The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



Biographical Sculptures

"Lekh-Lekhâ - "lekhi-lakh" - Go-to-Yourself"

The present,
evolved "God"
tells us:

"The path that you seek,

the  right  path for you
is no path at all.
You  will  make a new path
that is uniquely your own."

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On the background
of a glorious sunset
above the Ramon-Crater
in Israel's Desert, 2002

"My    plan    for    you,
that you become  whole,
that   you   become

who  you truly are,
that you do it your way."

2001-2012 Applying the message of ,

Though my path is uniquely my own ,
there is a guideline for anyone's path
towards      becoming      whole
and   towards   becoming   who   each one   truly   is:
to let myself feel full-filled by feeling   what    I    feel,
releasing any    judgment    about what I feel,
while VIBRATING = breathing - moving - sounding it,
so that I'll be    capable  of    accepting    what  I  feel.
For only if   BODY   does its part in the partnership of  
can  there  be   TOTAL   S E L F - A C C E P T A N C E  , 
can    I    become whole,  can  I  be  who  I  truly am..

so that I can create my life and love as I wish .



"Lekh-Lekhâ - Go-to-Yourself"
Genesis 12:1-3 + 22:1-2













When you let GO of all these, you'll remember who you are:


a unique way of experiencing    MYSELF the ONE
a unique way of understanding   MYSELF the One
a unique way of knowing          MYSELF the One
a unique way of creating       MYSELF the One
a unique way of loving       MYSELF the One


Going-to-yourself will free you


[It was in the night of June 10-11, 2012, that I discovered what I wrote during Pesach 1993 in Succah in the Desert
after a 9 day theater-workshop on "Creating a ritual of 'aqedat Yitzkhaq', 'the Binding of Isaak',
i.e. Abraham's Lekh-Lekhâ from his Future.
The workshop was led by Yaron Goldstein, an Israeli who worked in Stuttgart, the town of my birth.
Participants: Lisa, Karin, Manfred, Barbara, Sharon and - towards the end - Rachel.
I acted as a priest, a character, which does not appear in the story, but which Yaron invented for me.




[Since 2011, I prefer to use the female form "lekhi-lakh", which in the Hebrew Bible also appears only twice,
see, for instance, during October 30 in 7 "Nourishment" pages and on December 30, in 7 "SongGame" pages]
see also the two songs created on January 17, 2011 and on April 2, 2011

2002_09_11 ; last update: 2010_04_04
See also "In Abraham's Bus-Steps"


Listen to my song, which epitomizes the message of this page
as well as one of the main principles of my thinking and living !

The 4 biblical verses, on which the song is based

"Moab hath been at ease from his youth,
and he hath settled on his lees,
and hath not been emptied
from vessel to vessel,
neither hath he gone into captivity;
therefore his taste remaineth in him,
and his scent is not changed."

[Jeremia 18:12]

"Let thy springs be dispersed abroad,
and courses of water in the streets!"
[Proverbs 5:16]

"And a river goes out of Eden
to water the garden;
and from thence it separates into four heads."
[Genesis 2:10]

"There is a time to embrace,
and a time to refrain from embracing"

[Qohelet/Ecclesiastes 3:5]

The tune of the second part is
the tune of Israel's National anthem....


One of the main threads in the books of Genesis and Exodus,
and in the Bible and the later history of Israel in general, is:

God to Abraham in Gn 12,1.3:
'Go-to-yourself', for only then
"will be blessed in you
all the families of the earth"


This is also one of the main threads in my own life.
Like the river that "goes out" from Eden
and "parts into four heads" [Gn 2,10],
in order "to water the garden"
we have to "go out" and "to part".

Water, that stagnates, becomes a swamp.

The biblical thread leads from this analogy through
the "going out" from the ark
and the "parting" of Noah's descendants from each other

[Gn 9-10]

to the people who wanted to build a tower up to heaven,
"lest we be scattered"
[Gn 11,4]
which comes to prove,
why it's so terrifying to go out and to part.

[See my sculpture of the Babel story in puzzle pieces 11 , 2001_10_09]
That's why the Bible lets God choose one exemplary person,
and lets God tell him
to leave behind all the security of his past:
"your country, your father's house, your family".

