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 The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



See below this Godchannel message:

The photos of the "WALK ABOUT LOVE 2009" ~ continued from~ Godchannel.com, Personal Channeling: Healing & Judgment
my graphical edition of the Godchannel files
in the chronological order in which they were given.


studied again on 2006_04_10, and again on 2006_07_23

Running Energy Discussion

It's Better to Feel Energy than See It

I keep trying to do the running energy exercise, but can't tell if it's making a difference.
I visualize first the Mother energy coming up from Earth's core, then Spirit energy coming down.
When I read the site material suggesting to do this, it feels like the truth,
but when I do it, it feels like there's a gap in my ability
to be sensitive enough to discriminate if it's making a difference,
almost as if there's an injury or block at the chakras
that are supposed to be able to sense this stuff.
Lately I've been trying to release possible judgments I may have
that I can't be sensitive enough,
that I can't accurately sense God
in case judgments like those are keeping such sensitivity away from me.


"It is of course very good work
to release any negative judgments
about your abilities to connect with the Mother and me,
and for that matter about doing any of [the] practices that can lead you to wholeness.

There is another issue here besides judgments, however.
It has to do with the difference between seeing the energy and feeling it.

The 'etheric', or 'subtle' human energy
is meant to be experienced as a felt sense
rather than an exclusively visual experience.
However, visualization can be very helpful in getting started with this practice.


"Most humans are unaware of their own subtle energy,
this is why it's called 'subtle'.
And although it may be subtle, it's not that mysterious.
This is the same kind of energy that you experience
when you feel into your body's sensations.

"You can also sense this energy in others,
when you sense a person's 'vibes' or 'affect'.

"Subtle human energy has a wide range of sensation.
On one end of the rage it can feel something like a very mild physical sensation,
and on the other end, something that's not so subtle, like profound emotional energy.


"The key to experiencing and working with energy
is to focus attention in the body.
Visualization is a mental experience,
and is useful only
if it helps you feel into your subtle energy,
which by the way includes sexual energy.



Appendices>RUOW Contexts>RingMuscleTraining

"Sexual energy
is probably the most intense
and therefore most obvious form of human energy.
It's not exactly 'emotional', and it's not exactly 'physical' either.
Yet it is energy almost everyone is aware of,
and therefore can be used
as a standard for sensing subtle energy in the other chakras
Sexual energy is of course primarily experienced or sensed in the lower part of the second chakra.


"Just below this center is the first chakra.
Without it being triggered by an event,
the easiest way to begin sensing first chakra energy
is to flex the sphincter muscle around the anus.
When you release the muscle,
a slight tingling sensation is left.
This mild sensation can be used
as a perceptual doorway
into deeper layers of sensation in the energy of your first chakra.



"The practice here would be to feel into the tingling
and allow your awareness to stay focused,
and then follow the sensations
as they radiate away from the area of the muscle.

This can bring your awareness to the next,
even more 'subtle' layer of first chakra energy,
and as your awareness continues to follow the energy,
notice how it changes.


"The next step is to 'run' the energy
by consciously intending to move it with your awareness and your breath.
As you inhale, use your intention to draw the energy up to the next chakra,
and bring your attention along with it, bathing the area with awareness.
You can continue drawing the magnetic energy up the chakras in this manner.


"The main difference between seeing and feeling the energy is
that in seeing it,
you are getting it to follow your lead through visualization.
In feeling or sensing the energy
you are using your awareness to follow along with it,
and then your intention to move it.

The truth is that it's moving already,
but your loving attention and focused awareness on its movement
increases its quantity and improves its quality.
It also brings your energy under your conscious domain
and allows you to be parental to it.



"To begin sensing the energy in the other chakras
it may be helpful to use a hand or finger
to put pressure on the outside of your body in the area of the chakra.

By first contacting the physical sensations associated with a chakra's energy,
the other layers of sensation can begin to resolve in awareness.



"Although visualization is primarily a mental experience,
running energy is not.
It is primarily a feeling experience,
but of a different kind than most humans have been aware.

Since energy is fundamental to manifested existence,
energy awareness is crucial to the healing work,
and well worth the effort to develop."


As a related aside,
I wish there could be a little channeled material on the hara line, etc.
as discussed in Barbara Brennan's book Light Emerging.
That material suggested a process for first connecting with Earth energy at the center of the Earth,
and then Spirit energy from above.
Her material said that when a person's hara line is lined up in this way,
a "bridge" of sorts gets built,
that a person then becomes aligned with their karmic purpose,
and that the person can then access thousands of times more power.

