The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"





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InteGRATion into GRATeFULLness
Singing&Sounding keeps me Sound

Balanced I am, flexible and strong

Balanced I am, flexible and strong
Christa-Rachel Bat-Adam

In a storm on the edge of the Ramon-Crater
[Negev, Israel]

Balanced I am, flexible and strong

Wanting to be like you, was wrong

I yearned to love and laugh among

you all and to dance and to sing my song

in pain~~~ in vain~~~ for much too long

I've learnt to be myself: a Queen,

alone, all-one, at last serene

This photo of the Ramon-Crater - from the spot, where the song created itself - was taken by me perhaps in 2002


Another song about balancing: from K.i.s.s.-log 2008_04_02

"walking humbly with your God"

Ride with the wave,
descend with the wave,
that's how My World flows,
don't stick to peaks,
nor get stuck in pits,
flow with my waves' highs and lows!

Learn to create,
and learn to retreat,
ba~lan~cing the flow!
Each is a special wave of
One great Ocean
a color of the One Rainbow.


2010_05_15- Compare the Rock above with this Wave below....


And yet another song about balancing, which grew gradually:
From K.i.s.s.-Log 2008, October 17 [see the entire "altar"!]
from K.i.s.s.Log 2008, October 19 [see the passage underneath "the altar"]
The song was inserted once more on K.i.s.s.-log 2008, Oct. 24, this time together with the original Mongol tune

bat-adam !
elohim at !
alaikh le-rappê
ha-bri'aah kulah !

The word "Love"here has changed into :
all the right
that you have denied!

Love yourself!
then you'll love
everybody else.

Greed to create
Cain's need la-tet
turned into a "GATE":
blessings will be great!

God are you!
It's up to you to heal
the Creation all-of-it!

all the right
that you have denied!

Love yourself!
then you'll love
everybody else.

Greed to create ~
Cain's need to give ~
turned into a "GATE":
blessings will be great!

"turned into a Gate" should be repeated and modified as "turn around the Gate"!
Hebrew- English lyrics adapted to the Mongol song, recorded by my cellphone
at the end of "The Camel's Tears"
Since even after perhaps 100 rehearsals I'm unable to directly hit
the jump between "le-rappê" and "ha-bri'aah kulah",
I now accept this difficulty as symbolic for the realization of this task:
"to heal ~~~ the Creation all-of-it"!

bat-adam !
elohim at !
alaikh le-rappê
ha-bri'aah kulah !

all the right
that you have denied!

Love yourself!
then you'll love
everybody else.

Greed to create
Cain's need la-tet
turned into a "GATE":
blessings will be great!

God are you!
It's up to you to heal
the Creation all-of-it!

all the right
that you have denied!

Love yourself!
then you'll love
everybody else.

Greed to create ~
Cain's need to give ~
turn around the "GATE":
blessings will be great!

"Love yourself! Then you'll love everybody else!" -
This is a central theme on Healing-K.i.s.s. - see also the last stanza of a Hebrew song - hi keren ha-shaemesh.
To my great surprise - on a casette with the songs played during Pat Grove's "I AM" and "Joyspring" workshops in 1987 - I discovered a very famous song,

which - in the chorus - says just this: Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all

From a "Communication with Deity" about my "wrestling with Tomer" in 2003

The picture [in a Tarot lay-out] to the word "love" doesn't make sense to me,
If it was love which made a person set the table so neatly for someone else .
why should this someone eat all by him/herself?

"You refer to love as loving someone else,
which has been such a fatal misunderstanding.

"Love is first of all, middle of all, last of all
"Total Self-Acceptance" - Total Self-Love.

"When you  truly  and  wholly love yourself,
you cannot but love everyone around you.
That is why the meaning of this picture is,
that you "bother" to set the table for yourself,
 just as much as you would do for a loved one."

This reminds me that I heard myself saying to my young friend Meirav
who was blaming herself,
that it was her dumb behavior which made the man she loves turn away:

"If - in order to win or keep another person's love -
you need to be cautious, or to invest much effort, or blame yourself,
it proves to you, that it's not love, that you feel coming from this person.

"You want to know, if he loves you?
Then you need to ask - not him - but yourself one question only:
Does his/her existence in my life cause me to feel good about myself?
Does his/her presence draw those things out, which I love in myself?"

