The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.i.s.s.
as stated 12 years ago - was and is
to help me and my potential PEERS
to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,
and - as holograms - all of Creation!
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"


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Paul Hawken's Commencement Address in Portland
What experiences must and can we create at this time
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My study and application of "A b r a h a m / H i c k 's" teachings]

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May my throat's overtone singing today - unite all my denied parts and lost fragments with me - today!

"Learning to feel better requires that you become better at feeling"

"And honor all their experiences"


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On 2002_07_16;
last update: 2005_05_10

I discovered that the following channeling
is now
[2005_01_24] incorporated and updated
in the files as .teachings2


Parental Mother on Fragmentation
I've edited this only graphically. No omissions. No additions to the original links.
I myself have linked it from pp21b Framents and Fragmentation, 2002_07_16
and part of it from pp7 Total Self-Acceptance

I am the Mother.
The Mother of All Creation.
I am proud to feel Myself in all that has been made manifest.

You have been listening to the stories of My fragmentation
as we have stepped forward out of our suffering
and considered opening to Spirit's Light.
It has been a frightening consideration.
As we have emerged from the shadows
we have been finding ourselves and each other for the first time.
In our House of Pain you have been listening to our dialogue with Spirit.

We have found ourselves because Spirit has opened His Heart to us.
He has True Acceptance for us this time.

This has helped us to have True Acceptance for ourselves

which has lead to the movement you have been witnessing.

Only in True Acceptance can there be True Healing.


I love Myself in all My fragmentation.
It is who I am.
If I do not love Myself and My fragments
and if I do not have acceptance for all of My fragmentation
I cannot heal into wholeness.
Where there is lack of acceptance there is lack of healing.

It is my responsibility
to care for all of My fragmentation,
to love them,

nurture them,
cherish them
and honour their experiences.
I am after all, their Mother.
I have no Mother so I must Mother Myself.
I Mother myself
by accepting who I am in all My fragmentation.

For a Mother loves without prejudice or judgment, unconditionally as only a Mother can.

I am in constant communication with My fragmentation.
We are not separate.
We are only separate from the parts of our Self still trapped in the Void.

[as to the last line: see now [2005_04_19] the info "Embedded Denial Energy" in the Interview with the Folks Part II]

We know there are others there
who are not aware of our existence
and thus feel empty, cold and alone.
Please help Me to unite them,
end their isolation
and bring them home.

How can you do this?
By becoming parental to your own fragmented Will essence.
Choose to take responsibility for yourself.
Choose to end your own suffering.
Choose to nurture and heal your fragmentation.
This is the art of Self Love.


Learn how to love yourself My dear children.
That is how you help Me heal.
That is how together we will end all suffering in our creation.

Do you have acceptance for your tears?

Do you have acceptance for your shame?

Until you have acceptance for yourself
you cannot have acceptance for Me.
When you hate a part of yourself, you hate Me.
When you judge a part of yourself, you judge Me.
When you mistreat yourself, you mistreat Me.

When you look in the mirror, see Me in the reflection.
Love Me, honour Me, respect Me - through yourself.
The love you have for yourself
is the love you have for Me.
Do you love Me
Mother Love, see pp25

I am fragmented.
And so are you.
Do not deny this
for when you deny yourself
you keep parts of Me trapped in torturous hell.
I am many. I am one. I love Myself.
Do you love you?

This is your task dear children.
In loving yourself you learn to love Me
and "in-love" we shall flourish
- as a whole,
in peace,
in bondage no longer.
We are only hostage to our pain
Own your pain and care for it
as you would a beaten neglected child abandoned and cold in the street.
Learn to recognize the many faces of your pain.
For they are all you.

And your parts are calling out to you
from the darkness of the Gap ~
"Do you love me?"

Bring Me home.
Bring us all home.
I want to go home ~
and so do you.


Your fragmentation is a mirror reflection of My fragmentation.
Each fragment of Me is a fragment of you
and we all have a story to share.
Do we not?
Listen to the stories of your pain.

Your pain is your fragmentation.

Let all your fragmentation speak.

You keep yourself fragmented by denying your pain.

Are you afraid of your pain?
Then you are afraid of Me.

Don't fear Me.
Embrace Me ... please.

Your pain is not out to hurt you.
It just wants to speak to you.
It is you.
Can you ignore you?

Can you continue to ignore your own cries for help?

Each time you experienced trauma
you fragmented
- as did I.

Reclaim yourself.

I'm the twinkle of the night stars.

This is My admiration and affection for you -
for all of you and for the All in each of you.

I am loving Myself into wholeness.

I am bringing home all of My wounded.

We are a collective.
I welcome every experience into My fold.

Every experience,
or fragmented Will essence,
has adopted a sense of individualism.

And each "individual" of Me
must be honoured for Her experience

that caused Her to leave the rest of Me.

In this regard I/Me/We - Will - has many faces and many voices.
In this regard there is not just one of Me.
I am one Will but I am many faces.

I fragmented in order to survive.
It was not My desire to become fragmented.
It was My Will to live.

Because of fragmentation there are many versions to My story.
I am not masquerading as many personas.

I am expressing My pain,
My own victimization.
I am listening with love
to the tales of My Woe.

I am the Wo of Man.
And I have many voices.

You too have many voices.
Give them all a microphone and your full undivided attention.
Acknowledge your pain and suffering
and bring yourself home in the process.





I follow my understanding and new lekh-lekhâ on January 1, 2009,
  that - after 7 years - I should no longer create new pages on my 2 websites,
but intermingle the evidence of new experiences with that on existing pages.

My study and application of "Abraham/Hick's" teachings

about learning "Good-Feeling-Thoughts
from October 1-16, 2009
"Abraham is not a singular consciousness as you feel that you are in your singular bodies.
Abraham is collective consciousness. There is a stream or river of consciousness.
As one of you asks a question, there are many, many points of consciousness that are funneling through what feels to be one perspective,
(because there is, in this case, one human, Esther, who is interpreting or articulating it) so it appears singular to you.
We ~~~ are multidimensional ~~~ and multi-faceted ~~~ and, certainly, ~~~ multi-consciousness" [1999]



The following speech focuses
on what experiences we can create at this time!
Paul Hawken's Commencement Address in Portland

"Paul Hawken
is a friend of CharityFocus, renowned entrepreneur,
visionary environmental activist,
founder of Wiser Earth and author of many books --
most recently "
Blessed Unrest".
He delivered this superb commencement address to the Class of 2009,
May 3rd, 2009.

"When I was invited to give this speech,
I was asked if I could give a simple short talk that was

"direct, naked, taut, honest, passionate,
lean, shivering, startling, and graceful."

Boy, no pressure there.

But let's begin with the startling part.
Hey, Class of 2009:
you are going to have to figure out what it means

to be a human being on earth at a time
when every living system is declining,
and the rate of decline is accelerating.


Basically, the earth needs a new operating system,
you are the programmers,
and we need it within a few decades.

This planet came with a set of operating instructions,
but we seem to have misplaced them.
Important rules like don't poison the water, soil, or air,
and don't let the earth get overcrowded,
and don't touch the thermostat
have been broken.
Buckminster Fuller said that spaceship earth was so ingeniously designed
that no one has a clue that we are on one,
flying through the universe at a million miles per hour,
with no need for seatbelts,
lots of room in coach,
and really good food
- but all that is changing.

There is invisible writing on the back of the diploma you will receive, ...
The earth couldn't afford to send any recruiters or limos to your school.

It sent you rain, sunsets, ripe cherries, night blooming jasmine,
and that unbelievably cute person you are dating.
Take the hint.

And here's the deal:
Forget that this task of planet-saving is not possible in the time required.
Don't be put off by people who know what is not possible.
Do what needs to be done,

and check to see if it was impossible only after you are done.

When asked if I am pessimistic or optimistic about the future,
my answer is always the same:
If you look at the science about what is happening on earth and aren't pessimistic,
you don't understand data.

But if you meet the people
who are working
to restore this earth and the lives of the poor,

and you aren't optimistic,
you haven't got a pulse.

What I see everywhere in the world are ordinary people
willing to confront despair, power, and incalculable odds
in order to restore
some semblance of grace, justice, and beauty to this world

The poet Adrienne Rich wrote,
"So much has been destroyed
I have cast my lot with those
who, age after age, perversely,
with no extraordinary power,
reconstitute the world."

There could be no better description.

Humanity is coalescing.
[See how I learnt this word in "God has Evolved" , left frame]
It is reconstituting the world,
and the action is taking place
in schoolrooms, farms, jungles,
villages, campuses, companies,
refuge camps, deserts, fisheries,
and slums.

You join a multitude of caring people.
No one knows how many groups and organizations are working
on the most salient issues of our day:
climate change, poverty, deforestation,
peace, water, hunger, conservation,
human rights, and more.
This is the largest movement the world has ever seen.

Rather than control,
it seeks connection.
Rather than dominance,
it strives to disperse concentrations of power.

Like Mercy Corps,
it works behind the scenes and gets the job done.
Large as it is, no one knows the true size of this movement.
It provides hope, support, and meaning to billions of people in the world.
Its clout resides in idea, not in force.
It is made up of teachers, children, peasants,
businesspeople, rappers, organic farmers,
nuns, artists, government workers,
fisherfolk, engineers, students,
incorrigible writers, weeping Muslims, concerned mothers,
poets, doctors without borders,
grieving Christians, street musicians,
the President of the United States of America,
and as the writer David James Duncan would say,
the Creator, the One who loves us all in such a huge way.

There is a rabbinical teaching that says
if the world is ending and the Messiah arrives, first plant a tree,
and then see if the story is true.
is not garnered from the litanies of what may befall us;
it resides in humanity's willingness
to restore, redress, reform,
rebuild, recover,
reimagine, and reconsider.

"One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began,
though the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice,"

is Mary Oliver's description of moving away from the profane
toward a deep sense of connectedness to the living world.

Millions of people are working on behalf of strangers,
even if the evening news is usually about the death of strangers.

This kindness of strangers has religious, even mythic origins,
and very specific eighteenth-century roots.
Abolitionists were the first people to create a national and global movement
to defend the rights of those they did not know.
Until that time, no group had filed a grievance except on behalf of itself.
The founders of this movement were largely unknown
- Granville Clark, Thomas Clarkson, Josiah Wedgwood -
and their goal was ridiculous on the face of it:
at that time three out of four people in the world were enslaved.
Enslaving each other was what human beings had done for ages.

And the abolitionist movement was greeted with incredulity.
Conservative spokesmen ridiculed the abolitionists
as liberals, progressives, do-gooders, meddlers, and activists.
They were told they would ruin the economy
and drive England into poverty.
But for the first time in history
a group of people organized themselves
to help people they would never know,
from whom they would never receive direct or indirect benefit.
And today tens of millions of people do this every day.

It is called the world of non-profits,
civil society,
social entrepreneurship,
and non-governmental organizations,
of companies
who place social and environmental justice at the top of their strategic goals.
The scope and scale of this effort is unparalleled in history.

The living world is not "out there" somewhere,
but in your heart.

What do we know about life?
In the words of biologist Janine Benyus,
life creates the conditions that are conducive to life.
I can think of no better motto for a future economy.

We have tens of thousands of abandoned homes without people
and tens of thousands of abandoned people without homes.
We have failed bankers advising failed regulators on how to save failed assets.
Think about this:
we are the only species on this planet without full employment. Brilliant.
We have an economy that tells us that it is cheaper to destroy earth in real time
than to renew, restore, and sustain it.

