The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

[If you look for a word on this page,
click ctrl/F and put a word in "find"]

I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



November 6, 2008: I now dare to insert the message about "Em-Body-ing New Heart on Earth" , but only at the bottom of this intro
I n t r o d u c t i o n    to
K.I.S.S. - L O G
   2 0 0 8
Keep It Simple Sweetheart














New entry since Febr. 21 : This is my overall desire, my intention and intent, for each day. As to specific intentions see the template at the end of this introduction

Introduction to K.i.s.s.-L o g + all dates
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K.i.s.s.-Log 2008 was completed on December 31
and will not be followed by any new page on Healing-K.i.s.s. or Ararat.
Learn about the purpose and the consequences of this decision .

Expanded entry since August 5 and August 20
Expanded once more since November 13








My new Midrash and song in 5 languages
about the prophecy of Malachi 3, 16
["YHWH" is named "HA-SHEM"= The Name]


















Then those who see Ha-Shem, will talk among each other,
and he listens      and he hears

yatakaalamuna     allathina     yarau'na-hu ,
va-yusri        va-yasma'

Dann die IHN schauen, werden reden miteinander,
und er lauscht      und er hoert

Puis ceux qu'ils voient Ha-Shem, se parlent l'un a l'autre
il entends,        il ecoute


It seems that I chose 26 actors for my life's drama and those 26 actors chose me! One common trait of all roles is "mutual dependency" between them and me.
With 16 actors - my family - the mutual dependency is life-long! With my landlords at Arad & with ,
born between 1986-88, it may be temporary.
My children: Immanuel, Ronnit, Micha; my children-in-love: Efrat, Uri, Ra'ayah; my 10 grandchildren [born 1987-2005): Elah-Alon-Tomer-Mika; Jonathan-Rotem-Yael-Itamar; Arnon-Ayelet
My landlords: Ofir & Meital+ Lior (2002) & Amit (2007). My starchildren: Lior Oren, Zipi Winkler , Dina Strat , Meshi Taib, Gal Mor, Boris Arons [26=YHWH=13+13=ahavah+ahavah =




Introduction to K.i.s.s. - L o g
2008_01_01; last update of the attempt to conceptualize how I'm creating and sculpting my daily log : 2008_08_29

Alles ist von Wichtigkeit
alles ist nicht gar so wichtig,
nur die rechte Sichtigkeit
und du wandelst richtig
[Christian Morgenstern, see my song]

Everything is of importance
nothing is really important,
have only the right sight,
and you walk alright.

I give thanks to Celia Fenn,

whose "Earth-Log" inspired me

to unite my Fourfold Path of Grate-Full-ness

into a daily "K.i.s.s.-l o g ",

so as to intensify my daily living of Heaven-on-Earth
in its smallest and biggest aspects

Nichts ist mir zu klein, und ich lieb es trotzdem
und mal' es auf Goldgrund und gross
und halte es hoch, und ich weiss nicht wem
loest es die Seele los...
[Rainer Maria Rilke, see my song]

Nothing is too small for me, and I still love it,
and paint it on gold and huge
and lift it high up, and I don't know whom
will it untie and loosen the soul

"What an amazing event!
The comet 8P/Tuttle coming nearby the spiral galaxy M33.
In the night of Dec 30 I went to the countryside of Beijing
... took 6 photos every 5 minutes,
... ISO 1600, 2 minutes exposure.
Then I composed these photos into a gif movie.
This movie shows how the comet going to the galaxy. "

This image
(by Xiang Zhan, Dachengzi, Miyun, Beijing, China)
as well as
the image (by Richard Yakiel, USA)
for the background all K.i.s.s.-L.o.g pages
Comet 8P/Tuttle traveling through the inner solar system,
its closest approach to Earth on 2008_01_01

On Febr. 19, 2012 (42 years after my brother's death)
I'm at awe when watching the scaling of the Universe


2008_01_01 - beginning a new year ; last update: 2008_08_29

I found out, that I am in the seventh week of pregnancy with myself.
From today I foresee 228 days~ till my new birth on August 15, 2008,
when I'll have lived, loved, learnt, created for 70 years = 25567 days.
My "InteGRATion into GRATe-FULL-ness" has reached a point,
where I want to interweave my four pathes into   o n e   path
of thinking and feeling, sensing and thanking
from breath to breath.

I'll therefore establish a new and only path on Healing-k.i.s.s.
my K.I.S.S.- L O G !

My daily training will be in
letting go [lekh-lekha!] of my obsession to complete a creation,
and the rules of the game are:

(1 - modified on April 18)
Not on every day there will be time to sculpt a page,
but every page will be dedicated to the present day,
and, if necessary to the latter part of the previous day.

