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 The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"





See below this Godchannel message:

The photos of the "WALK ABOUT LOVE 2009" ~ continued from~ Godchannel.com, Message from the Channelers
my graphical edition of the Godchannel files
in the chronological order in which they were given.


Studied again on 2009_07_13

Healing Class III Discussion 3

- Beware of Reversals and the Gap
- Closing the Gap
- Reversals from the Mother's Side of the Gap
- Separating Asuras from Mother Essence


Beware of Reversals and the Gap

WOW. I can just imagine it,
the beauty power and grace of what we can create
with our devils redeemed within
and helping in our healing into wholeness.
I get excited picturing the passions and vigorousness of Lucifer
along with the focused intelligence and resourcefulness of Ahriman,
both returned into love's acceptance
and working to heal completely and unite with the Mother.
I can see how our healing will happen quickly
and much easier than with no forces of reversal present...
and with such a vast and experienced spirit essence to offer.
I am inspired by this vision to give myself fully to this work of redemption,
and I feel the Mother essence in me shout yes yes yes to being received by a fully loving spirit.
WOW again to what I know is possible. May the fairy tale come true!


"Something far better than the best of the fairy tales is in the wind.
But you know, there is still much work ahead.
We have a direction,
but there's no map and no path,
and sometimes the trail of Grandfather's grace is hard to find.


"You've got the right approach,
undenying your previously denied spirit essence,
like a spirited explorer
who enthusiastically travels through new territory
and makes a way for others to follow.
However, since this is new territory,
it's good to be even more cautious about reversals.
The healing work that is most needed now
is in the Heart of Creation,
and this is where the gap between the Mother and me is the deepest and widest.


"The nature of this gap is such
that whenever either of us has moved toward the other or away from the other,
reversals have occurred in the one moving, and the gap has deepened.
It has been the times when we've gotten very close
that the worst reversals have happened.
This danger is now becoming present again,
and I sense it in your post.

"You mention feeling the affirmation of your spirit healing work in your Mother essence,
and that must be very encouraging to you.
However, not all of the Mother essence is so aligned with this work.

"In fact, the whole point of the spirit healing work is
to enable your spirit essence
to find alignment with your magnetic essence,
not the other way around.
Spirit is accustomed to leading,
and in this stage of the Spirit redemption process,
this is quite appropriate.
In healing the gap between the Mother and me, however, it is not.
The Mother must lead that process
if we expect to get through this territory without a major reversal.


"Just as wholeness of Spirit is essential to wholeness of being,
wholeness of the Mother is too.
The alignment of Spirit must be with all of the magnetic essence,
not just the essence that is willing to align with spirit,
even with a completely whole and unified Spirit.

We're doing something truly new here,
and doing it in a way has never even been attempted.
And the territory we're working in is very unstable and prone to reversals.

"Just as there have been parts of Spirit
opposed to other parts of Spirit,
there have been parts of the Mother opposed to each other.
Some of the Mother finds it quite easy to relate with me,
and even align with my Light.
Other parts of her have never been able
to relate positively with Spirit
and are opposed to those who want to.

"Just as there have been gaps within the Spirit Polarity,
there have been gaps within the Magnetic or Will Polarity.

pp24 and pp35
"If your unified spirit were to unite
with only the parts of the Mother
who are willing to align with it,
the unwilling parts would reflect
all of the denied magnetic, Will essence
and there would be a reversal of all the work
you'd done to that point.


This would look and feel to you
much like a reversal caused by denied spirit essence
trying to get the Mother to open again to more torture,
except that it would be deeper and more devastating.

"The secret to success here is

pp24 and pp35
for Spirit to be cautious about moving toward the Mother,
and to be certain that she is first moving toward you.
And then it is very important for Spirit
to give the Mother only what she asks,
and have no additional agenda.

There are many layers to the healing work
and each layer must be moved through completely
before it is safe to go on to the next.

Trying to do too much too soon
has been the major cause of reversals,
and patience of Spirit is the true virtue here."


Closing the Gap

"I would like to add an understanding about the 'gaps' mentioned here.

"There are several causes and types of gaps,
but they all have one thing in common.
All gaps are openings where essence should be, but isn't.

"A simple example would be the gap in your magnetic essence
between your desire for something and the actual having of it.

"Another example is a gap in your spirit essence
between you and a part of your spirit that has been projected upon another.

