The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"




The FELT days 234, 235, 236, 237~ of the next 15 FELT years [see linear time-line]

1 5   y e a r s  = 5 4 8 0   days   of
g e f u e h l t e - g e f u e l l t e   Z e i t   
"inmitten der Ewigkeit",
f e l t - f i l l e d   t i m e  
"amidst eternity"
from the beginning of my 76th till the completion of my 90th year [unless I'll die after all]
The feeling chosen from a day is exhibited in max. 7 lines per day since August 28, 2013
Since March 25, 2014, the only documentation of my life is distilled in "Felt Days"!!
My role in the manifestation of the Tent-Vision is implied in the biblical tent quote!

Since April 10, I sculpt "Felt Day" in Hebrew, prepared for and inserted as ".png".
Names in "Felt Days" appear on top in English, so they can be found in "Search"

2014-04-29-Tuesday - still 5245 days
Haggai - or Hagai

Song of Prophet Hagai:
ani mar'ish

2014-04-30-Wednesday-still 5244 days
Tzippi ~~Tal (Mitzpe)~~Tal (Arad)

song: shorshi yalin bi-qtziri



2014-05-01-Thursday-still 5243 days
find "PATH" ~~ the boss Gideon Abrahami

song: raega-raegaesh-raetaet- s. below

2014-05-02-Friday-still 5242 days
Haggai ~~~ Yanina

song: ba-tzel sham omaedet agur ve-qorêt

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A small quantum-leap in my evolution of "Rachel = raegaesh>raetaet>raekhaem".

Set your Hearts...

Tzippi had reminded me of the verse
"set your hearts on your ways"

"set your heart"
appears 4 times
in the tiny biblical book of Prophet Haggai.
Haggai's family name is "Lev"= heart

[ not "mind"!]

A combination
of the 4 "heart-settings"
led to an expansion of the chorus
based on the verse so vital for me:

"in all your ways know YHWH"
in the 2013song-August
"shuv khashti~~~bekhol drakhaekha"

On April 29-30
I truly felt a transformation in me
taking place
concerning my life-long struggle
with "effective" communication.
When I was young,
I blamed the biblical prophets
for not caring enough
to be communicative.
Soon enough I had to bow my head,
since no effort, no endeavor,
no pleading till exhaustion,
helped me to be "communicative".
If someone was touched by a word,
it was sheer "grace", not my "doing".

Now - by wrestling with Haggai -
I understand,
that I, too, overvalued the mind,
"intellectual understanding".

But consciousness
seems to be a matter of frequency,
and frequency cannot be reached
by "making clear", or by "proving".

My fourfold task in communicating:

The seven Reshs
of Rachel

From the Purple Book'

to Creation.

Without feelings, there is
no desire

and without desire,
would stop.

Vibration is life
and so it follows that
have life.

May 26, 2014- OHEL 109 from among its 365 appearances in the Bible

Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth;
therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty.
For He maketh sore, and bindeth up;
He woundeth, and His hands make whole.
And thou shalt know that thy tent is in peace
Job 5:17-18 + 24

Da: o Glueck des Menschleins, das von Gott geruegt wird!
Die Zucht des Gewaltigen verschmaehe nimmer!
Denn er selber fuegt Schmerz zu und verbindet,
er haut drein und seine Haende heilen
Du weist, dass in Frieden dein Zelt ist...
Ijob 5, 17-18 + 24



Haggai's and Rachel's

Will I learn
to stop






"The way back to Original Heart
is not in transcending the Mother
or Form
[body/manifestation] .
All of it, everything ~~~ must be found, owned and realized
as essential to New Heart.
All of the lost essence must be brought back home,
and definitely not transcended
So Heart
[the One] had two conflicting desires ~~~
wholeness and peer level companionship.
Duality began here

