The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.i.s.s.
as stated 12 years ago - was and is
to help me and my potential PEERS
to HEAL ourselves
into WHOLEness,
and - as holograms -
all of Creation!
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



Puzzle Pieces Guide to


The present,
evolved "God"
tells us:

"The path that you seek,

the  right  path for you
is no path at all.
You  will  make a new path
that is uniquely your own."

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On the background
of a glorious sunset
above the Ramon-Crater
in Israel's Desert, 2002

"My    plan    for    you,
that you become  whole,
that   you   become

who  you truly are,
that you do it your way."

2001-2012 Applying the message of ,

Though my path is uniquely my own ,
there is a guideline for anyone's path
towards      becoming      whole
and   towards   becoming   who   each one   truly   is:
to let myself feel full-filled by feeling   what    I    feel,
releasing any    judgment    about what I feel,
while VIBRATING = breathing - moving - sounding it,
so that I'll be    capable  of    accepting    what  I  feel.
For only if   BODY   does its part in the partnership of  
can  there  be   TOTAL   S E L F - A C C E P T A N C E  , 
can    I    become whole,  can  I  be  who  I  truly am..

so that I can create my life and love as I wish .


Always grows God
Psalm 70:5


Started on 2001_08_20; Latest update of this page: 2010_04_07

In the beginning (June 2001) I had only one aim with "HEALING-K.I.S.S.",
to learn and apply Godchannel's info - alone and in interaction with potential peers.
In time I saw myself sculpting experiences which related to God's info only indirectly.
I therefore categorized them in a folder "Appendices", now called "My Life's Harvest".

The last themes in that library definitely belong to "God has Evolved":
Communication with Deity - Right Use of Will and Communication with Deity - New Heart

My path in the year 2007:
Integration 2007   or   Eliyahu's Lesson

My path in the year 2008:
K.i.s.s.- L o g 2008

My path in the year 2009:
I am following my understanding and new lekh-lekhâ on January 1, 2009,
that - after 7 years - I should no longer create new pages on my 2 websites,
but intermingle the evidence of new experiences with that on existing pages

As to my path in the year 2010,
see the main threads on the 2004 intro page



THREE   INTRODUCTORY   sensual,  emotional,  non-linear PAGES
which in hindsight I would "categorize" like this:
The Mother     My Drama & My Actors [Left Frame]   God's and my Intention  

Preface to Puzzle Pieces Guide

pp1 Driving Backward  2003_06_13

pp1b Driving Backward to Retrieve Goodness  2003_06_15; 2007_11_22

Only today, 2002_09_17, did I realize, that most of the pages started in May 2002,
which I termed "Appendices", - a dull name, which can no longer be changed, -
are nothing but intense, massive, ever faster "Driving Backward into the Future".

pp2 Peer Companions  2005_06_06

pp2b Peer Companions  2005_07_30; 2007_11_14

pp3 Moving Emotions  2002_07_02

Moving&Evolving Emotions Manual 2002_11_15

pp4 Identifying Triggers   2005_04_22

pp5 Trapping Will  2006_02_12

pp6 Releasing Judgments  2009_06_30

pp6b Releasing Judgments  2009_09_03

pp7 Total Self-Acceptance  2003_06_13

pp8 Understanding and Choosing Experience  2003_05_04

pp9 BODY, the Master Healer of Creation  2003_06_13

pp10 Denial of Will  2002_09_04

pp10b How God started to feel and to deny  2003_06_16

pp11 All of Creation   2003_04_29

pp12 The Goal: to Become Parental and Whole  2003_06_17

pp13 Feel All there is to Feel  2006_01_03

pp14 God's and My Will and Desire  2005_12_08

pp15 Guilt&Blame are the Same  2003_06_13

pp16 Reality reflects Denial  2003_05_17

pp16b Reality reflects Judgments  2003_05_06

pp17 How I Learned Moving Emotions Techniques  2002/04/22

pp17b Moving Emotions: Sound  2003_06_12

pp17bb SOUND  2003_06_13

"This  Creation  is  based  on  vibration.
S O U N D  is vibration."

