The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



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InteGRATion into GRATeFULLness
Singing&Sounding keeps me Sound

To Redeem from Victimhood I came


updated on July 30, 2009

lyrics and tune:
Christa-Rachel Bat-Adam

In the Desert 1993

In the Desert 1993

To redeem from victimhood I came.
To redeem from victimhood I came.

Masters, yes Creators we shall be!
Masters, yes Creators we shall be!

"With me or against me will you discover [tegallu] your choice
Against me or with me will you grow
[tegadlu] your powers
You'll redeem [tig'alu] the Messias, the Redeemer [ha-goel], in yourself"

[I related to this song at the end of the fragment of my Succah-Diary, 1993]
[quoted also in "Learning to Live" March 4, 2010)

November 2011
How daring 18 years ago , to call ourselves "CREATORS".
Now people talk not only about "My Higher Self", but also about "My Cosmic Self".
In pp37,
left frame, I found a quote from the dialog "Free Will, Death and Hell"
and in it the differentiation

between the essential, creator you and the rest of you

Another, much newer song, also stresses this "I am never a victim"


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Appendix to "MY DESIRE TODAY"
concerning Jonathan's recruition
on November 29, 2009

[see a photo of Jonathan as soldier on his first leave]

Before and after tonight's sleep I was led to read, what I never read before,
at least not from the beginning as now: the Siddur, the Jewish Prayer Book.

There I learnt, that the origin of the 'Tefillin' is not only in the Shma' Yisrael,
but also in 3 other passages, which demand to internalize certain teachings
by the daily physical act of tying the teaching on Body's head and hand,
one of them being:
" Do   not   sacrifice   your   firstborns ! "

What are these 4 teachings which should be trained daily in a physical way?
(1) Exodus 13:2-10 - (2) Exodus 13,3-16 - (3) Deuteronomy 6:4-9 - (4) Deut. 11:13-20

(1) + (2) The liberation from slavery, i.e. Freedom from enslaving Security!
and together with this: the abolition of sacrifice of the human firstborn
(3) + (4) YHWH is One and whole, and in loving YHWH you will be whole.

[I explained the Shma' Yisrael many times, see e.g. in pp17, the chapter: "Samaa' Dance"]

This chapter with its two almost parallel parts was inserted in the story of the Exodus from Slavery.
It is assumed, that those Hebrew speaking people who actually set out on this journey of liberation,
did so around 1250 B.C.

In Exodus chapter 13 instructions are given

how to commemorate the events year after year,
in order to internalize the teachings of these events.

There was no problem with teaching freedom,
though it needed and needs to be emphasized,
that every single person has to apply the message:
"it is (not was) ME, who goes out from slavery!"

But there is another teaching, more problematic:
No more Sacrifice of the Firstborn!

What is strange, almost weird, is the manner,
how the path from the ancient Sacrifice of the Firstborn
towards the "redemption" of the firstborn of human sons
is intertwined and hidden within the story about liberation.
It could not be taught except in an indirect, implied manner.

(See more below the sculpture of "My Desire" on Nov.28, 2009)

To "pass sons and daughters through the fire to Molekh",
was still the usage in the Valley of the Hinom-Sons outside Jerusalem
(the "Gay-Bne-Hinom" became "Gehinom", which is the Hebrew term for "Hell")
at the time of the Reformer-King Josia and Prophet Jeremiah 600 years after the Exodus!!

(2 Kings 23:10; Jeremia 32:35, and Leviticus, perhaps written at the same time, ch 18:21 and ch. 20-2-5)

The first part of Exodus 13 states clearly,
that all firstborns, if animal if human, belong to YHWH.
The second part stumbles, procrastinates, until it dares to state:
human firstborns have to be "redeemed".
Perhaps in order to prevent resistance from traditionalists,
the text lets the children of later generations ask: "What's this?"
and then there comes a weird and illogical explanation:
Because Pharao didn't let us go, God killed all firstborns in Egypt, animals and humans alike.
"That's why I sacrifice all animal firstborns and the firstborns among my sons I redeem!"

