The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
A R A R A T  -  H E A R T  [34 pages]
was but a temporary location for my creation,
a branch of my learning-healing on Healing-K.i.s.s.

Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2011
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"

A R A R A T - H E A R T
A Vision about Peace
between the Desert Nations in the Middle East
and between Wo/Man and Desert Earth
Christa-Rachel Bat-Adam or MARYAM
(1) - 2004_09_21
(2) - 2004_12_26
(3) - 2005_02_20
(4) - 2005_02_28
(5) - 2005_04_08
(6) - 2005_10_24
(7) - 2005_12_20

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See below - an insert of 2010: two weddings
Stage (1) - 2004_09_21 ;
last update: 2005_03_09

My Vision
My "Partners"
Last Communication with Deity




This website resumes the "sculpting" of some of the experiences with our present work,
in the beginning called "THE MOUNT ARARAT EVOLUTION":

Between donkey and car - among the Bedouin - in the desert of Arad:
My partner Hagai Lev
("lev" in Hebrew means "heart") and little Sa'ad Al-Hameiseh.
Below another Al-Hameiseh family: the four kids of the third wife of Musa:
Naifeeh and her brothers Muhammed, Ahmed and Ali in front of their tin shack.

In both cases - unlike in other cases - I was allowed to take a photo!


We are three.

Tamir Peleg [
"peleg" means "rivulet"] joined me at the Red Sea in January 1998.

3 months later he said:

"Rachel , we are not at the right place.
We have this four-nation tent here,
because Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi-Arabia border the Gulf of Eilat.
But our business is with Palestinians and there are no Palestinians around here.
and our business is with the vision of Desert Economy,
based on the Desert treasure: SPS, Space, Purity and Silence.
But there is no more SPS around here, with all these hotels in Eilat and in Aqaba."

"So where do we have to work then"?

"Around the Dead Sea!"

That's how I came to discover the Dead Sea as the place on Earth where I feel most at home.


Hagai Lev came to know us, when I and Tamir found an "asylum" at Ein-Gedi Fieldschool
- after the eviction from another Dead Sea Hosting Enterprise, Metzuqee-Dragot, north of the 1967 border.

In April 2004, after 5 months in my cave at "Noah's Shore"
and there - among "Noah's Rainbow Colors" the link to "Noah's Shore Dreamers"]
Hagai came for the "Dreamers' Training" for seven days.
After some pleasant and some very unpleasant experiences with Bedouins he said:

"Your 'Noah's Vision' will not manifest,
nor will peace prevail in this country,
until we, the Jews, will become guests among the Desert People,
and let them bond us with the earth.
And once we'll have made us dependent on them, the Bedouins,
they will feel equal.
And then- then they might forgive us the expulsion of Ismael."

[See>My Life's Harvest>My Bible>Hagar&Ismael]
Addition on: 2005_03_09:
What does it mean, that now the "Ismael Succah" in "Succah in the Desert" burnt down?

That's how the Vision of ARARAT HEART started to reveal itself.


The three of us share a vision about Peace,
between Israel and Palestine and between Wo/Man and Earth:
Tamir Peleg (33) from the desert- town Dimona,
Hagai Lev (31) from Kibbutz Nakhshon,
Christa-Rachel Bat-Adam, Ph.D. or "Maryam" (66),
originally from Germany



"Mish'olee Rakhaf":

"Mish'olee Rakhaf"
July 13, 2004

The first place
on "Rakhaf"
Sa'ar Carmi'eli
invited us
to erect our tent,
the optimal tent
for the future
"Desert Hosting Economy" ,
and at this stage-
for the Bedouin Rihlaat
Now we are at a different place
and are allowed
to erect 2 more


Diary 2004_09_21-Equinoxes


"Better are the two than the one
for they have a good reward for their labour.
For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow;
while the one, should he fall,
has not another to lift him up.

Bible, Ecclesiastes 4, 9-12
"Also, if two lie together, they will be warm,
but the one - how can he be warm?
And if someone attacks the one,
the two shall stand against him;
and the threefold cord is not quickly severed."

[See>God has Evolved>PuzzlePiecesGuide>Puzzle Piece 39: Deity and Manifestation]




Hagai and Tamir marry, by chance almost at the same time
see also the synchronicity of my encounter with a former friend of Hagai, Maya Ziv, just 10 days earlier, in "Succah in the Desert" ,
in a critical, extremely painful situation, where the 5 min. encounter was "staged" to remind me of Hagai's mystical message in 2004:

"There will be no peace here,

until we, the Jews, will become the guests of the Desert People,

and let them connect us to the earth (adamah).

Once we shall be dependent on them, they will feel equal

and then they might forgive us the expulsion of Ismael."

Hagai and Moran, the couple wedded on January 6, 2010 and Tamir and Hilla, the couple to be wedded on February 14, 2010

Hagai and Moran talk to Ramona, Tamir's half-sister, who at one time (2002?)
had shared with him the bus and minibus,
when my 2 vehicles were still functioning and bequeathed by me to Tamir (1999)

Hagai and Ramona and Hilla and Tamir

The six of us: Hagai and Moran, Tamir and Hila, Ramona and I , sat at the same table and later danced together

A mixed couple - not a European with a Jemenite, like Hagai and Moran, - but a Yemenite with a Philipinian.
The Yemenite Israeli is a member of Hagai's Kibbutz Nachshon


Once my partners they now dance together at each others weddings

Their two Brides, Moran and Hilla



The three of us share a vision about Peace,
between Israel and Palestine and between Wo/Man and Earth:
Tamir Peleg (33) from the desert- town Dimona,
Hagai Lev (31) from Kibbutz Nakhshon,
Christa-Rachel Bat-Adam, Ph.D. or "Maryam" (66),
originally from Germany

My only gift for Hagai and Moran,
who both study at a center for Kabbalah:
"Eliyahu", by Martin Buber, translated by me.




