The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"


52 days of Moving and E-volving Emotions Manual - 39th day, September 2002














I thoroughly savor feelings of delight,
I breathe, I move, I sound my delight,
Within half an hour I found these four:
a vine leaf, a dead butterfly on the staircase, a feather under my figtree,
and a pigeon feather on my veranda.


The FELT days 151, 152, 153, 154 ~ of the next 15 FELT years
see below January 30-31, 2014 : the beginning of the Ohel-Game!

1 5   y e a r s  = 5 4 8 0   days   of
g e f u e h l t e - g e f u e l l t e   Z e i t   
"inmitten der Ewigkeit",
f e l t - f i l l e d   t i m e  
"amidst eternity"
from the beginning of my 76th till the completion of my 90th year [unless I'll die after all]
The feeling chosen from a day is exhibited in max. 7 lines per day since August 28, 2013

On 6 days of the week I learn, but Shabbat is dedicated to my main feeling: grate-full-ness.

Since feelings must be vibrated~ wombed, each day closes with a song, fitting the 7 lines

To challenge myself like that -while not knowing what will be "staged"
in my personal and in the world's drama till 2028 , exhilarates me!

2014-01-29-Lior Cohen's birthday-still 5331 days

150 felt days epitomized in 7 daily quarter-lines
What zest and full-fill-ment is given to me by a little sculpture within the strict! daily routine! Embraced and crowned by constant awareness of my vocation, radiating what I envision as al-ready manifest: a world in which every-ONE lives his/her uniqueness - zest-full & full-filled.

Song: ani khalamti khalom al shutafim

2014-01-30 - Thursday - still 5330 days

I'm exploring the strange shame I feel when nothing "happens" towards the manifestation of my vision, nothing that is visible or audible to me, and certainly not to anyone else. Shame that comes from judgments like I heard from my husband during my Partnership work: "You don't do anything! You don't succeed in anything!"

Song: This land is yours and it's mine too
2014-01-31-Friday-still 5329 days

Denial! Magdalena, the only Auschwitz-survivor of 35 family members wears long sleeves to hide the number on her arm. Result: her grand-son became the leader of the Neo-Nazi third-biggest party in Hungary. He found out, became a religious Jew. A happy end? I feel grieved about all the denial "still needed" (my daughter)

Song: Sah ein Knab ein Roeslein stehn

2014-02-01-Shabbat-still 5328 days

thanks, that you, Gecko, scurry through my grave
song: I, I'd would like to be a bird

January 29, 2014


"Dearest Rachel, 8/3/80

You can hardly imagine
how happy I was to get your letter. ..
.Jonathan Jacobi is coming over tomorrow
and we hope
to start the ball rolling here.
We are now in the process
of organizing
a Palestinian Awareness Week
(April 14-20),
to present an unconventional view
of the Palestinians
and are in the grind of raising money
- insh'allah -We'll make it
Thank you for the addresses you've sent me....."

It was the turn of this card to be grabbed from the heap next to my bed, today.
It obviously reached me
shortly after we returned
from our 30 day Partnership Tour
in the USA in 1980.
Since I guarded only half of the card,
I can't know who sent it,
perhaps an Arab American,
since he wrote "insh'allah" in Arabic?

The green card was so dear to me,
that it was glued somewhere
through all my years of wandering. Now,
its meaning has become apparent:

The airy, delicate
bamboo stems and leaves represent the tents
in the Ohalot~Rihlaat,
which are
the earth,

while the butterfly,
the symbol of transformation,
what will happen to people's souls, minds, lives,
in the desert
and in the tents of the Ohalot~Rihlaat~Pyramidions.



Having pondered again about the "Segulah",
the "special-treasure" of the people of Israel,
ever since Mika said:
"ulai ani yaldat sgulah",
I'm no longer satisfied with my past answer:

Israel has been a pioneer in exemplifying,
that we are all the masters of our destiny.

Though the facts are clear as air in the sun,
the destructions and exiles in the far past,
which no other people survived but Israel,
and the rockfall of Europe 100 years ago,
when 25 nations got entangled in a WAR,
that only after 31 years generated peace,
indeed peace of almost 70 years already,

- what has Israel achieved for the world?
What has been learnt, what has changed?
There are many individuals and collectives
who invest pathetic efforts and endeavors
in making better people, better politicians.