I dreamt a dream about individuals
who together [yakhad] create peace
in our wounded country
Three become Seven,
Seventy, Seven Thousands,
[Bible, Numbers 11,16 and 1.Kin
gs 19,18]
each one [aekhad] an individual [yakhid],
a special treasure
[Ex 19,5],
who heard that God is saying:

From all security go-to-you
yes, go, you, go to yourself!
You will thus
be a blessing
to mankind [adam]
and to the earth [adamah].

[see Genesis 12, 1-3]



An old German folkssong,
not really known to people,
tells the dream of a woman,
hinting that her lover is dead.
My new lyrics unfolded slowly
during 3 days in an Indian train,
encapsuling my life's experience
with Abraham and with "Partners".

See this song now
in SongGame 2007_01_30

The combination lekh = go -
and the dative of the pronoun "you", lekhâ = to you
is as unusual in Hebrew as in any other language,
but attracted this perfect Chassidic interpretation:

"Go to yourself", become who you are..

"lekh-lekhâ" is used only one more time -
in connection with the Binding of Isaac
There it means, as I understand it:
"Let go also of the security you seem to have in your future,
your son and all the promises attached to this son."

The hill behind the Yitzkhaq succah,
situated between the Succah wadi and the Ramon Crater,
is called by me "Mount Lekh-Lekha".
Once an amateur theatre group from Germany,
led by an Israeli, who lived in my home-town Stuttgart,
chose "The Binding of Isaac" for their 7 day workshop,
after I had mentioned my deep connection to this story.
The drama was played in and around the Succah wadi.
"The Binding" took place near the top of this mountain.

To leave no doubt, that the message includes women,
the Bible also mentions the female form
"lekhî-lakh" - twice,
as said by the lover to the beloved in the "Songs of Songs".

See the two songs about "qumi lakh", "get up and ... go to yourself" created in January and in April 2011


in 1964
I "did my
lekh-lekhâ" from my mother's house,
and from Germany to Israel,
leaving behind my country, my people, my language, my religion, my family and my friends.

In 1980
I "did my
lekh-lekhâ" from my husband's house
and from the unity of our family,
leaving behind status, financial security, and my righteousness who always said: "until death will us part".

In 1985
I "did my
lekh-lekhâ" from my children's house,
and from the status of being a normal person, in order to live in a mobile home,
leaving behind the security of my natural function as a mother and housewife.

In 1994 and more radically in 1996
I "did my
lekh-lekhâ" from my only 'successful' creation, "Succah in the Desert"
leaving behind the security of a fruitful life and of the image of a pioneer woman.

Several smaller "lekh-lekhâ"s followed between 1996 and 2001,
from Israel to Sinai,
from Sinai to the Red Sea,
from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea,
from the Dead Sea and the Desert into a town,

On October 31, 1999 and more radically on June 30, 2001,
I "did my
lekh-lekhâ" from my mobile home and from my mobile life,
leaving behind "my" desert,
and any intent to take a physical part in fulfilling my Desert Economy Vision.

Today, on the eleventh of September 2002,
lekh-lekhâ has to be undertaken.

In the parable of the Biblical "lekh-lekhâ",
this amounts to be ready to let go of my future.


From: Emanuel Rosenzweig - To: 'joy'
Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 8:15 PM

Subject: Babylon

I purchased for you a license for unlimited time.
You should get an e-mail from Babylon
with a link to the downloadable file.

user name is : rachel
Operating code is : AA415EF6FFECE5C2C1C805EDBB
(try to copy and paste it, not typing)

Rachel Bat-Adam, to
I just wanted to thank you - first thing in the morning!
Yes, late at night, I got their e-mail and downloaded the file immediately.
What a relief! Also the German-English works, like the English-Hebrew!
Thank you very, very much - for both gifts - the money and the work.

Here's my emotional association to the term "Babylon"
When I first learnt how God
"balal" the languages ,
whence the name
"bavel", or "Babylon" (Genesis 11),
I was sure, I had found an answer to my first question in life:
"Can there be a world without war?"
I was eight then.
So, for maybe half a year or more, I was praying on my knees,
night after night, when my siblings had fallen asleep and couldn't see this,
pleading with God to lift this curse,
so that people would speak one language again,
and then there wouldn't be war anymore.