"A third example would be the gap
between a need for withdrawal, solitude and bliss
versus engagement, relationship and passion,

a gap between your spirit and magnetic essences.


"The common feature of these and all gaps is
that at their bottom they open to the void.
The void is the original home of the asuras,
and it is through these gaps
that their essence of hate and denial comes into Creation.


"It has seldom happened of course
that a full blown denial spirit has emerged
through the more minor gaps described in our examples.
However, it has often happened in the more serious gaps
within both the Spirit and Will polarities,
and of course has been most prevalent
in the huge gap between the two polarities.


"Denial spirits are the most dangerous type of asuras
because they have identity
and organized consciousness of hatred
with a sharply focused intent to kill and destroy
It is their presence that has caused the reversals in healing,
and closing the gaps that have allowed asuras access to us
is the first priority of healing.


"So the healing work is the work of closing gaps.


"And we're starting with the original cause of all gaps,
the gaps in Spirit, or in other words,
the denials of my own Light
that I originally made into Lucifer and Ahriman.

"As this work proceeds
and is reflected in a more whole and coherent Light
here on this web site,

"some of those
who hold the essence of the more damaged parts of the Mother
are beginning to move in this direction.


"Until now I have been discouraging
people with this essence
from coming here in search of my Light,
because I know the power of the Gap between us
and the damage its reversals can cause.
I don't wish to contribute any more energy to this,

"and so I've asked those
who consider themselves to be Mother fragments
to please back away from me here
if they feel my Light is irritating or troubling.


"Besides the obvious issue of persons
other than yourself
channeling my Light,
there is also an unavoidable distortion of Light
caused by the medium itself.
And the distortion here is sometimes more
than in other forms of the written word like books, for instance.

"Computers and the internet are inherently Ahrimanic

and although this effect on communication can be subtle,
it is quite easily sensed by sensitive magnetic essence.


"Although I have already established inner communication
with most humans
holding the most damaged fragments of the Mother capable of doing the healing work,
some are reading this material
in an effort to calibrate with what they have experienced as my inner voice.
For this reason I wish to make a place here for their expression.
I've asked the channelers to reorganize the site
so there is an area
where Mother essence can feel more comfortable expressing.
I wish this space to gradually evolve,
and that it be created
as a true collaboration between both sides
in healing the Gap between Spirit and and Mother.


"The result of this denial-free healing work
we're embarking upon
will be the birth of Real Heart, New Heart.
And Heart will be born
not here on this web site or in books
or other forms of outside channeling,

but in you.

"You are the venue in which the healing of Creation happens.


"Please always honor what comes to you from the inside.
My presence here in these words,
and for that matter the presence of the Mother
as she may be channeled by contributors here,
can only be virtual,
it can only be a model of what is really happening.

"If you project your spirit essence onto the words here,
you may open a gap between my certain presence within you
and this outer expression of my inner presence.


"The true reality of this healing work,
and everything else for that matter,
is in you and it always has been.

"And there are two sides or poles to your reality,
just like the fairy tales, folklore and myths that inspire you.
There's been a grim dark side to them as well,
and this needs to be recognized, honored and healed
before we attempt to move
into that glorious castle over there
on the happy bright side."

Channelers' note:
Another contributor offers a different perspective on working with reversals:

Reversals from the Mother's Side of the Gap

I have a few comments to add to the discussion about reversals.
I have had a huge fear of reversing, and this is something to be feared, for a true reversal is very frightening.
For some of us, mainly Will-polarized,
but also those of us who are Heart-polarized and hold much heart denial still,
reversals are going to happen
because when denied pieces of Self come back into our centers,
those pieces which are not light (which can speed up very quickly)
are pieces which are slower and heavier,
and reclaiming those parts of Self
FEELS LIKE reversal.

True reversal happens when we judge against ourselves
for still having "this old negative feeling". . . or "this unlovingness" in us.

Or when these unredeemed parts of the Self act out in our external reality
and trigger the self-hatred which denied them out of us,
and we judge even harder trying to keep the reflection away.


For me, the new understandings about "true sacrifice" are the key to safety in reversals.
No matter how bad external reality gets,
or how anguished internal pain feels,
I can keep an open pathway
and keep pulling God's loving soft diffused light down into the reversed area of my Self.

Reversals can then become the greatest opportunities for redemption.
Anything that this Loving Light encounters
can then be brought into its right place, either internal with us, or external with Deity.