But it's wholeness that's missing not goodness!
People in poor countries have nothing to loose,
violence is the only way to a bit of satisfaction.
And the youth in affluent consumerist societies:
There is no challenge for their creative powers,
violence is the only way to a bit of satisfaction
and self-drugging helps to escape temporarily.

In this morning's book, opened randomly, I read,
in Ruth Dayan's "Or did I dream a dream?",
how much zest and full-fill-ment the Zionists felt,
and once more remembered Rami Haruvi's outcry:
'you have done it all, you've left us nothing to do'
meaning his father, among the Zionist founders.

Since the age of 16, I've worked to change this!
I'm constantly empowering people to dream.
But now I want to create the very reality,
where people don't need war or hunger,
in order to find themselves challenges!
I want to help manifest both,
the exterior physical economic grid
in the desert,one third of the planet,
in its Space and Purity and Silence
in compositions of pyramidal tents,
where they can do their lekh-lekhâ,
where they can find themselves,
who they are, why they are here,
and as a condition to all this,
where they can be taught how to feel,
to move and womb what they feel
and to heal themselves into wholeness.

All through the years of "ceasing to manifest",
which I was commanded already since 1996,
but which I managed to apply only since 2006
I understood,
that if I create from an unwhole state of being,
the unaccepted feelings, needs, qualities in me
slip out and attack my creations from the back
and regression and reversals will ruin it all.

I claim, that I have become whole,
not as a wall, but as a wave,

and that is, why I now can manifest again,
yes manifest an exterior framework, a grid,
which will give zest and full-fillment to many,
both by erecting and running the framework
as by going-out from the "city", the familiar
into the desert , the unfamiliar, to oneself,
to learn to feel and to heal into wholeness.

That is what the Mobile Desert Hosting Economy is about.

A letter arrived from Stacey Robyn
and the ground crew of Go Gratitude!

The Blooming New Year is here ... and an open-field of possibility is ready and waiting. ....
we're beginning to dream forward,
chart our path and choose what dreams, projects and life-shifts we want to manifest.
What does 2014 hold for you?

What dreams will you seed? What is calling from
deep inside to be nurtured and brought to Life

Consider this: Dreams are like seeds. Until planted, their power and potential remains contained. To thrive, a life-affirming environment is required. It is the same with our Dreams. We can cast them into fields and hope something happens, that 'Life will find a way'.

Or, we can choose to step into active co-creation with the Divine, to work in harmony with the cycles of Life, and nurture our dreams as they go and grow.

From planting to harvest, birthing our Dreams into
reality is a journey. It all begins with a YES! ... and a
willingness to nurture it through all stages of growth and manifestation.

Of course, this doesn't happen in one day. It happens
one day at a time.
Manifestation is a procession of
choices, actions and applied inspiration. Our power
to manifest exists here, in the NOW.

So, as we begin the New Year ...

What are YOU dreaming up for your life right now?

Is there something in the Heart of your Heart that you
desire to bring to Life?

Is there a cosmic calling nudging, even if you don't have words for it yet?

What is the dream that keeps coming around again
and again?

Are you ready to say YES to the Call? To plant
your own DreamSeeds and dedicate daily, sacred
space to make this manifest

Let's get our grow on together!

We're activating a 42 Day New Years Blooming Humans journey on February 3rd. As One Heart United, we're planting DreamSeeds, tending to the gardens of our Hearts and Birthing New Realities.

Remember, as we say YES!, grow forward and take
inspired action toward the fulfillment of our dreams,
we are building momentum ... opening doors ... making new pathways into the unknown.

Each action, each step reveals something new, gives us fresh perspective, and moves us into deeper, authentic expression of Self.

When we partner with life, with the Divine, we are
frequently awed and amazed at the support that comes ... often in synchro-mystic, magical ways.

Choice by choice, step by step, we are tending to the garden of our dreams and our souls are nourished by the fruits of our efforts.

Do you believe you have the ability to create your dreams, to alter your destiny ... that you are a co-creative being working in tandem with the Divine?

We do! and whole-heartedly believe in our collective power to dream and Birth New Reality. We also believe in the power of Come-Unity. By aligning our hearts, intentions and visionary actions, for a dedicated space of time, we amplify our energy and enhance our ability to thrive.

Together we're better, Beloveds. We're grateful knowing that each Love-filled Dream, birthed into reality, is a blessing for all. WE are the stuff dreams are made of!

