The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



Overview of and Links to the Pages of My Community:Desert Vision - Succah Parting from its realization in the exterior World

D E S E R T      V I S I O N
An Introduction

Abraham, the Desert Host
[Genesis 18]
Dedicated to "Roibe", Dan Rubin,
(From "Succah-Diary 2),

"The second most important experience at Mitzpe-Ramon was my encounter with Dan Rubin, the "soul" of the Nature Reserves Authority ....

Though he was absolutely opposed to my "project" ["Man will be forever the enemy of nature"] , he liked the Biblical image of "Abraham, the desert host", and, despite himself, he gave me two advices, which were to become the only major alterations in the original vision...


When I parted from "Roibe" I was happy to have found my match, [today, April 6, 2011, I would say: a true peer!
his thoughtful, wise opposition would have a fruitful effect on my own thinking.

But four weeks later he suddenly died - a man exactly my age ~~~

The day I learnt about this death, I was on one of my many study-tours during those 10 months of pregnancy with the Succah Vision - in this case for learning about water resources in the Negev .


"I, I trust in you
In your hands I commit my spirit
You set my feet into open space
My times are in your hand
[Psalm 31,
composition of verses;
adapted to an English tune: "awake, awake"]

"How great is your goodness
which you have concealed
for those who fear you
(=are communicating with you )

You hide them
in the hiddenness of your face,
you conceal them in the succah"


One of many attempts to write an
Introduction to "Succah in the Desert"
Vision and Model
  2002_07_23; last update; 2003_04_04 , not completed; latest update: 2009_11_25


On October 6, 2007, my son Micha, who lives at Mazkeret Batya in the center of Israel,
sent me this spot with "Succah in the Desert" in Google Earth, commenting:

"It's nice to see that the path to the water tank, which I made with my own hands [1990], is clearly visible!"

Morning over the Yitzkhaq (Isaac) succah - July 2002

"succah", plural "succot",
comes from the verb "to cover with palm fronds"
and is the symbol of a temporary shelter,
like those,
which the Hebrew slaves are supposed to have lived in
during the 40 years of their wanderings in the Desert.

See detailed Glossary

and detailed Timeline

and A kind of history/herstory
in my
Succah-diary of 1992/3

The interior of the first Rachel Succah, one of seven

People ask? "What is the idea?
" (1994)

Inconspicuous, unobtrusive, unimposing
is this tiny road sign to "Succah in the Desert".

People who hear(d) about "Succah in the Desert",
touch(ed) it as visitors,
experience(d) it as guests,
or even live(d), work(ed) and create(d) there as hosts,

praise it as "a very special hosting business in the desert".

It still makes me feel rueful, when I see,
that even those who should know better, do not grasp,

that "Succah in the Desert" was conceived as
a scientific model and live laboratory
for the realization of the "Succah-Vision".

The Succah Vision or Desert Economy Vision
intends to build the socio-economic infrastructure
for the Desert in Israel and in the world.

A third of the planet is Desert,
60% of Israel and 82% of the Arab countries.
Awareness of this fact now grows
because of 4 developments in the world:

- Technology, especially (photovoltaic) solar energy enables wo/man
to live in the remotest valley and to still enjoy all of civilization's achievements.

- The city with its crowdedness, pollution and noise produces tourists
who long for the treasure of the desert - Space, Purity and Silence.[SPS]

- The peace economy of Israel/Ismael demands a gigantic common challenge.

- The dangers for the environment demand a constructive ecology
(not one which only fights or is defensive):
the virginity of the desert gives us the chance
to start all over again with the creation of wo/man on the earth.

"Succah in the Desert" is a laboratory for the R&D
of an economy based on SPS."

Full Moon over "Ya'aqov"

A short answer to the question about the P l a c e (1994)

"Succah in the Desert' is a hosting business for people
who want to enjoy personal hospitality
and the treasure of the desert: SPS - Space, Purity and Silence.

There are 7 succahs for guests, strewn in the wadi and on the cliffs,
and 3 cabins for hosts, a shower, which is warm during the warm hours,
electricity from the sun and a "toilet" that responds to the demands of preserving the environment.
The Succah is for a few people only - up to 12, if they are singles, couples or families,
and up to 16, if it's a group with joint activities.
In this case we erect also our mobile succahs (tents in the forms of triangular pyramids).