You can print money to bail out a bank
but you can't print life to bail out a planet.

At present we are stealing the future, selling it in the present,
and calling it gross domestic product.
We can just as easily have an economy
that is based on healing the future
instead of stealing it.

We can either create assets for the future or take the assets of the future.
One is called restoration and the other exploitation.
And whenever we exploit the earth we exploit people and cause untold suffering.
Working for the earth is not a way to get rich,
it is a way to be rich.

The first living cell came into being nearly 40 million centuries ago,
and its direct descendants are in all of our bloodstreams.
Literally you are breathing molecules this very second
that were inhaled by Moses, Mother Teresa, and Bono.
We are vastly interconnected.
Our fates are inseparable.

We are here because the dream of every cell is
to become two cells
In each of you are one quadrillion cells,
90 percent of which are not human cells.
Your body is a community,
and without those other microorganisms you would perish in hours.

Each human cell has 400 billion molecules
conducting millions of processes
between trillions of atoms.
The total cellular activity in one human body is staggering:
one septillion actions at any one moment,
a one with twenty-four zeros after it.
1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000
In a millisecond,
our body has undergone ten times more processes
than there are stars in the universe

- exactly what Charles Darwin foretold
when he said science would discover
that each living creature was a
"little universe,
formed of a host of self-propagating organisms,
inconceivably minute
and as numerous as the stars of heaven."

So I have two questions for you all:
First, can you feel your body?
Stop for a moment.
Feel your body.
One septillion activities going on simultaneously,
and your body does this so well you are free to ignore it,
and wonder instead when this speech will end.
Second question:
who is in charge of your body?
Who is managing those molecules?
Hopefully not a political party.
Life is creating the conditions that are conducive to life inside you,

just as in all of nature.
What I want you to imagine is
that collectively humanity
is evincing a deep innate wisdom
in coming together
to heal the wounds and insults of the past.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once asked
what we would do
if the stars only came out once every thousand years.
No one would sleep that night, of course.
The world would become religious overnight.
We would be ecstatic, delirious, made rapturous by the glory of God.

Instead the stars come out every night,
and we watch television.

This extraordinary time
when we are globally aware of each other

and the multiple dangers that threaten civilization has never happened,
not in a thousand years, not in ten thousand years.
Each of us is as complex and beautiful
as all the stars in the universe.
We have done great things

and we have gone way off course in terms of honoring creation.
You are graduating to the most amazing, challenging, stupefying challenge
ever bequested to any generation.
The generations before you failed.
They didn't stay up all night.
They got distracted and lost sight of the fact
that life is a miracle every moment of your existence.
Nature beckons you to be on her side.
You couldn't ask for a better boss.
The most unrealistic person in the world is the cynic, not the dreamer.
Hopefulness only makes sense
when it doesn't make sense to be hopeful.
This is your century.
Take it and run
as if your life depends on it.


Watch also... 11th Hour - Interesting Facts of Life
and MANY more videos by Paul Hawken

From Paul Hawken's website I, Christa-Rachel Bat-Adam, understand,
that - if the time would be ripe for my
based on the Desert's Comparative Advantage: SPS=Space, Purity and Silence,
Hawken and I could be excellent peers in co-creating...

Paul Hawken
is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist, and author.
Starting at age 20, he dedicated his life to sustainability
and changing the relationship
between business and the environment.


On Oct. 14, 2009,
the day when Rotem and Jonathan, Yahel and Shira
traveled to AUschwitz-BirkenAU,
and the latters' father, my brother-peer, came to make a new start with me,
I read an article on the Ho'oponopono -website, posted on Oct. 6, by Saul Maraney: Ho'oponopono and the Receiving of INSPIRATION
which complements as well as contrasts the message of Abraham/Hicks ,

Most people are convinced that their intellect (conscious mind) controls
what they experience in life.
But according to...Danish mathematician Tor Norretranders,
the intellect is only conscious of approximately 15-20 bits of information per second, out of the millions of bits of information that are simultaneously occurring.

In ...“The User Illusion – Cutting Consciousness Down to Size”, Norretranders cites ... that decisions are made before our intellect makes them,
and that our intellect is not even aware of this,
and thus the intellect believes that it decides.

Throughout the book Norretranders stresses that because of this,
the intellect has no way of ever knowing exactly what is going on,
and therefore it is not wise to let our intellect-egos decide what is best for us.

A key axiom of Ho’oponopono is that Intention is TRYING to control life,
based on the LIMITED VIEW of our ego,
while INSPIRATION is RECEIVING a message from The Divine
and ACTING on it.

This is because the subconscious and conscious minds (comprising the soul)
do not generate ideas or feelings of their own,
but that memories replaying dictate what the subconscious mind experiences.
This means that we SEE as memories SEE,
FEEL as memories FEEL,
BEHAVE as memories BEHAVE,
and DECIDE as memories DECIDE.

With Ho’oponopono, we are appealing to The Divine
to erase these ‘replaying’ memories
so that we can SEE, FEEL, BEHAVE and DECIDE

Part of this is in stark contrast to Godchannel's advice to
"Drive Backward".
But this is, what "Abraham" teaches me,
that we expand through contrast....


e-mail quote today, October 1, 2009,
from The Teachings of Abraham

You did not say,
"Let's go forth into this physical experience
and take all the ideas that exist and whittle them down to just a few good ideas
that we can all agree on and peacefully cohabitate."
Instead you said,

"Let's go forth and take the ideas that exist and expand them to more.
Let's let the contrast be more so that the desires can be more,
so that the Energy will have more avenues to which to flow."

It seems that after 9 months of trying to understand,
what I was supposed to create after a kind of completion: K.i.s.s.-Log 2008

- after much "driving backward" and intense healing for so many years-
I am now ready to "change the World"
by "good-feeling thoughts".

When my brother- peer, Ya'acov, showed me - in May 2009 -
that his metaphysical nourishment comes from "Abraham/Hicks"
a teaching which began to come to Earth
at the same time as the teachings of "my" Godchannel,
i.e. since early 1997
I felt nothing but resistance, opposition and even bitter mockery in me.
It seemed to me, that this was one more metaphysical light-stuff,
which completely ignored or denied "The Mother", "the Will",
the magnetic field of desire and feeling,
without which Spirit, who represents the electro, can not manifest anything.
So how come, that "DESIRE" is the central word in Abraham/Hicks?
And that they point out time and again ,
that we have an "Emotional Guidance System",
and that "feeling good"
is the indication of being connected to "Source"?

Because of my deep respect for Ya'acov,
and because via the daily email quote, for which I registered,
I learnt about the newly edited book
"The Vortex",
where the law of attraction
assembles all cooperative relationships

I studied the some 20 pages which are online,
and when sharing this with my old friend Yanina,
she simply ordered the book "as a belated birthday-gift for you!"

Slowly but surely I was led
to "give attention" to what serves my "good-feeling",
and to no longer "give attention"
to what was lacking and missing.

It was their very teaching, which made me apply what I always preached:
"Know exactly what you want,
communicate clearly what you want,
and then get out of the way to let happen what may."

It was October 1, 2008, when the last Godchannel message was given.
Today is the first of October 2009 and I am mature now to open up and
to learn from others what resonates in my Godchannel-trained mind/heart.

I'll limit my multi-media creating/learning on Healingkiss even further,
as I limited the exterior actions, interactions and experiences in my life.
I want to focus-finetune on the most fleeting feelings and thoughts,
and check, if they are "in alignment with what my
(I cannot yet phrase it in my own words)

On Rosh-Hashanah , 12 days ago, Ra'ayah, my daughter-in-love,
bequeathed a little pocket calender to me, which didn't suit her.
Rightaway I decided to use what little space is provided for each day,
to phrase one "desire" each night for the next day.

Though I practised something like this
during the entire year of
K.i.s.s.-Log 2008 ,
I wasn't aware then,
how I used to buck my desires
by focusing so often and so strongly on unwanted things.

A little example of how my attention to the WANTED thing works:
Tomer, my grandson, was negotiating with his mother on the phone,
about the manner of her taking him by car from his father's at Shoham.
Though from the usual perspective I have no reason to protect his mother,
I felt hurt by the way Tomer humiliated her in tone of voice and content.
But instead of blaming him: "Why do you talk like that to your mother!"
I used his one-moment-attention when he parted from me and said:
"Please, please, Tomer, honor your mother and show her respect!"
I touched his hair and filled my voice and face with compassion
for both, son and mother.

What I want is : to alternate between quoting Abraham's phrasings,
- so that they'll as fast as possible become my own phrasings,-
and exemplifying what I learn by experiences , feelings and thoughts.

What suggested itself as an "old page" ready to contain the new "material"
was this page,

the two entries on it - a message from The Mother,
very much in line with the voice of Godchannel authors,
and a speech by a human teacher, Paul Hawken,
who seems to know, what "Abraham" talks about.

I now, from Oct.1, 2009, onward want to truly internalize this teaching of
(I cannot yet phrase it in my own words)
giving all my attention to "good-feeling thoughts".

And yet : just when I was ready to begin my work in this frame,
I got a phone-call from a woman I hardly know, Nir Gur's partner.
"Nir has disappeared 48 hours ago."
She told me all the details which I found necessary to know
in order to wholly concentrate on my desire
that Nir Gur may be found - now.
I gave this thought - in different ways, even actions - some 3 hours.
And all the time I saw myself asking "Abraham":
so what about desires like these?
It was not the first time, that this complaint plagued me:
What about the desire, that a person may live and not die?

This is only the extreme form of my constant reservation (=resistance!):
How can my desires become fulfilled,
if they are connected to other people's happiness,
on which my own happiness is dependent?
There is Free Will, isn't there?
I endeavor to transform issues, which they seem to ignore, into desires:

"My desire is to understand,
how the Law of Attraction works in the case of my desire
that Nir Gur may be found!"

One way to cope with "impossible desires", as I see it, is
to at least NOT give attention to what is not wanted,
but to appreciate and be grate-full for whatever is in my presence,
or - in the case of Nir Gur - comes up in my memory....

And now I simply want to start quoting,
without any endeavor to be systematical.
I'll be attentive to the many different phrasings,
in which they pour their one and only message,
a message which can be likened to the info given 500 years ago,
that the earth circles around the sun and not the other way round.

an e-mail quote in June, which I now found in some document for mine

Questioner: "Linear Time is feeling distorted to me,
My memory is shortening
and it's really just a problem for the people around me, not so much to me."

… when you are using your mind in another way,
just use it in another way, don't worry about it.
Anything you focus on and activate,
Source Energy will bring the information about it.
So if there is anything in your past experience,
once you activate it, it will come back.

"Too much is made of memory.
Use your memory as a creative mechanism,
not as a file cabinet"

e-mail quote July 24, 2009
Every thought that you think is vibrating at a very personal frequency
and by the powerful Law of Attraction
(the essence of that which is like unto itself, is drawn),
that thought is now attracting another thought that is its Vibrational Match.
And now, those combined thoughts are vibrating at a frequency
that is higher than the thought that came before;
and they will now, by the Law of Attraction, attract another and another and another, until eventually the thoughts will be powerful enough
to attract a "real life" situation or manifestation.

