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 The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"





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The photos of the "WALK ABOUT LOVE 2009" ~ continued from ~ the Godchannel.com file "God's Classes"
my graphical edition of the Godchannel files
in the chronological order in which they were given.


Channeled on 1997_04_02~~~~ "Discussion" added: 1997_05_25 - checked for updates: 2005_01_25 and again 2009_02_21
When I - in March 2005 - compared the last part of this file with .realitycom - I found one crucial difference and asked the Channelers about it:

>.reality says:
"that I, the creator, am working from inside of you."
>.realitycom says: "
that I, the creator, am you."
>So which one is the original and which one the updated file?

The Channelers answered:
>Thank you for finding this! ... We've kept both pages because of links from other pages. And now both pages have identical text...

"that I, the creator, am you."


Truth and Reality Class I

Introduction: Basic Principles
Lesson One: Where is the World
You own the World
You are hosting the World
When the Host sleeps
When the Host awakens
Lesson One Discussion

Introduction: Basic Principles

This class will begin with a discussion of reality
and the ways it is designed, assembled and understood.
Later on we'll discuss the difference
between relative truth and the Whole Truth,
and how the realization of the difference
can cause awakening.

First, let's set forth some basic principles:

"Reality comes in levels.  
  "There is always another level.

" There are two sides to everything.
  "Nothing can exist without its antithesis to balance it.

"Everything is made of energy.

"The two fundamental energies
are outward moving and inward drawing.

"As above, so below.  
  As within, so without.

"Reality is relative and finite.
  Truth is universal and eternal.

"Reality is a truth, with a small "t".
  Truth, with a capital "T",
is independent of any reality,
it includes all realities.

"Reality is a subjective experience and can be explained.
  The Truth is obvious,
needs no explanation
and can not be captured with words.



"Throughout the class
we'll use 'truth' to mean relative truth
and 'Truth' or 'Whole Truth' to mean
what is universal and eternal."


Lesson One: Where is the World?

study of chapter recommended in pp41

"This is Spirit.
We will first discuss reality as you experience it
and in later classes, Truth as I know it.
As noted above,

the Whole Truth is universal
and does not depend on anyone's perception of it.
Reality, on the other hand does not exist
except in the mind of the one who is perceiving it.

"The experience of reality
is always a subjective experience
because it is only through perception
that you can know of anything.
Any experience
of sight, sound, touch, taste, smell,
feelings, thoughts, subtle energies, etc.
is completely dependent upon you being there to perceive it.

"There has been much said by your philosophers and mystics
about the illusory nature of the world.
The truth is that the world with all its beings and objects exists ~
but it does not exist 'outside' of you as it seems.

"The illusion has been
that there is an objective, outside world
that you can know and experience.
The truth is that the only evidence
you will ever have of an outside world
must come to you through your perceptions ~
and your perceptions are within you,
they're part of you.

"Even if there was a world outside of yourself,
you wouldn't be able to know anything about it
except for your perceptions of it.
You must rely on your perceptions
to bring you the facts of anything,
and your perceptions and the facts they bring
are all part of you.


"You have had many experiences
that can validate this truth for you.
You know that if ten people witness an accident,
there will be ten different reports of what happened.
Some will be quite different from each other,
others will be similar,
but each will be unique.

Each witness is limited
by their specific perceptions
and their memories, which are also perceptions."



The World is Part of You

"Since the world is not outside of you as it seems
but rather is inside of you,
your relationship to the world is obviously very different
than what your culture teaches.
Your parents and teachers
and your habits of thought
all tell you that you are a part of the world.
Although this is what seems to be true,
it is not good understanding.


"The truth is that you are much larger and grander
than you've been taught.
Your true beingness includes all of Creation ~
the world is part of you.

"The deepest and truest part of your being
is me and the Mother,
and we're not part of anything else.
Even if you were part of something more than yourself and your perceptions,
it wouldn't matter
because there is no way you could know of its existence."


You Own the World

"In order to know about anything, you must perceive it ~
and when you perceive anything at all,
it belongs to you.
It is your perception and it resides inside of you, the perceiver.

To perceive it is to own it.

"You own the world
because its existence is in your perceptions,
in the place inside I'll call your domain or 'venue'.

This is your show and you're responsible for it
whether your involvement is as a performer or only a spectator.

"The two essential elements of reality
are the perceiver and their perceptions.
The perceptions belong to the perceiver,
not the other way around.
The world belongs to you
because it is you and only you who can perceive it."


You are Hosting the World


"Because the world exists inside of you
and belongs to you,

you are essentially the host or hostess of the world.
You are the innkeeper
who accommodates all of your perceptions.

All apparent beings,
and facts of the world
are actually perceptions
which reside in the space
you provide for them inside of yourself.
If there is someone or something in your life,
it is because you have invited them to be a guest
at your inn.

If you feel a certain circumstance,
or event in your life
is not of your choosing,
then you are asleep to your role as venue owner and host.


