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 The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



Following my understanding and new lekh-lekhâ on January 1, 2009,
  that - after 7 years - I should no longer create new pages on my 2 websites,
but intermingle the evidence of new experiences with that on existing pages,
I -
on Febr. 9, 2009 continue to intersperse photos , reminiscent - by contrast - of a painful scene in my drama.
This scene was probably meant to provide me with a learning experience concerning 'Embedded Denial'
a concept, which appeared for the first time in the second Interview with the Folks
channeled 8 years after the Interview with whom by then was still called "God", though it was only "Spirit", who was talking.

As to that difficult experience on February 6-7, 2009 ,
I am inserting a "triptych" from the photos, in which I captured the love that was in the background of the difficulty...

channeled on 1997/05/28-29 ~~ 1998/06/10 ~~ 1998/06/21~~checked for updates on 2009_02_09~~~~~See also the French, bi-lingual edition of this page, since July 2007
Interview with God II ~~~ Interview with God III ~~~ Interview with God IV ~~~ Interview with God V


Interview with God I
God's plan
Free Will

In stark contrast to the ancient "naked" site, which I had just left below, I came across this half-dead tree, very impressing on the background of the cloudy sky

God, why have you chosen
to use a site on the World Wide Web
as a medium to spread your message?


"My message has been delivered
through each new medium of communication
as it became available
and this medium is no exception.
In fact there are already many voices on the 'Web'
delivering my message.
However, this is the first site
in which I am the identified author,
and one of the first communications in recent times from me
in any medium in which I have taken responsibility
as the Source of the communication.

Also, I would like to point out
that I am not as interested in 'spreading' my message
as I am in having it received
by the right person in the right time."


What are some other examples of channeling
where you take responsibility as the Source?


"The Right Use of Will material
and Conversations with God are two examples
I mention on the page about God's Messengers.
Soon I will have much more to say
about these and other channelers of my message."


A blossoming almond tree in the vicinity of an olive-tree makes my heart jump!

Is there something special you want to do on this web site that you haven't done elsewhere?


"Yes, one of the most important uses of this medium
will be my classes on channeling, healing, reality, and language.
In these classes you can learn
how to bring me more fully in to your life,
how to heal even the very deepest emotional and physical wounds,
why the universe is being created the way it is,
and how you can change what you're doing
to get better results, if you choose.

I will also use this site
to discuss my plan for Creation,
why I want to come to Earth
and why I started the universe in the first place."


Why do you want to teach classes?


"If there was no free will
I could simply make you know
what you need to know
and do what you need to do
to become Who You Truly Are.
This universe doesn't work that way, however.
You must choose for yourself,
and the classes can help you know
the issues and your options.
With these classes and like any teacher,
I can influence you to the extent
you are willing to be influenced."


Why have you chosen these subjects from among all of the possibilities?


"The classes address different centers of the energy body.

"Truth and Reality class speaks to issues
related to the seventh and six energy centers
located at top of the head and in the center of the head, respectively.

"The Channeling Class is intended
to speed development of the fifth center in the throat.


The New Language of Heaven speaks to issues of the fourth center
and is devoted to finding a new, more true heart energy.


The Quest for the Mother class focuses
on healing the physical and emotional bodies
and rediscovering the true Source of life force energy.
This class relates to issues of the third center
in the region of the solar plexus,
the second center associated with
the 'gut', sacrum and pelvic areas of the body,
and first center at the base of the spine."

Up the hill and at the eastern side of what was once an Arab village, I believe, I look at Highway 6 as it winds its way north

God's Plan

You mentioned that you will be using this site to discuss your plan.
What can you tell us about it now?

"We can begin the discussion now,
if you like.
First I want to say that 'my' plan
is in truth Grandfather's plan,
but I have now adopted it as my own .
Like the Truth, it is inclusive.
Various humans have had various visions
of how reality will be
when all beings are free and at peace,
when Truth and justice prevail.
All of these visions are correct,
and none of them are complete.


"Humans have visions,
Grandfather and I have a plan.
Our plan, my plan includes everyone's vision
as well as the means of realizing them.

When visionaries look out into the future
they see possibilities,
they see parts of my plan.
Although my whole plan has yet to be revealed in a single human vision,
some have captured the essence of it.