[My question is, how does this apply to wishes,
which have to do with other people's happiness?]

e-mail quote July 26, 2009 , from a workshop on May 30, 2000

Your Inner Being is always guiding you toward
what you are wanting.
It is never protecting you from something else.

What is it all about? To get things done?
No! Because you do them, and you undo them,

and you do them, and you undo them, and you do them, and you undo them...
What is the point in all of it?
It is the thrill of the process along the way.

Physical human minds keeps thinking, We have to be going towards some end.
... there's your flawed premise.
Because there is no end that you're going toward.
We are all on a perpetual cycle of joyous becoming.

We will never get it done, ever, ever, ever, ever

e-mail quote July 28, 2009, Abraham 1997
once you align with your desire,
the Energy that creates worlds will flow through you...
which means enthusiasm and passion.
That is your destiny.

e-mail quote August 8, 2009,
My Life Is about My Relationships...
You will never find yourself in a point in time
when the subject of relationships is not an active part of your now experience,
for everything you perceive or notice or know
is because of your relationship with something else.
Without a comparative experience,
you would be unable to perceive or focus
any kind of understanding within yourself.
Therefore, it is accurate to say
that without relationships you could not exist at all.

e-mail quote August 9, 2009,
My Most Important Relationship Is With My Source...
There is no relationship of greater importance to achieve
than the relationship between
you, in your physical body, right here and now,
and the Soul/Source/God from which you have come.
If you tend to that relationship, first and foremost,
you will then, and only then, have the stable footing
to proceed into other relationships.
Your relationship with your own body;
your relationship with money;
your relationship with your parents, children, grandchildren,
the people you work with, your government, your world . . .
will all fall swiftly and easily into alignment
once you tend to this fundamental, primary relationship first.

e-mail quote August 12, 2009

(I agree to what is quoted today
provided i'm not denying the feelings that things are "not well".)

Nothing needs to be fixed.
Everything is unfolding perfectly.
(what happened with Lior, The matter with the letter which was sent to her instead to Meshi, needed to be fixed)
So when you stand in your now accepting that all is well,
then from that vibration,
you become surrounded by more and more evidence that all is well.
But when you're convinced that things are broken,
that there is pollution,
or that things have gone wrong,
or that the government is doing conspiracies...
then what happens is you get caught up in that vibration,
and you begin to manifest that kind of stuff, and then you say,
"See, I told you that things were going wrong."

e-mail quote August 14, 2009
Your life is right now!
It's not later!
It's not in that time of retirement.
It's not when the lover gets here.
It's not when you've moved into the new house.
It's not when you get the better job.
Your life is right now.
It will always be right now.
You might as well decide to start enjoying your life right now,
because it's not ever going to get better than right now--
until it gets better right now!

e-mail quote August 16, 2009
The most magnificent Creators don't want to get together with people who think just like they do.
They're looking for people who have other thoughts,
because out of the contradiction, come ideas
that could not be born out of sameness.
Your relationships will be ultimately more
if you're not identical twins just "yessing, yessing, yessing"
to everything that the other one is about.

e-mail quote August 22, 2009

You intended to come forth
into the physical realm of contrast
to define what is wanted,
to connect with the Energy that creates worlds,
and to flow it toward your objects of attention,
not because the objects of attention are important
-- but because the act of flowing is essential to life.

e-mail quote August 23, 2009

What you do
is miniscule in comparison with what you choose to think,
because your vibration
is so much more powerful and so much more important
(inserted in songgame 2007_06_28)

e-mail quote September 22, 2009

Don't ruin your life by pushing against.
Instead, say, "I choose this instead. This does please me. "

e-mail quote Sept. 26, 2009

When you find yourself critical
of the way anyone has attracted or is using money,
you are pushing money away from yourself.
But when you realize that what others do with money
has nothing to do with you,
and that your primary work is to think and speak and do
what feels good to you,

then you will be in alignment not only about the subject of money,
but about every important subject in your physical experience.

But if people waste the resources of the planet,
it DOES have something to do with me!
Or if my government prepares for war,
it does have something to do with me!
It is not correct to ignore the fact of my dependency on others.
What I do have to change , is the direction of my attention
to what will make all those people in my life and world discover,
how to feel grate-full, zest-full and full-filled
and from there - to love themselveds, to love others and to honor the planet.

September 27 see at the end of ARARAT HeART

e-mail quote Sept. 29, 2009
, in a workshop 1999
You will always, almost always, most of you,
choose negative emotion over no emotion.
Because emotion indicates desire.
It's exciting!

e-mail quotes Sept. 30, 2009
We would focus on everything that mattered to us.
It is so satisfying to hold a thought
and to find the feeling place
and then see the Universe conspire to help you receive it.
Oh, co-creation at its best.

e-mail quote July 30, 2009, Abraham October 2, 1997
There will be a time, not so far from now,
that you will look back on this phase of your life
and instead of condemning it or beating up on it...
Instead of blaming or guilting,
you will feel appreciation for it,
because you will understand
that a renewed desire for life was born out of this time period
that will bring you to physical heights
that you could not have achieved without the contrast
that gave birth to this desire.

e-mail quotes October 3, 2009,from a workshop in Febr. 15, 1997
Every physical being on this planet is your partner in co-creation,
and if you could accept that
and appreciate the diversity of desires and beliefs,
all of you would have a more expansive, satisfying, fulfilling experience.




Learning "Good-Feeling-Thoughts

"The Vortex",
where the law of attraction assembles all cooperative relationships

The term - or metaphor - "vortex" is also used in Godchannel
and, if I understand it well, means the same there as in Abraham's Teachings
[Put "vortex" into "Search" of Godchannel's "Navigator"]

The following list of "DESIRES" shows my first attempt (from Sept. 19-30) to apply "Abraham's" teaching
to giving attention to ONE DESIRE - - every night for the next day!

A pretty joke occurred, when I - for the first time - made use of a "Google" translation
and the first sentence "my desire is that Micha, Ra'ayah and..."
"Desire is a blanket wife and ":
and the last desire in this test-list , the desire of September 30-
"My first desire is that Efrat and Talli, Levi and Ayelet will grow towards a wonderful partnership,
as co-creators, zest-full and full-filled,
and my other desire is
that Micha and Ra'ayah will grow towards being capable
of creating for themselves a circle of friends "
"My desire is that Tali Levi Efrat Ayelet will grow for a wonderful partnership,
co-Creators, Zest-full and full-filled
blanket wife grow toward the ability to create their own society"
"By the way"
- it was the second part of this last "desire",
which manifested in the most spectacular way
on the Eve of Shabbat,
which was also the Eve of the Succot Festival,
my most beloved Festival,
[now enriched by my song, which in itself is a huge desire.]

or who were the guests of Micha's family?
his sister's family, Ronnit and Uri and all four children!
This hasn't occurred in a long time and I was and am overjoyed!

19 My desire is, that Micha, Ra'ayah and Arnon, (and also Ya'acov) will learn - through experience and information - that "love means also to be a boundary, against which the beloved can grow".
20 My desire is that the experiences and the information will come to Micha, which willl allow him to do his "lekh-lekha" from the world of hightech- to fieldwork in the desert as he yearns to, work which will give him zest-full-ness and full-fill-ment.
21 My desire is to believe with all my heart that I planted a seed in the heart of Jibril, the Bedouin teacher, (see also below on Oct. 11-12) and that he will "go-out" (exodus) from victimhood to sovereignty.
22 My desire is, that the new start of Immanuel- Efrat- Mika-Tomer in their Shoham apartment will be accompanied by joy and co-creation
23 My desire is that tomorrow, too, the co-creation of the three of us will be just as harmonious, but that we shall be listening more to our body - and if we still require too much from our body , that it may forgive us and cooperate with us.
24 My desire is to understand how to relate to the excessive consumerism of my children and people in general, and to the discarding of objects if which many people in the world are in need. . Do I have a judgment , a belief, a false premise here?
How am I not "aligning with Source" and suffer so much?
I am pushing against something! what is it that I should desire?
My desire for tomorrow - with 4 challenging actors in my drama - is to stay connected to my Source in every moment, without judgments inside or towards the outside, and if I still should "create" stress for myself - not between me and them but between them, I desire to check and to communicate (without words) my goal for each one of them and for the togetherness between us. [See my recent song: "I inhale God and I exhale love to whatever I am feeling right now!"]
My desire is that tomorrow I will start to heal my recoiling from Tomer's presence in this house and in general, and that I "womb" us both in my womb. The next day I realized: I recoil
only from Tomer's inaction. My fear of other people's boredom
(shi'amum) screams to Heaven (shamayim). [See the bored boy]
My desire is to understand, how to relate to three distresses of mine: 1) lack of intensity, 2) consumerism and waste in my surroundings and in general, 3) the boredom of some of my grandchildren and of most people in the world
My desire is that tomorrow I reach "alignment with Source" regarding my recoiling from Tomer, my grandson, regarding both: "Boredom vs. Heaven"
[shi'amum vs. shamayim] and regarding my love to him in general.
My desire is that Efrat may focus on "good-feeling thoughts". Especially when she meets with or separates from Emmanuel before or after the flight.
My first desire is that Efrat and Talli and Levi and Ayelet will grow into a wonderful partnership, as co-creators, zest-full and full-filled.
My other desire is that Micha and Ra'ayah will grow toward being capable of creating for themselves a circle of friends "

October 1, 2009
"Abraham's" definition of our responsibility for the reality we create in our drama,
is the same definition as in Godchannel, for instance in the "Truth and Reality Class"










While aligning with "Source"
or "with the broader non-physical Perspective of my Self",
I am - since October 1, 2009 - phrasing a daily desire.
I am writing it by hand in a pocket calender - at night!
then - first thing in the morning - I reinforce the desire
by sculpting the Hebrew text as a "Word"-document ,
so as to be able to "print-screen" it into .jpg-format
and transfer it to this page.
I fortify the desire a third time by translating it into English.
And since October 4, morning, I also watch out,
if I can turn the desire into a veritable "rocket"
by inserting an appropriate image!



October 1 , evening – October 2, morning, Friday
with Efrat and Mika at Shoham


My desire for tomorrow [Eve of Shabbat and Succot] is
that I may wholly enjoy the togetherness of many hours
with Mika, my youngest grandchild,
and that together with Efrat's guest Meirav,
we will be able to feel the blessing of the holiday
that is so significant to me


October 2 , evening – October 3, morning, Shabbat
with Efrat and Mika and Meirav at Shoham


My desire for tomorrow is,
that the four girls in this apartment, I, Mika, Efrat, Meirav
may delight in all the good, that Shabbat and Succot offer us



October 3 , evening – October 4, morning, Sunday
with Efrat and Mika at Shoham


My desire is that tomorrow traces will be found
which will teach us what caused Nir Gur
to disappear
from Carmiel
and to be found 4 days later shot in his head and naked
on the Golan Heights,
so that then we can all concentrate
on desiring Nir's return to us from coma.

To reinforce my desire, I'm editing and dedicating a song to Nir Gur:

The e-mail quote of Oct. 4 reached me twice, directly
and via Yanina,

telling me that she was pleased with this one....

No human would ever do anything to harm another

if Connected to Source
because when you're Connected,
you're empowered;
you don't feel insecure.
And when you don't feel insecure,

you don't need to do something to somebody else that you're afraid of,
because you're not afraid.
You understand that Well-Being is yours.

"Being pleased" is an understatement in m y case,
for ever since my crucial insight about the "Cain-Abel" parable
I 've worked on the empowerment of people, as my website indicates.