"If this is a new idea for you,
please open yourself to even more understanding here.
There are other guests in your world as well.
Not only are you host to all of your current perceptions,
but also to every perception you've ever had,
including the ones you thought you'd disowned.
Your conscious mind is a relatively small bubble
floating on the surface of the great unconscious part of your mind
that contains all perceptions presently out of your awareness."

When the Host Sleeps


"Just as there is an apparent outside world
that contains other people,
there are parts of the self
who vie for consciousness and expression.
Your inner parts are like the people in the 'outer' world
who are guests in your venue.
If you are awake to yourself as the host,
you can choose whom to invite into your venue,
when they should come
and when they should leave."


"If you are asleep to your hosting role,
both inner and outer 'guests',
arrive and disappear
in what may seem like a random or even chaotic order of events.

Even when you think you have a situation well in hand,
it can turn in a direction you did not anticipate.
This is not because there is an outer objective world
that you do not control.
This is because you have been asleep to
Who You Truly Are
and your role as host of your own world."

When the Host Awakens

"This is the turning point of the drama playing in your venue
where the victim becomes the liberator.

As you wake up
and become aware of your true identity
and your responsibilities as the world's host,
you regain
your greatness,
and strength of purpose

that was lost when you fell asleep long ago.



"Awakening to the liberation
and return to power of the individual

has been the true aim of all religions, all art, philosophies and sciences.
It has been the message behind all prophecy.
The Truth can be known.
Although it is beyond the power of words to express,
you will know the Truth when you are fully awake.

"In the next lesson we will discuss the phenomenon of projection
as it pertains to reality creation and waking up."

Lesson One Discussion (immediately below)

Truth and Reality Class, Lesson Two: Projection and Perception

God's Class: Home Room


Truth and Reality Class -Lesson One Discussion


What do I do with my perception of this reality I experience as pain
and how do I change my perceptions to include what I want?

"You have asked three very powerful questions.
I will rephrase and answer each of them.

First, 'Is my pain real or only a perception?'

"Yes it is real,
and will be healed more quickly
when it is honored as real.

"Yes, it is your perception
and therefore you are responsible for it
no matter what person or situation
may seem to be 'causing' it on the 'outside'.
The pain is a guest in your venue.

"The first thing you can do is make it feel welcome.

"Next, if you want it to heal,
take whatever time is necessary
to find acceptance for it
as you might for a child
who is unhappy and crying.

"Then if you like, go inside
and ask me to help you understand
and heal the pain,
and I will.

" The Four Steps to Wholeness is a complete formula for healing pain of all kinds.


The second question is, How do I change my perceptions?

"You change perceptions through the Sacred Act of Choice.
The most important, valuable
and probably the least understood gift I have given you

is Free Will.
You and only you can choose
what you will perceive
and what you will make of your perceptions.

It is important to understand that it is not the feeling
or the perception of the feeling of pain that hurts.

It is the meaning or interpretation
that you give to the perception,
your resistance to it.

The same perception on one day
may feel pleasurable
and on another day feel painful.
This is not a feature of the perception,
but rather the result of your interpretation
or judgment of the perception.

The truth is you are perceiving a sensation,
in this case an emotional feeling.
You can choose [italics in the original]
to interpret the feeling as 'pain'
or as something else.


There is much more to this,
and it will be covered
as we discuss the 'nuts and bolts' of the healing process
in the healing class, The Quest for the Mother.

God, I "understand" to a degree that we all create our own reality,
and that we're invited to drive the bus.

isn't it true that some things are real,
and they are not a matter of perception,
but just the "real" thing?

I want to be creating harmony and love and bliss,
but I can't let go of the Newtonian model of what's real.
This is a stopping point for me.


"There is a 'baseline' consentual reality
that is created through you
and in concert with the others in your world.
This happens at a deeply unconscious transpersonal level.
The seemingly densest parts of your world
like trees, the sky, ocean and other physical 'realities'
are created by me, from within you.
The reason it seems
like you are not creating certain parts of your world
is because you are not aware that you are doing it,
just as you have been unaware

that I, the creator, am you.
[old version: that I, the creator, am working from inside of you.]

"You are right to question what I have said here
because it comes from a source outside of yourself.
the things you first learned at home and in school
did not come through a 'dubious' filter,
and yet they form the standard
against which you now compare new information.
The Newtonian model can seem more real
than your own perceptions and logic,
not because it is the correct model,
but because it explains things in a way
that seems to be true,
and more importantly
it's the hallmark of your paradigm,
it's 'what everyone knows'.

"I would like to point out that 'what everyone knows'
once included the 'fact' that the Earth is flat
and there is danger of falling off the edge
if you sail too far out into the ocean.
'What everyone knows',
has always proven to be untrue eventually,
even though it seemed certain
until it was questioned and disproved.
For instance, it was quite difficult for your ancestors
to let go of the idea that the Sun, Moon and stars revolve around the Earth.
Once they did, however,
they could get a much deeper understanding of physics.
This new understanding was the foundation
upon which Newton formulated his model of reality.


