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 The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"




Following my understanding and new lekh-lekhâ on January 1, 2009,
  that - after 7 years - I should no longer create new pages on my 2 websites,
but intermingle the evidence of new experiences with that on existing pages
I am adding at the end of this page
[please scroll down!]:
a) an article about "The Healer's Mind" ,
b) my photos of some experiences with Mika in January and February 2009


Channeled on 2000_06_21

Grandfather Pages

Grandfather's Role in the Healing
Grandfather Remembers Original Heart
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Grandfather's Plan

"This is Spirit.
Although the Mother and I
have created this universe and everything within it,
there is a larger Universe and another level of Deity beyond us.
Our 'local' universe
is one of several separate evolving Creations
supporting manifestation,
each created by an original offspring of your divine 'Grandparents',
the Spirit and Will of Original Heart.

"Just as you and I have a relationship
in which I am constantly present within you,
the absolute, pure Original Spirit I call 'Grandfather'
is always present within me.
I therefore have not only
the knowledge and understandings of my own experience,
but I'm privileged to have Grandfather's now as well.
Although Grandfather did not create this universe,
he and the Original Mother created the conditions
that made it possible for the Mother and me to create it.

"I am evolving, learning and changing
as the universe evolves.
Grandfather, however, is beyond change through evolution,
and is therefore limited to a static reality.

His reality is of eternal union and completeness,
his perspective is grounded in an absolute state
without need of duality.
In terms that express Deity as a trinity,
Grandfather would be the Holy Spirit and,
Body and I together would be the Father of Creation.

"Just as you can channel me from within yourself,
I channel Grandfather from within myself.
Because I have come into alignment with Grandfather and his plan
it is as if he and I are one,
so it's easy and natural for me to speak for both of us ~
and I will be doing so throughout these pages,
except when noted that he is speaking.
We both are called 'God' by most humans,
however we are only the Spirit half of Divinity.
The term 'God' or 'Supreme Being' is not appropriate when meaning Spirit alone.
'God' truly means both
the Divine Masculine or Spirit and the Divine Feminine or the Mother
in union as New Heart in Body."


In the second interview with Grandfather on 2008_03_31,
there is a link to "Healing-to-Wholeness" attached to the words
"a new kind of attention",
which "refuses to work".
Anyhow the article on that website is important enough to be quoted and edited here
(since on the page of that interview with "Grandfather" there is no more space)

The Healer's Mind

Whenever you are present as the Healer of yourself,
.. (it) means that what will be happening in your conscious mind
will be loving and supportive of whatever you are feeling in the moment.
For instance, if there is pain, you'll focus your attention on the pain,
and then find where it centers in your body.
This is radically different than what our conditioned mind has had us doing automatically
-either finding a way of subduing the pain or escaping it altogether.

One of the deepest and most compelling mandates of human conditioning has been: "Seek pleasure and avoid pain."
This conditioning has been so pervasive that it seemed to be completely beneficial and rational.
However, while seeking pleasure makes good sense, avoiding pain has turned out to very problematic.

When we avoid pain,
we cut ourselves off from a loving connection
with the part of ourselves that is feeling the pain.

This causes at least temporary fragmentation,
and makes it impossible for us to heal the root cause of the pain.
The solution is to train our minds to do something extraordinary,
to turn and face the pain with loving acceptance of its existence here now, just as it is.

Pause for a moment after reading this sentence and feel the support of the chair under you.

As soon as you are paying attention to the sensations in your body where you are touching the chair,
take a moment to curl your toes, and pause for a few seconds with them curled.

Now relax your toes and pause while you feel deeply into the sense of relaxation...

You may feel, among other possibilities, a radiating or perhaps tingling sensation.
What you have just done is intentionally focus your attention on feeling sensations.
This is the quintessential movement that distinguishes the Healer's mind from ordinary mind
--to refocus conscious attention from mind and thinking
to sentience and feeling.

The Healer's Attention

The single most powerful faculty of the human mind is the conscious use of attention.
Almost always, our attention is directed and focused by forces outside of our conscious awareness.
Events in the outer world grab our attention.
For instance in this moment your attention may be focused on these words you are reading.

Or if you look up from reading, you may see something that triggers a thought.
For an instant your attention was on what you saw,
and then it was quickly redirected to the thought that was triggered by seeing it.
Perhaps it was the word for the object, its name;
or maybe it was a short story about it, "That's the photograph of...."
Typically, thoughts trigger other thoughts
and attention dutifully follows the train of thoughts
until another event, a feeling or something else grabs or hooks your attention,
and so it goes.


All of the practices and exercises on this website have the common feature
of helping train the Healer's mind
to change the old, conditioned habits of attention
by bringing the faculty of attention itself
under the conscious control of the Healer.