(see, for instance, my outcry in AUschwitz-Birkenau - scroll to the end of "Harmeze..."
What was missing in my work with people (not in my own healing),
was the "connection to Source" as a condition to feeling empowered.
Or more exact - my understanding of what "connection to Source" is:
Loving myself, knowing that I'm never judged, never guilty or blamed,
knowing that the goal of my living in physical existence is

The next day, afternoon
I feel distracted from my purpose of studying and applying "The Vortex"
by 2 group e-mails, one today - from Marc about the "Walk about Change",
and the other from Chana Bloch, which reached me already 3 days ago.
While at first giving in to my urge to respond, and thus to empower them,
I felt into the connection with Source and asked: do I love myself now?
I didn't! As much as I rejoice in Chana's and Marc's creativity and creation,
- "having to" respond to it feels like a "chore", a pressure like millions before .
In order to respond to what they shared, I need to invest much work.
And this work is not, what causes me "good-feeling-thoughts" at this time.
I came to peace with Marc by letting go of this pressure to empower him.
But what about Chana and her/our poem: "we once loved the same man"?
There would be so much to be shared, so much to be praised in her work!
And I again feel this "inherent" ???? discrepancy between our desire to give
~ and our so limited capacity to take in, to receive and to give back thanks!

The ancient Jewish metaphor of
the cow that wants to give more milk than the calf wants to drink,
is pressuring me much more, when not I - but others are the givers!
How can I apply Abraham's teaching to this "bad-feeling-thought"?

"Shalom, Chana!
What a joy to hear from you, your new husband,
your sons and your ongoing creativity!
I inserted the review about your Yehuda Amichai !
Much of it applies to your moving poetry as well.
I wished there were more sound-files like "reprieve"!
As to your Mrs. Dumpty experiences!
Can you - from your present perspective - see them
as something you staged in your drama,
in order to learn in this physical reality
from what you don't want --- what you DO WANT?
Any new desire expands Source and Manifestation!"

There ! By limiting myself to this tiny space, a minimal sculpture created itself!
Also- I talked in my own name, hoping that I'm not distorting Abraham's teaching!
And I definitely did love myself, while sculpting, and am pleased with the result!



October 4 , evening – October 5, morning, Monday
with Efrat and Mika at Shoham, then hitchhiking to Arad


My desire for tomorrow is
that I may "feel good" at any moment of my journey home
and that I may be a boundary of love to Rotem
concerning the flute and the money - without blaming!

The next day
My desire manifested - I had wonderful hitchhiking interactions,
zest and full-fill-ment in "Training Dreamers", Jews and Arabs.

I'll mention only the first driver, a woman, Orna from Kibbutz Ga'ash.
She is the one about whom I - ever so many times - told this parable:
"When my mobile home was finally ready for travel, in April 1986,
my first station was with friends in Kibbutz Ga'ash, known for its artists.
Since that night Maya, my bitch, gave birth to 10 cubs, under my bus,
I asked for permission from the Kibbutz to stay on - for a week.
My visitors were children and artists, and among then a sculptress.

"It's only now on your 5th day that I come to you, because I was so angry!
'not only does this woman live in a bus, she also drives it!
And not only does she drive it, she also has an electric church organ in it!
I asked my therapist:
"Why am I so angry at this woman? She has done me no wrong!"
"She is fulfilling her dreams, while you are not yet! She is a mirror for you!"

Though I have done this work of reminding people of their dreams,
or even making them aware, that they are allowed to have dreams,
ever since the age of 16, and always and mostly when hitchhiking,
it is really only now, that I realize, how my own dream,
which I phrased as "working as a Trainer of Dreamers"

is manifesting finally , BUT in a very different way than I had imagined!
My latest plan (Noah's Shore 2003-04) as my earliest plan (1972-74) failed.

It was during my long recent hitchhike to and from Eilat, that I "got" it!

When I parted from an old Bedouin [from Darijaat !] at the entrance to Kuseifeh,
I skipped along the road, singing with elation: "How wonderful to be old!"
for this not only helps drivers who unknowingly attract me into their lives,
to leave aside their fears, but to be open to me as to their sounding-board!

So far, my respect to "Abraham"!

But exactly then - after some 20 minutes of walking without being picked up -
my cellphone inside my backpack sounded its lovely Irish song, It was Rotem!
She -with a friend at Ein-Gedi- hesitantly cancelled her visit, planned for today.

"My friend decided to go home to Lehavim, since we learnt,
that the program of the Festival of Arad is not interesting,
so I prefer to not come to Arad either but to take the bus to Jerusalem!"
"That's a pity!"
I said twice, and then - carefully listening to last night's "desire":
"Is there something else you want to tell me?" "No! Why?!"
"Shouldn't you tell me something about the flute, the repairs, the money?"
"Oh, not now! not now! I'll talk to you another time!" "You can also write!"

From that moment on my good-feeling was clouded.
And though a sweet family -worrying I might be kidnapped- picked me up a bit later
- when the ten year old pointed to a Bedouin along the road
: "there is an Arabush!"
I felt a knife in my bladder:
Calling Jews, Arabs, Blacks by derisive names - will it never stop????

Would "Abraham" in these "negative emotions"
see a "discord with Source"?
I felt deserted.

As to my feelings about Rotem I took the time to move them and look at them,
when - after a relaxing swirling-singing in the pool - I finally reached my castle.
Since the sculpting on this page is not about "moving and identifying emotions ",
but about learning to become a 'Laser' of Good-Feeling-Thought for humanity,
I won't write down these feelings, so exemplary in their complexity & intricacy!
But I emphasize that I feel proud for having done my work, with "God's" help!
The price was, that I felt urged to call Rotem, just to give her another chance.
Though she was already in Jerusalem and her phone battery was running low,
I felt, that my effort would help her to contact me and to straighten things out.
Since then I feel wholly at peace with Rotem, with myself, with Source!

And who called me at this very moment? Rotem! We talked for 101 minutes!
Not only about the cancelled visit and her process with flute, repair and money,
but mainly and deeply about the journey of her class to AUschwitz-BirkenAU,
towards which I begged her to search for and point out the light in the darkness:
the deeds of human dignity on both sides -of the victims and of the perpetrators

with Rotem, Febr. 24, 2008


Quotes from Abraham's newest book,

The Vortex,
Where the Law of Attraction
Assembles All Cooperative Relationships

e-mail quote August 11, 2009, excerpted from "The Vortex"

... you knew (and still remembered, long after you were born)
that it was the relationship
between the opinion (or knowledge) of the Source within you
and your current thoughts, in any moment,
that would offer you perfect guidance
in the form of emotions.

You did not intend to replace
your Emotional Guidance System
with the opinions of your parents
even if they were in harmony with their Emotional Guidance System
in the moment of their trying to guide you.
It was much more important to you
to recognize the existence of your own Guidance System, and to utilize it,
than to be deemed correct by, or to find approval from, others.

When I - on Oct. 2 - began to quote sequentially and systematically,
I was less experienced in what passages were relevant for me.
This is obvious from the duplicity between
my choice of quotes from the pages 102-108 below
and my choice of quotes from thes same pages on Nov.29-30,
the day on which I completed the quoting from p.3 till p. 108.

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.102

Your laws are usually written from the perspective of what is NOT wanted.
And so, people spend ... time in argument
about which laws are right and which laws are wrong,
and, in doing so, hold themselves apart
from their expanded perspectives.
And then they use the negative emotion that they feel
(which exists because of their separation from Source)
as their justification for their arguments.
When you no longer seek the final word on the rightness of your behaviors and instead seek alignment with the Source within you
by finding thoughts, words, and deeds that fill you with love
while you participate,
you will understand that it is possible to live upon this planet
with large numbers of other Beings - who believe and behave in a variety of ways -
in peace.

As to "the rightness of your behaviors"
I've worked a lot on
"releasing the judgment that I am or have to be righteous"
[See, for instance, the "Communication with Deity"
at the bottom of the page "Intro to K.i.s.s.-Log 2008"].

And yet , there are ancient "holes" in my "wholeness"
which attract triggers when they want to finally "heal".

There was a pretty staging of such a trigger yesterday:
I cut myself a peach on a board and then rinsed the board.
Just then my son came in: "Are you stingy with soap?"
"When there is no fat, soap is not needed"
, I tried.
"You must always use soap, when you wash a dish!"
The hole was triggered, but I could swallow the feeling.

That, of course, was not the idea and another scene was staged 3 hours later:
After dinner I had washed all the dishes and put the kitchen in perfect order.
When returning to my room - Mika was already in bed and Tomer in his room-
I felt like having some ice-cream, filled a little plastic-bowl and enjoyed it.
And now see, what happened -

in order not to spoil the cleanliness and order in the sink and around it,
I began to rinse the vessel, thinking, that in this case I should use soap,
but before I reached a decision, Efrat came in and asked just like Immanuel:
"Aren't you using soap?"
Now this "did it for me", in the sense that this time the trigger "worked".
I threw the bowl into the sink and said I don't remember what.
As a result, of course, Efrat was triggered,
"no-one can tell you anything, etc. etc. etc" going as far as:
"From now on - no matter how high the heap of dishes - you won't wash them!"
A thunderous drama loomed above us then.
I went to my room, and she to hers, but I caught myself right there and then.
And after having breathed heavily knocked at her door
and started by trying a humerous remark:
"You could at least also have thanked me for having washed the dishes!"
This caused more triggering, which in turn helped me to find the right way:
"Remember that it was MY hole which was triggered, there is no blame on you~
Just see, how cleverly the whole thing was staged", and I described it.
She relaxed and I returned to my room, amused with myself,
remembering God's words:
"The final stage of healing is laughter!"
To complete the healing with Efrat,
I - after about half an hour - used a question I had
concerning a song, which I had heard from Mika,
but couldn't find on the Internet,
in order to bring things back "to normal".

All this process is not included in "Abraham's" teaching,
according to which it would be enough to appreciate things
and give attention to what is wanted,
in order to align with Source.

It's been many month that no trigger occurred between me and Efrat
or between me and other people as far as I remember.
I , therefore, see the staging of this trigger on the eve or October 1
and the beginning of my plan to study and apply "Abraham"
as a reminder, that the work I have at hand, is
to integrate Godchannel and Abraham
- how fitting are these metaphors!

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.102-103

When you are able to focus in such a way
as to allow your alignment with Source,
even though others are choosing to behave differently than you are choosing,
then you will truly be free from the bondage
of attempting the impossible task
of getting everyone to agree on one right way.
O n e    r i g h t    w a y    w o u l d    l e a d    t o    e n d e d n e s s.
M a n y    r i g h t    w a y s    a l l o w    E t e r n a l    e x p a n s i o n.
(strongly emphasized in the original)

The reason why people believe that they need laws to control others around them is
that they believe that the behavior of others can negatively impact them.
But when you come to understand
that nothing can come into your experience
unless you invite it through thought,

then you understand
that you can release the impossible task of trying to control the behavior of others
and replace it with the much simpler task
of controlling the direction of your own thoughts.
remember, during the time you are giving your attention to those
who are not joyful,
you are not practicing
the Art of Allowing your Vibrational alignment
with all that you have come to be and to desire.


Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.108-110

Sexuality, and the Law of Attraction:
Sexuality, Sensuality, and the Opinions of others.