Heart's desire for companionship
exceeded its desire for wholeness

~~~ as the one and only being

....."New Heart, like Original Heart ~ knows
that ultimately there is no other to love,
there is only Self

It is very good to allow yourself to be taught
by this new presence of Love.
You'll know it is right
because it is without shame or guilt, blame or denial ~
because it is a kind of Love that includes all, accepts all
Original Heart knew that it would find itself again ~
but this time in manifestation

And Heart knew that now in the multiplicity of Form,
there would surely be others like Heart ~
other whole and complete beings
with whom to share manifestation.

"And Original Heart knew
that when it finally found itself again ~
there would be others too, peers
with whom Heart could explore
and heal all of the gaps in manifestation,
and all of the pain they have caused ~
others with whom to explore all of the pleasures
that sharing manifestation with another like Self can bring

...And in the end, it is all you.
You are one whole being,
and yet you are not alone.
And this is the greatest
of all the hard-won blessings of manifestation

Haggai's "response" taught me, that I fell into a trap!
I intellectually explained, argued, proved what I AM:

"Rachel = raegaesh>raetaet>raekhaem"



April 30, 2014 - OHEL 91 from among its 365 appearances in the Bible

And then they came, every man whose heart uplifted him,
and everyone whose spirit made-him-willing
brought YHWH's contribution
for the skilled-work on the TENT of APPOINTMENT
Exodus 35:21

dann kamen sie , alljedermann, den sein Herz trug,
und alljeglicher, den sein Geist willigte,
die brachten SEINE Hebe
fuer die Arbeit am ZELT der BEGEGNUNG
Namen 35, 21



There - seemingly -
is no connection with our "wrestling",
and Haggai might even ridicule me
for seeing his experience as an outcome of it,
and it's only a sprout, not a flower, not a fruit,
and yet:
"Selbst wenn sich der Bauer sorgt und handelt,
wo die Saat in Sommer sich verwandelt,
reicht er niemals hin. Die Erde schenkt."

"Even when the farmer cares and toils,
to that place where the seed itself transforms,
he does not reach. The Earth bestows."

On this very day, on which I became certain,
that and how I have to "wrestle" with Haggai,
he published his experience with the "Shekhinah"

from Rilke: Sonetts to Orpheus

Heil dem Geist, der uns verbinden mag;
denn wir leben wahrhaft in Figuren.
Und mit kleinen Schritten gehn die Uhren
neben unserm eigenlichen Tag.

Ohne unsern wahren Platz zu kennen,
handeln wir aus wirklichen Bezug.
Die Antennen fühlen die Antennen,
und die leere Ferne trug . . .

Reine Spannung. O Musik der Kräfte!
Ist nicht durch die läßlichen Geschäfte
jede Störung von dir abgelenkt?

Selbst wenn sich der Bauer sorgt und handelt,
wo die Saat in Sommer sich verwandelt,
reicht er niemals hin. Die Erde schenkt.

Hail to the spirit that would connect us;
in that we live truly in figures.
And with small steps pass the hours
beside our authentic day.

Without knowing our true place,
we are moved to action by real relation.
Antennae feel antennae,
carried by empty distance . . .

Pure tension. O Music of powers!
Is not through this venial industry
every disturbance deflected from you?

Even when the farmer cares and toils,
to that place where the seed itself transforms,
he does not reach. The Earth bestows.




May 1 , 2014 - OHEL 92 from among its 365 appearances in the Bible

But now our throats are dry,
there is nothing at all except for the mahn (in front of) our eyes!
...And when the dew came down on the camp at night,
the mahn would come down on top of it.-
Moshe heard the people weeping
by their clans,
each-man at the entrance to his TENT.

Now YHWH's anger flared up exceedingly,
and in the eyes of Moshe it was ill.
.. For-what have you dealt-ill with your servant...
Numeri 11: 6-7 + 9-10 ist uns die Seele vertrocknet,
von allem keins mehr! Einzig auf das Man unsre Augen!
...wann der Tau nachts aufs Lagr niederfiel,
fiel das Man auf ihn nieder.
Mosche hoerte das Volk weinen,
nach seinen Sippen,
jeder im Einlass seines ZELTs,

SEIN Zorn entflammte sehr, und in MoschesAugen wars uebel.
...Warum tust du uebel deinem Knecht...
In der Wueste 11, 6-7 + 9-10

People WEEP ! Words I never saw in this beloved chapter 11 (tears even now!) of Moshe's roaring his vocation-plight against "God"? See song!

I follow Moshe:
it's true, that it was not true weeping, it was whining, self-victimizing, and yet YOU should have taught them the difference!
YOU should have taught them then, there, in the desert, that they are to vibrate and womb their feeling of being deserted in the desert!

"From the point of view of our evolutionary process WE did not know this then ourselves!
We have learnt it and learn it even more through you - a pioneer of learning how to feel!"


Worrying that the tent-vision will just exist as a model....
From Rilke: Sonnets to Orpheus

Selbst wenn sich der Bauer
sorgt und handelt
|:wo die Saat in Sommer
sich verwandelt :|
|:reicht er niemals hin :|
Die Erde schenkt
die Erde schenkt
die Erde schenkt

It's been 55 years,
since I came to know and learn these lines.
[It's also quoted in "Das Herz ist wach",
a book my mother asked for as a Christmas gift
and which I found in a second hand book shop,
when I was 12 or 13]

Translation today!
a tune to it - after 55 years - today
This song and my letter to Lior and Tzippi shows,
that even in my own process
the time for the tent-vision is not wholly ripe yet.
Soon I'll complete the 6th month of my pregnancy,
What is in my womb, is growing by itself
not so my skill to communicate what I desire: for people:
"Just a tune that will remind them is what you should play!"

May 2, 2014 - OHEL 93 from among its 365 appearances in the Bible

Woe is me, that ... I dwell beside the TENTS of Kedar!
My soul hath full long had her dwelling
with him that hateth peace
I am all peace;
but when I speak, they are for war
Psalm 120:5-7

O wehe mir,
dass ich ... angewohnt bei Kedars GeZELTen!
Lang genug hat meine Seele gewohnt
bei dem Hasser des Friedens:
ich bin Friede,
aber ob ichs auch rede, sie sind des Kriegs.

Why does the poet see a metaphor for his dwelling among peace-haters in the "Tents of Kedar", i.e. of descendants of Yishmael [Gn 25:13]?
Somebody sees this short psalm as the expression of pain against past and present "Yishmaeli neighbors :
I am peace, I talk peace, but you ....
By contrast - Song of Songs 1:5:
'I am black, but comely... as the tents of Kedar" .... and an Israeli song "Ohalê Qedar" with its love-poetry.
I also detected the fantastic choreography of a dance to this song! There "the dancing tents" are black, too, like the inner tents of an Ohalah.


The dancing Ohalê Qedar

Ram Eisenberg's Tent of Appointment, Succah in the Desert1992
Ohalê Qedar
lyrics: Shimrit Or, lyrics: Arik Rodikh


Leonard Cohen,
Waiting for the Miracle to come