How does this work?
A strike occurs ~.
a friend betrays us,
a loved one dies,
a memory surfaces,
a buried sense of guilt takes the upper hand ~
pain feels unbearable ~
judgment gets triggered to stop pain.


Now you hear it ~ the voice of unlovingness ~
do not deny hearing unlovingness,

do not gap away from this experience with the judgment that says
"I am not supposed to feel unloving, toward anyone, even myself."
Rather, try to remain fully conscious with this reversal,
and then open space for God to be fully conscious here with you.

This feels like soft light,
or an image of a loving protective Father,
or a gentle hand reached out to you,
or perhaps it will feel only like the faint hope
that this is even possible
to bring God into these lonely dark places.

This may take "too much time".
Let the hope remain open to God.

The path to ultimate healing is
through each of us offering our Wills
as pathways for Loving Light.

[a song in puzzle piece 30, Unconditional Love, 2009_06_30 !
but "reversal" in me does not occur when "big" events occur,
be they ~"bad external reality" or ~"anguished internal pain",
reversal threatens ever so often during my daily, hourly living,
when feelings of 'lack of zest' or 'lack of full-fill-ment' creep in
without being recognized, moved and embraced as the Will!]


God is the Lord of Hosts ~
we are each Hosts of the Loving Lord.
We may each also choose to send unloving light back home to God for Him to reclaim into wholeness.

I hope this helps us all
as we face the inevitable strikes our wills are still receiving.
I live in hope that this will heal now,
and I am grateful to all of us who are trying.
I know it hurts.
It hurts terribly sometimes.
We are not alone any longer.
Even reversals can be healed.

Separating Asuras from Mother Essence

A friend sent a copy of Four Steps to self realization, etc.
I've been doing a great deal of this kind of work,
and appreciate the additional information.
I'm stuck at the place where we separate the asuras from attacking the Mother essence.
It's been quite risky and not always productive.
I could use some additional support to continue to move forward into healing.
You've got a live wire here! Send help if possible.

"This is Spirit.

Yes, it has been risky and difficult work
to separate asuras from the Mother essence
that holds them in manifestation.
All beings, and everything in manifestation for that matter, exist
because both Spirit and Will essence are present in them.

"However, the spirit essence of asuras does not belong here in this Creation.
It is the essence of denial, and it seeks death and destruction.
It is the spirit of hatred, jealousy and revenge.
It says to one and all, 'You have disturbed me, and now I must kill you.'
They are opposed
to life,
and goodness
and they work to destroy these principles in Creation whenever they can.

"The challenge of separating asuras from the Will essence that holds them in existence
is the challenge of separating life from death, love from hatred, and good from evil.

Because when the Will essence is free from the asura, the asura ceases to exist.
The problem is that in most cases,
the asura has convinced the Will that they are inseparable
and that if he dies, she dies.
This situation is very similar
to what has happened
to many victims of child abusers, rapists and kidnappers.
The victim identifies with the perpetrator
because the perpetrator has more power.


"In a great many instances of lost Will,
the magnetic essence has identified with the asura that has captured it.
The Will opened to receive Light, and received an asura instead.
The Will cannot remove from herself light she has already taken in,
asuras included.
In fact, she has no choice but to align with the light she is holding,
and the next step, that of identifying with the asura's light,
is easy and natural.
Asuras have great destructive energy and power.
To experience that power and energy,
the Will has only to obey the asura's impulses of hatred, denial and destruction.

She believes it is her own rage and hatred she is experiencing,
but the truth is that she is being used.


"The Mother has blamed herself for having destructive fits of rage,
including once destroying Earth,
and a very large and significant part of her is suicidal
and hopeless about the situation changing.

"From the perspective of Spirit the problem is worsened
by the Mother's adverse reaction
when loving Light with healing intent becomes available.
My Light triggers the asura's hatred and denial,
and the Mother feels this
and believes she's feeling her own feelings warning her away from me.
In a great many instances she has not realized
that the light she feels the need to protect herself from
is the asura that is already inside of her,
projecting its bad intent and energy onto me.



"There is another phenomenon
that has been obscuring the facts of asura possession of the Will.
That phenomenon has been my denials of my own light.
Parts of myself that I had denied,
and therefore had no longer been able to control,
have hurt the Mother
in trying to get the same kind of dominion over her as the asuras have.
There has been a concerted effort by spirits
to dominate and control the Will
so that she will help them realize their plans
to overthrow Creation
as their revenge against me who had denied them in the first place.


