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 The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"




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The photos of the "WALK ABOUT LOVE 2009" ~continued from~ Channeling Class Lesson One: Meeting the Source
which accompany
my graphical edition of the Godchannel files
in the chronological order in which they were given.


Answers to e-mail questions channeled on
Checked for updates: 2005_08_14


Judgment Release Discussion

Affirmations and Judgment Release
Judgment Release and the Role of Spirit in the Healing Process
Inner Advice and Judgment Release
How can I release judgments against murderers and rapists?

Affirmations and Judgment Release

The whole dialog is recommended though not quoted in pp6 ,pp42

I was talking to my girlfriend about a week ago.
We were discussing affirmations
and this amazing insight popped out of my mouth:
"Affirmations are different from judgment release.
When you use them
there is still energy being provided
to the judgment you are trying to release.
But if you take away the energy from the negative judgment,
the positive one will eventually follow."

Is this correct?

"Yes, you are correct.
Affirmations and 'positive suggestions'
are very different than judgment release,
and for two reasons.
The first is as you point out ~
in deciding to make an affirmation about something
you are simultaneously affirming the problem you are trying to solve.


"The second and more important distinction
is at a deeper level of reality.
If you have a feeling that you are 'bad', for instance ~
and you then make an affirmation like, 'I am good'
without first releasing the original judgment,
you will create another, conflicting viewpoint.
You will be holding two opposing positions.


"The parts of you that believe they are bad
will still hold that point of view.
The parts that side with the new belief
that you are good
will try to suppress the other parts
who hold the 'wrong' belief.
This kind of inner conflict very often creates a polarity,
or two separate realities.


"Sometimes it will seem
as if you are 'bad'
and everything you do is 'bad'.
At other times it will seem that you are 'good'
and what you do is 'good'.

This happens naturally in children
and can cause a deep incongruity
that later becomes the basis of what is called 'bipolar disorder'.


"The solution, of course, is
to release the negative judgment first.
This opens the space
for a new and more positive judgment or belief to be present,
just as you suggest.

And it's better to leave the space open
rather than try to consciously instill a new judgment or belief


"There are two advantages in allowing the space to remain open.
First, the emotion that was held down by the judgment
is free to move in acceptance as it desires,
without any more interference from your mind or spirit.

There is more said about this in the healing class and related discussions.


"The second advantage is
that you avoid the pitfall of also affirming the problem,
and this more easily enables you
to find the true balance point among your inner parts.
Thank you for bringing this important distinction forward."


Inner Advice and Judgment Release

The whole dialog is recommended in pp6, but especially quoted is only what appears here on the right side

The channeling class is so powerful and exciting for me.
I cry the sad-joy tears of heartbreaks healing in response to this guidance.
I sense on an essential level
this reestablishing a healthy communion with you, God,
is a simple shifting of vibration from within
from the unacceptable to the acceptable.
I feel most of my old-pains-still-with-me
were created out of me judging myself
as wrong-bad-unacceptable
for desiring sweet heartlove experiences
and for having negative responses to not getting what I desired.

"You are 'sensing on an essential level'
my inner communications to you.

"Judgments are the single greatest obstacle
blocking humans from union and wholeness.
This is why I've put so much emphasis on judgment release
throughout this web site and in other channelings,
including private inner communications.


I'm glad you've been getting the message.
When you change a judgment about someone or something
from unacceptable to acceptable,

you release a negative judgment
and replace it with a positive one.
In this case you've chosen my judgment of 'acceptable'.


In this class I feel
you lovingly leading me back into the fold
where I can live in conscious connection with you forever,
I feel you reminding me
that I am innocent and good at the core
and worthy of my heart's desires.
I feel you helping me to reestablish myself
in the soft sweet glow of loving light.
And this makes me cry with gratitude ~
like reuniting with the long lost lover that is myself.


"You are also reuniting with the Mother,
and in the process finding your own Desire.
It is the celebration of our union in your heart
that you are experiencing as your own reunion."


Thank you for reminding me that I am just fine as I am now.
This is truly Godly power,
to love and accept myself where I'm at right now.
It feels so much better than much of the self-hating

I've done in all my crazy attempts to avoid and out-do you, God.
Although allowing myself the vibrational expression of hate
to break these old patterns
has been necessary for me to be open now
to receive you as myself.


"You are welcome, just as you are.
Hatred is the feeling of denial,
and therefore something every fragment has experienced.

Self-denial equals self-hatred,
just as the denial of another
is the expression of hatred toward them.
The denied fragment is banished from wholeness
and suffers in the isolation enforced by the hatred.
The experience of self-hatred is a good sign.