So now ... what are you ready to say 'YES!' to?

What DreamSeeds are you ready to bring to Life?


Two Jewish women, Alice Herz (born 1903) and Ruth Dayan (born 1917), who exemplify happiness, i.e. zest-full-ness and full-fill-ment

Alice Herz-Sommer
see also a video of summer 2013
born 1903, at the age of 110
the world's oldest holocaust survivor,
She swims every morning, like I do !
She says, like I do,
that disciplined routine is vital.
She says, like I do,
that happiness comes,
when there is satisfaction in work.

She begins each day practicing Bach and
"I am alone but not lonely,
because my life is rich with music."
In Theresienstadt
"Music was our food".

January 30-31, 2014

EXPLORING "OHEL" during the next 365-6 days
[beginning to count: ohel 1-Jer10:20, ohel 2: Nu24:5-6]

The first random choice of the new Ohel-Game

My tent is spoiled, and all my cords are broken;
my children are gone forth of me and they are not
there is none to stretch forth my tent any more
and to set up my curtains
Jeremiah 10:20
An old Ohel-song in Song-Game 2007

How goodly are your tents, O Yaakov, your dwellings, O Israel,
like groves stretched out, like gardens beside a river,
like aloes planted by YHWH, like cedars beside the water;

[ "ahalim" -
often translated as "aloes" - is written just like "tents" (pronounced: ohalim)
today it's the name of a flower - a survival genius and healing plant -
wild in the desert , as well as cultivated in parks and also in my garden at Arad ]
How enchanting that it was decided that these are flowers - planted by YHWH-
which are the metaphor for the Ohalim, the tents of Ya'aqov/Yisrael in the desert,
thus fitting well the other metaphor
"like gardens beside a river".

Will the silvery pyramidal tents
also look like desert flowers
in river-gardens?

In the morning-book, the Qur'an, I read about the beauty of "appointed time" in creation:
day follows night, night follows day, sun and moon are constricted in their ways,
and I am thankful for the newness of this day and this space on this page.
I'm also grateful for the ever new games I invent
so as to bring movement into the routine I am so disciplined to stick to.
For both is necessary for feeling balanced:
The framework of a routine

(symbolic for the structure of a pyramidal tent
and for the composition of an Ohalah/Rihlah/Pyramidion
and for the overall grid of mobile desert hosting enterprises
and the challenges and surprises within the routine
(symbolic for the physical, technical creativity demanded from the hosts,
and the ever new activities of guest and guests in the ohalot/rihlaat)

The book + card game
After I got rid of an incredible amount of books
(500 before I moved into my bus in 1985);
20 during the game of "hiding a book in a desert cave" at the end of 1987;
many, which I left in the bus when visiting it one more time in Nov. 2004,
after it had been dragged away from my inheritor Tamir to a garbage-plant;
then, in 2005, some big volumes of Arab literature history etc.
to a highschool-pupil in the Zealots'-Valley,
and after having finally "settled" in a "normal" flat,
and a cockroach plague forced me to take out of it every tiny item,
I gave many more books, most of them in Arabic
(since I finally gave up my superhuman strife with this language)
to Gibril, once an Arab friend, a teacher
who established a library in his school at Hura.
Later I even now and then picked one of my French books
and left it somewhere on my way to the pool, for people to take it.
Today, since I've invented the book+card game, I'm sorry a bit about the latter.
The game is simply to take a book , not randomly,
but following the order of the books on the shelf around my bed
and then to open it randomly and read a passage, and when it's relevant
- it mostly is! - perhaps a page or a few pages.
To this game I add taking an old postcard,
(there must be about the same amount of books and postcards, some 140),
and watch it, or if a letter is written on it, try to decypher it,
and then guess, if there is a relevance in the combination of book and card.
This - like with the clothes - gives first of all the satisfaction,
that books and cards are in use!
But unlike the game with the clothes -
I derive much stimulation and joy from the game with the books-cards.
I'll mention some morning-games:
- the cycle of getting-up functioning:
I wake up and muse about dreams or whatever comes up,
till my bladder urges me to get up as swiftly as my hip-joint allows.
I take a first tour of turning on the electrical devices:
rock-spring, next : the computer, next: the little heater,
then in the kitchen, which is part of my one living+bedroom, the water-kettle.
I put some leaves of sage in my cup and go to the bathroom,
there I pee the first urine into a glass and drink it.
Back in the kitchen
I pour the boiling water on the sage and close my cup with the lid to let the tee steep..
All this takes 2-3 minuntes. Then I crawl back under the warm blankets of my bed,
with this day's book and postcard from the shelf.
After some 10 minutes or so, when Body really wants to get up, I open the closet
choose what to wear>dress>put what I wore the day before back to the closet,
or transfer it to the laundry (once in 2 months 2 machines manage to be filled).
Back to the bathroom> rubbing a tiny amount of a healthy toothpaste into my gums,
especially in the front and in the back of my still existing 7 teeth roots.
Back to my room, putting my bed in order
and turning it into a pretty "zulla" (a sitting-corner).
Back to the bathroom, rinsing my mouth with the water-sprinkler, inserting my dentures and wiping the sink dry
(since it's leaning downward, remnants of water will - in time- leave ugly traces of lime).
That's the first occasion for wavering:
should I comb and clasp my hair now or later, before going to the morning pool, at 9:30?
Back in my room, I take my cup with the straw in the lid, go to the computer and open it.

