The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



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InteGRATion into GRATeFULLness
Close-ups of my Past


2007_12_02: Closeup of 2001_05
Is this really a "God-Victorious-Journey"?
re-studied and corrected on March 8, 2010

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Antonio Lopez
La Collada ,
Two visit-cards are glued
in the journal here.
Names of
Angels on the Abyss
David Costa Villanueva
Ma. Angels Carreras Castro
08600 Berga (Barcelone)
Mossen Huch, 15- vestibul 7-8
Tel. 93.822 12 09



Enweitg, the Train Station on the border between Spain and France.
I was not interested in sight-seeing, I was on a pilgrimage with Body,
and now -after all we had gone through- we only rested and digested.

We were granted only 3 days, for our resting-place closed!



"Returning from Beyond"
42 hours - May 7-9,
written on
May 12, 2007

Written in Enveitg,
Train Station
on the border between Spain and France,

May 12, 2007, 10:30




  The Sanctuary is only a short drive to the village of the Magdalene: Rennes-le-Chateau.



On the same day in Enveitg, but somewhere outside in nature, 12:30


Still in Enveitg, on May 12, 14:20,
I'm catching up with my near past,
while enjoying the spring around me,
especially the fast rushing rivulets
and I remember
how in the moments of rest,
Body and I sang
the biblical desert-water-songs,
like "ush'avtem mayim"
and "ki nivqe'u ba-midbar mayim"


     In the right (Hebrew) frame:
                                                  An effort to describe the "experience" of having been lost:


The hope has always been that ... one day even the most recalcitrant souls would reclaim their natural Birthright as Beloved Children of God. The inner knowing of Lightworkers throughout the Ages has been that this could only occur if the Love of our Mother God returned to Earth, and the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine were once again balanced within every Heart Flame.

Positioned at the entrance of the Church of Mary Magdalene in Rennes le Chateau is an amazing statue representing this desired transformation within the hearts of fallen souls. The statue is a depiction of the devil, a symbol of the most recalcitrant soul of all, kneeling in total surrender while holding aloft a shell containing Holy Water to bless the people who are entering the church to worship God.

.... The fact that he is holding Holy Water, which is the element of the emotional body and the conductor of the Love Nature of our Mother God, represents his willingness to allow the return of both our Mother God and the full momentum of the Divine Feminine.

Within the Church of Mary Magdalene there is a beautiful painting of John the Baptist on the wall. He is Baptizing Jesus in the Jordan River, thus initiating Jesus’ ascent into Christhood. The Dove of the Holy Spirit, which is the symbol of our Mother God, is projecting rays of Light into Jesus’ Crown Chakra. This universally known picture clearly demonstrates the Truth that the path to Christ Consciousness is through the return of our Mother God.

In the front of the church there are two statues, one on either side of the altar. One statue is of Saint Joseph holding an infant, and the other statue is of Mother Mary holding an infant. Mother Mary and Joseph symbolize the members of the Holy Family who represent the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. The infants they are holding symbolize the Twin Flames of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who represent the Divine Son and Daughter of God, The Christ.

Throughout the rest of the church there are depictions of Jesus and Mary Magdalene in her exalted role as the Feminine Presence of The Christ. Some of the symbols are slightly veiled, but most of them are obvious.

As our pilgrims traversed this holy ground, the veil was lifted and the esoteric Truth of the Feminine Aspect of The Christ was released and reactivated within the mental and emotional strata of Earth. This sacred knowledge is now easily available for everyone and will filter into the conscious hearts and minds of Humanity.

After both groups completed our facets of the Divine Plan for the day, we joined together at a small church named Notra Dame, Our Lady. This church is famous for its Black Madonna. After spending some quiet time assimilating the wonders of the day within the embrace of Notra Dame, we returned to Carcassonne.

The next day, October 27, our group paths were reversed, and the groups traced each other’s steps to complete the mission and add the final touches to this miraculous facet of the Divine Plan.

October 27 and 28, we experienced the final of three Pluto alignments with the Galactic Core. This rare cluster of alignments occurs only once every 248 years. The first alignment took place in December 2006, the second was July 17, 2007, the time of the Fire the Grid activation. Now it was time for the third and final alignment.

On October 27 and 28, as our Pilgrimage was coming to completion, Pluto aligned with the Galactic Core for the last time. This alignment opened a portal that allowed an unprecedented influx of Light from Suns beyond Suns and Galaxies beyond Galaxies. The frequency of this Light was charged with the full Divine Momentum of our Mother God, which allowed our Planet Earth to shift into the matrix of the New Earth at an atomic, cellular level. This was the perfect preparation for the final day of our Pilgrimage.