Direct expression without words is what the feeling needs.
I hum, I buzz, I whizz, I moan, I wail, I sob, I scream, I tremble,
I let the sound take a rhythm,
until I reach

"the wailing terrified, deep wretched crying of heartbreaking,
that will let us know, HEART is coming to life in the gap"

From SOUNDING   keeps me   SOUND and
The Five Sound Appointments
at 7 AM, 11 AM, 15 PM, 19 PM, 23 PM

pp17c Moving Emotions: Breath  2002_08_08

pp17d Moving Emotions: Body Movement  2008_08_20

pp17e "Releasing" Emotions or Moving and Evolving them?  2005_05_23

pp18 Good and Bad

pp19 Body's Illness and Aging 2002/03/24

pp19b Body's Death  2003_06_16

pp20 Everyone a Hologram  2003_06_14

pp21 Oneness and Duality  2003_04_21

I feel that it's here where I should insert this double painting, the only one I ever bought, although I did not even have a wall to hang it on.
It was painted during 2 years by Ilana Offer in Eilat, who "lent" me her address. This allowed me to register as an Eilat citizen in 1996-1998,
while I was parking my mobile home at the Egyptian border, and after 11 months --- at the Jordanian border for another six months.
What business I had to live next to those two borders, I'm telling in "Red-Sea-Partner-SHIP",
which was a stage in the realization of my Desert-Economy-Peace-Vision.

pp21b Fragments and Fragmentation  2005_04_22

pp22 Perception and Projection  2003_05_04

pp23 Loving Hearts' Denials  2002_12_17

pp24 Lucifer and Ahriman  2005_07_02

pp25 Denial Spirits and Asuras  2009_07_01

pp26 Redeeming Lost Will  2002/02/28

pp26b Redeeming Lost Spirit  2001/12/23

pp27 Movement of Lost Will  2002/04/23

pp28 No overriding, no letting override  2005_11_16

pp28b No overriding, no letting override  2003_05_06

pp29 Reclaiming my Power

pp30 Unconditional Love  2009_07_01

pp31 Sacrifice what you don't want  2005_10_07

pp32 Doing the Healing Work  2002_08_02

pp33 Greatness and Grandeur 2003_06_13

pp33b The Reflection of Denied Greatness & Power 2002/01/22

pp34 Communication with Deity  2003_02_16

pp35 Following Will's and Body's Lead 2003_05_04

pp36 September 11, 2001  2003_04_29

pp37 Gaps and the Eruption of Gapped Rage&Terror  2002_10_15

pp38 Unconsciousness, Amnesia  2003_06_14

pp39 Deity and Manifestation  2002_11_12


with which
H E    H E A R S
H I S   S E E I N G
with which
H E    S E E S

with which HE HEARS

with which HE SEES"

I scanned these words
from the Holy Hadeeth [Islamic Tradition], and this Sufi poem
from the first page in my Hebrew Bible, which is so outworn,
that on the right the Hebrew letter "H",
a shortage for YHWH, the Verb for God,
is shining through.
Translation and tune are mine.

symbolized in the revolving, sounding sun,
which is a photo of its activity

opens up to the interconnected duality
of the moving infinity symbol,

"My God, whenever I listen
to the voice of an animal
and to the rustling of a tree
and to the murmering of water
and to the song of a bird
and to the dripping of dew
and to the blowing of wind
and to the roaring of thunder

I find that it is witnessing
your oneness

Dou i-Noun,
Haliyat al-Aliya li-Ibn-Na'im
See SongGame 2007_04_25

pp39b The Process of Manifestation and Creation  2002_12_07

pp40 Cease Creating New Manifestations! 2005_06_02

pp41 I Create My Own Reality  2005_04_09

pp42 Victim and Perpetrator  2003_06_25

pp43 Self-Victimization  2005_11_16

pp44 No one needs correction or punishment  2002_08_02

pp45 "I need you to feel how I feel"  2008_01_14

pp46 Love&Light&Joy&Peace???  2005_05_08

pp47 Mary and The Mother  2003_06_06

pp48 Rage and Terror  2002_06_14

pp48b FEAR  2005_10_01

pp49 Ego  2002_11_05

pp50 "Let Consciousness Serve Sentience!"  2006_03_19

pp51 "Laughter - the Final Stage of Healing"  2002_10_16

pp52 "Loving and Healing Sexually"  2005_10_30

pp53 JOY  2002_10_02

pp54 Light's Way to Dwell in Hell  2002_05_14

pp55 Heaven on Earth  2006_03_08


In the "Puzzle Pieces" I had the intent to study and apply specific aspects of Godchannel's info.
Another Part of Healing-K.i.s.s. is called:

It presents my HeArt work of

"Driving backward into the Future"

until what I believed to be the closure of Healing-K.i.s.s. on 2003_07_03