All this - including the dressing game - takes exactly 15 minutes,
while all the time squalling with voice and squeezing eyes.

The dressing-game
Since I so much hate to choose
what compositions to wear,
especially in winter,
and since I hate the very quantity
of trousers, skirts, shirts,
pullovers, underwear,
which are all things
that my daughters-in-love
or my landlady
bequeathed to me,,
I invented this game
- already some months ago:
Every morning
I choose something new,
thus changing
the composition of yesterday.
It's rare that I change
the composition altogether,
this costs too much thought
and later too time
to put back the different items.
I'm still not keen
on the dressing-toil,
but I'm satisfied
with giving each item
attention in its turn
and using all items in time.

There is also the Song-Game, from which I choose a song for "the 7 felt lines",
and if I don't remember it well, I'm now disciplined in recording it
and rehearsing it, together with new songs, on my way to the pool .

The OHEL Game

A new game I want to invent now, is to insert a verse from the Bible, which includes the word "ohel", tent.
O H E L , the consonants of which can be turned around into Ha E L = the God

and O H A L I M , the consonants of which , when turned around, can be read as E L O H I M
(the O and the E are vocals - not written - under the same consonant Alef. The a under Ha, too, is a vocal, not written),
t's 345 times, that this word appears, and if I add the few derivations, the number is 365, like the days of the year.
plus one time, when Ohel is the name of a person, together with which we even have the number of a leap year!
The rule: I'll choose a verse randomly, make a circle around its number in order to not choose it a second time.
This gives me the chance, especially the more the year advances, i.e. the more verses will have been quoted,
to read verses again and again and deepen my understanding.

In this extraordinary case I want to copy the entire article "Ohel" in the hebrew wiktionary

The only image of a tent: tents of soldiers in WorldWarI ! what a shame!

Genesis 23: No Property, No Real Estate, Nothing but a "Burial Holding"

It has often been noted,
that the only land Abraham, our mythical father, purchased,
was a field with a cave and with trees.

I myself talked about the fact, that the biblical verse:

The land is not to be sold-in-harness,
for the land is mine
for you are sojourners and resident-settlers with me
was taken seriously by the Israel National Fund, the Keren Kayaemet.
In the face of the later - shameful - deviation from this concept
and towards balancing the greed for "real estate" in present Israel,
by Mobile Desert Hosting Enterprises,
I'm stunned by the unusual length and its repetitive wording
of chapter 23 of Genesis:
It's here where the above verse appears, too:
a sojourner and resident-settler I am with you.
Only that here it is with people, while there it is with God.
[The expression appears a third time, in the late Chronicles,
there it's King David who says:

sojourners and resident-settlers not "with you, the people on this land",
and not "with me, God", but "before" God,
and the meaning is no longer: do not put your greedy hands on the land,
nor get enslaved in possession and property,
but-we are nothing,
just the shadow of our days on the land.]

Why only a "burial holding"?

In the book of Kings I came across a strange "fact":
After King Solomo had forced someone to kill Yoav,
who had been King David's military chief of staff,
despite his flight into
the TENT of YHWH,
as is mentioned 3 times in the text.
"he was buried in his house in the desert"

I do not yet grasp this contrast between Yoav's belief,
that in the tent of God he could stay alive,
and the fact, that he had a house in the desert,
but which only served him, after he was a corpse.