No page will be "heavier" with texts, images & sounds than 1300 kb.

(3 -modified on April 18)
I shall, if necessary, edit a past page for about a week,
but then I'll let it live its own life, imperfect and incomplete,
except when there is an overflow of images because of rule (2).
In this case there will be a link to a future page with free space.
On that future page with space for images of previous days,
there will be a link - underneath "Song of the Day" - pointing out
that "the following sculpture is a continuation of ... on day ...."

Except for links to "last day" and "next day"
there will be only four top links on every day's page.
[and since May 3 : a link in small print to Elah's video-gallery]
On May 13 "SEARCH" (of Latin characters only) was added

These rules have, of course, been preceded by
rules to the game of sculpting verbally
ever since I began with Healing-k.i.s.s. in June 2001.
Rules are limiting, and by limiting they make the game possible.

to sculpt in English,
-while my mother-tongue is German
and the language of my daily interactions is Hebrew.

to sculpt each line as if in a poem:
One line = a sentence's main clause.
If a subordinate clause is necessary,
this , too, should not exceed one line.

I learnt this from Martin Buber and Franz Rosenzweig
who transformed the Bible from Hebrew into German.
They called these lines "Atem-Kolen"~ "breath-units".

to put these breath-units in the center of the line!
This helps not only the eye to catch the meaning!
The game with the beauty of balance demands,
that in a group - lines will be of balanced length,
which in turn demands the sculpting of each line,
exchanging or omitting what spoils this balance.

These limits sculpture the expression of a thought,
which in turn deepens experience>understanding!

As to freeing myself from my obsession:
I have released so many judgments
about what I should do, ought to do, am meant to do

In one "sentence":

I release the judgment, that I must prevent others
from judging me, being hurt or disappointed by me
I'm now able and capable of sensing and accepting
and the REJECTION of my gifts.

As to the fourth judgment:
last year I trained in releasing my "needs" for
"re-uni, rakhmuni, re'uni"
[see me, pity me, pasture me]

But as to the pressure of completing something I have started,
I'm a pathetic slave of my own expectations from my own self.
If I cannot change this, I at least want to be aware of it - daily!

See the ongoing challenge of this, for instance on August 28


During the last week of 2007,
while endeavoring to learn by heart
the song about my great idol,
Eliezer ben Yehuda,
I was inspired by the humor of Yaron London's lyrics,
and the lightness in Hava Alberstein's singing:

"Aren't you ever going to sleep,
Eliezer ben Yehuda?
The Hebrew language
which has waited for 2000 years,
it can very well wait until tomorrow morning!"

And then this other line:
"If the Hebrew language
has been asleep for 2000 years,

Let's wake her up and invent "yuzmah"

Always wanting to play,
I checked the "gimatria",
the numerical value of these six letters.
And the outcome was, can I believe it?
just like the addition of 2008 = 2+8 is

So this will be my slogan for 2008:
nu ~ az ~ ma !

From August 28 onward,
the slogan will no longer appear,
since I understood that it was misleading,
and also, that it hadn't helped me at all.
What synchronicity,
that on the next day !
I discovered this frame !
so I could insert the change!


About the templates of - L o g

From January 8 onward a page will begin with
"image of the day"

and with a double Thanksgiving,

first to my Body, my Partner,







second to people, circumstances or things.


From January 9 onward a song will complete the day,

with a song from my 2007 Song Game,

which I either know well or still have to rehearse,

or with a new or not yet recorded song, if it should come my way!


From January 19 onward

the excerpts from "Nourishment from Others"

will have the same sky-background

as "Puzzle Pieces Guide"

70 two-frame pages,

with the help of which I studied

"God has Evolved",

i.e. the 200 files of ""

in the years 2001-2002 [constantly updated]





From January 20 onward the verbal sculptures of

"Driving Backward into the Future" = "Closeups to the Past"

= Healing&Harvesting my Past

will have this background,

edited but from a photo created by an erronous click on my cellphone camera!


On July 17 I finally got fed up
with the weak visibility of text on the background of

"Driving Backward into the Future" = "Closeups to the Past"

= Healing&Harvesting my Past

and chose one of my cloud images instead.



Though every single page of K.i.s.s. - L o g

is a "Finetuning" into my life,

there are specific lessons,

which need even finer finetuning.