"Yes, this is true.
There has been much emphasis on the importance of the hara in Eastern metaphysics,
and particularly in developing strong body presence.
Since 'life purpose' and 'body purpose' are virtually the same,
strengthening the hara
can be quite helpful in realizing and fulfilling your original, karmic goals in this life.
And hara awareness is an important part of energy awareness.
However, your original life purpose can be realized and your karmic goals met
without necessarily focusing on the hara or its energy.


"The practice of driving backward
that I recommend in the four steps material
is a much quicker, more efficient way
to realize and complete your original life purpose.
In fact, it can be done in the present moment,
in the 'twinkling of an eye'.

"With your original life work or reason for being here Accomplished,
you are then free to take on a purpose you had not originally intended,
at least not for this lifetime.
You are free to take on the extraordinary life purpose
of healing into wholeness."


When I read (about the Hara and life purpose) about 4 years ago,
I felt the inner knowing sense that the assertions were true,
and I've tried the Hara alignment process a number of times.
Again, I usually feel afterwards a groping sense of inability to know
how effective my visualizations of alignment have been.
I'm thinking
that the GodChannel suggested method maybe has the same effect on Hara line
as the suggested Barbara Brennan material,
and am wondering if this is so.
Does doing the running energy exercises line up this bridge?


"Yes, it does.
This is because running energy helps align the whole being,
all of the various subtle bodies and the physical body.

There will be more material on this in both the healing class and the channeling class."


Do some people have to do the running energy exercises more than 30 times
before they begin to become sensitive enough to discriminate the resultant shifts in energy?
As the 8 year old in me would say, "Am I doing this right?"


"A very good question, and thank you for asking it.
No, focusing only on the visual aspects of the energy
is not enough to get it running as intended.
The energy must be felt,
visualizing it is meant only to help get you started.


"However, the problem hasn't been with your practice
as much it's been with the original description of the exercise in the channeling class.
I've asked the channelers to revise some of that language,
and the revised versions of the running energy exercise
and the running energy script are now posted.
I recommend that you experiment with these new understandings
about feeling
rather than seeing the energy,

and I apologize for this not being made more clear in the beginning."

Running Energy Exercise | Index of Running Energy Discussion

Channeling Class Introduction | Index of Channeling Class Discussion


Dear Channelers,

Since I shared with you the beginning of my experiment
with devising a running-energy ritual, that works for me,
I want to tell you, that a new element added itself: SOUND.

Sound has been sadly missing all the time in "your" exercise,
though Sound - as one way to vibrate emotions - is strongly recommended by "God".
Somewhere Deity's info even specifies: "use guttural sounds"!

Exactly these came out, when I did the ritual for the first time today.
As I told you, the practicality of my ritual is , among other advantages,
that I can do it in one deep breath, whenever I become conscious of myself,
conscious of my body sensations right now
conscious of what I am feeling right now
conscious of where I am in mastering my life and healing towards wholeness.
This happens very often during my waking hours and also during the night,
for instance when I wake up because I have to go to the toilet.
(You may know, that drinking a lot during the day is part of the healing...)

Here is the ritual as it has evolved so far:
Sitting or standing or - not as good: - lying in bed,
I flex the anus sphincter as strongly as possible, without (!) relaxing it,
and while imagining this movement "sinking" into the center of the earth,
and following the movement with my strongly clasped hands [also sphincter muscles!] -
my throat produces deep, not exactly beautiful... sounds.
From down there - relaxing the sphincters -
I breathe in and imagine "baraka" moving up,
my open hands moving along body to sense the baraka,
spiraling clockwise around heart,
up to the crown,
spilling over,
and with my open hands - still open like a funnel ,
I draw and breathe out "charisma" down along my body,
again -moving my hands as close to my body as possible without touching it
(which would confuse the sensation),
trying to sense the charisma,
again spiraling around heart, but earthwise, and then down into the earth.

I keep finding it helpful to have adopted the terms
"baraka" for Will or Mother Energy and "charisma" for Spirit Energy.
[in both cases: emphasis on first sylable]
You may be familiar with the Greek "charisma", but not with "baraka":
this is the Arabic Sufi term for divine energy,
- it actually means "blessing", like the Hebrew: berakha.


July 23, 2006
It is a time of war again.
Two days ago - while coping with my fury about
the mindless "warmongers" on the one hand
and the Mother-denying "lightworkers" on the other hand,
another modification of my ritual added itself:

After charisma has merged with baraka in my heart,
I do not lead the united "energy" down into the earth again.
Instead I move it - together with my hands - around my lower trunk
and than spread it out graciously into and unto "the World",
especially onto the "warmongers" and "lightworkers".