The Topics Are Sex, Sexuality, and Sensuality
As children, you are often met with adults who have lost Connection
with their own sense of value,
of Well-Being,
and of worthiness;
and from that lackful, disconnected state,
they pass their guardedness on to you.

Flawed Premise #14
There is a God Who, having considered all things,
has come to a final and correct conclusion about everything

This flawed premise, is at the root of man's continual assault on humanity.
your feelings of unworthness
and it is your primary reason for disallowing your own Well-Being.
...This inaccurate conclusion - that Source ... is no longer expanding but instead stands at a place of completion, or perfection......

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.114-115

You did not come into this physical body with the intention
of taking all of the ideas that exist
and whittling them down to a handful of agreed-upon ideas.
In fact, that is the very opposite of your prebirth intention.
Instead, you knew that you would be coming into an environment of extreme variety, and that from that platform of difference and choices
would be born more new- and-improved ideas.

You understood
that the Eternal nature of that which humans call God
would be enhanced by your participation.
You knew that this platform of enormous contrast
would be the foundation of the Eternal expansion
that exists within that which humans call Eternity.
There is no ending to the expansion of God,
and physical humans' participation cannot be separated from that expansio

...the very nature of focusing upon and pushing against unwanted aspects of others prevents their alignment with the very goodness and Source that they seek.
... A basic feeling of unworthiness, due to the lack of Connection with Source,
is at the root of the confusion around the subject of sexuality.

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.116-117

You were not born into your physical body
holding the memory of lists of right and wrong
because those lists do not exist,
but you were born with an effective Guidance system.
The emotions that you feel,
without exception,
are indicators of the Vibrational alignment
- or variance -

between the thought your human brain is focused upon
and the perspective of your Broader Non-PHysical Perspective
regarding the same subject.

Since the Source within you is Eternally expanding,
your understanding, perspective, intentions,
and the knowledge of that part of you
is Eternally expanding as well.

That is the reason there cannot be a static list of right and wrong or good and evil for you to measure your experience against.
you have personal, individual, loving, accurate feedback,
thought by thought, moment by moment,
to help you know
when you are in alignment with that Broader Perspective
or when you are not.

There is not only one guidance list handed down from Source for all,
but individual Guidance for all physical Beings,
in all points in time and space,
and regarding all situations.

...When you remember that nothing can come into your experience
without your Vibrational invitation of it,

then you do the simple work of paying attention to your own Vibrational offering, and you save yourself the enormous and impossible task
of controlling the behavior of others.

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.120-121

No other human really knows the intentions you held
as you came forth from Non-Physical,
They have not walked in your shoes
through the thousands of interactions you have experienced,
and they were not a part of the rockets of desire
that you have launched as you have lived your life.
They are not privy to the Vibrational Reality
that you have created through the living of life,
and they cannot feel the harmony or discord - the allowing or resisting -
that you feel through your own emotions.
...the emotions you feel, in any moment,
are pointing out to you the agreement of disagreement
between you and your Source

regarding the thought that is active in you
at the moment of the emotion.

So when you feel negative emotion,
it always means that your currently active thought
is out of alignment with the knowledge of Source.
In other words, when you find fault with yourself,

when you decide that you are inappropriate or unworthy,
you will always feel negative emotion
- because the Source within you only feels love toward you.
When you disapprove of others, you will always feel negative emotion - because the Source within you only loves others.
If you will remember that whenever you feel negative emotion,
it always means you are in disagreement with Source,
then you can deliberately reframe your thoughts
until you come into alignment.
That is the way to effectively utilize your guidance System.

When people replace this very personal Guidance
by attempting to modify their behavior to please other people,
they ... soon find themselves confused about what to do.
... people have lost conscious Connection with their own Guidance Systems, and so instead of deliberately focusing their thoughts
into harmony and alignment with their Source and their power -
instead of making sure that they ar steadily tuned
to the Vibration of their clarity and love and power -
they turn their attention to the results
of what they and the people around them have been thinking.....

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.122-123

Your thought about a behavior or action that brought you pleasure
- regardless of the opinions of others ...
is a thought that the Source within you agrees with.
And your thought of your own inappropriateness that made you feel bad, because of your assumed disapproval of others
(whether real or imagined)
is a thought that the Source within you does not agree with.

To know if Source, infinite Intelligence, Inner Being, God
agrees or disagrees with the thought, word, or action you are involved in
- you have only to notice if it feels good or bad.

[But this feeling might be influenced
by the 'right-wrong education' I got!]

To find your peace regarding anything, it is necessary for you
to set aside your desire to find approval from others
and to seek approval from self.
And you do that by starting from the inside out
- by acknowledging that you want to feel good,
and that you want to have a life experience
that is in harmony with what is good.

And if you start there, it is our absolute promise to you
that you will never find yourself in a situation
where the action that you are experiencing
or even contemplating,
will put you in a position of feeling
that you have betrayed
your greater sense of right and wrong.

Your physical life experience is a life of sensuality.
You come forth into this physical realm with the sensual eyes with which to see, the sensual ears with which to hear, the sensual nose with which to smell,
the sensual skin with which to feel, and the sensual tongue with which to taste. This Leading Edge time-space reality
is about the intricate Vibrational interpretations
that your physical senses provide,
and all of that is for the enhancement
of your physical experience.

If you will pay attention to your emotions,

they will help you find the appropriateness of your behavior,
and you will come to understand the worthiness
that is at the core of you.

It is not necessary, or even possible, to pinpoint the turning point
when hums stopped believing in their value and worthiness.
It has been a gradual erosion
caused by the disallowance of Connection with Source
because of the comparison of human experience
in search of the one "right" answer or the one "right" behavior.
And now, a feeling of unworthiness runs rampant on your planet,
and much of human thought is directed toward lack,
which only promotes more disallowance of
alignment with Source and with love and with Well-Being.


October 5 , evening – October 6, morning, Tuesday
In my castle at Arad


My desire for tomorrow is
that Nir Gur will be woken up and awake from the induced coma,
return to consciousness, communicate with us, and live his life!

from "Haaretz", last update Oct.5,10:48

One of my drivers (religious) was an investigator from the area of Tiberias.
Because of his job (which came to life during a phone-call with his boss),
I told him all the details known to me about Nir Gur, BUT my closure was:
"I prefer to give attention to Nir's resurrection! - not to what happened."
"This is a good approach, also recommended in Judaism and Kabbala!"




October 6 , evening – October 7, morning, Wednesday
In my castle at Arad


My desire is
that Ra'ayah, my daughter-in-love -
- following the expected report
of Nathan'el, her nephew, and his friend Re'ut,
about their fruitful visit with me in Arad --
will find more strength in herself
to support the "lekh-lekha",
which Micha, my son and her husband, must undertake!

Micha's and Ra'ayah's garden reflected in Dita's sunflower painting on Rosh-Hashanah

The e-mail quote of Oct. 7 [Abraham, July 15, 2000]

The Law of Attraction says,
"That which is like unto itself is drawn."
Which means vibrations are always matched.
So as you experience the contrast
which inspires the new idea within you,
this new idea --this desire --
whether it is a strong one or a soft one,
is summoning unto itself proportionately.
And as it summons, it is always answered.
It is the basis of our Universe:
When it is asked, it is always given.
The confusion that humans feel is that they think
they are asking with their words -- or even with their action --
and sometimes you are.
But the Universe is not responding to your words or your action.
The Universe is responding to your vibrational calling.





October 7 , evening – October 8, morning, Thursday
In my castle at Arad


My desire is that on the day of my "lekh-lekhâ from your home exercise"
(taking out all the contents of room, shower and cabinets to the veranda,
so that Ofir, my landlord, can paint the walls and spray
so that the house will be preserved for human beings)
I may be attentive to my body, mainly to my back, my joint and my bladder,
and delight in my work
and in the help from Tzippi and Ofir in every moment.

my veranda in December 2004, when I finally "settled"

Right after I sculpted this, and as the last thing before closing this day's computer,
a pretty, humorous letter created itself - by chance with 7 times the word "house",
for Ran and Nava, whose house-inauguration today (at Karkur), I cannot attend.




October 8 , evening – October 9, morning, Friday
In my castle at Arad


October 8-9, 2009, printed only at 18:21 in the evening,
after Tzippi's brother connected me to computer and Internet.
My desire is that on the second day of the
"lekh-lekhâ from your home exercise"
I will understand what my desire is
(contrary to my distress, what to throw away),
concerning what kind and what amount of "possessions" I should guard.





October 9 , evening – October 10, morning, Shabbat
In my castle at Arad


There are two desires today,
the first
DESIRE which I phrased at night is:
That among the multitude of clothing I'll grant space in my life
only to what I really love - today

(without: "I've to honor those who bequeathed this garment to me"
and without nourishing the fantasy: "to keep for refugees in the future")
And also - that when selecting the objects "which were once needed",
for example in Noah's Cave or even in this castle 5 years ago,
and for some of which I definitely found some new surprising use
(Like the drawers from the double desk during my marriage in Ramat-Hadar)
I shall listen to my equipment-angel, Ezriel,
what to keep and what not.

This morning I woke up with a different desire,
following the nightly talk with Tzippi about her Altzheimer sick mother:

My desire is
to be a reliable sounding-board for Tzippi and Oree, her brother,

(who helped me with connecting some cables and might come again today)
when I shall - in contrast to the experience with my own mother --
talk to them -
in Shifra's, their mother's, name - in favor of a Parents Home
and encourage them to let themselves be assisted by 'Family Constellation'.
(see for instance a Hebrew page on the site "I feel", and also my own page)



October 10 , evening – October 11, morning, Sunday
In my castle at Arad

Freedom towards Possessions

My desire for the third day of this "lekh-lekha exercise" is
that I may choose as possessions
only what and how much is needed or pleasant,
And that from here on I will be free to say "shalom ",
when I am given an object

as well as
when an object will have to go-out from me..
And also:

My desire
(tshuqati) is that the cockroaches (tshuqim)
will find their 'right place' instead of bothering ME.


On the 10 min. way to the pool - I, as usual, opened my digital recorder,
in order to rehearse songs, which I've forgotten or newly learnt or created..
The recorder opened - not on a song, but on a tune I recently re-discovered.
And right there, on the way and in the water the lyrics adapted themselves.

Qohelet/Ecclesiastes 3:1
"and a time to every object under heaven"
'Shalom'! if it comes, 'Shalom!' if it has to go.

click & stop

Later, when I worked again, constantly moving between room, toilet and veranda,
I passed by the open TV, German channel 3 SAT, a talk-show about new books.
I heard Hertha Mueller, born in what today is Romania, updating me in history:
The Romanian leader sided with Hitler, but at the right "time" joined the Russians.
It was then , that people who had been too young or too old for the war, or women,
were dragged to Gulag-camps "to atone for Germany's crimes", dying from hunger.
Perhaps 5 minutes later I again passed by and heard the author of "Atemschaukel",
[and soon to be awarded the Nobel-Prize for literature[
"Often, what helped a person to live, was an object, saved from home.
A comb, or a shaving-knife, or a tool -became a personalized friend."

And , indeed, the title of the English translation is:
Everything I Possess I Carry With Me



Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.124-125

You are here in your physical bodies as extensions of Source Energy, experiencing specific contrast
and coming to specific new decisions about the goodness of life,

and every time your experience poses a question to you
- an equivalent answer is born in the experience of Source. Every time your experience poses a problem to you - an equivalent solution is born in the experience of Source. And so, because of your willingness to live and explore and experience contrast, you are giving birth to constant new rockets of desire - and All-That-Is expands because of what you are lioving.