I wrote on the bottom of Mika's drawing
which I stuck it into a bag, painted by me,
carefully packed with the pretty vessels and cups,
which people had discarded, both at Shoham and at Arad..

"Mika [4.2] was told, that she would go to your wedding.
So she began this drawing for you.
Since she didn't complete it
[nor go to the wedding], I threw it away.
But she discovered it in the bin under my desk, pulled it out and said:
"This is not to be thrown away".

Above Mika's picture I wrote a verse from
this week's Torah-Reading
[Exodus 24:10-11]
"And they saw the God ... of the heaven ...
and they beheld God,
and they ate and they drank"

between Israel and Palestine and between Wo/Man and Earth:
Tamir Peleg (33) from the desert- town Dimona,
Hagai Lev (31) from Kibbutz Nakh shon,
Christa-Rachel Bat-Adam, Ph.D. or "Maryam" (66),
originally from Germany

The two mothers and Tamir's father (Hilla's father is not on the picture) surround the couple under the Huppah

I was so happy for Sarah and Shim'on, Tamir's parents.
He is their youngest from among five children, and 39 years old.
We had so many experiences together, especially I and Shim'on,
who, for instance, installed my solar electricity system in Noah's Cave.
And though everything was stolen soon, I'll always be grateful to him.
The entire evening I was watching Shim'on and seeing the Jewish boy,
which escaped a death train during the holocaust and now: look at him!
Paz - as beautiful as ever - see her, for instance, in Noah's Cave, Dec. 2003

See Paz & Yuval-David when they visited me in Modi'in in Oct. 2003,
and how the latter became my partner for a while on Noah's Shore.
[See the couple in my sulphor pond on Paz' 29th birthday, 2004]

I was there, "by chance"..., on the day when Ashira-la-El was born at home...

It was exhilarating - the reunion of our circle in Ein-Gedi 1999
first I and Tamir
- invited by Yuval (later Yuval-David) - after the eviction from Metzoqe Dragot
and the director of the Ein-Gedi Fieldschool, Joel Oren,
the father of Lior (then 11, see her below).
Later we were joined by Pazit (later Paz), and I could be helpful with the fledgling relationship between her and Yuval.
Then by Hagai, the cook assistant, [here with Moran, his new wife] Erez, the handiman [see my song for him]
and Jonathan, then 19, a not very efficient volunteer,
who was not accepted in the army because of his Psoriasis, and hoped the Dead Sea would heal him, a hope shared by Yuval, inflicted with the same illness.
The famous story was told again:
Jonathan was supposed to help me with ordering palm-fronds, but did it so akwardly that I screamed at him:
"You are wasting your own time and mine!"
Tamir was around and heard this. He came to me and said quietly:
"One doesn't scream at Jonathan like this!"
I was stunned, both about my own behavior and about young Tamir's courage to live up to me like that.
I found Jonathan straightaway and confronted him:
"Jonathan, what did you feel, when I screamed at you like that?"
Jonathan now told:
"I was so stupefied, that I couldn't say a word,
I simply threw my head on Rachel's shoulders and wept."

and Jonathan stressed, how crucial this event was for his time
at the Fieldschool ["they intended to fire me the next day!"] and his later life in general.

[To my 61st birthday - Aug. 15 1999- Jonathan brought the plant of an apple-tree,
since he had been impressed by my story, attributed to Martin Luther:
"If you knew that the World would go to pieces tomorrow, what would you do?"
Answer: "I would plant an apple-tree today!"

We planted - and celebrated the planting- in front of Tamir's and my "Concrete Succah".
Someone probably watered it even after I had followed the ultimatum of eviction on Oct. 31,
but in the years to come the "Concrete Succah" was constructed into proper guest-rooms,
and , of course, that was also the end of the apple-tree on that tiny slope in front .
On April 1, 2010, Jonathan came to visit me in Arad.
A few days later the third planted apple-tree finally showed a hesitant bud!]

The only really good photo I made, was this one: Yuval-David and Jonathan.
Sitting next to them: Lior, now my "starchild" and close friend, then, in 1999.
The next day I would meet her sister Nitzan for the first time since that time,
and Lior would be my guest at Arad for three days.

There were other people I met on this grand wedding with perhaps more than 600 people,
but the only other friend which I need to see in this sculpture with that circle, was Ya'acov.
Ya'acov and his wife Orit, who live at Modi'in, fetched me from Shoham and also returned me.
Though Ya'acov didn't "belong" to the circle of the Ein-Gedi Fieldschool, - he lived in Tel-Aviv,
he was my and Tamir's partner in the RedSeAPartner-SHIP and in the Dead Sea PartnerShip...

What will be the personal and the common future of all these actors in my drama?

On August 20, 2010, a son is born to Paz and Yuval-David. On October 8, 2010 - A son is born to Tamir and Hilah.
See pictures




Suddenly there are posts from Hagai on Facebook.
He seems to be deeply involved in a movement "Yakhad" (Together)
that runs for the local elections in Petach-Tikva in 2 days.
His post reminds me of what he, the young man, and I, the old woman,
experienced together,
though I don't identify with the bitterness of the old woman,
about whom he tells in his post.

This give's me a chance to insert 2 other articles about the present State of Israel,
written today, Oct. 20,- and on Sept. 26, 2013 - by my grandson Jonathan Shai.

"Israeli Nationality
in the passport
does not exist"







The next morning, on Oct. 21, 2013
I find that Ronnit, Jonathan's Mother,
shared Jonathan's post on Facebook
with this preface:

Why is the problem of the refugees not getting solved?