Such work on a lesson, such finetuning

is put in a frame with this background,

ever since January 21








From January 25 onward,
stories about synchronicities
appear on this background



Communication with Deity

During the first week of testing a new attitude towards Deity,
as expressed in the dialog in the right frame,
I became very frustrated ....
I'm grate-full,
that in the process of feeling and accepting this frustration,
I discovered a more appropriate attitude, at least for the time being.
From February 16 onward,
the template of communication with Deity will be the following:

"and walking humbly with your God" [ Micah 6:8]

In the pool I thought about the issue of my "Finetuning"...
Suddenly I heard you say to me:

"Telling yourself: let go of this fear, is futile!
Telling yourself:
vibrate this fear, is fertile!"

And now, while blindly choosing a pyramid sound-button
I received a deepening of that pool-answer
from the Godchannel message about September 11:

"Wholeness  of  being will  be  yours,
if you are willing t o   t a k e   r e s p o n s i b i l i t y
for all that you experience,
if you are willing
to bring your own light
and healing intent,
bring your own consciousness
lovingly and intentionally into Hell ~


From January 28 onward,
following the re-reading of 3 pages of October 2004,
I've resumed my written "Communication with Deity",
but with a change of attitude.

You see, I have joyfully, wholly, grate-fully accepted your advice,
to communicate with you - from now on - as the "peer" I long for.

"I rejoice in you!


I chose a special background from my archive,
and two coloured fonts which will be visible on it.

I let go of Michelangelo's Creator-Creation image
used in former years when I communicated with you:

I prefer the flashing little triangular pyramid:
the one three-dimensional space
bordered by four two-dimensional triangles.
This pyramid - also called tetrahedron - symbolizes


"I am delighted!"

In the "God has Evolved" puzzle-pieces (2001-2003)
the tetrahedron symbol also served as a sound-button.
Click twice to open and once to close
nd you'll hear every time another quote.


The crown of the "altar" (making the altar a veritable triptych!) at the entry of each day is (since March 7):

Know exactly what you want, communicate clearly what you want, then get out of the way, live and play, and let happen what may!

the desert soil in which I found that isopod 2 days ago, is not only symbolic for the theme,
but will balance the page-background of the starry sky
and the blossom background of "thanksgivings"
"Amen" in Hebrew, Greek, Arabic and Latin will emphasize the intention.

Since May 26 the title of this "crown of the altar" has become more exact:
with the hour of sculpting in the morning
and with maximum 6 lines in this font , sculpted with utmost care

This will be so from March 8, 2008, ROSH-CHODESH (New Moon) Adar II
(it's a year which is - in both calenders - a "pregnant year", as we say in Hebrew,
In the Gregorian calender one day, the 29th of February,
in the Jewish calender an entire month, the second Adar,
are to balance the synchronicity of sun and moon cycles.)


April 18, 2008

As to the Evolution of Composing Images:

As a child I read a series of books about a girl named "Elke".
The only thing I remember is the beginning of the first book:
Elke has to write an essay in school about a sportive event.
Since she believes she is unable to write, she has an idea:
She takes photos of the event with her simple camera box.
She then glues those into her copybook and adds captions.

I don't remember, if the teacher accepted this as an "essay",
but I was and am fascinated by it, especially in a time of videos:
On Mika's birthday party I made 100 short movies with my camera,
but since I haven't learnt yet to edit them nor put them on a website,
I returned to so-called "Stills", photos which catch one moment only.
In time I realized, that by composing several images of the same scene,

I achieve a kind of "slow motion movie",
which allows for perceiving more details of an experience I've lived.
It allows for "closeup" and "finetuning"!
It now seems to me, that I'll let go of the option of making videos,
an option granted by both, my simple camera,
and the - not-free - editing-program, which my son has installed.
After I've myself seen the video "Sisters in NY", Immanuel made,
and watched his daughters (age 20 & 22 months) relive their 3 days,
I'll leave movie-making to my son and content myself with "Elke"....

May 12, 2008

Hebrew Stories about Grandma's Growing with Mika

Mika, my 10th grandchild, was born on Dec.20, 2005.
Since the Hebrew language
[safaa or lashon] of her "tongue"&"lip"
becomes ever more complex and rich,
I'll begin - from this day on, May 12, 2008 - to tell
"Hebrew Stories about Grandma's Growing with Mika".

August 29:
It turned out, that most of the stories
become part of more complex sculptures


back to past ~~~~~ forward to future

library of seven years ~ HOME ~ contact ~ SEARCH (of Latin characters only!)