It means that you are waking up to the fact
that this has been going on
and coming out of denial regarding your dual roles
as both the banisher and banishee.

"Now judgment release is crucial.


"Although you are already moving it,
whenever self-hatred is involved,
it's good to add another sentence
to the beginning of the judgment release statements.
I suggest that before the other two statements you say,
'I release the judgment that I must hate myself because I ~
'In this case it would be,
'I release the judgment that I must hate myself
because I tried to avoid and out-do God.'

When you release the judgments against yourself,
you reclaim your self-acceptance and the self-hatred vanishes


I loved you saying,
"the truest sense of God you will find
is in the sense of my presence inside of you
and in the life around you."
I feel that my own personal sense of disconnection
from you-as-lovingness
is the cause of my living pains and literal UNfulfillment,
because, as I understand it now in taking self-responsibility,
I closed myself down to being filled by you, by love.
Now, as my healing opens me to receive this love
I feel my life enlightening with the sense of me as divine-god-love,
self-empowered and moving back into wholeness.
Oh what a journey of amazing grace it is!


"Yes, it is a journey of grace,
and even more a journey toward grace.
Grace, in fact, is our navigational beacon.
As we drive backward,
it's the stream of Grandfather's gentle, pure grace
that beckons us toward our destination of wholeness
and lets us know we're on course.
And again, this love you are experiencing
is the result of the union of the Mother and me in you.
Thank you."


Judgment Release and the Role of Spirit in the Healing Process

The whole dialog is recommended though not quoted in pp6

Recently I had a terrifying yet healing experience.
I felt uncomfortable energies building in my body
and my first response was irritation.
This irritation grew to a rage at the part of me that felt so uncomfortable,
and this rage just hated so much that I was having this experience,
that I felt awkward and out of control, and that it wasn't stopping.

I recognized in this heartless rage two things, in looking back now.

There was asuric essence there
that just wanted the death of all feeling,
especially the uncomfortable irritations.

And there was denied spirit essence as well,
essence that felt judgmental and uncomfortable
yet had within it a grain of wanting to understand
what was going on and to move to feel better.

It was hard for me because I was with others
I did not feel safe sharing such a process with.

I took care of myself as best I could given the situation
and later I moved into my own space
to further digest my still moving uncomfortable emotions.

At that point I discovered behind my self-rage
a huge bundle of terror.
It started as anxious fear
and as I opened to feel and express it
it grew to deep panic terrors that were literally paralyzing.
I tried my best to allow these feelings to express and move,
to feel accepted and heal,
and gradually, as I released judgments against myself
for needing this cathartic emotional movement,
the terrors subsided
and I began to feel as if some long lost part of myself
had been born out of pain and into a new spacious acceptance.

Shortly later some more rage reared its nasty head within me,
demanding release,
and allowing its expression did bring relief afterwards,
even though it felt horrible in release.

The next morning I looked back on how,
after all the hard-to-stay-present-for emotional experiences,
I turned to stimulations,
in the forms of both food and a movie,
as a way to both soothe the rough edges of my pains
and to avoid having to feel more.

I suddenly recognized
how so many of my habits and behaviors
are subconsciously directing me
to avoid my feeling terror, and my rages,
because of how horrible it is to feel such uncomfortableness.
And I recognized how a main way I do this
is by projecting myself into the future
to imagine-worry-manipulate a better experience of NOW
rather than stay present with my feelings.

I immediately used judgment release
to let go of bashing myself
for turning to stimulations and future projections
because some part of me could only take so much,

and this felt instantly sweeter than the continued abuse of self put-down.

I am amazed at the certain simplicity of my healing,
realizing the grace of accepting my whole self.
Gradually I am experiencing my new creation
as acceptance replaces judgments,
and free expression replaces denial.

And I love the emerging me
that moves from the impetus of wholeness
rather than fragmentation
and chooses to follow my desire to heal completely.
Thanks for your inspiration!

"You are welcome. It's my job.
Well, one of them at least.
Your story is an excellent example
of the effectiveness, if not necessity
of judgment release in the healing process.
As you noticed, when you move to release judgments,
you move out of Spirit's denials
and into acceptance of the emotional presence you are experiencing.


"Your own spirit's acceptance
of your own magnetic essence
then parallels my acceptance of the Mother
in the stream of grace
that comes from Grandfather through me to you,
and continues through your magnetic essence on to the Mother.
This is very simply the role of Spirit in the healing process.
Thank you for demonstrating how it works in you."


How can I release judgments against murderers and rapists?

The whole dialog is recommended in pp6


Dear God, I feel
judgment release is such a crucial exercise
in opening the space to truly channel your Loving Light.