I still cannot "sense the energy",
but when spreading out united Baraka-Charisma,
I clearly feel and think --------- "COMPASSION"!
The fury and frustration which follow from having dedicated my life
to "Creating the Conditions of Partnership between Arabs and Jews"
"in vain"

reside and give way to the integration of those aspect of myself,
the "warmongers" and the "lightworkers"
which play out the roles I must have given to them in MY drama.





I follow my understanding and new lekh-lekhâ on January 1, 2009,
  that - after 7 years - I should no longer create new pages on my 2 websites,
but intermingle the evidence of new experiences with that on existing pages.
Since March 2009 I've been "synchronizing" the chronological process of the Godchannel.com files
with the chronological process of my photos and - if there should be time - observations of the

"Walk About Love"

continuation of April 30, 2009;
latest update of this page: July 29, 2009


It's from up there,
that "Greenpeace"
is directing
the advertising performance
of us, the Walkers,
for "Solar Energy".

I tried to refrain from thinking.
How fortunate,
that none of the good people
in Greenpeace
and none of the Walkers
have any history with
"Solar Energy",
like I have,
ever since that response
from the Ministry of Energy
in 1984,
when I asked,
how I could apply Solar Energy
to my mobile home:
"put this out of your head, madam!
this will never ever work!"

And, in fact, the way "it" works,
the photovoltaic method
or all other methods for that matter,
is so pathetic,
that I can only cry....

"Walking is Life", but they are sitting...

By now, I felt so week, that I tried to find a car who would bring me to our next camp.
Angels are always close to help, and I found a car and a driver.
This was the one and only time, that I did not walk all the walk,
except the next day, when I didn't walk at all.

While waiting for a few more people,
who wanted to go by car, too,
I watched
what I discerned through the car's window:
Again - history!
It's the Accadia Hotel on the southern beach of Herzliya,
next to which my bus was parking in winter 1988-89,
at the beginning of my 10 months pregnancy
with "Succah in the Desert"

When we reached this spot above the Ga'ash Beach, I felt, that it was close to here,
where I had parked my bus on a rock - after the winter behind the Accadia Hotel.
It was here, from March to September 26, 1989,
that the pregnancy with "Succah in the Desert" was completed.

But neither our driver nor I nor people whom we asked on the way showed us,
that we just should have parked the car here and walked down by foot to the right site.
Rea was not available on the phone, and Gil had left for half a day to be with his father in hospital.
I was angry at Rea, but in this case, it was nobody's fault,
there just wasn't any phone-connection down there below the rocks.

I still wonder, why we had to "loose" an hour on roaming around Ga'ash in the wrong direction
while all I wanted was to to lay down in my tent and forget about the World...

Finally we made it,
and though I don't remember who helped me to erect the tent:
please be thanked!

I still had some strength left, to enjoy the sunset...

How magnificent!



Then the world became grey and the sun small and pale as the feelings of my body and my soul




The next morning, Friday , was the first of May, 2009.
it should have been the joyful beginning of the last month of
The Walk about Love.
One of the obviously new walkers - since I didn't know her - passed by my tent,
not aware that I was watching her graceful walking and her a bit depressed face.

Early in the morning - two incidents:

Lior comes to my tent to ask how I felt.
And then tells me:

"Image, what woke me up!
I was sleeping in my sleeping-bag outside as usual,
and a man - Aviv - came by and kissed me
I got up and approached him and told him,
that I would not accept such behavior."

And she told the repulsive answer she got from Aviv.

I was too numb to really grasp, what this incident meant.

"Can you ask .... , if I can stay in camp today without working?
And then join them when they drive to the next camp?
I am too sick to walk and too sick to work!"

After a long while ("they are busy discussing money"),
Lior came back:

"I asked and I was told:
no, whoever stays in the camp, has to work,
and there is no free place in the cars."

"This can't be! Please repeat this response!"
She repeated it, and anyway she is always exact in reporting.

Later she informed me, that she has decided to leave.
"To leave until when?"
"I don't know if and when I'll come back!"

I felt disappointed and sad.

At some time during the day I informed Sari of both incidents.
She was so shocked, that she herself threatened to leave.

"But it's not because of incidents, that you should leave!
Nor is it the behavior of some people, which is dangerous.
Something deeper is lacking."

She asked me for Lior's phone and called her,
and Aviv was commanded to leave.

This is not the way, "incidents" should be handled.
If there is among us, this Body of the Walk, someone like Aviv,
about whom just the day before Sari had told me:
"There is a man, Aviv, who even before the walk exclaimed:
all I want from the Walk is drugs and sex",

then we must look at ourselves and ask us:
'what hole in our wholeness attracts such people?'
Sending them away,
bringing in the police like in the case of the "Shai-Company",
is only pushing the problem under the carpet.