When it becomes your dominant intention
to find good-feeling thoughts,

then you become one
who is most often a Vibrational Match to the Source within you,
and the good feeling that will then be usually present within you
is your indication
that you are fulfilling your reason for being
and that you are continuing to keep up
with the expansion of your own Being.

Every experience causes you to expand,
and your positive emotion is your indication
that you are keeping up with that new expansion.
Negative emotion is your indication
that the greater part of you has moved to an expanded place
- but you are holding back.
And so, by paying attention to the way you feel,
and by continually reaching for the best-feeling thoughts you can find, you will establish a rhythm of alignment
that will help you immediately realize
when you are straying from the goodness that you have become...

Some would say,
"Then the feeling of guilt that I have must mean
that I am doing something evil or wrong."
But we want you to understand
that your negative emotion simply means
that the thought that is vibrating within you
does not match the Vibration of your Source.
Source continues to love you.
When you do not love you, you feel the discord.


We would not look for the long lists of right and wrong,
but instead, we would feel for the emotion of alignment with Source.
Negative emotion does not mean that you are not good.
It means that your currently active thought
does not harmonize
with the currently active thoughts of Source on the same subject.
If you have come to believe that sexual interaction is wrong
and you are about to engage in sexual interaction,
your negative emotion is not confirming that sexual interaction is wrong.
It is confirming
that your opinion of your behavior and of yourself in this moment
does not harmonize with how Source feels about you.
Stop and reach for loving, approving thoughts about yourself
and feel the discord disappear.


When you understand your relationship with the Source within you
and you are aware of your own Emotional Guidance System
-- which continually indicates your Vibrational relationship with Source
- it will not be possible for you to stray
from the wholeness and goodness and the worthiness that is you.


Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.126-127

It is important that your desire for harmony with your mate
not become a desire to seek approval from that person.
There is no more destructive force to relationships
than the feeling of the loss of freedom in the effort to find agreement. Which leads us to another flawed premise:

Flawed Premise #19:
A good relationship is one
in which the dominant intention of each person involved is
to find agreement and harmony with the other.

Couples, or anyone involed in co-creating of any kind,
who attempt harmony by trying first to please each other
always discover the flaw in that premise.
If you are not selfish enough
to seek and find harmony with your Source,
you have nothing to give your Partner anyway.

If you see it as your job to keep your partner happy,
and so you work hard and behave in ways that please your mate,
you are actually setting your mate up for ultimate unhappiness
because you are training that person
to look to you and your behavior in order to feel good
rather than seeking personal alignment with Source.
And no matter how good you are at pleasing,
and no matter how hard you try,
you do not make a good substitute
for your partner's alignment with Source.

The message that you want to convey
to the others with whom you are co-creating
is this:
"I will never hold you responsible for the way I feel.
I have the power
to focus myself into alignment with my Source,
and therefore I have the power to keep myself feeling good."

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.128-129

There is nothing that you innately want more
than to recognize your own value and goodness,

and when you harbor chronic thoughts that disallow that,
you feel bad.
Your emotions are always, and only, about whether your thoughts about a subject align with the thoughts of your Inner Being. And when you decide you are inappropriate, you are always out of alignment with your Source. When you decide that your husband is inappropriate, you are always out of alignment with your Source. If you decide that your mother was wrong to influence you on the subject of sexuality, you are out of alignment with Source.

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.130-131

You cannot continue to offer a Vibration
that consists mostly of what you DO NOT want
and get what you DO want.
And we also would like you to understand
that when you pay attention to the way you feel,
and deliberately choose more thoughts that feel good
while you think them

(see the example with Mika on Oct. 13)
you will begin to recognize
the nature of your Broader Non-Physical desires.
The majority of negative emotions that you feel
are not because the subject of your thought is wrong,
but instead, because you are condemning something
that your Source does not condemn.
Your Source is one of love, not one of condemnation.

And so, over time,
as you come more into alignment
with the Vibration of the Source within you,
... your feelings of sensuality will return.
For you have come forth into this physical body
wanting to explore and enjoy
the delicious nature of your physical beingness.

We have never seen a physical human who was in alignment with Source who was repulsed by physical interaction.
Repulsion is an indication of disconnection .

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.132-133

When two people are in love ,
their positive attention to each other ,
and their positive expectation about their relationship,
is often a catalyst
that causes them both to align with their respective Inner Beings.
So you could say that they are each using each other
as their excuse to be in alignment with who-they-really-are.
And that alignment translates as harmony.
There is no greater symbol of co-creative harmony
than the physical blending of two people in sexual interaction.

Of course, it is possible to interact physcally
without one or both of the parties involved
being in alignment with Source,
but when that physical/Source alignment is in place,
then the physical intertwinging is divine.

And then, by your own consistent alignment with Source,
you may inspire the alignment of your mate.

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.136-137

Focus upon what you    d o    want,
become a Vibrational Match toyou    d o    want,
train your point of attraction to you    d o    want, -
and watch your personal world become that.
When you consistently offer thoughts about your future relationship that feel good while you think them,
that means you are consistently matching the desires
that you have discovered as you have lived life.
And under those conditions,
only someone in agreement with your desire
could come to you.
Under those conditions, no need for control is necessary.

[see my mini-example of being reached by phone on Oct. 13)

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.138-139

As your officials or leaders or rulers legislate laws of rules
in an effort to eliminate something from society,
their attention is usually upon the aspect of society that they do not want.
And so, even though they make laws and attempt to enforce them,
they have but minuscule control...

It is not possible for you to form your ideas
about what a wonderful relationship really is
if you have no exposure to things that are not wonderful.
The best relationships that exist on your planet today are those
that have eruped from a series of not-wonderful relationships.

Through each exposure to interacting with others,
you launch continuous rockets of desires of what you prefer.
And when, and only when, you are a Vibrational Match
to the culmination of those desires,
you will allow your rendezvous with someone
who matches those intentions
that you have gathered along your physical trail.

For the most part, those who are seeking many sexual experiences
are those who have not completely defined what they want.
They are still collecting data, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Questioner: in my own mind I use the term life partner instead of monogamy to describe what I am looking for.

Abraham: Life partner, for this moment , can be a good idea.
But since the details of the life you are living
will always produce more clarity about what you desire,
you will always be sending out new rockets of desire.
The most productive and sustaining commitment
that you could ever make
would be to the continual aligning with the expansion
that life causes you to discover.
Many people who are worried about the loss of love
enter into marital agreement "till death doth us part" agreements,
as they try to protect themselves from unwanted things.
That is the opposite of what we are explaining here.


Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.140-141

As physical Beings,
you are extensions of Source Energy,
of the Energy that creates worlds;
and when you take the time
to consistently tune to the frequency of that Pure, Positive Energy,
and then you turn your attention to your art, or to your lovemaking - you experience the Energy that creates worlds flowing through you. That is that sexual force that you are trying to define. ~~~
A wonderful sexual experience is much more about
being in alignment
with your true Creative Energy Stream

than it is about the actual physical interaction.


Flawed Premise #20:
When I focus upon things of a physical nature, I am less Spiritual.

Since you are creators
who have come forth from Source,
you are literal extensions of Source.
As you focus into this physical world,
you are focusing upon creations of Source,
and you are continuing to add to the creation of Source
by your willingness to explore contrast
and ask for continuing improvements.

Being physical does not separate you from Source,
and having sex does not diminish your Spiritual connection.
It is pushing against unwanted,
and learning patterns of Vibration
that are different from the Vibration of Sour
that disconnect you from Source.

There is nothing more Spiritual
than to allow the true spirit that is you
to flow through you into your physical life.
The absence of Spirituality is not about the subject of the activity.
It is about the Vibrational choices that you are making.

Source loves you,
and when you do not, you are not Spiritual.
Source loves the others with whom you share your planet,
and when you do not,
you are not Spiritual.
Source understands the expanding nature of you and of All-That-Is,
and when you think
you should stand in completed perfection on every subject,
you are not Spiritual.
When you feel unworthy,
you are not in alignment with Source.

But, your Connection to Source
must not depend upon your mate's Copnnection to Source.
You must use your own power of focus
to keep yourself in alignment with who-you-really-are.
Your very discussion
about your mate's feeling of loss of expansiveness
causes the temporary loss of it within you as well.




The e-mail quote of Oct. 11[Abraham, from the "Money-Book")

When you are in alignment with who-you-really-are,
you cannot help but uplift those with whom you come into contact. Your value to those around you hinges upon only one thing:
your personal alignment with Source.
[See - how this has expressed itself already on September 9, 2009,
in my version of the old song: "Purify our heart to truly serve you!"]

And the only thing you have to give to another
is an example of that alignment
—which they may observe, then desire, and then work to achieve—
but you cannot give it to them.
Everyone is responsible for the thoughts they think
and the things that they choose as their objects of attention..





October 11-12, 2009 , Monday
Whole cooperation with Jibreel As-Sayid

My desire for tomorrow is for whole and enjoyable cooperation
between me and Jibril Al-Sayyid, the Bedouin teacher for Hebrew,
concerning both
– the books and objects which I prepared for him
and from which I have to part,
and our transporting the rest to the fence across the clinic,
where the people who are passing by - can choose what they wan

Jibreel's first visit after 3 years of disconnection, in July 2009, when Rotem was with me.
In my renewed castle my brother's painting "The State Israel" (1969) - here above Jibreel
is hanging next to my bed, in a 90 degree angle with Mina's painting : Hagar and Ismael.

Oct. 12, evening, now at Shoham

The e-mail quote of Oct. 12 [Abraham, 1997]

Every time you want something
and achieve vibrational harmony with it
and allow it to come to you,
you not only gain the satisfaction of having accomplished your desire -- you also gain a whole new perspective from which to desire.

This is definitely my experience.
But the question is - how do I achieve vibrational harmony?
Which means - as I understand it - how do I not contradict my desire by feelings
and I mean "true feelings", like true fear
- as opposed to "false premises"/judgments.
I had a double chance to explore this and - after today
- to come to an understanding.
On Shabbat: my fear of "teaching" Oree "resulted" in the fact,
that Oree never came...
But this, too, was "good", because in talking with Tzippi alone I had no fear at all.
Which means, I was in total alignment with "whom-I-really-am", with "Source".

Today - in the pool - the awareness of my fear was even more piercing
'Perhaps Jibreel will escape and not help me to complete my "lekh-lekha exercise"!'
though in this case he even had a material interest in "inheriting" my books etc.

I saw, that this is another example of where it is up to me to "fill in"
If I am aware of my fear I must - in total alignment with 'The Mother' and 'Spirit'-
accept my fear, move it and add a sentence to my desire:
I desire that YOU fulfill my desire in the mode, to the degree and at the time,
which is beneficial for me, for the other person (if involved) and for Creation,
and may my fear be part of what will create the right mode, degree and time .

After all, I have so many examples in my life, - for instance my castle,
and the way of wandering between two homes, while enjoying "being settled",
in which the imagination of my desire was ridiculously limited
compared to the full-fill-ment and manifestation of the desire.