"Now Newton's model is threatened.
Einstein has muddied Newton's water
and now that 'everyone knows'
there are four dimensions of space-time
and everything is relative,

it doesn't matter which way you look at it.
It makes no difference
if the Sun revolves around the Earth,
or the Earth revolves around the Sun.
It's all relative, depending on your point of view.
Which brings us back to perception.



"Reality is a subjective experience,
because in order for something to be 'real'
it must be perceived by someone,
it must be 'realized'.

If there is no perceiver,
there is no 'venue' or place in which reality can exist.
This raises the issue of my perception.
In a way you are asking,

'Isn't your perception as God sufficient to make anything,
including the whole universe,
real without needing me or someone else to perceive it.?'
However the question is phrased,
the answer is not in how perception works,
but rather in how Creation works.


"I am creating the universe in every moment,
're-creating' it you may say.
But where am I as I create it?
The answer is I am inside of you.

Most often you have been unaware of my presence at all,
let alone as the creative force inside of you.
This other level of reality
of which you have very seldom been aware
has had various terms such as
'God Consciousness', 'Cosmic Consciousness',
'Self Realization' and 'Enlightenment'.


"The key to understanding how all of this works
is in the realization of a level of awareness
other than the one to which you're accustomed,
other than what you were taught in school.
This is my whole point in opening this channel of communication.
I want to reach that part inside of you
that is aware of creating the universe you perceive.
I want to reach the part of you that is me.

In doing this I will need the help of the other part of you
that experiences 'individual consciousness',
the part that feels disconnected from your source,
that feels like just one object among billions of other objects.

"To this part of you, the dubious Newtonian physicist,
I say there is much more to you than meets the eye.
For instance, you may remember times

when you have felt connected,
and at one with all that is,
while at peace
and secure in the certain knowledge
that all is well and will be so forever.
This is where God Consciousness begins.

This is where you can find me.
Experiences like this, however, do not play well in a venue of individual consciousness.


"God Consciousness is the kind of experience
that is easy to forget
because it is not validated by your culture,
Newtonian physics or the education system.
In fact, your culture and customs discourage it.
They tell you
that experiences of eternal oneness, peace and power
are flights of fancy that are dangerous to believe in.


"The saddest part of this has been
that although these experiences
have the unmistakable ring of Truth
and provide the answers to all questions,
they have been denied and forgotten
because they were not in agreement
with the relative 'truths'
you were taught in the first lessons you learned.


"The good news is
that you can decide on
who and how you want to be.
You can choose again, and I will help if you ask me."

I have tried visualizing what I want,
but it doesn't work very well.
How can I get it to work?


"Visualization may not be the easiest way to get something.
If what you want, however, is to get visualization to work
the short answer is to not only visualize it,

but desire it into existence.
[2009_02_21- My greatest desire is,
that everyone in my venue, be it my 16 main actors or be it the entire humankind,
may love themselves and feel zest-full and full-filled all the time!]

The desire that something exist
coupled with the belief that it can and does exist
creates the space for it, and holds it in existence.
Desire is the most generative force in the universe
and is the only absolutely essential factor in the existence of anything.




"There is much more about True Desire
in the Quest for the Mother class.

In this class, however,
we will focus more on thoughts and beliefs.



"This idea that using the mind can make things happen
is heading in the right direction.
Visualizing or imaging what you want is generative.
In the presence of desire,
images, thoughts and beliefs are creative,
they guide creation and help form your reality.

"Every being and object in existence,
every situation, movement and particle of matter
had its beginning as a thought that filled a desire.

The image or thought is the Light, the Spirit that communes with Desire
to manifest and give form to the thing.

"A less well known and even more powerful approach
to manifesting at the mental level is mentioned above.
Perform the Sacred Act of Choice.
Choose the reality you want.
Choose to be what you want to be,
to do what you want to do
and to have what you want to have.

"To choose is to decide,
and to decide is to cut off other possibilities
and focus only on the one chosen.
Once you've chosen,
expect the results of what you have chosen.


"There will be more on this in a later lesson,
so we'll leave this topic open for now."


Next: Truth and Reality Class, Lesson Two: Projection and Perception

Following my understanding and new lekh-lekhâ on January 1, 2009,
  that - after 7 years - I should no longer create new pages on my 2 websites,
but intermingle the evidence of new experiences with that on existing pages,
Since March 2009 I am "synchronizing" the chronological process of the Godchannel.com files
with the chronological process of my photos and - if there should be time - observations of the

"Walk About Love"
continuation of March 1 ;
latest update of this page: 2009_06_18

Though on this first day I and my helper usually lag behind, we finally reach the group on top.
Ronny, a painter and photographer, takes pictures as well, and later I often let him do the job,
hoping, that his photos will reach me some time.


A lonely dark wadi



A little later Mirjam (30) from France-England and Emanuel (20) from Italy become my closest friends



Emanuel's trousers, which I took home to wash and repair at the end of my second period with the Walk (March 18), are still in good shape here



Majestic Beauty









Ronny keeps helping me up and down

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