On October 28, we met for breakfast early and bid adieu to beautiful Carcassonne. During the morning, we traveled through the beautiful countryside in France to Lourdes and the Shrine of Bernadette. When we arrived at our destination, we settled into our hotel. We then took in the wonders of Lourdes. We walked to the Grotto where the statue of Mother Mary stands. There we drank the Healing Water and collected it in various vessels. The inscription under the statue of Mother Mary is, “Que Soy Era Immaculate Conception.” The translation is, That I AM, the Immaculate Conception.

The energy of hope and expectation is palpable in Lourdes. The day we arrived was the culmination of a three-day gathering that had drawn thousands of the faithful to Lourdes. As the Sun was beginning to set, there was a massive procession through the streets of Lourdes. The chanting was mystical, as the procession wove through the town. There were people coming to the Grotto in various states of illness for as far as the eye could see. They were joined by their families and people praying to Mother Mary for her Divine Intervention.

Lourdes is a powerful forcefield of Light representing the Divine Mother holding the Immaculate Concept of Infinite Perfection for Humanity and all Life evolving on this sweet Earth. What a perfect place for the final phase of our mission and Earth’s shift into the matrix of the New Earth.

That evening we had our final gathering and our celebration dinner. We completed our Pilgrimage with a meditation to assist the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on Earth to lift each soul into the infinite physical perfection of his or her Solar Light Bodies.

The next morning we all began our journeys home. I believe every one of us was overwhelmed with gratitude and a feeling of wonder and awe at the miracles taking place on Earth at this time. Thank you, God!



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The information in this monthly sharing
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The Divine Intent of this information is
to encourage, empower, uplift and inspire all of us
by allowing us to see the bigger picture
during these wondrous but extremely challenging times.

This is the end of Patricia's report about the pilgrimage of 103 pilgrims in 2007
to the same region - Spain/South-France - to which I made my pilgrimage in 2001.
"By chance", the juxtaposition on my side ends with the question to my Body:
"Didn't I promise you, that I would never leave you?
Is it now YOU who are leaving ME?"

Body kept silent, knowing, that we had to go through a terrible lesson,
but that we would not leave each other by dying.

The lesson was and is:
"You chose the wrong path.
You lost your way in the snow,
you understood that you needed to descend,
to reach the snow-free area of the mountain.
But you headed towards the opposite slope.
You never considered the obvious direction:
to go back and down, from where you came.

"This has been your life's direction since 1995:
Stop going forward, cease to manifest,
drive backward into the future,
heal and harvest your past,
heal into wholeness,
for only when you are whole,
embracing all you are and all you have experienced,
will you be able to manifest creations which are whole."


Forty-two hours

without a path


Lost in the snow,

Lost on the cliffs,

Lost in the thicket
of steep slopes

Lost in roaring waters

See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up;
do you not perceive it?
I am even making ...
a way

Isaia 43:19, see the song



This was a composition in my paper-journal:

The resting-place in Enveitg,
with an arrow to the window
of my cold room,

on the background of the medical report,
in which the English speaking Dr. Giralt
points out,

"y decide proseguir su camino"

which I may translate as:

"she decided to follow her path."

The Syrian,
Arabic speaking,
Dr. Adel Jabour,
and his colleague,
the Catalonian,
though non-Jewish
X-ray technician,
Yosi [Josef]
showed such incredible kindness towards me!
As did
all the other wonderful angels on my abyss!





After traveling from Enveitg to Foix by train,
(a town, in which we - David and I - had arrived also in 1994 and 1997,
when we made our romantic pilgrimages to Montsegur),
I found out, that there was no public transport, since it was a Sunday.
Nor would any car pick me up except once for 3 km only.

So on the long, endless long walk with the heavy backpack of 17 kg
towards Montferrier and Montsegur,
we - Body and I - would sing the songs listed on my index
which was glued into my journal.
Now all these songs and many more have found their place in
my 2007 Song-Game.






"I, I trust in you
In your hands I commit my spirit
You set my feet into open space
My times are in your hand
(Psalm 31, see the song)

"But when? "
Body and I screamed,
"when will you set our feet into open space?"

All through those 42 hours I was thinking of one man,
a famous Jewish writer
Walter Benjamin.
What I had known, was,
that he had tried to escape the Nazis via the Pyrennees,
but got lost and was never found.
Now I know, that he committed suicide,
when he was caught at the border between France and Spain.

Still, I'm glad for that error.
The identification with this man,
who in those hours represented so many other people
who were persecuted, fled and perished,
gave me perspective on my own predicament.