"For instance, in biblical times
John the Evangelist had a vision
and captured its message in his gospel
and in what is called the Book of Revelations or The Apocalypse.
In more modern times John Lennon had a vision
and captured its message in the song Imagine.
Both visionaries have seen essential aspects of the same plan.
Donovan wrote of yet another version in the lyric,
'Cannot believe what I see,
all I have wished for will be,
all my race proud and free.'
There are thousands of examples like these,
most of which have gone unpublished.


The lichen on the stones make them beautiful and let forget, what purpose the stones once served


What is the general thrust of your plan and how will you present it here?


"My plan is about love
and abundance
and freedom
and true power for the individual
and the means for each individual
to attain as much of this as they want
in the ways they want it.
And it reaches far beyond that.
It includes the end of suffering and disease,
and is anchored
in the reality of eternal life in physical form
for all who want it.
In short, the realization of the Mother's dream [see .folksinterview>The Mother's Dream]

"You have already had visions of the plan
and know some of how it affects humans and other beings.
On other pages I will be sharing with you
many more of the possibilities
that await you as a fully realized material being
embodying the Mother and me in sacred union.
You may envision these possibilities as your own
since they will be revealed from within yourself.
We will also discuss the new, direct route to full self-realization
that is now available to those who wish to take it.


"On another page I will tell you
what's in it for me.
I'll share with you my agenda in all of this,
tell you why I designed the Universe as I did,
why it's evolved the way it has,
and why I'm so interested in you
and what's happening here on Earth.


I can tell you now
that the distinctions between Deity and humans
will become blurred
as Deity realizes it's deepest urge
to find companionship,
not in fragmentation as has been the case,
but in wholeness with peers.

"This will be the first time
I have set forth my full intention in published form.
Until now there hasn't been enough understanding
of how Creation works and our respective roles in it.
We will begin the page on the plan
as soon as we have brought forward
enough detailed foundational material in the classes
and elsewhere on this site,
along with understandings from other recent channeled material."


Up the hill and at the eastern side of what was once an Arab village, I believe, I look at Highway 6 as it winds its way north

Free Will

Earlier you mentioned free will.
How is it that we have free will
if things are going to turn out the way they're going to turn out anyway?


"This is an old question
that hasn't yet been answered satisfactorily
because of a misconception about cause and effect and time.
First I will say that free will
has a very deep purpose
and is the first priority in this universe.
Sometimes this can seem almost cruel.
I often don't come to the rescue
in the way I'm asked to
because in most cases doing so
would abrogate free will and self-determination.


"The key to understanding
how predetermination and free will
are not in conflict
is in knowing that there is no predetermination,

it's actually post determination
From any point in time
one can look back and see
that the present condition in the present moment
could not be occurring now
if millions of other events hadn't gone exactly the way they went.
From this frame the question is,
'If it's God's will that things be as they are (and it is),
then how could I have had free will?'


"The answer to the mystery is
that there is no predetermination
because the cause of events is in their future.

This is contrary to the way it seems
and to what most people believe.
You have 'learned' from infancy
that effect follows cause
yet this is the reverse
of how things are actually determined in the universe.
The reason reality is the way it is in this moment
is because an event in the future couldn't happen
in just the way it happens if it weren't."


Are you saying that the future causes the present and the past?


I'm saying that the present causes the past.
The future doesn't cause anything
until it exists as the present.
Only the present exists,
the future and past are fictions
that you use to help make sense of linear time."


If the future doesn't exist, then how can it be the cause of what's happening now?


"The 'future' and it's events will exist
when they come to pass,
and that will be in the present when it happens.
We are demonstrating the difficulty of discussing linear time in its own terms.
An example may help here.
Just as you can now look back upon events
that have led up to this moment,
you will also be doing this in the future.
At that time this present moment and its events
will seem to be in the past.

The moment in which the past is observed
is not in the past, it's the present.
It's in this present moment of observation
that the past is created.

This phenomenon is explained more fully
in the section on projection in Truth and Reality class.


"Now, if you look back from this moment toward the past
you will see a series of events
that form a line from your birth to now.

The events in this series happened as they did
because you are seeing them that way from this perspective.

