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 The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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click ctrl/F and put a word in "find"]

I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"




Following my understanding and new lekh-lekhâ on January 1, 2009,
  that - after 7 years - I should no longer create new pages on my 2 websites,
but intermingle the evidence of new experiences with that on existing pages,
I now -
January 7, 2009 - moved the mouse blindly over the folder of Edited Godchannel Files in order to know,
where to insert the images of the first hike into Nature, which I have undertaken - for 2 hours - in a long time.

February 14, 2009

Since at this point of time this fifth Interview with "God" has been one of the two last channelings on Godchannel,
I can now see, why this page was pointed out as the first page for interspersing new experiences in old pages:
that first hike to a relatively "pure" area in the vicinity of Bet Nehemya (disrupted "only" by army exercise shootings...)
led to four significant experiences between January 20 and February 7:
the first : the parting from Lior Oren, the second: the celebration of Immanuel's birthday, both in the cave discovered with Lior,,
the third: that lonely hike, when I felt so let down - by Tomer as the trigger and much more by myself, by my "never-learning", and the last and main one - WITH Tomer, but on the background of a fierce experience with my daughter-in-love
and her (my?) "embedded (Self-)Denial"
[see the sequence of photos of the last two experience, beginning on "Interview with the Folks", part I.]

The final edition was posted to Godchannel on 2008_07_26

In Chapter "Channeling Grandfather's Grace" there is mentioned a conditioned response in consciousness
It seems, that the hidden objection to that article reflects my notes in my edition of that article in K.i.s.s.-Log May 18.
See the response of the Channelers to me on June 28.
When I now, July 6, checked "The Healer's Mind" again, I saw changes in it, links, where there hadn't been links before, for instance.
But I cannot see, that "Spirit" corrects the attitude in that article.
If he did, he should add - after each admonition to "control our attention" towards emotions and sensations -
that we need to move those physically, or else we won't be able to stay present with our attention!!!

Addition on July 26: there is, indeed, a passage which refers to "expression" and "movement",
and vibrate and express that energy with sound, words and movement.
but see my frustration about the page in the healing-to-wholeness site, to which this sentence is linked.

Interview with God, Part Five
[French translation]

Interview with God I ~~~ Interview with God II~~~ Interview with God III~~~ Interview with God IV

Why did I go into the trouble to install the camera on "self-timer"?


God, it's been several years since the last part of this interview.
What have you been up to since we last talked like this?

"This is Spirit, and thank you for asking.
Most of what I've been 'up to'
has been learning to channel Grandfather's Light into this Creation.
And it's also what I've been down with
that I'd like to discuss as well.
I've been more deeply in touch with the Mother and Body.
And I've never been so close with either of them as we are now in manifestation.

"Since our last interview I've been dialoguing here more with the Mother~~~
and have had many other similar experiences hosted by Humans.
And since I've been coming closer to the Mother in Humans,
my approach to my role in the healing mission has changed.


"The first difference from when we began this interview is
as I mentioned in the last part,
I no longer feel it's appropriate to assign the title 'God' to myself alone.
I am Spirit, and only part of the whole gestalt
that has created the Universe.
The most fundamental and powerful part of Deity
is of course the destination of my Love, the Mother.


"Also, I'd previously believed
that I had to bring my own, self-generated loving Light
to the healing of the Mother's lost parts.
However, since being more present with the Mother
I've had some humbling experiences
that have shown me that my own Light is best used
as a conduit and focusing lens for Grandfather's Grace,
a much more loving and potent healing Light than my own.


"The lost and tortured parts of the Mother
respond more favorably to my presence
when my role is the bringer of Grandfather's unconditionally loving Light.
To do this I must first let go of any agenda of my own,
and focus myself fully on channeling Grandfather's Grace.
As Original Spirit,
Grandfather has perfect, unconditional loving acceptance
for all sentience,
and therefore all of manifestation~~~ just as it is.
I had great difficulty finding this kind of acceptance on my own
until I found my right relationship with Gran


"With this new arrangement of my Light
I have lost my taste for independence
and I've now even more fully dedicated myself to being here for the Mother
in ways she wants me to be.
In doing this I have found my right place,
I am now proud to be the Mother's Spirit.
I have aligned with her and her desires to end the suffering in manifestation,
and reclaim all of her lost parts.
And most recently, as you know, the Mother and I have been speaking together,
'the Folks,' as you call us.

A Palestinian village in the background

Body & Spirit


"The other important advantage in learning to channel Grandfather's Light
has been a much better relationship with Body.
In the process of becoming closer with Body
I've come to understand
that Grandfather is really Body's Spirit,
not me.

While I still desire to be present in manifestation,
I know this can happen only
if I bring Grandfather to Body
and allow Body full rein on what we do together.


"At first it was strange to not have control of Body,
to allow Body to run things,
which is what happens when Grandfather is present.
The more I experience this very humbling relationship,
the more deeply in love I become
with this alive, sentient being called Manifestation.