When I now - Dec.6, 2007, 20:11- searched for Walter Benjamin in the Pyrennees,
I discovered a website the name of which is: www.whokilledwalterbenjamin
about a movie with the same name.....

And what a coincidence: On Dec. 3, 2007, a youtube video was released,
trying to prove, that it is absolutely impossible, that Benjamin committed suicide.

But neither did he perish in the mountain thickets of the Pyrennees.

Nor did I.....




Still in Enveitg
May 12, 2001, but now - 18:00 - back in my room,

I thought I would meet Gabriela the next morning,
but I can't even reach her via the phone of my small hotel.
I feel home-sick,
I yearn for the kind of lentil-soup only I know how to prepare,
since it has been the main meal during the years of my wanderings,
and except for the awful soup in the hospital at Berga in Spain,
no warm food has entered my mouth and stomach for 12 days.
But most of all I'm depressed by the question:
Why am I here?
The Lesson is behind me, isn't it?
What do I care now for the beauty of nature and holy places?

I continue to sculpt in words, what can only be experienced...
the superhuman hardship of staying alive in my steep thicket prison...



My Hebrew journal actually ends with the end of my Pyrennees-Ordeal.
It ended - physically - in the hospital of Berga,
and emotionally in Enveitg with the help of sculpting verbally
- every detail of our trial, our coping, -
"our" - for I stayed in constant dialog with Body, my peer.
Our stamina and endurance grew from hour to hour,
and so did our inventiveness of solutions.

Still, it is obvious, that if we stayed alive,
it was, because we were not meant to die.
Not that I minded dying so much,
but not in a way, that would make my family crazy:
"They will never find my cadaver!"
And anyway, as I've mentioned already,
I have pledged to Body,
following all my studies of Godchannel's information and messages,
that this time I would not leave it behind and escape with my spirit.
Either we go together wherever we'll choose to go, or we won't go.

If it hadn't been for my appointment with Gabriele Dietrich from India,
I would have gone home right after my 3 days in Enweitg,
though I had a ticket for 2 months and not for 12 days.

I tried to enjoy, what the following days brought me,
I tried to make the best of the yearned-for togetherness with my friend.
Our deep connection to the Magdalene is only one of so many things we have in common.
And indeed, we were wholly involved in the rituals of the holy places,
in "Les Saintes Maries de la Mere" and the Gitan Festival,
in Rennes au Chateau,

which has become even more famous because of the "Da-Vinci Code" novel,
and finally in St. Baume,
where the Magdalene is supposed to have lived until her death.
I forgot being a Jew and surrendered to the mystical emotions of "ordinary" people,
and so did Professor Gabriele Dietrich.

But my home-sickness became more and more painful.
Even now I regret not having been able to savor the splendid nature everywhere.
Why couldn't I enjoy all that beauty - now, that I did not need to wander alone,
sleep in the cold and collapse under a backpack not meant for a 63 old woman?
I don't know,
and I'm still sorry, that I spoiled part of Gabriele's enjoyment too.
"I'll never go abroad anymore, except for an urgent purpose and never longer than for 2 weeks",
I swore.
And indeed, since then I've been abroad only for my sister's funeral, in Nov. 2004
and for my participation in the annual AUschwitz-BirkenAU retreat, in Nov. 2003.

[this is still true today, March 8, 2010!]

Since my heart wasn't really there anymore,
I also didn't feel like writing in my journal.
The places, which both , Patricia's pilgrims, and we, Gabriele and I, visited,
are mentioned in Patricia's report,
for instance the transformed Devil
at the entrance of the Magdalene's church in Rennes au Chateau.
I, therefore, have no concrete memories of our twosome pilgrimage,
only feelings.

May the few brochures I glued into my journal make up for this lack.

Oh, I forgot! I did record some of the Gypsies' musical street performances
in Saintes Maries de la Mer,
and three of those recordings are even inserted in the 2002 libraries of Healing-K.i.s.s.

From "Cain and Hevel"
And I want to express this
with Schubert's Ave Maria,
which I used to sing,
accompanying myself on the piano,
as painted by Mona Yahia in 1983,
when I still had a piano
before my long journey to the desert.

This was played
by the Gypsies
at St.Maries-de-la-Mer


Click and stay
Get up from the computer
and dance with me a gypsi dance.

The gypsies, or as they want to be called,
the Sinti and Roma,
have been the wandering people
par excellence
for the last thousand years.

At their festival, exactly a year ago,
at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France,
for the black Sara Kali
and the two Maries ,
I enjoyed them playing this on the street.

The annual three-day festival of the Gitans (Gypsies) in Saintes Maries de la Mer





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