For me, this release feels so good and right in many areas ~
for example,
to release judging a friend as being bad for being who he is
and making his own life choices,
or, like you said, releasing my judgment
that I am wrong for having closed down to you.


But where this judgment release gets complicated for me
is in the places where things really do feel bad to me ~
like people and companies polluting our environment,
murderers and rapists abusing life,
most areas where denied spirit essence and asuric essence
is wrecking havoc and destruction.

"There are two ways
you can approach this issue with judgment release.


you can take the point of view
that the murderer or corporate polluter
is reflecting something in you
and withdraw the projection.

"Now you have a devil inside of you
instead of out there in the world.
This gives you the opportunity to redeem the devil,
and of course the first step here is
to release the judgments against yourself
that have kept you split in two, good person and devil.

The rest will follow the general pattern of redeeming denied spirit
outlined in the last part of Lesson Three of the healing class.


"The other approach is
to turn your attention directly to the murderer or polluter
and release the judgments you hold against them
for what they've done to harm you or others.
If you take this approach,
be careful that you are certain of their innocence,
otherwise you may find you have further empowered them.
The best way to empower denial is to go along with it.

The first approach is the better way to the healing you want."

I forget over and over again
that because these are my reflections
then I must be responsible, somehow and somewhat, for their creation.
How can I reconcile something that feels very wrong on a deep level
with my intention to release all unloving-to-myself judgments?
How can I open to channel your SourceLove
into these fragmented denied parts of myself and become whole?

"You have just said it yourself.
You can reconcile what feels wrong
by releasing the judgments around it,
including those regarding 'right' and 'wrong'.

This will leave you with the 'bad' feeling,
and free of the judgments
that both confused you
and held the feeling down every time it wanted to move.

"After you move
the fear and anger,
the grief will be there

to let you know
you are on the healing road.
Offer it to my Light as in true sacrifice,

or otherwise get me involved in the process.

Asuric essence, of course, needs to leave
and I can help with that too."


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I follow my understanding and new lekh-lekhâ on January 1, 2009,
  that - after 7 years - I should no longer create new pages on my 2 websites,
but intermingle the evidence of new experiences with that on existing pages.
Since March 2009 I am "synchronizing" the chronological process of the Godchannel.com files
with the chronological process of my photos and - if there should be time - observations of the

"Walk About Love"

continuation of March 27, 2009 ;
latest update of this page: June 30, 2009

At about 2 PM we reached the southern outskirts - the Industrial Zone - of Arad.
Erez , the head of the circus- and parade activities - gives a few instructions,
and people start dancing towards the town, while singing a pretty little rhyme:

"every little cell in my body is happy,
every little cell in my body is content"

As to the precious people seen on the following pictures - I recognize:
Lim, Richard (England/), Brice (Belgium, Daniel (Germany), Michal Sason, Kathy (USA)


I recognize: Parastu, Michael (USA), Yeshaiya (Arad), Robin, Yig'al,




"Walk about Love" and "Hotel Inbar" at the entrance of Arad
Brice (Belgium), Gabriel (USA), Erez (Arad)



I recognize: Parastu , Ieva (Lithuania), Gabriel (USA) , Jonathan


No people on the street, only a few cars. It's Friday 3 PM, just before the beginning of Shabbat,
and it's so cold, that my landlord family , for instance, said, they would not come to see the Walk about Love

Gabriel is juggling and Lim is playing the accordeon







Falaffel and Beans Corner


Walking-dancing-playing-singing through "Babylon", the commercial center of my town

Bejomd tje damcers, drummers, jugglers: Babylon: "tiwukh Anna" (Anna, the broker?)







Babylon: "Bank Ha-Poalim"
I recognize: Ieva (Lithuania), Jonathan, Emanuel (Italy), Richard (England), Stephanie (USA), Eran, Robin (Germany), Rotem



Babylon, "Mini-Market"
I recognize : Tamar, Parastu, Rotem



Babylon, "The Beauty" , "shop for womens' underwear" , "Change" (of money) , "Heineken" (beer)


And of course - gigantic letters to advertise computers.
Walking-dancing through the "Babylon" of Arad

"tiwukh Khen" (Broker Khen?) and 'Maccabi - network of medical clinics"


Ieva from Lithuania, Robin from Germany, Shaya from Arad ( though he told everyone that he is from Chicago, since there he was born, long ago...)


"Prints and Posters Aviv" ~~~~~ "Barber's Shop David"


Passing over the central Plaza of Arad with the old houses (Arad was founded in the early sixties)
In the red shirt: Doron!


Continuation of the photos of the "Walk about Love" in the Godchannel file
Visit with God III