Perhaps the entire myth about the murder of the firstborns was invented
in order to state, that with the Hebrews, i.e. Israel, a revolution took place?
In any case, the book of Deuteronomy,
which sort of retells the story of the Exodus and the Giving of the Torah,
knows of no such murder!
Perhaps the two "tefillin-passages" from Deuteronomy, with only one teaching,
come to balance the akwardly hidden message of Exodus 13?

I always dated this book - which contains the "Shma Yisrael" - several centuries after Moses time,
and, indeed, now I read in the Wikipedia article, that "critical scholarship views Deuteronomy
as a product of the religious reforms carried out under king Josiah,
with later additions from the period after the fall of Judah to the Babylonian empire in 586 BC."

Now, this makes sense!
If king Josiah succeeded to abolish human sacrifices in the Jerusalem Hell-Valley,
he had no need for that atrocious story of God's murder of the Egyptian firstborns.

[But don't be too enthusiastic about this king, who came to the throne at age 18:
Politically he was so stupid, that he started a war with Egypt, got himself killed,
and all this was the beginning of the end, seemingly caused by the Babylonians.]

Oct. 22, 2013

In restudying the "David-Bat-sheva Code" and in it the page "Redemption of Shadow",

I wondered, why I mentioned (in brackets) only one aspect of the Aqedat-Yitzkhaq.

The other aspect is,
that this was a cautious way of making people aware,
that sacrifice of the firstborn is not what is wanted by "God".

See what I wrote on the page about 'Self-Sacrifice" versus "Self-Acceptance"

The "Binding of Isaac" ['aqedat yitzkhaq"- Genesis 22]
is still understood as "the sacrifice of Isaac",
revived in the sacrifice of God's "Son"
though the encoded double message is:
"You are NOT to sacrifice your firstborn,
but yes, you have to do your "Lèkh Lekhâ"
not only from what you see as your security in the past, family and fatherland,
but also from what you see as your security in the future, your offspring ...

Why couldn't the Torah state expressively: don't sacrifice your firstborns?
I remember a shocking article in Time's Magazine, in the early eighties,
about missionaries in the rain-forests of Colombia.
When they were blamed for not teaching the people to stop firstborn sacrifice,
the missionaries said: "If we would teach that, we would be killed right away".
Another way of the Torah to wean people from sacrifice of the firstborns was,
to declare that one of the 12 tribes: Levi, would not get land like the others.
Instead they would serve in the sanctuary, the service of the sons of Israel.
"In   p l a c e   of  every firstborn..... For mine is every firstborn .... mine they shall be"
Numeri 3:12-13

The first one who openly opposed human sacrifice was Jeremia, some 700 years after Moses.
The Muslims changed the "Aqedah", the "BINDING" of Yitzkhaq into the SACRIFICE of Yishmael.

And has anything changed today?
Many a young man in Israel lets himself be recruited to the army whole-heartedly,
ready "to sacrifice my life" for our homeland....

Next day - Oct. 23, 2013
I sense more and more
the cooperation from "somewhere".
Like in this case:
Yesterday I searched for "Aqedat-Yitzkhaq"
on Healing-K.i.s.s
and found only a few entries, knowing
that there was much more.
Today I'm led to this page
and linked to yet another intense sculpture about
the sacrifice of firstborns
(s. below "My Desire" on Nov. 28, 2009:
Jonathan's recruition"



"Abraham" (2005) e-mail quote on February 25, 2011

You can't take sides against anything.
If you would just leave the "against" part out;
if you would just be one who is for things -
you would live happily ever after...



2009_12_15 - Mika's Heaven on Earth

I follow my understanding and new lekh-lekhâ on January 1, 2009,
  that - after 7 years - I should no longer create new pages on my 2 websites,
but intermingle the evidence of new experiences with that on existing pages.

On August 1, I decided to re-employ song-page after song-page
for documenting and exploring
the evolution of my youngest grandchild,
a starchild whose assignment for this planet seems to be:
to demonstrate by her own living and doing,
how to playfully create from moment to moment

"zest-fully and full-filled"

[see previous composition]

When I said, it was time to go home, she agreed
but claimed, not to be able to walk one step.
So I surrendered (.....) once more
and sat her on my shoulders.
On our way we found a discarded umbrella,
which made sitting on savta's shoulders even more fun.
I asked a passer-by to take our picture!


Later little Gal came to us.

