The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"


2 0 0 1 - 2 0 1 2


I am totally committed to heal myself into wholeness - and as a hologram - all of Creation


in the house
of God
no word
for an answer
only the patterns
of foliage
in light and shade
on the floor
the symmetry
of strings
on the tabala
a reflection
on the metal
a promise
of sound
and rhythm

Madurai/South India
April 22, 1998


the mad one
in the road
man or woman
no clue
a basin

as helmet
a rag fixed
for a veil

Gabriele Dietrich was born in Germany like me, Rachel, and adopted India as I adopted Israel.
This painting, sent to her friends for NewYear 2001, and her poetic triptych convey my message.

a sack
hanging on
haggard bones
speaks volumes
of our

Madurai, April 22, 1998


The woman
in the wet end
of her saree
the pallu
[frontpiece of a saree]
to a twig
five meters
the wind
[to dry her only saree]
a lonely
from want
and care
this moment
to walk

April 24, 1998
train to Delhi


"These words are echos of the voice
that has been deepest within your mind
your essential nature as loving Spirit


I am the Universal Masculine, the single source of Light
that assists the Mother in creating and sustaining all that is.


I am evolving as Creation evolves,
and I am evolving toward Love.

The fact that I am evolving remains a fact
even though it has been denied
by most of my worshipers.


On June 23, 2011, I again found many small updates,
obviously intended to make the statements more precise , exact.
Please read all chapters, including the new chapter "The Folks"
in the updated, graphically edited, file of
"Who is God"

I am Light, the Great Spirit, the Great Yang.
My energy is like electricity, like lightning,
and like the soft glow of phosphorus.[Missing in the old Version]
It is the energy of inspiration, ideas and thoughts.

And as I evolve,
I find more and more of my truest nature to be Loving Spirit.
{old version: "more and more of me finds my truest nature ~ Loving Spirit."}

"My deepest and most essential Light is subtle, soft and warm and gentle.
{The last two sentences are missing in the old version]

While I am referred to as 'God', and worshiped as God~~
the truth is that I am only one part of God,
one part of Deity,

the whole gestalt
responsible for causing and sustaining

God's Quest
[see there the evolution of this text till 2011]

"My deepest purpose

in establishing this channel of communication

is to enlist you in helping me

reconnect with my Desire,

the wondrous being

who is my mate and partner

in creating this Universe.

We separated in the beginning,

and all of the issues and problems

you are experiencing on Earth

can be traced back

to what happened when we originally split.

"The circumstances and forces

present in the initial explosion of Creation

caused the Universal Feminine to fragment,

and in that process

some of her most vital parts

became lost to my loving Light.

She is now asking for my help,

and I am joyously accepting this opportunity

to completely heal our relationship

by coming to her and relating with her

on her terms only.

Because I am evolving,

I can look back and see

that I've never done it this way before.

Until now,
I've always asked her to align with me.

"Why you and why Earth?

Because the fragments of the Divine Feminine

most in need of my help

are right here, hidden within you.

There is a long story behind this
and I am giving a class about it called
'Quest for the Mother'.
I invite you to join this and the other classes offered here."

The purpose of Healing-K.i.s.s. is:

The purpose of
as defined
by the Channelers

(in the latest update on the page
"God's Intention"

discovered by me
on 2011_06_23]


The purpose of this site is
to share our communication with God ~~~ both
and the Mother of Creation

and help provide them
with a focused virtual presence on Earth.

We believe
that God is already here within everything,
including each of us humans.
Experience has shown us
that anyone can communicate with Spirit
and get verbal answers
to questions,
and replies to concerns.
This communication
is accomplished
through a phenomenon
we call "channeling."
However, two-way prayer,
contemplation ,
focused presence
and meditation
can also be ways of communicating with Deity.

We believe
everyone has a direct connection with God,
and the channeling
on this site
reflects our connection.
You are welcome
to use this material
in your healing process,
please disregard
anything here
that may conflict
with what you are getting directly
through your own inner communication with Deity.


God's  [now: Spirit's]   Intention
[see there the evolution of this text between 1997 and 2011]

"I have asked that this material be published here
so that you and I can communicate more fully.
While my truest presence and voice will always be within you,
my intention is
to help strengthen the experience
of our inner connection
through this outer form of communication.