In the end it was me who left and Lior who re-joined the Walk,
and it had little to do with those incidents.

[See the photo of the morning "circle" on May 2, taken by Yeshiya Amariel]

I find someone, who will drive in someone else's car to the next - and for me last - campsite.
Those who set out to walk, are gone already , and so are those who dismantled the camp.
Some people were picking up garbage all along the beach.
The full bags are the last sign, that we, the Walk about Love , have been camping here.

Hamutal suggests to carry my backpack on her back and her own on her front.
How sweet!



The car was supposed to be Dekel's car.
I mention this because of a wondrous event on that evening,
the Eve of Shabbat,
when I still didn't know, that I would leave the next day.
But then we split up, - I was going in someone else's car.

When we reached Poleg-beach I was disappointed.
Ga'ash beach had been beautiful and intimate.
Though, to my regret, I couldn't take part in the evening or morning circle
but lay sick in my tent,
I felt, that here, on Gaash Beach, we were once more One group.
Poleg beach is so vast, that at first we didn't even find the right spot to set up our tents.
We had started already, when an extremely fat and angry man on some beach vehicle kicked us away.
So we went to the site, which he had pointed out.
I don't remember, if this time I erected my tent myself,
of if someone helped me. Thank you, in any case!

Soon enough I saw someone unfamiliar set up tent next to me.
He started to drum right away, and I felt, that right now even drumming was too much for me.
I took out my stuff from my tent
and dragged it as far to the south as I dared.
Then I settled in - for the last time, as it turned out the next day.

My heart and intestines were in a turmoil.
My throat still hurt so much.
My Herpes got worse instead of better.
And now there was the beginning of one of the most terrible physical plight I knows:
a bladder infection.

After some rest - since nobody familiar was around,
and the Walkers had still not arrived -
I attempted to reach the beach,
knowing that I would not be able to go to the sea.
I had been looking forward to it!
Last year I had been in the sea only one single time.
Now, with the Walkers staying over night on a beach,
I would have had a fantastic chance to compensate for this.
But I was sick.


Beyond my tent I discerned one of the walkers,
and - looking for help for my predicament with "The Walk",
I disturbed her:

"What do you feel, Y...!?"

"I miss UNITY!"

To my great regret , this Walker (from Europe) does not want to be identified.
I had to delete the beautiful sculpture of text and pictures, which I created about her,
because a feedback from this quiet, but very loved Walker could be helpful to us all.

"What do you feel, Y...!?"

"I miss UNITY!

(mocking herself) why did I expect it?
I should accept what happens!"

"No, no, no! "
I scream.
"My God says, that
"nothing exists in Manifestation
which was not begotten by Desire!
[I advise you to carefully study the Godchannel file:
Truth and Reality Class III: Introduction to Manifestation

"You must expect!
You must long and yearn for what you want!
You must desire it ardently!
And if you feel powerless,
accept this feeling and move it,
sound it, breathe it - physically!
but go on desiring, go on yearning, go on expecting!"

Y. was silent for a while and then said :
"These 'festivals' always bring my energy down,
and it's like that with most people!"

"So why don't you speak up?
Why do I seem to be the only one, who cries and pleads,
as was quoted in
Jerusalem Post about the "Festival in Shittim":

"Aside from the objection to paying for tickets,
not all the walkers responded enthusiastically to the Opening Festival,
They had just come from a serene week in the desert
and the festival atmosphere and music came as a shock to some.
Some participants didn't want to attend,
and one even described the music as "raping the desert,"...
Many also expressed concern
that they were being used as a gimmick
to sell festival tickets,
instead of the festival promoting and funding the Walk About Love"

Y. was about to leave "the Walk" the next day,
together with Frederick from Holland, whom Y. quoted:
"My light is gone. I can no longer give anything!"

An e-mail from Y. on May 22,2009

Its allready a week that im back to europe..with joy i met my friends,but with alot of beutiful feelings i remember my trip in Israel..
Yesterday,i looked walkabout website,and i found your collections of pictures with comments and conversations.And thats the reason why im writing now to you....

The part wich contains my pictures and parts of our conversation then on the beach made me feel like robbed.Becouse the words that you used, were picked of all what was said, and made very one sided. Well i dont deny that i felt like that, but for me is just one side of the coin, wich another side is a great and rich expirience in the walkaboutlove.I told you that.As you knowyourself we had many ups and downs in our community and travel.
Its never allways good or bad,and thats how we are learning andgrowing..