After some time of perfect co-creation in the living room,
there came a time in Mika's room: Mika commanding Gal.
I entered the room.
Mika: "We are playing family and don't want to be disturbed!"
"I only want to say something to Gal",

and turned to the tiny person who is some 4 months younger than Mika.
when you don't feel like obeying Mika's demand, just tell her so!"

Again some time later, I met the two friends in the piano corner:
Mika: "I am the princess, and you are the king!"
Gal - a bit embittered: "I also want to be a princess!"
I looked at both and asked: "So what do you do in this case?"
Mika, thinking and with a happy smile:
"Then we shall be both princesses!"

For me this is a proof, that Mika is not "domineering" by nature,
but needs the children and people around her to stand up to her!




The next day, Tuesday, December 15, I am again allowed to fetch Mika already at 2 PM.
This time the kindergardener led me to the playing Mika, who ignored me.
I decided to stay on until she would ask us to leave.

with Ran
with Almog

It seemed to me, that she enjoyed "kindergarden" - contrary to what her mother believes.
But later Efrat explained to me, that I was naive, and that all Mika wanted was~~~
to show off with her grandmother.

And indeed, there soon was something to show off with.

First sweet Lia ran towards me and hugged me warmly.
That's what Mika stopped ignoring me and joining us, saying:

"See, how I can lift Lia!"

Mika is obsessed with acrobatics and equilibrity and balancing

Seeing Lia on the bars, Mika found a pretext to compete.
"I also want to be on the red pole", she insisted.
I said: "but you can climb up the other pole!" In vain!
Tzippora: "they have decided, that the red pole is for girls and the yellow one of the boys!"

Lia gives in and Mika is happy


But soon comes the real trial for me:
Mika demonstrates,
how you can jump into grandma's arms,
wrap your legs around her belly
and from there turn over into a salto
Now the kids wait in a row awaiting their turn.

Little Yael and little Tal are too akward ,
but two girls, who are half a year older than Mika,
Lin and Valeria learn fast.


While Yael and Valeria await their turn, little Segev tries to jump....

This part of my participation was partly photographed by Tzippora.

There came another part, not documented,
which was physically a bit easier, but for my soul much more difficult.

I found myself a shaky, uncomfortable plastic box to rest on.
To rest? No way!
Soon I had Lia on my right knee,
Lin on my left knee
and Segev reaching for a third knee.

While I tried to balance myself, in order not to break the box or fall from it,
the girls were literally flirting with me,
giving me more physical warmth than Mika in all the last 3 years had granted me,
talking a lot about my beauty and asking about the heart-chains around my neck.

(a few hours ago I had finally - with the help of that artist - repaired the "amethyst-heart" necklace,
which broke a month after my birthday,
and - making use of the opportunity - arranged a better composition of the 3 chains with the 4 hearts)

When Mika cried in the background, since she felt excluded,
and even more so - when Tal wanted to be close to me, too
but Lia rejected him bluntly: "I don't like you!"
I knew, that I would not create such a situation again!

A woman from the kindergarden on the other side of the fence came:
"Why don't you come to us too!"
meaning it as a compliment.
But I simply can not deal with people's competition for attention,
be they children or be they grownups.
It is too big an issue for me to even broach it in this context.

Sure, when Mika changed her attitude and joined us,
and together with Tal and Segev I now had a circle of five kids
hugging me, loving me in this moment,
I felt the delight of it!
But most of my thinking was directed to the problem:
how can I get out of here?

But once we, Mika and I, did manage to leave,
the problematic situation was not done with...

For, as usual, instead of following my K.i.s.s.-
I make even simple things more complicated.

That's what Efrat threw at me the next day,
and rightly so.

I should not have shared all my complex feelings,
not with her, anyway, since she is not "neutral".
I should have simply announced my conclusion:
'Next time I'll ask that Mika be brought out to me.'
No, I should not even have "announced" this.
I should have acted according to this conclusion.
That's all!
See the second stanza to another lesson in a song I made in October
keep it simple, sweetheart!
K.i.s.s. with Mika's words,
this is your God's true art!

[This passage was written on December 23,
see more details about the "trigger" on next page]

Continuation of Mika's "Heaven-on-Earth" , in December 2009, on the Song page of February 1, 2007