We cannot truly be here for ourselves
until we can assume the authority
of consciously choosing for ourselves
what we pay attention to.


The conditioning that has held habits of attention and imprints in place is very powerful.
And yet it easily lets go when we take control of our own attention.
One common unconscious habit of attention has been
to ignore or dismiss bodily sensations while reading.
Another more problematic habit of attention is
to escape from unwanted feelings and sensations by paying attention to thoughts instead.

The Healer's attention is focused on feelings and sensations
because that's where the healing is needed.

And ironically it's the attention itself that heals.
Healing happens
when our loving attention
falls upon a previously unwanted or ignored feeling.

In the deeper layers of ourselves as Beings,
a circle completes
between the Universal Feminine, the root of the feeling
and the Universal Masculine, the attentive lover of the feeling.

In this way humans and Deity work, play and dance together collaboratively
to heal themselves-and in the process, Creation itself.

Directing and Focusing Attention

A camera can be a useful metaphor for the mind's faculty of attention.
We can consciously direct our attention and adjust the focus of attention,
just as we can change the camera angle and adjust the focus of the lens.
Attention can be directed either inside of self or outside,
and it can be adjusted to anywhere from laser sharp to soft and diffuse.
A wide-angle focus allows us to take in the larger picture,
and a sharply focused attention allows us to study something specific in detail.

Although we have always had the ability to consciously direct and focus our attention,
this has almost always been an automatic, unconscious process.
Because of the mind's conditioning, it's been happening without us even realizing we had a choice.

With conscious awareness of our attention comes the possibility
of consciously moving attention from the thoughts and ideas of mind
toward the feelings and sensations beneath those thoughts.

Also like a camera lens,
we can focus our attention either on what is in the foreground of awareness
or what's in the background.
As conscious awareness fades into the background,
it goes beyond the range of the lens of attention and becomes unconscious.

For the Healer and explorer,
the most interesting and helpful aspects of conscious awareness
are found in the deep background of awareness
and in the layers of the unconscious immediately below conscious awareness,
often referred to as the 'subconscious.'

What happens in our inner process has, for the most part, remained undetected by our conscious awareness,
or at best kept in the deep background of awareness.
However, as the Healer working to improve our inner process,
we want to refocus our attention on the elements of process formerly relegated to the background.
For instance, in ordinary consciousness
the words you are reading and their associated thoughts are in the foreground,
and the way your body feels in the chair is in the background.

As an experiment,
you can continue reading and paying attention to the words and their meanings
while also feeling whatever bodily sensations are available to feel in the moment.
This will likely involve reading more slowly for the same level of comprehension-
while at the same time feeling your body as you read.

Another way to experience refocusing the lens of attention is to stop reading for a moment,
and when you do-listen to what your mind says about what your body has been feeling.
Try this now if you like.

You probably heard something like, "I'm feeling _____," or "My _____ feels _____."
The main point is that no matter what your mind said, it was a thought.

By refocusing attention here, we were able to see that it was just that, a thought;
and that it or a similar thought was in the background
until you stopped to become aware of it.
You consciously refocused attention to observe the thought
rather than unconsciously believing it
or automatically identifying with it.

Identity and Attention

Identification is ordinarily a subtle unconscious process.
Identification happens
whenever our attention is hooked by something occurring inside of us.
In the ordinary mind,
the perception of a thought is experienced unconsciously as identification with it.
In other words, ordinarily there is no awareness of having a thought or of observing it, only a sense of being the thought.
For instance, "I am having a thought that I should be doing something else right now,"
is ordinarily replaced by the (likely untrue) realization, "I should be doing something else right now."
Another way of saying this is that within the conditioning of the ordinary mind,
we have believed our thoughts.
We have unconsciously, automatically believed that what we think is right and correct, beyond question.
And of course this is almost never true.

Almost all thoughts arise out of habitual, conditioned patterns
that have not been updated since they were first established long ago-in childhood or earlier.

This is because one of the habitual, conditioned patterns of the ordinary mind has been
to unconsciously identify with our thoughts.
Whether the thought is true or not has almost always gone unquestioned.
The quick and easy solution to the illusions and delusions created by unobserved, unquestioned thoughts
is to consciously move our point of view from identification with the thought,
and instead become the observer of the thought.

When we are not our thoughts we have the power to question them.
"Is it true that I should be doing something else right now?"
can be a good entry to a more present and real identity as the Healer of myself,
the 'me' who observes and questions my thinking.

The Observer

In the Healer's mind attention continually moves to the position of observer.
Only when we become observant of ourselves and our process
do we have the power to heal.
In fact, it's the ability to observe thoughts and feelings
that distinguishes you the Healer from the other parts of yourself.

