The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"


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InteGRATion into GRATeFULLness

Fine-tuning to my Presence



2007_08_15 New Moon

"Sixty-Nine" Hodayot or Thanksgivings

See my Birthday-Song

Waking up I intended to count 69 Hodayot
for my 69 years of living in this incarnation.
But as my old slogan goes:

"Know exactly what you want!
Communicate clearly, what you want!
Then get out of the way,
and happen may what may!"



Benjamin West,
An Angel tells the women, that Jesus was awakened from death

Bernardino Luini
Eliah in the Desert is awakened by an Angel
"God sleeps in stones, breathes in plants, dreams in animals and awakens in humans"
a Tibetian proverb quoted at the end of a doc. about the Kailash, the holy mountain of Tibet,
part of which I saw this afternoon while eating my lunch.

"I wish you a day with many little joys and full of technology - we all love you",
laughed Efrat , my daughter-in-love.
Because when she called from work to congratulate me, I was on "Skype" with my son, her husband
who tried - by remote controll - to install the program which would allow me to receive his albums.
"Of course", I had messed it all up , and even now- 5 hours later - I still don't have this program.

Visiting me at the Sea-Side, at Deal,
South-England, 1956

How can anyone be so dumb in technical matters?
Only a week ago I exasperated Immanuel,
when I asked for paper-clips and didn't see them in front of my eyes.
But then - I can also see the bright side of this,
like my English teacher - Miss Jenny Heymann,
the one who, in 1956, had encouraged 4 families in England
to host me for almost no money for a summer holiday.
She was also the first Jewish person I met in my post-war life,
and finally the oldest citizen of my home-town Stuttgart.
She died at the age of 103 only!

Well , this fantastic teacher once said:

"People get nervous when they see me always looking for my glasses,
but they don't know what joy I experience every time, when I find them!"

Such a "Jenny-Heymann-Experience" I had this morning too:

I got up with great joy, as usually nowadays, towards what I would create today.

In order to create I need "technology",
and it's the people, who make "creation" possible for me, to whom I want to give my first hodayah:
the people who worked and work together to develop the computer, the Internet, and the softwares I need:
"Dreamweaver" for creating websites in English,
"Firework" for editing images, including Hebrew texts,
"Soundforge" for editing sounds
"Flash" for converting sounds into sound-buttons,
"Babylon" for translating between Hebrew, English, German,
and of course "Word" for letting me set up a diary with templates.

Let me exemplify, how "Word" allows me to use templates, in which the text can be exchanged each day:

In the space between the upper row of templates - my experiences, creations and interactions -
and the lower row of templates - what I should, or would like to do in the near future,
there will be inserted at first a new image on each new day,
either because it is relevant to the experiences of this day or to the time a year ago, or simply because it's beautiful.
Then follows the text of my "finetuning" to experiences which still need coping and healing, crying, thinking and deciding.

But back to the first moment of opening the computer:
on the screen a striking painting - thanks to "Webshot".
The angel who announces Jesus' awakening from death.
While I watched, the screensaver changed to another angel.
A modern, distressed angel, with a flower-wreath on his head.

How do I get hold of that first angel, I asked myself?
For it is not only impossible to download these pictures.
It's also impossible to "print-screen", i.e. photograph them.
And there - the immediate help came, isn't this amazing?
I've been enjoying the Webshot slideshow screensaver since 2005,
and only today I suddenly remembered the title in the main menu of my computer:
"Imported Webshot Collections"!
I remembered Miss Heymann's glasses....

There , in Imported Webshot Collections, I discovered "Fine Art",
and among the Fine Art Folders there was a special folder called "Angels".
I found out, that over the years I had imported three of them, three angels.
Seeing the second one, I was happily surprised:
the similarity of structure and content
between Eliya's awakening and Jesus' awakening,
made me see and feel,
that this was obviously about my own awakening.
I was exhilarated.
And when soon after Immanuel sang "Happy Birthday",
I told him, how my dumbness had again "payed off"!