~~~~ see an interpretation
I need to "explain more" ,
what happened with Yanina.
She had NOT asked her teacher,
Shmuel Shaul, see & see & see
to act as a sounding-board,
if she desired to live or not,
"because something else
has to be resolved first."

She, "by chance", had listened to
"waiting for the miracle to come".
"I've heard it a hundred times,
but only now listened to the lyrics."

It brought up "something"
concerning her Holocaust-plight.
"It has to do with absolute evil"
I made a tiny attempt "to answer",
but immediately remembered,
that I'm not to give mind-info,
but raegaesh-raetaet-raekhaem.
She also said - with honesty -
"I don't need a wise person (Rachel)
I need a Shaman!"
I accept that wholly,
and I patiently await the time
when my communication
will touch people.


I want you to enhance
and to not distort,
what the Vision of Tents
intends to evolve
the earth of the desert
will stay free and pure
and host us humans
to find ourselves.

Video about The Tent-Vision 
Second part


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Winter 2003-2004



Not Silence
is sound
for me now!

Click and listen
to the sound of Noah's
hot sulphur spring!




Pesach, 2004_04_06-10

On last "Grandma-Wednesday" in Modi'in, Arnon, my grandson (7) asked me::
"Aren't you constantly dreaming, how everything will be on Noah's Shore?"

Which indicates, that he himself keeps dreaming,
ever since we built a model of Noah's Shore in September 2003.