30 years later I started to understand
that the real causality between Babylon and War
is the other way round:
Not the diversity of peoples causes it,
not the lack of unity,
but the lack of uniqueness!

Collectivism, uniformity, is what turns the water into a swamp.
Not uniformity will bring unity,
uniqueness will bring unity:

y y y = yekhidim yotzrin yakhad
"Abraham" (1998)- e-mail quote on 2011_12_30
Esther said to us, "Abraham, how come you guys (meaning nonphysical entities) can't get your stories straight? This one says this. That one says that. If we have been talking to God, why doesn't God say the same thing to everyone? Why isn't everybody getting the same message?" And we said, "Everybody isn't asking the same question. Everybody is not at the same point of understanding. Everybody is not even wanting the same thing." We are all about eternalness which means we are about difference. It is in our difference that desires of all kinds come forth, and as all of these new desires pop up, every one of them, even in their difference, is important.


The biblical story is the culmination of a thread
that starts with the river
that "goes out from Eden to water the garden
and from there it parts into 4 heads."

The Exodus, the "going-out" from slavery
was the point of commencement for Israel.
But then it settled and clang to "security",
which is attached especially to God's sanctuary,
"HIS temple, HIS temple, HIS temple"
[Jeremia chapter 7!]

Coercive "dispersion" into exile followed.

When we don't part in time
out of our own account,
our soul may attract a separation,
forced on us and much more painful..
2000_11_04 - Another Move:
After my lekh-lekha from the Desert, 1999_10_31,

I had found refuge in Immanuel's newly rented flat at Shoham, a new town.
2000-03_13 I left to live again at the SaltSea under my 2-dimensional "tent".
A 'sheer' coincidence: Efrat moved into I.'s flat the same day.
2000_06_30:'final' lekh-lekha from the Desert, or so I thught
I lived again with I.-E. until I moved into the "garden-tent" on Nov.4, 2001
My double tent and all my belongings moved with me in I.'s car to Modi'in.

What happens, if we don't part in time,
is said about Moab, today Jordan:

"Moab has been at ease from his youth,
and has settled on his lees

[the Hebrew idiom is "has been silent on his yeasts"]

and has not been emptied
from vessel to vessel,
and has not gone into exile.
Therefore his taste remains in him,
and his scent is not changed.
Therefore, behold, the days come,
says YHWH,
that I will send unto him wanderers,
that shall cause him to wander,
and shall empty his vessels,
and break their jars."

[Jer. 48, 11-12]

Water that doesn't "go-out", does not "part"
will not fertilize, but will become a swamp.

These words "to go out, to part and to disperse" are mottos in Genesis,
- mainly in the seemingly boring list of Noah's descendants [Gn 9,18-10,32].
His three sons "go-out" (in present time, just like the river "goes-out") from the ark.
They "disperse" and they "part" according to "lands, families, nations" and "tongues".

The verb "to disperse" is used in connection with water,
in a line, that is beautiful in Hebrew
(not so much in English):

"may your fountains disperse outward,
in the streets rivulets of water"

[proverbs 5,16)

Now this is exactly what the mankind of Babylon doesn't want.
"let's build a tower,
LEST WE DISPERSE over the face of all the earth"

The process of parting-separating-individualizing,
is so much against human craving for security,
that a special story was invented
to show this anti-parting, anti-dispersing tendency.

"Now all the earth was of one language and one set-of-words",
so much so, said the medieval Jewish interpreter Ibn Ezra,
"that you couldn't discern
between the words of a wise man and the words of a fool."

They "settled" in a "biq'ah" [vale] , i.e. they huddled together.
[see the drama about "Hathra" and the "Biq'ah" in June 2011]
and - since this doesn't render them enough security,
they decide to build a tower, "LEST WE DISPERSE!"

Biblical stories have always different levels.
One can miss the irony, as if God feared for his Ego
and therefore came down to destruct people's unity,
which made them able to "overtower" God himself.