2002_11_05; last update: 2003_03_02

Often, when sculpting a present or past experience in Healing-K.i.s.s.,
I want to link to the huge realm of my Desert Creation and Vision,
but today I am utterly frustrated with this intended "Introduction".
The more I'm involved in the "2002 Desert Peace Process",
the more I need to reassess the meaning of my concepts and realizations,
and the less I seem to be able to K.I.S.S. - to Keep It Simple and Short.

This gave me the idea, to insert a paper, which I wrote in 1994

"A short answer to the questions
about the place and the idea",

demanded by the secretary of Gadi's & Efrat's photo-studio in Tel-Aviv,
who was supposed to answer phone-calls of potential Succah guests.

After I'd succumbed to the counsel of men whom I deemed wiser than me,
I founded the "Desert Resources Realization Company LTD",
supposedly a "Company in favor of the Public",
but in reality - as I see only now - an ordinary business company.

At that time the law in Israel demanded
that a company be founded by at least 2 people.
I followed the counsel of those wise men who proposed Gadi as partner.
Gadi and Efrat had been frequent Succah guests since 1991,
and sometimes helped with maintenance
and let me use their photo-studio for free.

After 2 hours ~~~I feel, I cannot continue,
leave alone, complete what I started.

I obviously must breathe-move-sound an ocean of emotions,
before I can give at least one "proper" perspective here.
May the blue passage, which - in my translation - serves as entry to this page,
motivate visitors to search for info and understanding in the many other pages!

Today [2003_03_02] I'll translate and insert the last (down-to-earth...) passage:
What is included in the Price?
"Succah in the Desert" grants three things:
1) contact with the desert treasure: SPACE, PURITY, SILENCE
2) Personal hospitality ("what is this?" - "The hosts give attention
to each guest and receive her/him as if into the family.")
3) Two vegetarian meals, tasty - a warm dinner and a rich breakfast.



Succah in the Desert

Model of a 1994 English brochure "which would attract people
to small hosting enterprises all over the Middle East Deserts":

a time to breathe
a time to listen
a time to know - yourself










Is there a longing in you which you might name "Recreation of Soul"?
A need to balance the city's stimulations with silence - listening?
Many people seek this in a monastry.
In the Middle East there is the DESERT!


If you are neither a prophet nor a monk nor a hero,
but in need of shadow in summer and warmth in winter,
water and food, light and the closeness of people,
you'll find [-for example-] a million-star-hotel
amidst the stony hills of the Negev Heights.
Next to the "Hill of the Angels' Flight',
7 km west of the small desert town Mitzpe-Ramon,
you will be welcomed in a "SUCCAYAH"


A "Succayah" is composed of seven Succot, small cosy dwellings,
[in this case] about 150 m apart, nestled among rocks.
In the central Succah guests meet, eat and share together.
The six remaining private Succot each welcome one or two guests at a time,
for a total of twelve,
not more (with the exceptions of groups, who might include up to 18 people).

Thus the balance is guarded between Nature and Man
and between Man/Woman alone and Man/Woman together


With so few humans amidst so vast a desert,
hospitality cannot be but personal, individual, like in a family.
A family, even a temporary one, will function best,
if its members feel a need for - a commitment toward its existence.

"For me the SUCCAH is like a rock, not to be blown away by the wind",
said Eva today (27.5.92),
while asking if she could prolong her stay.
"even back in my country it will be vital for me to know that this rock exists."

It was then, that I suggested to her to join the "Family".

A "Member" of the temporary SUCCAYAH-family pays
according to personal agreement, to be renewed at each new stay.

[The general price (today) is an average of 100 NIS per day
including two meals, the price depending on 7 criteria]



We also have 7 "mobile Succot", which can be carried,
or - with all required sleeping and cooking equipment -
transported by our jeep into spaces of complete solitude.
Experienced Succayah members are invited to savour the Desert -
without fight for survival - together or al-one...



Our guests are always telling us how lovely the Succot are.
Each one is special.
There are mats and carpets, mattresses and blankets,
gas cooker and gas heater,
utensils for cooking and eating,
an earthen jar for water and copper bowls for washing,
and - the symbol of a SUCCAH and a SUCCAYAH:
electricity from the SUN
to light your Succah
and enable you to use a computer,
should you want to write,
and to get a short, hot shower next to the central Succah.
You'll learn to use and to understand our"throne-house",
the special Succayah toilet.


A jeep for transport and bringing water
until the Nabatean technology of gathering rain-water will be re-invented!