I remember, how towards the last hours of the 2002 Succot Festival
Arnon urged Abba to drive (2 hours!) to grandma's Salt-Sea-Springs!
He watched me swimming
and later announced, that he was
"rebuilding the shore" .
The shore had been deteriorating already then, before the huge collapse.
Arnon then made it a point to tell me
: "It's me who brought you here!"
Is it by chance, that the river opposite Noah's Shore is called "Arnon"?
It empties the largest amount of water into the Dead Sea from either side.
[listen to my song for Arnon's 11th birthday]



Freedom, the opposite of victimhood, is the condition for realizing dreams.
While working on this page, it came to me, that it is Pesach,
which each year brings to awareness
that I need to part from the comforts of slavery
and learn to cope with the challenges of freedom.
On the background of the southern shore of the peninsula
a desert-mouse
- trapped in my cave and "liberated" about 800 m further north
- demonstrates the terror of freedom


Moshe Klein, one of my three "twin-brothers", wrote, when I started to live in my carved-out cave.
"I see, that you may inhabit that cave for the next 7 years."
Which would bring us to the year 2011,
the time of the planet's quantum-leap,
as we intuited on my birthday in Sinai in 1996.

I now know, that it's not me who will realize the Desert-Economy-Peace-Project on Noah's Shore.
MY task is to use the situations, created by the realization of this dream, as an arena for training dreamers.


The first one to come to this arena was Yuval-David Zuckermann.
At first he is hardly seen - opposite the "Bereaved Mother Sculpture - on a stormy day.

Yuval-David waits for me in the storm

We are the pioneer dreamers

He doesn't share my dream about "Desert-Economy-Peace".
He likes it, but it isn't HIS dream.
He didn't even know, that he came here - towards the end of January 2004 - to train as a dreamer.
Yuval-David Zuckermann, formerly the director of the hosting department of Ein-Gedi Fieldschool, came for a week:

"for healing my psoriasis and for building a zulla!"

He erected two tents, didn't leave after a week, and didn't do anything for many weeks.

One day he called me:
"It's here, where I shall build my zulla! You may take a photo!"

We were witnesses, Paz, his partner, and I.
But nothing happened for several more weeks.

Then - all of a sudden - he felt ready.
He invented and constructed a zulla
- in a crack in the mud terrace close to the shore -
which may make history.

And he learnt, that part of his vocation is - to train dreamers,
independently from me,
but in the situation of Noah's Shore Desert Economy Peace Project.


It was on the weekend of Lior's and Ran's visit,
when Yuval-David announced that his zulla was ready to be visited.


It wasn't by chance, that these old friends were present.
Ran Lichtner, my angel in Sinai 1996, is an artist in building with bamboo.
He knows, that I dream about him inventing and constructing the crescent-shaped bamboo succah on Noah's Shore,
which will comprise all the facilities needed for Noah's Shore functioning as a healing space and as a scientific laboratory

And Lior Oren?
It is mysterious, how the "cycle" (ma'agal) which grew without intention,
when I and Tamir were allowed to live in Ein-Gedi Fieldschool in 1999
comes to life again.

Lior, the daughter of the director of the Fieldschool, whom Yuval had won over to give me refuge,
was then eleven years old, the youngest in our "circle" of nine.

This circle included not only Yuval-David and Paz, but also Haggai Lev.

Lev means "heart" and Haggai is the name of a prophet and of a prophetical book in the Bible.

Haggai Lev visited me in my cave on January 23-24, 2004, on his and my eldest son's birthday.
He has a job of shepherding goats, in the forests of Nes-Harim,
near Bet-Shemesh.
He yearns to find his vocation and to realize a dream.
Now during Pesach, the celebration of freedom, he has started his first week as a dreamer trainee.
May he be a pioneer for many dreamers to train in the arena of Noah's Shore Desert Peace Economy.


Haggai's visionary understanding - right there in Noah's Cave,
when he looked out across the Sea towards Jordan or the Moabite Mountains:
"There will be no peace here,

until we, the Jews, will become the guests of the Desert People,

and let them connect us to the earth (adamah).

Once we shall be dependent on them, they will feel equal

and then they might forgive us the expulsion of Ismael."

This was said after a series of promising as well as threatening encounters with Bedouins during Haggai's training week.

Lass dir alles geschehn, Schoenheit und Schrecken.
Man muss nur gehn. Kein Gefuehl ist das fernste.
Lass dich von mir nicht trennen.

Rainer Maria Rilke, aus "Gott spricht zu jedem ehe er in macht"

Let everything happen to you, beauty and horror.
One must just go. No feeling is the farest.
Do not let yourself be separated from me.

Rainer Maria Rilke, from "God talks to each one before he makes him"