Until August 28 a slogan appeared on the bottom of the page.
See on that date, "Finetuning to my Present - Challenges on the path to total Self-acceptance"
what made me delete it and why I, since then, feel content with the following line :

whole&full-filled, never perfect&complete
Keep It Simple Sweetheart
K.I.S.S. - L O G    2 0 0 8





Insert of the "Finetuning to my Present - on November 6, 2008"
Here is the message from October 26,2008, repeated on November 6, 2008

First urge in the morning after having opened the computer [7:50] and doing the technical tasks of preparing a new page,
was to re-read the message from "Deity" or "My Higher Self" or whatever, heard "on the inside" on October 26, 2008,

At first I considered to insert it right on top of the "Introduction to K.i.s.s.-Log", but then moved it to the bottom.
While searching for the link to the expression
on the inside, I came across the "method" of "hearing on the inside"
as explained - on September 29, 2004 - following the Evolution of "God" since the setup of ,
i.e. at a time, when I used to open my solar powered, Internet-connected, laptop - in my pyramidal tent on "Rakhaf"

Repetition of the Communication with Deity on October 26
What I understand from the following interview is also based
on the last 3 channelings, which intensify the message of
June 1: Old Heart - New Heart
July 23: Interview with God
October 1: Interview with the Folks, esp. the chapter "You are the Universe"

"You noticed, that the "turmoil" began right after the festive season,
when you hoped for the return of "the peace and quiet of routine"!

....showed you, that you must be ready for accelerated change.
Do not suspect that the tiny "defects" in your life
(with Body & with people)
result from still existing denials.
You may trust the degree of wholeness
which you have healed yourself into!"

Really? What if I'm kidding myself?

"You are not!
Seventy years of listening to yourself
- throughout all those painful detours,
reward and award you now with the knowing that you are whole,
and that "difficulties" are due to the changes
in the universal frequencies."

I tremble! And if I delude myself?

- whom you embody as New Heart in Body
- ask you to let go!
To let go of being so preoccupied
with your personal evolution.
Accept that as an individual
you are neither righteous nor perfect.
Even your latest endeavor
- what you called the
"Gate-Message" -
is something you can let go off now.
Do no longer focus on "getting it right".
Do no longer focus on Christa-Rachel Maryam Bat-Adam.
You ARE a manifestation of New Heart now,
and as such you must concentrate
on anchoring wholeness
in the collective consciousness & feeling
on Earth."



And how is this connected to my troubled "sea" and my tiredness?

"Your "sea" is troubled
as long as you are still stuck in personal "betterment".
If you in every moment, with every breath, know who you are,
whom you em-body,
and what your task as New Heart is,
you might be "troubled",
but it will not trouble you that you are troubled.
You'll find it natural that the sea is rough at this time.
You'll find it natural, that Body is not always in sync !
And you'll give SLEEP preference over any "activity"! "

I'm stupefied by this message!
Can you give me an image, a code, to which I can hold on to?

"Find an image with a heart which embraces your planet!"

On Oct. 26, I found this image

channeled on 2004_09_29

Channeling Class Lesson Three:

Channeling 'the Folks'

"In the channeling on the Interview with the Folks page,
We have asked you to connect with the two of Us inside of yourself.
We are now asking the Channelers to describe
how they connect with Us and channel Our inner communication."


Channeling the Folks is very much like channeling Spirit,
with this major exception:
We first make sure we have a solid connection with the Mother,
her most parental, healed part.
We do this by imagining her as the Universal Feminine~~~
behind us and beneath us, ready to hold us.
Then we feel ourselves sinking back and into her,
and feeling her warm, supportive embrace.


We spend a minute or so feeling into
and soaking up
the Mother's loving and nurturing feminine energy.
When we can feel her, we know we are present with her.

Then we look for her Light.
The Light in and around the healed Mother is her spirit, loving Spirit.
This is the part of Spirit that wants to be with her, on her terms.

His love is such that whatever she desires, he wants too~~~ because it pleases her.
His greatest pleasure is in her pleasure.

He recognizes that she is his Will,
and he loves her for that~~~
but more importantly he knows himself to be her Spirit.


The two of them are thus in loving union, him in alignment with her.
Spirit is complete and grounded in love,
and the Mother is free
to feel and express and move
in any way she desires,

without fear of judgment.

We understand that although this is not yet the case
for most of the Mother's essence,
some of the more parental parts of her
are in the presence of loving Light
and healed in this way.
And this is what we understand to be the main body of the Mother,
her most parental part.


Once we have a connection with both the Mother and loving Spirit,
we say "Hello Folks,"
using the written channeling practice.
It seems that Spirit is the 'voice' of the Folks, as we hear it inside.
However, there is a subtle difference in tone,
and we can feel the Mother's presence
in the background of the information,
drawing Spirit toward her as if she's saying, "Spirit, tell them this..."

If you have any difficulty with channeling the Folks,
reread the earlier lessons & discussions in this class, especially Lesson Two.