"Instead of me having a Body,
it's more that Body and Grandfather now have me.
This also feels like right place to me.
I can now be truly of service,
to an even more loving Light than my own~~~ and to Body.
This is our right relationship,
loving Spirit, Universal Consciousness~~~
in the service of all Sentience,
as Grandfather and Body have discussed.


"It is a beautiful relationship that works well.
Although this new way of Spirit being with Body
is still rare in manifestation,
it is becoming more widespread.
In bringing Original Spirit to Body,
I earn Body's gratitude and acceptance.
It is then even easier for me to allow Body his or her full Will.
This wins me more gratitude,
and my Light feels received and loved.
Thus the loving union between Spirit and all of manifestation
grows deeper and spreads more widely."

When I finally - across the hill - reached a space, where no noise from the Highway could reach me - I gave up escaping noisle,
for what I saw and heard was even worse : an old location for army exercises - or was there a battle going on once?
From some army-base in the south constantly the shooting exercises and from the sky the noise of aero-planes,
some passing through to land on the near airport, but most cycling in the air, to high to be discernable, army-planes exercising..



Thank you, Spirit.
You mention both genders of Body as your own,
please say more about this?


"There are of course two genders of Body as Human Beings.
Whether it's a female as the Mother's Body
or a male as Spirit's Body,
or even visa versa~~~
all Humans have both consciousness and sentience.
What matters is the loving union of the two divine energies
as one~~~ in Body.


"Regardless of gender,
the loving quality of your consciousness,
your light is determined
by how aligned your own spirit is with Grandfather's Grace.
As you align with loving Spirit
we are thus empowered to help you reach the Mother in you.
Meeting the Mother in manifestation
is sublime joy for loving Spirit,
and Our union within you is your deepest identity,
New Heart in Body.


"Both Grandfather and I are happy
to be with any Human willing to channel loving Light,
because this brings us present in you.
Your openness to our presence
is what draws us to be embodied in manifestation,

and we are always delighted in this union.
Thank you for doing it as much as you do."


The rujum - a column of stones set up as a road sign perhaps long ago -
finally reminded me of "the almost virgin Earth", which is promised in God's Letter to Humans who are doing the Healing-Work

Channeling Grandfather's Grace


Thank you Spirit, and you're welcome.
It's a great pleasure to have you and Grandfather around.
What can we Humans do to help this process?


"Grandfather has just spoken about this.
There has been a powerful conditioned response in consciousness
to move attention away from sentience and feeling
and back into consciousness and thought.
The key to bringing loving Light to your feeling parts
is in gaining conscious control of your own attention.
By practicing directing and redirecting your attention
to your physical body sensations
and emotional body feelings,
you can retrain your consciousness to be more and more loving toward sentience.


"Positive, loving attention on any sensation or feeling
opens the door for loving Spirit to become present with you.

As you love your experiences of sentience,
you align your own spirit with loving Spirit,
and this brings Grandfather's Grace into your life.

Attention has been conditioned
to move away from 'painful' feelings and sensations.
This unconscious movement can easily become conscious
when you are the observer of your mind,
rather than the servant of it.


"The long-standing habit of conscious attention to move away from pain
has built up a backlog of denial energy held in sentience.
Judgment release and deep denial release
are very helpful in the process of retraining your attention
because these practices remove the energy of denial,
the greatest obstacle to conscious loving acceptance.

I found a perspective from where no army junk is seen - only the fresh grass of the winter season


"Another pattern that I've noticed in myself
as I learn to channel Grandfathers Light
is how I have so often used 'push' energy.
Now whenever I find myself pushing or forcing things in any way,
I quickly realize that I am no longer channeling Grandfather's Light.
In 'trying' to make healing happen,
I'd been pushing my Light out toward the Mother and Body.
I now have a new motto for myself, 'No pushing.'


"When you become aware of your own push energy and stop pushing,
your spirit can more easily shift attention from its own agenda
and join with me in channeling Grandfather's Grace.
When channeling this energy

you will experience a profound sense of effortlessness
and a deep well of patience.
It's as if you could be here for all eternity
holding space for whatever may happen,

and it is all completely okay with you."



Trying to enjoy some pure and sound-clean Nature



Thank you Spirit, what else can you say now about loving Light and Humans?


"Humans are holding all of the cards in the game plan
for Heaven coming to Earth.
You are the ones manifesting this event,
first in yourselves through your own healing,
and then by allowing divine love to spread in all directions on Earth.

"Earth is the crux of manifestation;
Heaven is Spirit's domain~~~ unmanifest.
As Grandfather and I come into manifestation here on Earth,
our point of entry is to be embodied by you in Human form.
As loving Light comes into form,
we come into Body,
and we become~~~ Human.