He didn't remember the Eliyah-story,
though he himself accompanied my Eliyah-Rotem song,
at the celebration of both - Rotem's birth and Rotem's Bat-Mitzva.
I hoped, my birthday would make him grant me some extra time,
for letting me tell him this cherished story again:

"It is enough"
A better recording and of the entire aria than the one inserted in
"Eliayah's Lesson"

Eliyah asks God to let him die.
His great show on the Carmel-mountain about "who is the right God",
had granted him the miracle of fire coming down on wet wood,
but the festival ended in utter disaster after all.
So he had failed.
So he fled into the desert and sat under one Rotem-bush,
"one" in the female form.

"[too] big for me now !
Take my soul away!
I'm not better than my fathers."

If only this sentence had been preserved in the Bible,
it would have saved my life...

Then he sleeps under one Rotem-bush, this time "one" is in the male form.
Since the numerical value of "rotem" is ONE, the mystical symbol is clear.
He sleeps in the lap of the ONE.

"Yes, and then", I tell my son, "an angel comes and wakes Eliayah up:

"Get up and eat!"
And food and water is provided.
Eliayah goes back to sleep,
exhausted by a lifetime of frustration and un-full-fill-ment.
The angel wakes him up a second time, but this time he says:

"Get up, eat, for bigger than you is the way".
It is the same word "rav", big, which Eliayah had used.
Yes, the way is bigger than you, but you still have to walk it.
Eliyah walks for forty days and forty nights
until he is granted an experience.
Its message:
Your doing is not in bringing fire down from Heaven,
nor in storming around and making the earth quake.
Your doing is in
"qol dmamah daqah" ,
in the gentle voice of stillness.
And one more thing:
You are not alone, as you claim to be (twice!)
There are 7000 people who are like you.

Telling this story for the umptiest time,
I cannot help but sobbing my heart out.
What do I care for all the history and all the moral guidelines
in the Bible and in other religions,
as long as I am blessed with the stories of despair of my three peers,
Moses, Eliyah and Jeremia.


So I had edited and inserted the two Webshot angels side by side,
not yet knowing, that soon enough the third angel would join them.

Among the sudden hail of gratulations - Immanuel, Micha, Efrat -
was a call, which I missed 3 times.
It was Ya'acov, my "twin-brother".
"Thinking of your birthday",
he said,
"I imagine going to a plant-nursery and letting them make a wreath of laurels for your head!"
That was his fantastic congratulation.
Again I was stunned!
Hadn't that angel with the flowery wreath wiggled him/herself into the screen-saver an hour ago?
And hadn't I worked yesterday on the song-page of "if it's a painful wreath of thorns you love"?
Hadn't I found and inserted a stylized crown of thorns as a background image for the song,
wondering, what it meant!
After all I no longer wear such a crown...?
"Yes, I do earn a wreath of laurels!
And you couldn't have given me a more precious birthday-present,
you have delighted my heart and made my day!"

Gina Marie Bernardini, Angel X, 1969
[see the coincidence with the name of the artist of Eliyah's Awakening: Bernardino Luini]


circa 1968

On the morning of the beginning of the Yom-Kippur War, Oct. 6, 1973
Immanuel reads to me the parody of an Israeli song
[photo by our guest Ingrid Oberreich]

At first when trying to upload this angel again,
there appeared only an empty frame with only the title.

"Does it mean, that this angel is no longer presenting me?"
And indeed,
like the wreath of thorns is no longer my own,
so the sorrow and pain in this angel's face
are no longer my own.

When Immanuel sang to me at 7:30 via "Skype"
and asked me how I felt on this birthday morning,
I told him:
"I feel joy not only as on any new morning,
but even when I go to sleep, towards the next morning,
in order to go on creating."

And to make this more vivid for both of us, I told:
"Remember the books by Ayn Rand,
which - in 1970- Naftali Raz urged me to read,
in order to bolster my lower than lowest self-esteem?
I, indeed, began to acknowledge my own worth,
while before I only complained for having been born at all,
"since I'm only disturbing all the people around me.."

"But as to the concrete content of the two books I read,
- imagine I read a book of 800 pages all in Hebrew!-
I remember only one scene:
In the book
"Fountainhead", called in Hebrew :
"As the overflowing Fountain",
[see the song to my birthday!]
the wicked socialist regime ousts the capitalist creators.
They have to hide in the desert,
and it's there that the main character, a woman, says:

"Once, when I went to sleep,
I was already all excited towards the next morning,
when I could go on with my creative activity,
but now..."