What I did learn now, is
that in the first stage of the Nabatean religion
it was forbidden by penalty of death
to build a house for the living,

only houses for the dead were hewn into the rock: Petra, the necropolis.
This is exactly what is written in the encumbered text
which tells how Abraham purchased a burial place for Sarah.

As to myself as a person, I used to joke, that the only land I own.
is the grave of my mother in the Templer cemetery in Jerusalem.
I myself, if I should die after all, want to be immersed in the Dead Sea.

The other grandmother of my grandchildren Elah, Alon and Tomer died today.
She was as old as I am and also called "Rachel".
Unlike me she was together with her later husband for 63 years.


An expressive prohibition in the Bible to build houses was given to the Rechabites.
I'll have to give more attention to this "sect" , so favored by Jeremiah and YHWH.
[Jeremiah 35]

What has always been very strange in my eyes, was,
that Ya'aqov, after his separation from the appeased Esau,
went to some place "and built a house",
only to leave it immediately and go to Shkhem (Sichem, Nablus today)
and to buy the field on which he erected his tent. {Genesis 33:16-19)
Even for erecting an altar, not the word "to build" is used, as in many other cases
(Noah: Gn 8:10; Abram/Abraham 4 times in Genesis and also Ya'acov in 35:7)
but "vayatzev" , "set up"
And why is that transit place, which he "built" , called "Succot"?
not because Ya'aqov lived in succot,
but because he erected succot for his livestock.

I consider this story in the face of the present upheaval in the occupied territories:
it is suggested, that the 350000 settlers stay where they are, but under Palestinian authority.
They are mad, of course, and even started missionary work in bars in Israel,
trying to win over people face to face,
since the reactions on their facebook came only from right-wing people who agreed with them anyway.

I start to be amused by this stupid game of 2 peoples
who do not have enough self-worth and self-confidence
and therefore must strive like children:
'this is mine, no this is mine.'
What I can see - in my vision - is
that all people who yearn for a challenge
and who want to save planet earth,
be they Jews or Arabs or Bedouin in Israel
or Arabs, Bedouin or Jews in Palestine
will rush to establish Mobile Desert Hosting Enterprises,
and since there is enough desert land for this,
provided the army and the Nature Protection recede,
there will be cooperation, not war...

Coincidence: a TV item:
the Greek-Orthodox Church has more land-property than anybody else in Israel,
an estimated 70000 dunam, 4 times the size of the town Holon.
An important neighborhood in Jerusalem, Talbiye, is leased from them until 2050
Since the believers of this church are mostly Arabs, the danger is obvious.
But the real issue is the amount of fraud connected to a business the patriarch did with the Keren Kayemet.
All this - "just" in order to highlight the biblical message:

The land is not to be sold-in-harness,
for the land is mine
for you are sojourners and resident-settlers with me



Back to yesterday's "Manifest of Manifesting":

In the Partnership-Hymn ,
this land is yours and it's mine too,
which - in 4 languages - came as the song of today
I was struck by two "concepts" implied in it:
the first:
Hebrew: "shutafut hi gam daerekh ve-gam matarah"
English: "We are partners both in way and aim"
German: "die Partnerschaft ist uns der Weg und das Ziel"

The vision is not about a house that will be built and then it's permanent,
or like the sad joke about the industrious Sueban people into whom I was born:
"schaffe, schaffe, spare, spare, Haeusle baue, sterbe"
laboring, laboring, saving, saving, little house building, dying,
what happened with those men often at the age of 40-45.

I want to manifest something,
which bears the seeds of more manifestions in it,

like it's written about the trees created on the fourth day:
with their seed in it.

The second concept is actually the same:
both, way and aim, have to contain a challenge:
English: "the challenge of our common goal
and mutual trust, they make us whole"
Hebrew: "inyan meshutaf, ma gadol ha-aetgar,
imun hadadi, bitakhon ke-mivtzar"
Arabic: "tashaarukuna khairu tahaddi,
yahmina min kulli ta'addi,"

Green Gallery News

to the right: also connected to Bithania-Elite
Entry Illustration to "Qehiliatenu"
(our Community? combined with Yah?)