And just this may have occurred also today:
Though the cooperation during our 2 1/2 hours was quite bumpy,
and I saw myself irritated, even screaming with exasperation several times -
already at Arad and later when Jibreel drove me to the trainstation at Lehavim,
he asked me, if I would give talks to his students in a Bedouin highschool.
At first I could only laugh:
"There I've just given you almost all my Arabic books,
which means I've finally given up on this language
after having coped with it desperately all my life,
and even when hitchhiking with Bedouins,
I no longer make the effort to speak Arabic
and there you come and suggest,
that I share my life and mission with your kids!"

At that moment he had to refuel his car, a time for checking with "Source".
Though when Jibreel returned, I again attracted a trigger from him, I could say:
"The message is, that my desire for "whole and joyful cooperation"
means much more than
what we did "together" and "against each other" today."

He understood!
And - since today I bequeathed to him my precious laptop (Noah's Cave......),
following my desire of Sunday....
he asked me to prepare what I wanted to bring to his kids
and once he would be connected to the Internet and have an e-mail address,
to send it to him for his headmaster.

Of course, now there are ever so many "judgments", which want to raise their head,
why "this will never happen" etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.
But I clearly differentiate between judgments which indicate unhealed feelings,
and "direct" feelings, which simply need to be accepted, moved and understood.




October 12-13, 2009 , Tuesday, Shoham
What is a "Vibrational Match"?

October 12, evening – October 13, morning
My desire for tomorrow is that
- through the renewed study of "Abraham",
- through processing the experiences of last week and tomorrow
- and especially: through the intuitive "knowing" of "All I Am" -

I shall understand how "DESIRE" can be "a vibrational match",
not "despite", but "together with" emotions such as fear.
[I looked up "match" in "Babylon", both the noun and the verb,
but there is no real "match" to (for?) this word in languages I know!]

Images from 2 entries in a blog based on Abraham/Hicks - "The Law of Attraction"?

Later today I watched a "live" vibration of waves
on the homepage of Renee-Amit Mazor,
a commemoration web-artist who just completed a sculpture
about "Daughters-for-Life"

The e-mail quote of Oct. 13[Abraham, 1997]

This physical environment
is your playground of expansion
and, without it, the Universe could not expand in the way that it does.

Learning from the mutual triggering between Efrat and me
concerning phone-calls in this house,
which – since there is no reception for our 3 cellular phones -
are still confusing me:
If my desire is,
that everyone – meant to find us – will find us,
I don't need to be in control of answering the phone.

Teaching Mika to choose Joy

Two weeks ago she said: "Nobody plays with me in the new kindergarden!"
This morning she pointed out child after child on this photo as being her friend.
The result? Sometime after kindergarden,
while Efrat was with Mika to her first ballet-lesson,
the mother of a child, Ziv, called- called the phone in the house, i.e. me.
"Ziv so much wants to be with Mika. Can you bring her to us?"


Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.142

Questioner: ...I thought maybe I'd rather be his mistress than his wife, because in marriage we are talking about two different things: Sexuality is one thing; marriage is another. In marriage you've got children, in-laws, property, responsibilities, duties....

It turns out it is not possible to separate anything from anything,
, because at the core of all of those things is you and the way you feel.
As you focus upon one unpleasant or unwanted aspect of life,
it bleeds over into all other aspects.