"YHWH came down
to look over the city and the tower
that the humans were building.
YHWH said:
Here, one people with one language for them all,
and this is merely the first of their doings--
now there will be no barrier for them in all that they scheme to do!
Come-now! let us go down
and there let us baffle their language,
so that no man will understand the language of his neighbor.
So YHWH dispersed them from there over the face of all the earth,
and they had to stop building the city.
Therefore its name was called Bavel/Babble,
for there YHWH baffled the language of all the earth-folk,
and from there, YHWH dispersed them over the face of all the earth."

The repetitions at the end emphasizes the meaning.

"may your fountains disperse outward,
in the streets rivulets of water"
The word "rivulet" [peleg] is the word used
for the coercive "splitting" of the earth [Gn 10,25].

In Jewish tradition the people of Babylon are called
"dor ha-plagah", the Generation of the Split.

But the meaning will come to light only in Abraham's lekh-lekhâ.

For Terakh and his son Abraham were among the dispersed.
This is to be concluded from another seemingling boring list [Gn 11, after "Babylon]:
the names and years of life of the 10 generations between Noah and Abraham
But Terakh, Abraham and his wife, and Terakh's nephew Lot
"went out" from Ur of the Chaldeans towards Canaan,
only to stop already at Harran and "settle" there. (Gn11,31)

Implied is, that God understood, that a model was needed:
Not collective uniformism but individual uniqueness
will e-volve humankind towards true identity and unity.

Only if Abraham goes-to-himself, becomes himself,
will he be able to be a blessing to all humankind.

That's my story of Babylon-Abraham,
a story I've been living awarely for 37 years,
from 1964 to 2001, physically, externally.
Now I'm living it internally,
regarding many attachments in my present life.
But I am always ready to leave again,
to do my lekh-lekhâ from physical security,
(addition on March 18, 2004:)
from a physical creation, like "Noah's Shore Peace Project",
which gave me a safe identity and the promise of satisfaction..

lekh-lekhâ from the future promised to him in his son.
This postcard of a Chagall painting of Isaac's binding and the angel's intervention
was a delight in Elah's baby hands for half an hour, while being with me in my bus.






2003_06_27 towards an incomplete completion and the closure of Healing-K.i.s.s.
I want to insert this program of celebrating Pesach as a real Exodus.
I scanned this document, when I still had no experience in scanning, and now I can't find the original, to repeat it.
Nobody joined me on that Eve of Pesach 1995, except David and Eilat.


2002_10_15; appendix to pp35, same date, and Succah stage 7

From: "joy" <>
Date: 2002/10/14 Mon PM 04:36:11 EDT
To: <>
Subject: healing something - from C-R Bat-Adam

this is amazing.
An hour ago I wrote a sentence about you in my complex website ...

"..... I wonder now:
Michal and Renata and Noam are close friends with each other up to this day, but not with me.
Sarit became religious, married an orthodox man, and consequently split from former friends.
Amichai, the nephew of Israel's chief rabbi, "but" a Jesus fragment and a declared homosexual,
does great things in America, but after his planned departure from the Succah turned against me.
Daniela is dead, Efrat Lybrock keeps to herself, and Gadi ... (see Desert Peace Process!)

This is just a draft, not yet a sculpture and may be omitted altogether,
but I got stuck on YOU.
Looking at the line about you again and again,
I wished, I could heal this feeling with you.
Isn't it strange, how one single sentence, not even said to me by yourself,
but reported by someone, whom I don't remember, can cause a wound,
which - with all my skills of how to move emotions - I cannot heal by myself?

A thought popped up - to search for you on the Internet. I got you right away.

A year ago or less someone gave me a Hebrew article about you.
I was delighted,
as I am delighted by reading your intentions and actions on your website.
So - you fulfill what you promised.
You promised not by any words, but by your being.
I can see, that we are peers in healing ourselves and Creation.
And according to my experience,
this is the reason, why we are not connected at this time.
Everyone of us has to be alone, all-one, for the time being.
So writing to you is not aimed at reconnecting, unless you wish so.
I only want you to take that sentence away from me,
or if you cannot - to simply acknowledge that I'm hurt.

The sentence was - after I did my lekh-lekha from the Succah,
"It was about time, that the zkenah left."