So I want to ask that you would remove my pictures from the website,becouse i dont feel right about what you tried to show by using my words. And i dont agree that it would be used in internet becouse of my own reasons. Its personal. I think i have right to that?
Thank you.
And i hope i will not insult you with this . Warm greetings, Y.

May 23, 2009 Dear Y.

I am not insulted, but I am sad.
The composition with you was very beautiful and very balanced:
The way you walked , when we walked
and the way you drummed, during our parades,
showed "the other side of the coin".
Of course, you haven't read , what I sculpted only in Hebrew
"Insights about the Walk about Love",
and had not yet the time to sculpt in English.
For it cannot simply be translated.
Nor have you seen the pictures of my nine weeks,
+ the pictures of my "parting-walk" on May 11,
since - until this hour - my constant work
on experiencing the Walk on the deepest level,
has reached only the photos until April 26.
Maybe you would see then,
that your input is immensely important
for the maturing of the Walk about Love.

What makes me also sad,
is your quest to not appear on the Internet.
Please win me over to this approach
of "lack of transparency"!
Has it to do with a political problem?
One of the great things on the Walk was,
that people were not addicted to "privacy".
I never even once heard anyone say:
"but don't tell this to so-and-so!"
If I love myself and am whole with what I do,
what does it matter, if others judge me,
or just misunderstand me?

But of course, I respect your quest:
I took away the photos and i disguised your name..
In case you'll change your mind, I'll be ready to quote you with your full name...

May 23, later
Shalom Y, I just discovered, that the letter was sent by error,
before I had completed it,
and in fact, I didn't want to send it at all for the time being.

I now have removed the link to that page on which my sculpture about you appeared.
It's premature to talk about what we both think is right or not,
as long as the page with that text-picture-sculpture about you is not yet completed

Hoping for clearer and deeper communication: Christa-Rachel

Ieva (Yava) revised her verdict later, see "Correspondences with Walkers"



There indeed was no unity.
Though it was written for all to see - in Shittim:





Several times the hour of a "special Kabbalat-Shabbat" with the people of Natanya had been announced:
The last announcement defined:
It was explained, that it had to happen before the actual beginning of Shabbat,
because in the coalition of the Natanya municipalities were religious parties
and they demanded, that we stick to their rules..

Nothing happened at 17:30, nor at 18:30.
Around seven some people began to round up a circle (see to the left...).
At first I joined,
but in that moment I wasn't strong enough to radiate my own energy,
and what I felt, was embarrassment, to say the least.

I sensed all the people around, who did not want to take part in the circle.
I gave in to my pain and went around with my camera with a bitter feeling.

"Are you not taking part in the circle, Doron?" I asked,
and he - obviously in some joyful company - laughed:

"Am I such a fan of Judaism to want to take part in a Shabbat circle?"

I did not expect it from Doron, indeed.
I understood and respected his claim:
"I do not belong to any religion or to any nation".
And he truly practises this - "belonging to the planet".


People keep sitting right next to the fragile circle... someone is juggling


I less respected this group, lounging around - the (in-)famous Shai next to Dana -
as if they couldn't care less - about The Walk and the Walkers.

Then, next to those who held hands or arms around shoulders
- both Walkers and "guests" from the outside -
I saw people playing a ball-game.
Couldn't they at least go somewhere else on this vast beach?
But when I mentioned something to someone later,
I understood, that I was the only one being so "intolerant".
"Everyone can do what he likes" , is the common slogan,
never mind, if this doing tramples on other people's feelings...

"We are all One".... ????

At least these Walkers are on their feet and play, instead of sitting in front of tents and rolling joints

What is this strange thing, which seems to jump out of the sea like a dophin?????





Later I saw, that the energy in the circle rose - that's what a circle is for.
I heard them shouting and screaming with joy,
and I was told, that it was a response to Yeshiya's story
about the way, the Black Hebrew Communities (at Arad, Dimona and Mitzpe Ramon)
celebrate Shabbat.

At first I wondered, why I missed this last circle and the experience of Unity, be it ever so short a moment.
Even my strong intent, to close my "parting-circle" on May 11 under that olive-tree with an "OM", did not manifest.
I "forgot" to ask for it.

But I've come to learn this law of life: "Parting can not be mixed up with feeling Unity!"
Parting is pain, and the pain can only be felt and moved , it cannot be comforted away.

And yet, something very soothing happened in the food-circle, 2 hours later.

Uriya the next day

Continuation of the photos of the "Walk about Love" in the Godchannel file
"Truth and Reality Class III: Introduction to Manifestation"