Coming to the SUCCAH is not a flight from civilization
nor a Robinson Crusoe experience
but "Recreation for the Soul".



Flying to Tel-Aviv. From there 200 km to Mitzpe-Ramon.
Flying to Eilat: From there 160 km to Mitzpe-Ramon.

Driving: at the end of the small town,
you'll find a sign "Succah in the Desert',
next to the sign which guides to the Alpaca-Farm.
Coming by bus:
3-4 hours from Tel-Aviv.
We'll fetch you.
Just call us at the office: usually between 10-12 AM



The vision was born in November, 1988
(as a result of 50 years life and strife~~~)

On the Jewish New Year of 5750 (27.9.89),
after ten months of "pregnancy",
I moved to the Desert
and installed my mobile home on the edge of the Ramon Crater,
a unique geological phenomenon.
From there I searched
until I found the site for the first "Succayah"
which is neither a firing-zone nor a nature reserve
nor does it disturb the nearby observatory.
By the beginning of 1990, Daniel Qish, a sculptor from Mitzpe-Ramon,
started to erect the structures of the Succot.
Already at Passover the first guests came,
though only in the months ot come
beauty and comfort were added to the succot.

Since then many people made the SUCCAH their "Home in the Desert",
to which they return time and again,
encountering the power of the DESERT
and --- of themselves,
and enjoying the fruitful togetherness of the ever renewing Succayah-Family.



In the central Succah you'll find desert-tea, musical instsruments,
books, painting equipment and ----
the wonderful worlds of other guests.

You can walk in 360 directiosn
and at sunset or in the moonlight
open yourself to experience the power of the Ramon Crater ~~~~

You use your talents to enhance the stay of the other guests
or to perfect the comfort and beauty of the Succayah.

But imagine that you'll not want to "do" anything anymore
but that you'll just "be" - be silent ~~~ listen ~~~~

The SUCCAH is also a situation
which encourages people - to create!
To create physical things (like pottery)
or to create with people.
It is especially suited for teams, braintrusts, steering-committees etc.:
They come to a "Mo'ed",
a "structured time" and"encounter",
where the holistic process of thinking and planning,
while at the same time experiencing body, soul and earth,
is accompanied by an outside person (Rachel Bat-Adam).



"Succah in the Desert" or in short the SUCCAH
is the name of a vision in the heart
and the name of its manifestation in Israel's Negev.
"Succah in the Desert" is   n o t   a non-profit organization,
but a business (and soon a "Company")
yet not a usual business but something I call a "creon"!
The income of a "creon" covers the expenses
and provides a living for those who create there.
The earnings are in - satisfaction from learning, meeting, creating.

A "Succah" (plural: "Succot") is one of 7 temporary dwellings
which make up a "Succayah" (plural "Succayot").

The "Succah" in the BIBLE
was the temporary shelter in the DESERT
in which the Israelites lived
on their way between the security of their slavery
and the security of their settled life in the land of Israel.
Once a year, during the Festival of Succot in autumn,
we are to eat and sleep in "Succot' for a whole week,
which I, Rachel, understand as a training in letting ot of security
and in gaining the freedom found only in trust.


(Succah=booth, Midbar=Desert)
the rest is integrated in App.Succah Documents- Memorandum of 1994

The same folded brochure
(edition of Immanuel during his time of his company "IMRU"
was distributed in German and in French
[note on April 6, 2011: Pain comes up!
How much work did I and Immanuel invest to produce these brochures.
And for what end? ]



This following summary was inserted in a small photo-album,
intended for a certain potential partner in Aqaba, Jordan,
during the time we worked on the RedSeaPartnerSHIP


This Oasis in Libya is how people imagine the Desert.
But even in Israel itself (60% Desert)
there are very different desert-scapes.

"My" desert consists of stony "female" hills, rarely a cliff,
wadis with low shrubs and the magnificent Ramon Crater.
I took this photo on 2002_08_25, at dawn,
from the "Hill of the Angels' Flight", where I slept

When guests had left,
I looked at the renewed Sarah succah
and its view to the "Hill of the Angel's Flight",
"Mount Lekh-Lekha"
the Isaac Succah
and the "Spirit-Shit"- David Star toilet.

2002_05_30 ; last update: 2002_07_23

The website of Succah in the Desert
is partly based on my thinking and my terminology,
but is lacking ..... It was NOT created by me.

My desire to share my vision
about economy and civilization in the Desert,
based on Hosting City People,
is intense.