"When I read this sentence, I was totally puzzled!
Is this possible? Is this not only a sentence in a book?
Can one get up in the morning
and be joyous towards the new day?
like little Mika, who hardly opens her eyes
and already experiences full-fill-ment with every breath?

"Oh, more than that!
Can one go to sleep
and hardly wait for the next morning?

"It is like that with me, Immanuel,
and who is it
- next to "Technology", developed by the cooperative effort of uncountable people -
to whom I am full of GRATe-FULL-ness for this chance?
I've said it, written it, even sculpted it on this website,
but I'm glad it so happens,
that I can express my GRATe-FULL-ness to you, my son,
on this very birth-day,
GRATe-FULL-ness for 3 specific teachings:

- You helped me over the years to work ever more effectively with the computer

- You encouraged me to start my own website
and helped me to set it up
and keep helping me maintain it
whenever I get stuck.

- And you did not succumb to my quest
to do "the technical part" of maintaining my website,
telling me:
"Once you start with creating on a website,
the technical learning will only increase.
Though doing it myself would take me much less time than teaching you,
I do want to teach you,
so you'll be able to stand on your own feet later."

Don't these words sound like the words of a father to a child?
Well, nowadays
it might - not only in my case - be the other way round....


The problem with the "Fountainhead" of creativity,
is that there is always too much create,
and while running to the pool - already twice today -
enjoying the pool and the running,
but also eager to get back and continue to create here,
I sing with the song,
which Immanuel learnt from his English teacher and which he taught me:
"There never seems to be enough time
to do the things once you find them!"

This problem is still bigger for me
than the other problem connected to creating:
Who will receive all the things created by creative people?
It is one of the fantastic blessings of having a website on the Internet,
that I can write and sculpt and create, even if nobody will ever open a page.
For me to imagine that someone will, is vital for creating.

And having said this, I want to express my deepest GRATITUDE
for the pool and all the people, who make the water flow to the basin,
in which I can swirl and swim and sing and .....feel and think.

November 2002, Immanuel's photo of Tomer and Grandma

My Archive as of August 1, 2007–08–03
It is far from being completed,
but the work on it,
defining and ordering ever new sub-folders
for more specific categories
opens ever new perspectives and therefore
FULL-FILL-ment and GRATe-FULL-ness.



Christa-Rachel in Seventy Years
Christa-Rachel with her Offspring
Family (I) – Ende ,Berge, GUTH

My Chronology (1)-1935-1964
My Chronology (2) -1965-1984
My Chronology (3) – 1985-2004
My Chronology (4) - since 2005

My People in GERMANY
My People in ISRAEL
My People in the DESERT
My People on the PLANET

My Places in GERMANY
My Places in ISRAEL
My Places in the DESERT
My Places on the PLANET

Periods in my LIFE -1- Pre-Desert
Periods in my LIFE-2-Desert Vision
Periods in my LIFE-3-GRATe-FULLFILL-ment


The Folder : "Family (II) -ROSENZWEIG"
with its logical subfolders,
in which are hidden many sub-sub-sub-folders
demonstrates more than any Thanksgiving,
how blessed I am.

Do you think, such an important day would pass without a trigger,
i.e. a chance "to heal a hole in my wholeness"?
There are many days now without triggers,
but not my birthday!
And it has to do with the fantastic family above.
For family are our best "evolutionary partners",
as I read yesterday in a letter from "Go Gratitude",
or in my own words:
because of the mutual dependency,
which does not allow me to run away when I am triggered,
I have a chance to heal and to grow,
and so has the child or grandchild, who is triggered by me.

But now (10:40 PM), that I have done some work of coping and healing,
an e-mail pops in, a gift, a compensation, - and - can I believe it -
it is a poem on the background of a multiplied - indecent - angel!

A day later I received an SMS message from a number I didn't recognize.
But I knew who the authors of such poesie of appreciation and love could be:
Yuval-David and Paz Zuckermann
(See for instance on the page "Noah's Shore Dreamers")

I had saved their SMS of August 15, 2006!

The BIRTH-day has ended, but not the love of my friends,
those few friends whom I'm allowing to be in my hiddenness,
not too close - we hardly meet or talk or write - but always there.


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