I had to interrupt (3.45 PM), since I had to engage in grandmotherhood.
With the two little ones of my daughter, and the two sons of Immanuel.
The latter stay over night Mondays, and one of them brought a friend.
Now - at 9.30 - they are still not quiet, of course.

"In between" I pondered, if my writing to you is right.
There is one reason, which convinced me again and again.
The fact, that for this very day, October 14, 2002,
you have planned an activity that has to do with
"lekh lekha".
This morning I used this term, "my" term, twice
and linked it twice to a little "sculpture", dedicated particularly to
"lekh lekha"
(first homepage>Appendices>Bibliographical Sculptures>lekh lekha).

I take responsibility for having attracted that sentence,

it doesn't even matter, if you really said it, or if I only heard it.
In neither case are you to be blamed.
But the
"hole in my wholeness that wants to be healed",
and which was triggered by you, so it has a chance to heal,
will heal a tiny bit by just imagining, that you listen to me.

You know, that I have followed in Abraham's footsteps all my life,
until I did it physically with my bus.
Pesach 1990 the first guests came to the crude Succayah,
and already 14 months later I wanted to leave,
in order to give an example for the law of temporariness,
without which there won't be a Desert Economy.
I thought I had found the right people to continue.
I even drove my bus to the next wadi to be out of sight.

The authorities drove me back with great anger,
and the two "partners" proved to be an ugly flop.

I tried to leave in 1992 and then - at your time - in 1993.
It didn't work out.
On Succot in 1994 I said to the team of that time:
"I must leave the Succayah now,
and if it will not work out this time either,
I'll know, that I've been totally wrong with this whole idea."

I left all responsibility for the Succayah business,
and even with concern to the "Desert Economy Company",
founded in February 1994, with Gadi and Efrat as partners,
I did not intervene, when Gadi made big mistakes.
When he called SOS in January 1995,
because the debts - that had never existed at "my" time - became an acute threat,
I went to Tel-Aviv until Pesach, worked day and night,
to find a viable financial basis for the Desert Vision.

I failed totally, became sick, and understood, that this was not my business.

Several more, large-scale, shattering experiences followed.

On Pesach 1996 I suddenly heard that inner call:
"Now it is right time for your final lekh-lekha."
A few days later a terrifying call followed:
"Go down to Egypt".

I "bequeathed" the Succah and the Company to Gadi and Efrat,
knowing, that a miracle was needed for them to keep both these alive.
The miracle did happen, but not to Gadi's liking.

I did my my lekh-lekha without leaving behind anything,
neither rights nor debts.
Not many friends, leave alone other people, understood, what I did.
They had to find all kinds of absurd and illogical reasons,
like that I didn't get along with the team, or that I was just fed up.
I knew, I had to bear all this misunderstanding and slander.
It's part of the
lekh-lekha -
to let go of any dependency on being understood or respected.

The shocking event of this summer is,
that I was proven to be terribly wrong in believing,
that I had given an example with my
Just like Abraham himself..................

May some people become inspired by you tonight,
to do the
lekh-lekha needed for them to be whole.


Amichai's Creation in 2002:

STORAH TELLING jewish ritual theater revived

Storah Telling A fresh fusion of Storytelling, Torah,
contemporary performance art & traditional folks theater

Amichai's Performance on this very day:
October 14, 2002:

Sister Act (Synagogue 2000 national UAHC Cohort) Dallas, TX

A Storahtelling dramatization of
Lech Lecha
the weekly Torah reading, spiced with English translation, original music,
and audience interaction.
The performance will be followed
by a study workshop.

Storahtelling is a NYC-based performance group of artists and educators
reclaiming Jewish rituals of sacred storytelling.

Performances feature adaptations of ancient text
and liturgy transformed into live theatre
by integrating traditional storytelling techniques
with modern stagecraft, live music & audience interaction.

Blurring the lines between ritual and performance,
Storahtelling redefines communal rituals
and bridges cultural divides
by celebrating the power of intimate storytelling
in the technological age,
remaining rooted in tradition, yet radically current.

Founded in 1998, Storahtelling is a non-profit organization
committed to promoting and fostering
informed, inclusive, and alternative Jewish culture
through artistic events and educational programs.