It's not the other way around.
You are not seeing them the way you are
because that's the way they happened,
although that is what the current paradigm teaches
and what seems to be true.

"This means that the true cause of any event
will always be in the future of the event,
not in its past as it seems,
and as common wisdom has it.


"Free will prevails in the only time that matters,
the present.

There is no predetermination,
there is only post determination,
and it is free will that chooses
how the past will have been.


"Everything has already been decided,
once it's happened,
and you will be the one who decides it,
just as you are now the one
who has decided the events that have led you here.

We'll discuss this subject again in more detail in Truth and Reality Class."


Here the purpose of the stones becomes clear: they served terraces! How cute the baby almond tree on the background of the new town Shoham..


Okay, we'll be looking forward to that.
This may be something that needs to be taken on faith for now.


"Be careful about faith.
There are times when it's helpful and even necessary,
however it has too often been used as a substitute for knowing.
You already know what I've said about free will
and post determination to be true,
even though you don't fully understand it.

If you have faith in your inner knowing, that's fine.
It will keep you in touch with your knowing
until you're able to understand it intellectually
However, if what I said didn't resonate with you,
then it's a mistake to take it on faith just because I said it.
There is no authority outside of yourself
that is worthy of your blind faith,
and that includes me."


How can one know when their "inner knowing" is right?


"By the feeling of it.
Information that resonates
feels different than information that doesn't.

The feeling of resonance
is like the feeling of something fitting.
You may not 'know' what it means or where it fits,
but it feels like it means something and fits somewhere."


A few almond blossoms lighten up the somber background of the Sabra-cactuses, which are always the most poignant indication of Arab villages


What are examples of times when faith is necessary?


"One example may be
when you are feeling depressed
or otherwise out of sorts
and there seems to be no way out.
It seems like nothing could help
and that it will only get worse.
This would be a good time to use faith.
Because you have had experiences like this before
and you've come out of them,
you have reason to believe
that you will again this time.
Although you may not know how or when,
you can have faith that you will.
This is true faith and it will help lead you forward.


"Blind faith, on the other hand,
would have a person believe
they will be saved from their situation
simply because it's written in a book
or someone they trust told them so.
The problem with this is
that the locus of control is outside of the person.
They are trusting
and are therefore dependent on someone else's knowing
rather than on their own.


"This brings us back to what I said earlier
about free will [see above: Free Will] sometimes seeming cruel.
Blind faith is a blind alley.
It doesn't go anywhere,
and it's where most people who have felt let down by me
have strayed."


I'm drawn to another corner, just outside the highway fence~~~


Isn't faith a resource of strength, and can't we use it to our benefit?

"Yes, if you are working on healing yourself into wholeness,
and therefore by extension~~~ healing all of Creation,
it is very important to have a solid faith
that will see you through the difficult times
when you become temporarily enmeshed
in the deep Universal imprints.

I have a suggestion for something you can safely put your faith in...

The Universe is good, and operating correctly at all times.


"At first glance, this may seem like yet another kind of blind faith.
Your mind may ask,
"How can I know the Universe is good and operating correctly?"

The answer is in realizing that
if the Universe is only sometimes good,
or only sometimes operating correctly,
then eventually it will all come to not.
And if that were to be so,
what would be the point of doing anything?
Assuming that the Universe is 'good' gives you the advantage of knowing
you are living and healing in a Universe where you are not a victim.


"In choosing to call the Universe 'good,'
you put yourself in a positive relationship with the Universe and with the Mother and myself,
and therefore in a positive relationship with all the events in your life.
The Universe is unfolding and evolving as it is for very good reasons.
Although you may not understand in the moment
how a certain event may be good for you,
with this faith you know you will eventually understand.


"And with this faith,
the same events that could seem hurtful to you at the personal level

can be seen as helpful to your deeper purpose of healing, learning and evolving.

As the Healer working with the Mother's intense pain in the deeper layers of Creation,

you'll find your faith in a positive and caring Universe to be a very valuable strength."

Thank you, God.

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One late fruit of the high Sabra-Cactuses and a wealth of almond blossoms - fencing off the highway....


Continuation of the pictures of my "Tomer-less" hike as background to the "Learning Experience with 'Embedded (Self-)Denial' ", Febr.7, 2009
see in
Interview with God, Part Two