If not, if instead you judge yourself for making him not love you,
you project these judgments on him and he'll reflect them back.
This is equally true also for your relationship with your grandson.
And now go back to yesterday's painful interactions with Tomer
and see, how Tomer transformed them into loving interactions!

written by Michael Masser and Linda Creed
performed by
Whitney Houston [youtube] ~~~1985 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe that children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be

Everybody's searching for a hero
People need someone to look up to
I never found anyone who fulfilled my need
A lonely place to be and so I learned to depend on me

I decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadow
If I fail, if I succeed at least I'll live as I believe
No matter what they take from me, they can't take away my dignity
Because the greatest love of all is happening to me
I found the greatest love of all inside of me
The greatest love of all is easy to achieve

Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all

I believe that children are our future
I decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadow

And if by chance that special place that you've been dreaming of
Leads you to a lonely place, find your strength in love

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She writes "Mika" on a stone which she picked up from the ground

A moment later she enjoys a green fig which she plucked from a baby-tree
2010_05_09-13: Mika's and my Heaven-on-Earth
Since 2009_08_01, I employ song-page after song-page for documenting and exploring the evolution of Mika, the youngest of my 10 grandchilden,
who exemplifies to humankind by her own  living-doing, how to  PLAY-FULLY CREATE from moment to moment ZEST-FULLY and FULL-FILLED

"....Manifestation is meant to be a playground
where being and doing are fun..."

[Godchannel, Second Interview with the Folks]

On May 12, 2010, after kindergarden I caught one lovely scene in my room:
Mika - on the drawing chest - was creating a big paper-heart for Imma,
and Imma was preparing a sign, which I could stretch out when hitchhiking,
since last time, when standing on the furcation between Highway 6 to the South and the HIghway to Jerusalem,
the police - alarmed by some driver - caught me, and two nice men drove me to the Modi'in railway station....

Highway 6 - to the South - says the sign and smiles - and this smiley, indeed, became very helpful the next day, when I hitchhiked back to Arad!



Mika's skill

in drawing hearts,

even such a big heart,

without any template or mould

is astounding.

She colored both sides
in different ways

and her intention was

to hang it around Imma's head.

She agreed to receive some help
from MEEE
with screwing a hole
into the bottom of the heart,

and to accept a thread
from MEEE
to hang it on.


Thursday, May 13, 2010, morning - before Abba came home from his flight

"Boqer tov, savta!" she greeted me, for a change, when she opened the door.
She probably felt a bit guilty, since in the middle of the night she had crept into her mother's bed, without Imma realizing it.
When Efrat woke up, frightened, and discerned sleeping Mika, she let her stay, and in the morning, again - didn't realize,
that Mika silently crept out of her parents' bed, without waking Imma up, and came... to me.
She then led me to the heart, which she and Imma had stuck to the parents' bedroom, with the thread dangling down.
Of course, the hole got torn the moment Mika wound the thread around her neck, and I invented a more stable hole...


Later, when Mika came to the drawing chest,
with this cardboard book cover on it, I said:
"Mika, you were glad to get this book cover from me last week,
but you only doodled on it and did not really take advantage of it! "

And then I told her that it was the book cover of a very valuable book,
written by her great-grandfather Franz Rosenzweig
(Yehuda Halevi- poems translated by Franz Rosenzweig)!
So far she had never heard of a great-grandfather,
nor could she imagine what it meant to be his descendant.

So I took the golden color and drew a simple pedigree.
Since she only knows block letters, and I always forget how to write the "P"
I had to bedim my mistake by a Star-of-David, informing Mika:
(Franz Rosenzweig wrote a book called: the Star of Redemption)
I then asked Mika to show me a proper Hebrew PE [=F] [see above her hand]
But then Mika made mistakes in her own name at the bottom of the pedigree!
And I - I myself left out the letter Alef in Immanuel's name!
which I realized only, when I now edited the photo , back in Arad.

At the same time Immanuel forwarded a fantastic video: Validation Amazing.
The time has come for Cain's redemption!

[Since Abba and Mika did not meet in my presence on this morning,
see - as a compensation - what I discovered some days later on a Godchannel page

a sweet sequence of a father and a daughter expressing zest and full-fill-ment,
sculpted probably in January 2009]

Since Immanuel's Boeing 777 had to evade the ashes of the again erupting volcano on Iceland,
he came home too late for driving Mika to kindergarden, before driving me to my hitchhike junction.
So I had the pleasure to walk Mika to the place, where she would spend almost eight hours on this day.
She urged me to come in, and then looked - in vain - for Lia, to whom she was invited for the afternoon.
This would be the first time at this friend's place (the mother prefers to send her to Mika's place...),
and though Mika said sadly:
"Lia often says: I'm not your friend", mimicking her in tone and gestures,
Mika - having no siblings her age - is ardently longing, yearning for this togetherness with her friend.

I pointed to an empty chair among the other kids and she sat down to draw the symbols of "Shavuot",
[see the image of Mika and Ronni towards Shavuoth 2009, which appeared on the front-page of what was then Efrat's newspaper]
the festival that will take place during the week, which Mika will spend with her parents in Brazil...

I left quietly - knowing that we were not supposed to see each other again till May 30, 2010.

Before returning into my own,
at Arad in my home,
with the prospect to be truly alone
for an entire week

[no... already in the evening of the day of my return came Boris...]
I want to deeply ponder the insight,
which I received from Efrat this time.