"The asuras have able and wily allies
in the two major holders of my denied light, Ahriman and Lucifer.
The two devils use
the asura-possessed fragments of lost Will
to do their bidding.
Of course, the devils have told the Mother
that my Light is the whole problem,
and that my intentions are bad.
They say,
'Wasn't it God who smacked you so hard in the beginning?'


"Ahriman and Lucifer,
and particularly Lucifer has been systematically undermining the Will
by helping the asuras who have captured Will essence
keep themselves hidden inside of her.
Blaming me for their bad intent and hateful energy
has been particularly effective
in keeping the parts of the Mother that are still lost
from realizing what has been going on.
My campaign of undenying the devils
and unifying the Spirit polarity
has been successful in releasing some of their hold on the Mother,
but much work still remains to replace unloving light with loving light.


"The solution to the problem of separating the asuras from your Will essence
is in your own human spirit.

Even those holding the most lost parts of lost Will
have their own spirit essence.
Humans have all four parts of Deity,
and those who feel they do not have their own spirit
have been deceived by that perception.

Spirit presence is essential to life,
and Spirit of course is causal in all of this mess.

So it is up to each human to become parental to themselves
and insist that their own spirit take responsibility
and work toward resolution and healing.


"The first step of the solution is to redeem your own lost spirit
by undenying Lucifer and Ahriman
and bringing their energies into alignment with me in the center of the Spirit Polarity.
As your human spirit aligns with my Light,
your spirit becomes more whole, and less prone to denial.


"The next step is to wait.
Lost Will recoils at the approach of Spirit,
no matter how loving and well intended.

You don't want to try to take your spirit into relating with your will,
and most particularly with your lost will.

Waiting for Will to ask for Light is the best approach for Spirit.
Just the availability of strong, congruent loving Light
is all that is necessary to trigger an asura.
[in myself or in someone who attracted me into his/her life?]
You will experience this either as self-hatred
[of another] or hatred of another [towards me?],
perhaps even with an urge to hurt or kill.
Here is the asura,
but remember your will essence will believe these are her feelings.


"It is ironic but true that the same approach from Spirit at this point
will both comfort the Will and separate out the asura.

That approach is called acceptance.
Imagine being attacked by an entity
that wants to destroy you,
has more power than you have,
and tries to tear out your heart.
Now imagine that you will disarm this power of hatred and denial with love and acceptance.
[but we must be careful to not accept the asura itself, for it doesn't belong here, it wants to return to the Void]

"There is line from a song, 'You know it ain't easy.'
And yes, it is not.
But it is possible, and I will show you a way it can be done.
The key is to involve both the Mother and me in your process.

Asuras are not a human problem,
they are a universal problem
that existed long before humans or any other evolutionary will beings became manifest.
Ultimately they are a problem that Deity must resolve,
and as with all the work of healing Creation,
we're asking your help in doing it.


"The next step is to find the acceptance needed here
by releasing any judgments that are related to the hatred of the asura.
This work is made much easier by the realization
that the hatred has not been yours [or that of the other person],
but rather belongs to the asura,
a denial spirit whose right place is not in you, or anywhere in Creation.


"The final step in freeing Will essence from asuric possession
is to bring the Mother and me together in you
so that there is no gap within yourself
through which the asura can enter.

Gaps [see chapter: 'Closing the Gap" above]
are places where there is nothing at all, neither Spirit nor Will essence.
This is the Void, and is the place the asuras call home.
And it is through these gaps or splits that they freely enter humans.


"The practice of "True Sacrifice" outlines a process of healing gaps.
When your Will is ready to move out an asura,
she will ask your spirit to bring my Light into the essence that is ready to move.
At that time, if you ask me to take the asura to its right place, I will.
Reclaiming the lost Will still held captive by asuras
and all the rest of the healing of Creation
is a responsibility the Mother and I would like you to share with us.

And the healing class lesson on Body
will offer more details about how we can do this work together."

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Going up to Nes Harim = "banner of mountains"

All ye inhabitants of the world,
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Isaiah 18:3
Alle Weltkreissassen,
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Jeshajahu 18:3 (Buber-Rosenzweig)


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