,
and how as Body
you may heal yourself into the whole being you truly are."

I breathe, I move, I sound ~~~ Heaven to Earth








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