When the Healer hears the buzzer that signals a part of self is hurting,
you are able to look around to see who is asking for attention.
The quickest and easiest way to do this is
to find where in your body you feel the feeling,
and come into observance of the feeling by feeling into it.

The same can be done with thoughts.
Conditioning has programmed us so that when a thought hooks our attention,
we become attached to it as if we are entranced by it.
In fact, thoughts can easily create a 'spell'
that takes us away from ourselves
and brings us into alliance with the thought,
almost always to the point that we identity with it as in, "my thought," or "I think..."

At an unconscious level this ultimately means "I believe_______, and therefore it's true."
In most of us this line of faulty unconscious reasoning has gone to
"I am my thought," or rather, "My thought is me."
For example, without any observation or questioning,
"Life is hard," can very easily go from a thought to a belief,
and become an unquestioned 'fact' with a profound influence on how my life goes.
Part of my identity is now a person whose life is hard.


Observing the thought, feeling or sensation with curiosity
immediately breaks the spell.

This is where the Healer's mind begins.
When your conscious attention has this self-observing point of view,
you are in the position of the Healer, the one who can heal all the rest of you.
And since you, the Healer are observing another part that's hurting,
you are at once both the Healer and the part that is being healed.

The specific healing medicine that the Healer brings in this work is loving acceptance.
Practicing observing ourselves
and loving what we observe in ourselves is part of every practice on this website.

For instance, when the Healer rescues the child from a past trauma,
the Healer unconditionally loves the child,
just as she or he is in the moment without having to change in any way.
And the Healer's motive in coming to help the child in pain
is not only to stop the pain and so we can feel 'good' again.
The Healer's motive is love.
The Healer wants to find and reclaim this previously lost part of self
so you can be reunited within,
so you can be more whole, so you can be more of who you truly are.
When our minds are able to give our open, honest complete and unconditional loving acceptance
to the darkest, stinkiest, most desperate and depraved parts of ourselves
we know we have the right medicine.
We have a loving mind.
We have the Healer's mind


On Shabbat, January 17, - after a week at Bet Nehemya during my pilot-son's absence -
Mika, her mother and I drove the short distance to Ben-Shemen, which is also the place of Tomer's boarding-school.
Recently a little zoo was opened there - for kids to observe, to ride a pony and to touch little animals.
This sounds like a pretty outing, and it was,
but it got marred by an incident, the kind of which I'm no longer meant to fine-tune to on Healing-K.i.s.s.
If not for these photos, which I and Efrat couldn't help taking,
though I'm now strictly limiting my wild camera-documenting,
that incident would not even have been mentioned, despite its dire consequences during the following weeks.





A few days later, on January 20, - I again succumbed to the temptation to document a scene:
Mika - technically skilfull - is allowed by her mother to cut vegetables with a blunt knife.

See more pictures of Mika and Efrat in January 2009,
taken in the context of my son's 46th birthday - in Song-Game 2007_02_23, and 2007_02_25


After "the Learning Experience with 'Embedded (Self-)Denial' "
(February 5-8, 2009, see the sequence which begins in Interview with the Folks, Part 1 )-
I took into account that my assignment at Bet Nehemya, which had begun on December 29, 2006, was completed,
but no - on February 16, 2009 ! - I found myself again in bus and train traveling north .

Trying to catch an image of the clouds above the sunset - with the cellphone camera through the window of the train



The next morning,
on February 17, 2009,
when I sit with Mika as usual,
while she has her cereals
(her mother believes,
she needs constant reminding
so as to keep eating...)

she shows me the composition,
which she soon will take
to the kindergarden,
for the day after
"Family Day" will be celebrated.

Abba has exchanged
the photo of Mika
in the composition,
which he had made
for last year's family-day,
when Mika was only 2 years old.
[See in "Grandma of Ten"]

He also exchanged the photo
of Tomer



When Mika returns from kindergarden, she exclaims even before she gets out of the safety belt in the care:
"I brought two girls with me!" - the emphasis on "two".
We had known about Galli - whom Mika had visited only the day before at her own home -
but then the mother of Adar (to the left) needed help and asked Efrat to take her with her too.
"Take a picture of them", asked Efrat, since now I'm no longer documenting my-our life automatically.
I've been in the presence of these little girls quite often , already during the year 2007 and more so during 2008 [see for instance]
It is fascinating - sometimes sad and frustrating, sometimes exhilarating - to watch the dynamics between these tiny human beings...

"I couldn't resist buying the Bilbie-wig", said Efrat.
She'll never ever come home without having bought "something".
But while she wastes money on ever so many small things,
I wasted money on a new camere the minute the old one seemed to have been smashed..

[see about my 3 camera on the entry-page to this website...]