I keep telling and documenting,
how Mika flows (not jumps!)
from action to action,
from creation to creation,
but I was never ever aware,
how difficult it must be for her,
to maneuver and navigate
between interaction and interaction
- for almost six hours
during a kindergarden day

(for about 2 hours the kids are learning something as a group)

"Am I welcome?
Am I appreciated?
Am I loved?
Will they cooperate with me?
or will they humiliate me?"

that pretty song about "my too opposing sides",
which I mentioned,
also has the four lines:

"sometimes I'm together,
sometimes alone,
sometimes I'm in the middle,
sometimes on the side",

but it is not easy for the "Cain" in each child,
as in each grownup,
to be "on the side".
Though the chorus of the song encourages Mika,

"But I, I always stay I,
always stay I, always stay I!"

the desire,
the need,
the most human need,
to feel worthy,
to feel equal,
is bothering, often torturing children
already at this early age.

I must think about it
and take this into account
when I'm coping with Mika's changing moods.

The image glued under this letter shows me and Ronnit (6)- reading -

What a metaphor! A needle and a thread - an attempt to repair a beautiful cloth.....

A correspondence with my son after I returned to Arad on May 13, 2010

Since I was already involved in corresponding with Immanuel and Efrat,
I also told them one of three fascinating experiences of this day's hitchhiking:

The word "bo'shot" appears in the last verse
of the book of Job 31:40

I'm attaching a letter, which I just copied,
not so much because of the "event" with your father,
but because it shows our daily life then (May 1971).
And Efrat, when she'll read this, will be even more glad
about her life nowadays and with you."

Immanuel responded,
that it was difficult for him to read the letter.

I said, that I was sorry, but that he must remember,
that it was him who chose his parents,
the victimizer and the one who victimized herself,
in order to learn and to grow, so as to create and to love.

And since "by chance" I came across a touching poem,
which his father had written on Rosh Hashanah 1963,
after he had visited me and his son for the first time,
since I discovered my pregnancy and our son was born,
I copied this poem too and sent it to Immanuel,
pointing out, that there was another side to his father!

"Many trees I planted,
and did not eat the fruits.
Many furrows I ploughed,
which let sprout up weeds.

"Many days I bothered
without building any layer,
Many nights I dreamt,
but the dream was quenched.

But see: my hand learnt to plant,
and see: my arm got used to ploughing,
and all that now is refined in my life's blaze,
will be a strong base for the layers of our house
in which we'll love, and will raise our children,
in which we'll stand tall and welcome our friends
and in which we'll dream a bit,
for this is our way.

"Let thistles grow instead of wheat,
and noisome weeds instead of barley"

the word has to do with "stinking", see Isaiah 30:4




[From ARARAT-HeART, last page 2005_12_20 Mika's birth]

Quote from the 3 desert songs prophecy in 2007_07_27: Closeup of 2006_07_02

"Three "accidental" songs perhaps prophesy the real goal
of Peace through "a Vision of SPS Economy in the Desert"

(the first Hebrew letters of what I wrote in quotation-marks, add up to the word "Wisdom"
SPS = Space, Purity, Silence, are the desert resources, which allow for a hosting economy:
for people who suffer from Crowdedness, Noise, Pollution in the cities)

"Only today - after my experience in the "Zealots Valley"
do I understand the condition for the success of my vision:
Every realization of a dream,
yes every progress in the world,
are sentenced to arousing "anti"
[see enlightened Germany and >>>>>> holocaust!]
If the realization does not base itself on self-acceptance
- of those who realize the dream, the vision, the progress,
as well as of the people, for whom we "realize" the vision.

"I, Christa-Rachel Maryam Bat-Adam,
am a pioneer in realizing the assignment of present humankind
self-acceptance ~ self-esteem ~ self-love,
and my prophecy is that the time is near
for the appearance of "the 100th monkey"
i.e. for the quantum-leap in the evolution of self-love.

Mika did not bring the rain that day, but told me:
' Today you must stay in the Cave, in the Womb -
recall and restate and reiterate your triple Credo!
Then the seed of your vision, growing in darkness,
the vision of people accepting&loving themselves
and therefore !! accepting and loving each other!!
will come true as sure as the rain after a draught.'


Mika's father got more photos of El-Al's Flight-Show on Israel's Independence Day, April 20, 2010
The photos were taken from the cockpit of the third of the four Boeings, 767, "which sat above us",
as Immanuel explained, who flew the second Boeing: 777.
The first one was 747.
The 4th Boeing, 737, is not visible, since it was flying behind the Boeing with the pilot who shot the photos








Even I can see, that this is Immanuel's plane above Tel-Aviv
(remember my poem in July 1983, quoted on April 15, 2010, the 46th anniversary of our immigration!)


Continuation of Mika's "Heaven-on-Earth" , in March 2010, on the Song page of April 30 2007