Over 100 Storahtelling presentations
have been held in synagogues, theatres,
conferences and performance venues worldwide,
reviving Jewish life across
denominational and cultural boundaries.

Amichai and Renata in Succah in the Desert , 1993

Dear Christa Rachel, teacher and sister

This is just a brief reply from the dallas airport
as I travel between Poland, Texas and home in NYC.
I will write more when I'm home and have more time.

Of course, the timing is perfect.
The LechLecha tale that I'm immersed in this week
is the travel of Abram and Sarai to Egypt.
Their trials and famine and mistrust.
Did Avram pass or fail this test of faith I asked my audiences,
and what does Sarai, the beautiful, old, barren woman, has to say?
some gave her words of anger, some a cackle, some a laugh.
The story, as I see it and tell it is ultimatley about faith
- esp. when there is famine, of any sort.

I was recently in Israel,
and had a conversation about you with a guy,
whom I don't know if you remember -
a young soldier who came often to visit the succah.
Neither of us knew where you were
nor kept in touch with anyone else who knew.

And now you appear again, to the sound of Lechi Lech. hmmm.
I have yet to figure out the links.

And as for the hole:
I do not remember saying anything like 'that' sentence,
although my memory is itslef full of holes.
Here is what I do know:
in my memory of you and our parting
there is no bitterness, no scorn, no malice.
I remember you with appreciation and fondness and awe.
If we will or not reconnect is indeed not the issue at this time.

What matters to me is that the memory of a sentence
that was or not uttered
by gently gone - lech lecha - old sentence of a bygone time.
There is, was, and will be nothing but gratitude and appreciation in my heart to you.
Your brief description of the past years
only confirms these feelings and magnifies them.
You come to me this day
as the spirit of the true psychic traveler,
a hard example, with heavy prices paid for truth.
Yet again, you come and teach me the secrets of the desert.
thank you again.

Let it go, as they say, I hope and pray that you can.

shalom amichai


Amichai added a P.S. : "below is one of my favorite texts on lech lecha" , which is "anti-Godchannel" and disappointed me.
I'll still quote a part of it - because the contrast accentuates everything I try to achieve in my life and on this website.

"The Divine voice calls to each human being at all times and in every place.
Leave, mortal one, please leave.
Leave the desires by which you are clinging to matter,
leave the habits that keep you tethered to a world limited by the senses.
Leave your pride, your family heritage, your superstitions and old convictions,
leave and seek yourself an ancient land, a higher land, a land of heavens.

"Go from your land" This verse bangs on your head like a hammer!
Not just every heart's desire and stubbornness
but every belief and opinion by which most humans live. Must be rejected!
For what are most people's beliefs and opinions?
First, they believe in the unique beauty of the land in which they were born.
People are linked by their umbilical cord to their homeland - it is called Patriotism.
...True, one should work and labor for this homeland -
but there is something higher than this love -
as high as the heavens soar above the earth -
and that is the invisible land shown by God to the ones who come closer. ..

'From your homeland'
- Even those who are free of patriotism cannot detach themselves from the slavery of Nationalism. ...
Then, the Divine word comes again to the human:
GO. cling only to what is good and sacred in your nation,
but not to its ego - not to its desire to conquer , not to the hunger for power.

'To the land that I will show you' -
The last part of this verse is tied to its first part: go to you, to the source of your soul -
this is the higher land, shown by God to those who are truly seeking.
And what is the essence of this land?
A complete surrender to the splendor of the world, self immersion in the deep and infinite light.
A denial of Self.
What is the main goal of the divine soul?
To seek the absolute, divine, good.
It is impossible for the soul to seek this good while immersed in pseudo-good,
which is what seems good to most people
but not to those who sit in the world's shadow, the dwellers of the mist."

Inside the Orchard of Kabbala and Chassidut, Hillel Zeitlin



Impressions on my way to and inside the hospital at Beersheva,
where I visited Dido Eynee, a friend from "The Walk about Love", who then was still unconscious.




















Inside the "Tower of surgical Hospitalizing"
I discovered a relief
with Abraham's receiving guests (or angels) in his tent.

Genesis 18