From "The Temporary Jew" : Tents and Dwellings
[Though I'm glad I came across this essay, I must state,
that I do not support the differentiation between ohalim and mishkenot.
First of all, it is a poetic "parallelismus membrorum", i.e. meaning the same. More important: a "mishkan" is nothing but an extended ohel,
- that's why the center in an Ohalah/Rihlah, where the hosts sleep and where they cook and host their guests for meals and activities, will be called "mishkan"

This week's Torah portion, Balak, tells the amusing story of Balaam, a prophet and archenemy of the Jewish people, who was summoned by the Moabite king to curse Israel. In the end, in lieu of curses, the prophet gushes forth the most splendid poetry ever written about the uniqueness and destiny of the Jewish people. His poetry has become classic, a wellspring of inspiration for thousands of years.

..."How goodly are your tents, O Jacob; Your dwellings, O Israel!"

This is a verse Jews came to love so profoundly that they start the morning prayers with it every day, for 365 days a year. The opening of our prayers is not with a quote from Moses or another Jewish sage or poet, but with the words uttered by the gentile Balaam.

....“How goodly are your tents, O Jacob; Your dwellings, O Israel,” Balaam says. ....What is the difference between tents and dwellings....

In the physical sense, the difference between a tent and a dwelling is simple. A tent is a temporary structure, initially designed to be taken apart with the same swiftness it pitched, while a dwelling connotes a permanent edifice and residence.

On a symbolic level, “tents” and “dwellings” represent two diverse spiritual pathways. There are human beings who carve out of their hearts a permanent dwelling space for the Divine. ....


Notwithstanding this, even these individuals, once in a while—perhaps early in the morning, late at night, or sometimes in the midst of a hectic day—experience a yearning to spend a few moments with G-d. .... They then construct a tent, a temporary space to which they invite G-d, if only for a brief while.

It may be, for example, a few moments before sunset. A Jew, immersed in work, suddenly reminds himself that he did not “daven mincah” (pray the traditional dusk service). ....

This Jew by no means creates a fixed and permanent dwelling for G-d. At best, he erects a tent, where he and G-d spend a few moments together…

........... Jacob erects temporary tents for G-d; Israel builds permanent dwellings.

One might think that it is the dwellings of Israel which are embraced by G-d. Jacob’s tents are at best tolerable, but not desirable.

Comes Balaam and declares: "How goodly are your tents, O Jacob; Your dwellings, O Israel!"

Not only are Jacob’s tents goodly and beautiful, but they are, in a way, given preference over Israel’s dwellings! First the Torah declares, “How goodly are your tents, O Jacob;” only afterward “Your dwellings, O Israel!”

.....When a human being, bogged down by a myriad of pressures, frustrated by the void of meaning and truth in his life, tears himself away for a few moments from the turmoil and says, "G-d, liberate me from my tension!" This person .... fuel sa longing for meaning far deeper and truer than any spiritual longing ever experienced on the landscape of paradise.




February 1, 2014 -OHEL 3 from among its 365 appearances in the Bible

And as for the extension that overlaps
in the tapestries of the tent
half of the overlapping tapestry
you are to extend over the back of the dwelling.

Exodus 26:12
Die Strecke aber des Ueberschiessens
an den Teppichen des Zelts
die Haelfte des ueberschiessenden Teppichs,
strecke ueber den Ruecken der Wohnung

Namen 26:12
I've just begun to play the Ohel-Game
and already I pick Ha-Ohel, THE tent,
which is always the Ohel-Mo'ed,
the Tent of Appointed Encounter.
How am I to play the Game,
if half of the verses in which Ha-Ohel appears
refer to the "God's" Dwelling Space, mishkan,
and often with rendering its technical details?
comment: see how much space take the lines in the non-Hebrew languages!
Since those non-Hebrews never lived in tents, or so it seems,
they have no word for what here is called "tapestry"/"Teppich"
and in other translations "curtain"/"Vorhang".
This was maddening, when I worked with non-Hebrews on the pyramidal tent
The lack of an English term is an even greater pity, when yeri'ah is used as a metaphor
like in "... notaeh shamayim ke-yeri'ah", to which I gave a tune recently [2014songs, Jan.Nr.1]

A model of the Ohel Mo'ed or Mishkan at Timna park in the Desert
The English Wikipedia defines:
"The Tabernacle (Hebrew: mishkan, "residence" or "dwelling place"),,
was the portable dwelling place for the divine presence
from the time of the Exodus from Egypt .....