"You and I already know each other;
you have sometimes heard my voice
speaking softly and lovingly within you,
quietly appreciating and encouraging you.
'You are good,' 'You can do it,' and 'Follow your dream,'
are examples of things you may remember hearing from me.

"Talking to you from these pages now
is like me talking to myself.
It is, in fact, my own eternal presence within you that I am addressing. I am waking up inside of you,
which is like saying
that you are waking up to realize that you and I are one.

"I should say that you are waking again,
because you may remember that we have been here before.
Your deep Being has always known the oneness of all things,
and has always known
that you, the part of you who is a fragment, a separate being,
has been in a long and constant process of evolution
toward becoming completely whole.
For a very long time your own and all of humanity's evolution
toward wholeness
has been a great mystery.
Now it is becoming a great awakening.

"If you ask me to,
I can help you become aware of your true identity
so that we can work together collaboratively
to resolve the otherwise insurmountable problems
you and your species are facing.
I am now moving to the point in my own evolutionary process
where I can effectively correct the imbalances
that have existed on Earth and in the rest of Creation
since before the beginning of time,
and I am inviting your collaboration in doing this."

"Above all, you have free will.
You and only you can choose
who you will be and what you will do.
I would love you to choose to be my host here on Earth;
I would love you to expand the presence of Divinity within you
and allow it to fully express through you.
And I would love that you and I work together
to bring about the healing that is being called for
by both your deepest Self and your planet.

"And of course, as collaborators in the healing work,
it will be most helpful if you and I have strong and certain
inner two-way communication with each other.
This website can support us in establishing and strengthening
our connection and communication.

"You can, if you choose,
channel my light, the light of loving Spirit,
and use it to help heal yourself and the ills of your planet.
We will soon explore the exact means of our inner communication
and the specific healing tools and medicine we can use together.
And in doing this healing work you will literally be preparing
the way for Heaven to come to Earth.

"If this is your choice, a good place on this site to begin is
with the Four Steps to Wholeness."



He is the One,
He is the One.
He threw Her out,
He threw Her out like She was scum.

Everything He did not like, He thought She had become.

And all that He denied,
And all that He despised
Is what She held.

Until He gave Her one great smack
Sent Her reeling back
To Hell.

She held the pain,
She held the pain.
She felt the shame, She took the blame
For all He feared...

That His great image was not all that it appeared.
And under that facade of goodness...
Was a cold and hateful strike
That sent her falling back in horror, struggling for Her life.

All the pain, All the pain.
Listen to my own singing  


Introduction to the fifth book of "Right Use of Will"

"Feel the heartlessness present on earth
and react to it

with the sounds of your emotions,
by the depth of understanding...

"This wailing, wrenching, keening,
long lost Heart Song
must be allowed to be sung.


"Allow sound - even your breath
or a tiny sound at first,
to bridge another gap in you which is
between the feelings you have
and the expressing of them that you do...

"As bad as these events may feel,
this is the opportunity to heal

w h a t   i s   y o u r s   t o   h e a l ."

"Come to the most difficult feelings
of terror, rage and grief ~
with love, acceptance, appreciation and encouragement."

"When your own spirit
is truly loving all of the feelings
triggered in you by world events,
y o u   a r e   d o i n g  
p l a n e t a r y   h e a l i n g w o r k
inside of yourself,
the only place it can truly happen"

"Wholeness  of  being will  be  yours,
if you are willing
t o   t a k e   r e s p o n s i b i l i t y
for all that you experience,
if you are willing
to bring your own light and healing intent,
bring your own consciousness
lovingly and intentionally
into Hell ~


"I am a wall
and my breasts are like towers;
then I am in his eyes
as one who finds wholeness

"You who are sitting in the gardens,
friends are listening to your voice.
Let me hear you!