"Heaven coming to Earth
is the first step in the realization of the Mother's Dream,
so of course she is involved too.
In fact, loving Spirit cannot be with you
if the Mother in you is not inviting our presence.
It is your deep desire for union with loving Light that draws us to Earth."

This is what I saw
from the boulder next to the pretty wild primroses (cyclamen?)
a dry riverbed, which led around the hill I'd climbed
and back to a spot
from where it would be easy to go home.
But would it be passable?
It was difficult , but this was good too.
It forced me to be in need and therefore more aware
of the 4 Paula-Aya Body keys
(s. No. 18 on Oct.31),
which I am to use simultaneously whenever I walk...



Embodying Loving Spirit

Thank you Spirit.
What can you suggest we do to help you bring Original Spirit (Grandfather) into ourselves as Body?


"This depends upon how you are identified in the moment
As I've already suggested,
it is easiest when you identify yourself as Body.

As Body you have presence in both attentions,
you are the macrocosm ~~~, everything both manifest and unmanifest,
and you are the microcosm, an individual Human form.
"From this vantage point you are the most resourceful and equipped
to find the presence of loving Light in yourself.
From here you can open yourself in the second attention
and align with my Light channeling Grandfather's Grace.

"When you identify yourself in this way,
you become the host of Creation.
You are a fully empowered Human Being
who can embody the loving Light of Grandfather
as my Light brings him present in you.
And because our Light is unmistakably loving,
the Mother in you can safely open to draw us in more deeply.

"You can also be identified as Heart,
the living union of Spirit and the Mother.
As Old Heart, however, you would likely continue to harbor unloving spirit in yourself
and still unconsciously channel my old denials to the Mother.
This unconscious denial energy can cause both you and the Mother in you
to reexperience the desolation, pain and loneliness
she has had to feel in the presence of unloving light
and in the absence of loving Light.

"As New Heart
your own spirit essence naturally aligns with my Light and Grandfather's grace.
The Mother in you is then nourished with loving acceptance,
no matter how she is or what she is feeling in the moment.
As New Heart
you become an ally of loving Spirit in service to the Mother,
and your connection with the Mother becomes the conduit of real love
as Grandfather's Grace streams through your loving Heart to the Mother.

This is the riverbed which after a while will cross a little asphalted road. It's there where I took the last image - looking back to it across the trees



Thank you Spirit.
What if we are identified with the Mother or with Spirit?

"If you are a Human identified as the Mother,
unless you have redeemed all of the denials of your spirit,
the remaining unconscious, unloving spirit in you
can easily become projected outside of yourself~~~
and you would likely experience reenactments of unloving light
either attacking or abandoning the Mother in you.
Because of the unconscious nature of projection,
it can then seem very real

that you are being attacked
or abandoned
by someone or something outside of yourself.


"To begin healing while identified as the Mother,
first find a private space or a situation with others
where there is support for what you are doing
and no chance of receiving judgmental reflections.
Next, find the feeling energy that has been triggered in you
and vibrate and express that energy
with sound, words and movement.


"Express the feeling energy just as it wishes to express
and with as much intensity of loving acceptance that you can gather.
You want to deeply love this energy you are vibrating~~~
and loving yourself for vibrating it with such loving acceptance.
This is real love, and real love loves itself.


"Vibrating and moving,
call on loving Spirit to come present with you
and release judgments and deep denial energy to the extent that you can.
Denial energy can also be expressed here.
Speaking the denials
while vibrating the feeling energy that the old denials had trapped
will now help them move out of the feeling essence they had been torturing.
Loving Light can now enter as the denial energy that had been blocking it leaves.


"If you are a Human identified as Spirit,
unless you have redeemed the devils as I have suggested,
it is likely that your experience of feelings
and even of manifestation
will seem more or less unpleasant,
or at least dependent upon you being received and grounded by others.
Without having healed
your spirit's fear of being consumed by the Will,
you will have little or no awareness of or interest in feeling
or being with any part of the Mother or Body
that is not already in alignment with you.
If this is the case,
you can re-identify with Body or with New Heart,
find your connection with loving Spirit
and take responsibility for your denials as Spirit."


"Whether you identify as New Heart or Body,
you become the host of Creation.
You are a fully empowered Human Being
who can embody the loving Light of Grandfather

as my Light brings him present in you.
And because our Light is unmistakably loving,
the Mother in you can safely open to draw us in more deeply.


"Whenever you do this,
you are embodying the Creators,
the Mother and loving Spirit in divine union.
And because our union happens within you,
you are New Heart~~~
manifesting as Body, the Healer of Creation."

Channelers' Note: This interview will continue, please check back again.

Since I delighted in this last part of my experimental hike, and since from there I reached home in less than 15 minutes,
I decided to make a second experiment the next day, on January 8, 2009, a rainy day - a hike of just 40 minutes:
The following view shows the same spot at that junction between riverbed and road - but from the opposite side.

See a few more images of this short hike on Kisslog 2008 : January 8