This image painted in the 19th century shows a tight togetherness between "God's" Ohel Mo'ed and the tents of the Hebrews.
These tents are imagined in the form of the Egyptian square pyramids, not in the form of tetrahedrons, triangular pyramids.
What I don't like, of course, is the way the sheep are led to slaughter.
My name, Rachel, is the term for "mother-sheep"....

The dust road on which I would soon walk to Gadi and Efrat
Today, 2014, I came across this subtitle, as if it wanted to remind me!!
and reinforce my hope that Gadi & Efrat will both become my "Aaron".

Today is Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh Adar I, 5744, and the first of February, 2014.
I am choosing this rare synchronism for yet another game:
Each day I'll insert a - relevant - passage from the past "Nebo-Let-Go"
towards the future, real, mature of the Mobile Desert Hosting Economy

"D I E !" was Moses told, but why ?
Why should he die on Mount Nebo in Jordan,
and stop-quit fulfilling his vision and mission?
Not at all because of his age or an ailing body!
(And not for the dumb reason people invented later!Dt 32:51)

2010_01_25: I apologize! the reason was not dumb at all, as I learnt now:
When Moses hit the rock to force it to produce water, he was megalomanic.

You should have f~l~o~w~n with the water and walked "humbly with your God!"

This demand [Micah 6:8], a motto of Kiss-log 2008, is addressed to Moses as to me!

(1) "Nebo-Let-Go" and "Nebo-Let-Go" - in one go


May 1983 - the inner voice suggested,
that I should follow "Abraham" literally, physically
and prepare for "going out" from my children's home
as soon as
my youngest son would be half a year in the army, which would be in April 1985.

January 26, 2006- -
the most painful strain in my right groin and hip
told me
that my work in the exterior world was done.

That day was the 31st birthday of Mother Samira
to be celebrated in the desert for the first time in her life


Relevant excerpts from August 25, 2013
"Shake with the dread of being judged"

[See 2013 Songs, August Nr.3, I am a tree and old]

....... It was then, that I understood much more correctly and exactly
why the Bedouin in the Zealot's Valley- as a transparent model of humankind - would kill the family,
with which I had been working from July 2004 till January 29, 2006
(breakdown of hip-joint!)
if they would have succeeded in becoming what I wanted them to become
Pioneers of Mobile Desert Hosting Businesses,
acknowledged even by the Israeli Government which has an interest not to let Bedouins own land.
They would kill them for daring to move out of the box, to become unique, to do the extraordinory!
And why this?
because everyone was trained since early childhood to deny anything that was unique in him/her.
The dread of being judged is turned into judging, yes persecuting others
who seem to not succumb to the judgments.
So how did I imagine, that I could "empower" people
and invested superhuman efforts in doing so - again and again and again and again?
How pathetic, that for so many decades I did not grasp, what made people dis-empowered,
what "blocked the holes of the harmonica"????
.... shouldn't they first help people to redeem their denials?
and to do this by first, first, first ----learning to feel?



Learning to feel, i.e.not only learning to savor the moment - or a so-called "enjoyable" situation -
but to savor any feeling, be it "unpleasant" or "pleasant", or in my terms: "kicking" or "uplifting".
The chasing after "excitement"
[rigush] - and if not in life- then in drugs - does not full-fill us on the long range!
Those moments are too few to fill a life;
moreover - often "excitement" screams for greater "excitement".
But learning to savor   this,   this   feeling,  this   smallest feeling, be it "kicking" or be it "uplifting",

may it come up in my present
("oh why is my belly so fat") or from my past ("oh why must I be reminded of that!" ),
produces "the intensity~~the vitality of experience", for which I yearn, be it awarely or unawarely!

The reason that this intensity of experiencing, this savoring of living
seems to be possible only in rare moments,

is, that so many "holes of the harmonica" are blocked by Lost Will:
denied feelings, despised qualities, overridden needs, dwarfed greatness.

Even if you agree, that feeling has to be learnt~trained, just like thinking, just like 'bodying',
-you will not come far, if you neglect to recover your Lost Will, i.e. to vibrate and to womb it,
and to find goldmines in what has been denied, overridden, shoved into the dirt for so long.



June 16, 1996

In this letter to the legal advisor of the Israeli Government,
in which I justify myself for having planted a tree in the desert,
my Desert Vision is presented in very clear and concise terms.


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