[see now "My Desire Today", November 25-26, 2009]

In 1996 I had completed the beta-site,
i.e. the project of a hosting business,
that would demonstrate,
how such an economy is viable
without its very basis, the Desert, being destroyed.
I , therefore, left Succah in the Desert
physically and without any financial strings attached
to fulfill "my" law,
that nobody can OWN a Desert Hosting Business.

Before leaving I prepared an archive
of texts and images.
All 20 folders burnt to ashes,
when 2 years later the main succah caught fire.

A similar destiny struck the video about the beginnings,
done by a man at Mitzpe-Ramon, the little desert town,
who was desperately in need for money.
He died, and must have taken the video to his grave.

I still don't understand the meaning of this destruction.
And I still want this vision and this story to be known.
There is my memory,
and there are many photos with other people,
especially with Gadi and Efrat Lybrook,
who were my partners from 1994 until I parted,
and who still own a well-known photo studio in Tel-Aviv,
though they now live close to the Succah, at Mitzpe-Ramon.

Some time, after I left the Partnership,
which was supposed to advance the whole vision,
not just be responsible for the one existing model,
called "Succah in the Desert",
Gadi and Efrat joined up with another partner, Avi.

Avi [Abraham] who is past career and raising children,
and actually lives at the Succayah
[the name I invented for a Desert hosting business],
rebuilt the Abraham Succah.
It is more practical and more beautiful now,
except that Avi parks his car next to it,
and that he planted trees and flowers.

This photo I took, when I visited there 6 weeks ago,
as a gift to my grandson Jonathan's 11th birthday.
It shows the Abraham Succah,
Avi, the host,
Shiva, the dog, who joined us in 1995,
to the left - part of the solar panels that create electricity,
and up the hill the Ketura Cabin and the Sarah Succah.
There are seven Succahs according to the four mothers and three fathers of Israel,
and five cabins according to the "secondary" or "serving" figures in that Biblical story.


2009_11_26 I discovered this summary of a kind of coaching-talk
granted to me by Yaacov Heikhal, a visitor in the Succayah in March 1993.
He was a professional - e.g. he was a member of the team who prepared the peace-talks with Sadaat...

April 6, 2011:
My intention for this day was, to at least correct this old page, if not complete it.
Yesterday before sleep I came "by chance" across this document in the original,
not remembering that I had once scanned and inserted it here.

I tore the page with the glued document from the notebook and discarded it:
"I'm no longer meant to manifest my vision on the exterior level,
therefore is no reason, to take these very professional advices to hear!"

But what is the purpose of this co-incidence,
discovering both, the original in paper and the copy on the Internet, within 15 hours?

What is a fact, is, that I'm still not able to complete this page,
or even to give it a reasonable structure.
So I indulge in the beautiful "lyrics",
place so neatly around the diagram of the 7 succahs
at the foot of the "Hill of the Angels' Flight"

A "Succayah" is composed of seven Succot, small cosy dwellings,
about 150 m apart, nestled among rocks,
In the central Succah guests meet, eat and share together.
The six remaining private Succot each welcome one or two guests at a time,
for a total of twelve.

Thus the balance is guarded between Nature and Man
and between Man/Woman alone and Man/Woman together

There is a shower in the Succayah (warm during sunny hours) and "natural" toilets in the desert.
Each succah has solar light at night and gas-heating in winter.
The Succayah is neither a hotel nor a youth-hostel, but a guarding, human space
for the encounter with the desert, with yourself, or with "your neighbor there is like you".


(5 days later I approached the Israel Land Authority in person,
see 4-7, 2012 -
------2013-01-04 Try as I might, I cannot find this entry , called "Sullam Ya'acov" on,
I would have transferred the post to "Healing-k.i.s.s", as I did with all the other posts, since soon will no longer exist]

Report to my children
about the harassment of the authorities with regard to a tax
which I hadn't paid between 1990 and 1994,
because I was never notified of its existence

I forgot to tell them, that among other absurdities I was told in that meeting, that "in 1997 your car was confiscated".
In 1994 the Peugeot Pickup had become part of the "Company for the Realization of Desert Resources LTD".
I never drove it since Oct. 1994, and I left the area of "Succah in the Desert" altogether , in April 1996

I am not telling here,
how I view this "harassment" and all troubles for me, my children and this angel Hagit,
from a "metaphysical" or "polyphonic" perspective ...

See more about the procedure to solve this "problem" in "Felt Days"