"Exult your voice,
daughter of waves!"
(Bible, end of Song of Songs + Jesaja 10,30)


This is the fifth book of the 8 book series "Right Use of Will",
and unlike any of the others it offers words by a "real" person:
the poem about Magdalena and her lover Jesus
serves as entry.
The coalescense of Mary from Magdala and Mary, Jesus' mother
in Rilke's "Pietà" is in line with "God's" info about Mary.
Painting by my Palestinian friend Leila Simes PIETA


My translation on 2003_06_04

So I see your feet again , Jesus,
which were once the feet of a youth,
when I undressed and washed them anxiously;

how did they stand confused in my hair,
and like a white deer in a bush of thorns.

Thus I see your never loved limbs
for the first time in this night of love.
We never lay down together,

and now it's just
admiring and guarding.

Yet, look, your hands are torn-:
Beloved, not by me, my bites.
Your heart stands open
and everyone can go in;

it should have been
my entrance alone.

Now you are tired,
and your tired mouth
does not feel drawn
to my aching mouth-,

O Jesus, Jesus, when was our hour?
How do we both go down the drain.


by my beloved poet Rainer Maria Rilke

So seh ich, Jesus, deine Fuesse wieder,
die damals eines Juenglings Fuesse waren,
da ich sie bang entkleidete und wusch;
wie standen sie verwirrt in meinen Haaren,
und wie ein weisses Wild im Dornenbusch.

So seh ich deine niegeliebten Glieder
zum erstenmal in dieser Liebesnacht.
Wir legten uns noch nie zusammen nieder,
und nun wird nur bewundert und gewacht.

Doch, siehe, deine Haende sind zerrissen-:
Geliebter, nicht von mir, von meinen Bissen.
Dein Herz steht offen und man kann hinein;
das haette duerfen nur mein Eingang sein.

Nun bist du muede, und dein mueder Mund
hat keine Lust zu meinem wehen Munde-.
O Jesus, Jesus, wann war unsre Stunde?
Wie gehn wir beide wunderlich zugrunde.

"A New Thing on Earth"!
Gabriele's entry painting points
to a biblical prophesy in Jeremiah 31,21

" For HE created
a new thing on earth
encompasses male"

"Das Weib muss
den Mann"

From a contribution to Godchannel:

"While I was shown the devastation
that resulted
during the creation of this planet
I was also shown the ecstasy that results when the Two Halves re-Unite.
Many of us are playing a part
in expediting this Re-Union -"

"I ... believe that
if only one man and one woman
could totally come back together

that would bring about the Shift
that catapults the entire Universe
into the "New Play."


"The avatars of the new age
will not be the solitary male,
but the male and female together.
We see a new chapter being written
in our time.

Whatever names
these two lovers take,
when they come together
it will be
like the touch of matter
and antimatter,
the passing and the consuming passion of our world."

"I am eternal woman,

the feminine aspect of life present

at the foundation of this earth.

" I am all women
the Madonna, the Magdalene,
the Virgin, the Crone...

" Nothing is strange to me.

No distortion repels me.

All that is can be purified through my love.


Throughout Eternities I wait to be brought again to life.


"Only fire brings me to life.
The fire of Divine Love.

"I am SHE-kINAH"

Quoted by the same contributor to Godchannel:

William Irwin Thompson wrote a book titled:
"The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light."

In it he shares his vision of the Two:
" If one looks into the collective unconscious now
one will see a triptych vibrating in the ether...
In one panel we see a painting of the Feminine lamenting the fall of the Masculine into time;
it is a painting of Isis
crying above the coffin of Osiris.
In the second panel, we see the dead Masculine
in the arms of the Feminine,
Jesus in the arms of Mary.
In the third panel we see
neither the Fall nor the Crucifixion
but the sacred copulation
(hieros gamos)
of the reunited lovers.

Margo Anand Naslednikov

"Awaken Your Inner Lover"
If we do not accept ourselves,
as we really are, with out imperfections,
we won't have the power to evolve Sacred Sexuality.

tant que nous n'accepterons pas
ce que nous sommes réellement,
avec nos soi-disant imperfections,
nous n'aurons pas la force
de développer notre vrai potentiel
dans le royaume de la Sexualité Sacrée.
Le succès de la pratique de la Sexualité Sacrée dépend de notre disposition
à réveiller le véritable, l'authentique
amant en nous.