in a World of Contrast

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.150-151

If this group of children were to be joined by an adult
who is already in alignment with her own Source,
who is not dependent upon their good behavior
for her good feeling,
they would not be negatively impacted by her presence,
for she would be encouraging - through the power of her example - their own personal alignment.
~~~When two or more people interact
who are personally in alignment with their own Broader Perspective,
the physical rendezvousing is pleasant, productive, and life-giving.

from the oldest to the youngest among you,
wants to feel good
because the Non-Physcal part of you,
your Inner Being,
does feel good

So in any moment that you feel less than good,
there is somethng very much out of alignment

Let us remove all worrisome, guarded, controlling, resistant influences, which adults often add to the mix,
from a group of children
and consider what their interaction with each other would be like:

Using their physical senses,
they would observe and consider one another carefully.
They would see the variety of personalities and beliefs and intentions, much as you see the variety of choices at a food buffet.
You do not feel threatened by the things you see
that you personally do not want to eat or experience,
but instead,
you simply choose what you do prefer and put it on your plate.
In a similar manner,
children who have not been taught
to push away unwanted components
would simply gravitate toward wanted components.
Children with like interests or desires, in any given point in time,
would gravitate together,
providing meaningful and satisfying interaction.
Children with differences simply would not gravitate together -
and so, a harmonious environment would result.

....Once you understand your own personal Guidance System
and how it works
(that you are actually a physical extension of Non-Physical Consciousness;
that your Non-Physical perspective exits even at the same time
that your physical perspective exists;
and that you are seeking, first and foremost,
alignment with your own Guidance System),
it is possible for you to find harmony
in whatever physical environment, classroom, situation, or relationship you find yourself involved in.
By practicing your own alignment first,
you could become as the children we were describing.
You could interact with them,
feeling no need or compulsion
to push the unwanted aspects of them away.
You could be (like your Inner Being within you) inclined
to see only the best in others,
as well as in yourself,
therefore allowing the powerful Law of Attraction
to match you up with only wanted things.

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.152-153

The best thing that a parent could do for a child is
to understand that this child,
while very small and dependent-seeming at first,
is really a powerful creator
who has come into this physical environment
with great eagerness, purpose, and ability.
The best thing a parent could do for a child is
to watch for evidence of brilliance,
taking note only of the positive aspects of the child.
The most important benefit that any parent could offer to any child
would be that of influencing the child to his own inner Guidance System.

We know that your intention in presenting these questions is
to help guide parents to satisfying relationships with their children,
and we are eager to have this discussion.
But we would also like you to understand
that it was not the intention of the children,
coming into this time-space reality,
to be born into the feathered nests of perfect parents.
Once you are here,
interacting with one another, experiencing the discord
that often comes from interpersonal relationships,
you often blame others
for the way you feel
or for the way your life is going.
But from your Non-Physical perspective you understand completely
that the influence of those around you
need not negatively impact your experience;
and, in fact, not one of you, before your birth,
was seeking a perfect environment in which to be born.


The thing that causes the most discomfort, for both parent and child,
is the parent's miunderstanding of the internal wisdom and purpose of the child.
And the reason why the parent misunderstands that in his child is
because he misunderstands it in himself.
In other words,
if a parent sees a world filled with threatening, dangerous, unpleasant things
and feels protective and guarded in the face of those things,
he is then out of alignment with his true understanding and power.
And under those conditions,
he guides his child into the same guardedness.

But a parent
who recognizes the value of his own Emotional Guidance System;
who seeks alignment with his own Broader Perspective first;
who understands the nature of the creative Vortex of Energy,
swirling on his behalf;
and whose first priority is to be in alignment with who-he-really-is -
that parent can influence his child to seek his own Guidance.

The reason why so many people blame their parents
for their failures or unhappiness
is because they were trained by their parents
to look to them for guidance and support.
Even the most well-meaning parent
cannot begin to replace the guidance and support
that comes forth from within.
But it is even more than that.
As each of you lives the details of the contrast that surrounds you
and sends forth the constant Vibrational rockets of expansion,
you must follow those rockets
and allow yourself the full evolution of that expansion
- or you cannot be happy.

When a parent interferes with that natural process
by convincing you that what you feel is unimportant,

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.154-155

that what your emotions are telling you should be disregarded,
and that what really matters is
that you comply with the opinions and rules and beliefs
that are being set forth by your parents,
it is no wonder that an inner rebellion occurs.
And that inner rebellion will continue
until the moment you deliberately and consciously come into alignment
with who-you-really-are.

... And so, our perspective
of a most joyous, valuable parental approach
is this:

I understand that my child is a powerful creator
who has come into this physical environment,
not unlike myself,
to carve out a wonderful experience.
My child will have the benefit
of siftng through the contrast of life
in order to determine his preferences.
Each time my child has an experience
that amplifies his awareness of what he does not want,
a Vibrational request for the improved opposite
will emanate from him,
and will be held for him,
in his Vibrational Reality,
in his Vortex of Creation.

And as he pays attention
to the Emotional Guidance System within him
and seeks the best-feeling thoughts he can find,
he will gravitate
into alignment with w h o - h e - h a s - b e c o m e
and will know the fullness of w h o - h e - i s .

And, in all of that process,
he will feel the satisfaction
of being the creator of his own reality.

And, as his parent,
I will support him completely in his becoming.

Jerry: I'd like to back up just a little bit
to before we were born in into this physical reality.
What are the relationships
between the Inner Beings of the parents and the child?

Abraham: Everyone who comes forth into the physical
is an extension of Source Energy,
so, in that sense, everyone is connected to everyone.
And all relationships are Eternal.
Once a relationship has been established, it never ceases to be.
You come forth from Non-PHysical in what you might call
clusters of Energy or Families of Consciousness,
and without exception,
you have long Vibrational Non-Physical roots
with the members of your physical families.


The primary intention that you held
regarding your co-creation with other people
was not one of dependency at all.
You knew that through the variety of interpersonal relationships,
more wonderful ideas of creation would be born,
and you reveled in anticipation of the new ideas
that would be born from those relationships.
Before the birth of the child,
and even before the birth of the parent,
you all anticipated your future interaction
and knew the value that would come forth from it.
And while you understood your Non-Physical Connection,
your attention was primarily upon your expansion,
and so you were not looking back,
tracing roots, looking for stability and security.
You were stable and secure.

Jerry: Is there any value to giving conscious consideration
to the connection we had with our parents before we were born?

There is not a great deal of value in attempting to look back
at your Non-Physical existence
hysical origins

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.156-157

because it is not tangible enough for you
to really understand it from your physical format,
and since you cannot make an real sense of it,
it proves to be a distraction
from what you have intended in your physical now.
But, even more important,
through the interactions that you have experienced together
in this physical time-space reality,
you have set forth powerful requests,
and you are dynamic catalysts for expansion for one another.
As you make an effort to align with the expanded version of yourself,
you will also align with the expanded version of your parents
- and the satisfaction that will come from that alignment is enormous.
And you can accomplish all of that
through the simple process
of looking for the positive aspects of each other
and finding as many reasons as possible to appreciate.

Jerry: ... do we have specific intentions regarding our interaction with our parents
or our children after we are born?/ Or is it all just kind of general?

... you understood your creative power and the Laws of the Universe;
and you felt eager to jump in and stir things up,
experience contrast, and create ...
...contrast which you knew would cause you
to take thought and life beyond anything that it had been before...
contrast ... a wonderful basis for expansions.
And you knew that the details would occur through the living of life.
You did not try to figure it all out in advance.

Jerry: Are you saying
that we have no different responsibility from parent to child
and child to parent
than we do to any other human on the plant?

We are saying that.
You have come forth into this physical experience
as co-creators with everyone upon your planet.

Jerry: In the way that a teacher often learns from the student
while the student is learning from the teacher,
is it the same with parents? Do they learn from their children?

When a question is born within you,
the equivalent answer immediately forms in your Vibrational Reality.
While you are churning in the midst of a problem
[just as I am today, on Oct. 14,
"churning" concerning the problem with "Mika-Peleg":
"it's forbidden to touch this"]

an equivalent solution forms in your Vibrational Reality.
And so, it is natural that, in your interactions with one another
- parent/child, teacher/student, person to person -
you are discovering questions and problems
that are creating answers and solutions.
And so, learning
(or what we prefer to call expansion)
is the result of all co-creative experience.

Jerry: So, we're learning, even though we don't realize that we are?

Unless you are a Vibrational Match to who-you-really-are-
unless you are in Vibrational alignment
with the expanded version of you
that exists in your Vibrational Vortex
- you cannot be aware of your expansion.
Your expansion is constant.
Keeping up with it is optional.
The better you feel,
the more you are keeping up with your expansion
and the more you recognize that expansion.
In other words, who-you-really-are has learned.

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.158-159

But unless you are in the Vortex,
you cannot recognize the learning.
Every experience is giving you more knowledge,
whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

...children naturally gravitate to feeling good
and to their alignment with Source.
...But well-meaning, guarded parents often stifle those natural impulses
by worrying about what could happen,
and by influencing their children away from their own Guidance System.

Contrary to what most parents believe,
the less concern they feel for the welfare of their child,
the better off their child will be,
because in the absence of the negative   s p e c u l a t i o n   and worry,
the child is more likely to gravitate to his own alignment.





October 13-14, 2009, Wednesday
"We will follow your lead"

My desire for tomorrow is, that during the togetherness with my brother-peer
I shall be available
zminah and inviting mazminah and NOT initiating yozemet

"Honor her.
Feel her courage.
Feel her pain.
Don't speak.
Just be silent.
Just ~ be.

The e-mail quote of Oct. 14[Abraham, 1997]
When you withdraw your attention from those things that are not pleasing,
and you put your attention upon those things that are pleasing,
those pleasing things begin to become more abundant,
and those not-pleasing things become more rare.
Until, eventually, those not-pleasing things cannot be part of your experience
because you will have eliminated your attraction factor from your vibration...




October 14-15, 2009, Thursday, Shoham
From frightful to fruitful
He screamed at me: "Don't touch this! It's forbidden to touch!"

"They laughed about me!"
"Tell them:
I'm glad I can make you laugh!"

My desire is to receive inspiration
regarding the challenging question:
How can Mika transform
all the sayings of
'No'~'don't'~'forbidden'~'be careful'
from frightful to fruitful.
See more in "Mika's Heaven-on-Earth"

[see the daily Abraham quote above, on Oct. 14]





October 15-16, 2009, Friday, Shoham

Desire that "MIKARO" may manifest
An Empire for advancing Self-Love

October 15, evening – October 16, morning, at Shoham

My desire is that Emanuel Rosenzweig
continues to be inspired with zest, strength and love
and begin to vigorously fulfill his dream.

The dream which in January 2000 was called 'EMAUTOS' ('I myself')
will from now on be called MIKARO (his daughter's name: 'Mika Ro'senzweig)

I, Mika's grandmother, see as a condition for "Heaven on Earth"
that each human finds for him/her self, what will endow her/him
with feelings of grate-full-ness, zest-full-ness and full-fill-ment.

A first step towards experiencing zest is by "being creative"!
Every child at age two builds towers, at age 3 draws pictures,
invents role-games and develops them into costumed dramas!
'Mika' always feels zest to create, is full-filled by her creation.

To encourage everyone – also bored youth or wornout elders,
to create with zest, to feel fulfillment and therefore self-love -
exists MIKARO, a global website in each country's language.
Whoever develops a creative skill, as a source of income or hobby,
and wants to bestow this skill on others, for free or for money,
gathers in MIKARO which will run, market, improve his skill.

The e-mail quote of Oct. 16 [Abraham, 2000]
Contrast helps you to identify desire.
Desire is summoning.
It's always flowing through you.
You have the opportunity
of opening to the harmony of the vibration of your desire or not.
As the desires are being summoned through you, and you go with the flow,
you thrive,
but if you use things to be your excuse for not going with the flow,
you are arguing for your limitations.
We want to show you how to go with the flow.
Which means nothing more
than finding vibrational harmony with your own desire,
and letting the Universal Energy that your desire is summoning to it
flow to it through you.
It is optimum creative experience

From now on I shall not sculpt a desire on the Eve and the Day of Shabbat.
The next desire , therefore, will bear the date: October 17-18, 2009, Sunday

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.160-161

You need not be negatively affected by anything,
but when you are negatively influenced,
it is because you are allowing your active thought
to be one that disallows what you really want.

It is quite common to pass negative expectations on
from generation to generation,
but at any point,
a person who recognizes the discord of that negative thought,
who recognizes that the negative emotion menas
that his Inner Being does not agree,
can gradually omit those resistant thoughts,
which are at the core of all illnesses, diseases, and negative experiences.

[Here again, much information needs to be filled in
about "The Mother",
in order to make this statement true!]

... You do not choose something by looking at it and shouting
"Yes, I would like some of that!"
You make your choices by your attention to things.
In this Universe that is based on attraction,
when you look at an unwanted thing,
your attention to it causes an activation of the Vibration within you,
and then the Law of Attraction brings more like it into your experience.

Of course, it is a terrible thing when a child is abused,
but it is also a terrible thing
when a child is disallowed the freedom to be who-he-really-is ...
It is not only the child suffering the abuse from the parent
that is the problem,
but the adult suffering the abuse of disconnection.

... the discord that was at the root of the abuse
is only exacerbated by the physical removal of the child [into a foster-home].
Now, an unworthy-feeling parent feels more unworthy

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.162-163

and, in an effort to feel better, usually moves to more abuse.
And, often the child, who is worn down by the whole experience,
feels even less secure,
as he is now disallowed interaction with someone he truly loves.

The issue of child abuse will not come to an end
until people understand the emotions that they feel
and are able to control the direction of their thoughts.

Until the self-inflicted abuse
- of denying themselves Connection to who-they-have-become,
to their Inner Being -
violence, in all forms, will remain.

So, we remind you that you were not looking for a feathered nest,
where the only thing present for you to observe was something perfect.
You wanted diversity and variety, and even discord.
You wanted an opportunity to define an even better experience.
You knew that you were a creator,
and you wanted experiences to help you to choose.
You are learning and expanding all of the days of your life.
Not only when you are children.


Without Discipline, Would Children Perform Household Chores?

We are not proponents of discipline
because that is a component to tryng to movivate another to action,
and we never see that work out well.
In other words,
if a parent has a desire for a well-ordered home environment,
and envisions the children living in the home
as harmonious helpers,
then there is no Vibrational separation with this parent,
because his desires and his expectations Vibrationally match.
And under those conditions,
he would inspire the willing cooperation from his children.
We would encourage that kind of inspiration
rather than motivation.

Motivation works more like this:
A parent recognizes that there is much to be done,
focuses upon children who are not helping;
his observation does not match his desire,
and so he experiences Vibrational discord,
which feels like negative emotion.
In his frustration, or anger,
he issues an ultimatum about discipline
that will be offered if the cooperation does not occur.
The child is motivated to action
because he does not want the negative consequences of his inaction.
But in his lack of connection to Source, he is listless, not focused;
does not do a good job; resents having to do the job; and on it goes.
If we were a parent ,
or anyone wanting to inspire positive behavior from another,
we would do our personal Vibrational work first.
We would align with our Source Energy
by envisioning the outcome we seek
and by holding those involved as positve object of our attention.
We would not allow any current unwanted behavior
to be the reason for our attention to them.

Another way of saying it is :
Do not let your uncooperative children distract you
from the vision of the helpful, happy children
that are in your Vibrational Escrow.
If you are able to hold to your vision of cooperation
and not give your attention to their inaction,
which disconnects you from your power,
they will eventually feel the pull of your powerful influence of Connection.
Your children will become very creative,
actually looking for ways that they can be of benefit,
rather than begrudging every little thing that they have to do
because you have convinced them that if they do not do it,
there will be negative consequences.

Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.164-165

A person who is consistently inside his own Vortex
will find harmony with other people
even when they are not finding Harmony with him.

Everything that everyone desires -
whether it is a material object, a physical condition,
a financial situation, or a harmonious relationship -
is wanted for only one reason:
they believe they will feel better in having it.

Once you show yourself -
through practicing increasingly better-feeling thoughts,
through making lists of positive aspects,
by indulging in   R a m p a g e s   o f    A p p r e c i a t i o n -
that you can maintain your alignment with your own   I n n e r   B e i n g
and predominantly stay inside your Vortex of Creation,
you will find harmony in the world around you, also


We are encouraging you
to focus your attention upon thoughts that please you,
even when there is no pleasing evidence to observe,
because a consistent absence of resistance, and of negative emotion,
will cause you to align with all that is inside your Vortex.
And a happy and harmonious family is in your Vortex.



It is not contral of your family's behavior or beliefs, that you seek,
but control of your ability to see them
as you want them to be.

And when you gain control of your thoughts
and are consistently in alignment
with your ever-evolving, expanding version of their happy, successful lives,
your power of influence will be such
that others watching you will wonder what yur magic is.

Our encouragement to you is
that you no longer worry about what others are doing,
and that you seek thoughts and words and actions
that feel good to you.
Train yourself into Vibrational alignment
with all of the wonderful experiences and relationships
that you have projected into your Vortex of Creation,
and notice the harmony that will surround you
as a result of your Vibrational work.


Abraham/Hicks: The Vortex p.166-167
Jerry (describes the behavior of a pouting little girl towards her mother)
And I thought, The pendulum has swung all the way in the opposite direction of when I was a child.
Today, it is not an uncommon thing to see little children
making demands of their parents
and to see their parents yielding to their demands.
Would you discuss that, please?


When neither, or none, of the people involved in a co-creative situation
have taken the time to align with the power of their own Vortex
so that everyone involved is outside of their Vortex,
usually the one most disconnected
- the one feeling the very worst -
is the one who takes charge of the situation.
But measuring the power of powerless people
is a bit like asking a confused person for clarity.
Nothing productive happens, and everyone is unhappy.

Often your children are still remembering things
that you have forgotten:
They still remember that they are good.
They still expect things to turn out well for them.
They are still in Vibrational alignment with their own Inner Beings.
In other words, your children are still in their Vortices.
That is one of the reasons
why they are often unwilling to listen to you,
or to agree with you,
as you are pronouncing them inappropriate in some way.
There is another important flawed premise surfacing here:

Flawed Premise #21: It is my job as a parent
to have all the answers
so that I can teach those answers to my children.

You will never have all the answers
because you will never have asked all of the questions.
You will Eternally discover a new platform of contrast
that will produce more questions to be answered.
That, in fact, is the joy of your Eternal life~~~
the joy of Eternal evolution and expansion and discovery.
Words do not teach. It is life experience that teaches.
Your children did not come forth to learn from your words,
but instead, they came forth to learn from their own life experiences.

The greatest value that you can be to your children
is to understand the realtionship
between the physical aspect of you and the Non-Physical aspect of you;
to effectively utilize your own Emotional Guidance System;
and to work, every day, to be as close as you can to your own Vortex.

If you are not inside your Vortex, and therefore not feeling good,
do not pretend that you do feel good. Be real.
Let your children know that you are aware
that you are not in alignment with who-you-really-are,
and demonstrate to them your desire to find that alignment.

October 14, evening:
Co-creation between father and daughter
with autumn-leaves, which he had gathered for her in New-York,
following Mika's enthusiasm about the discovery of "aley-shalekhet",
with which I had acquainted her together with a pretty little song.
(See more images of this co-creation)



The e-mail quote of Oct. 17 [Abraham, August 15, 1999]
The whole point of the physical experience is the expansion beyond that which is.
That's why eternity is eternal.
That's why there is something more than now,
because the now will foster the desire that the Non-Physical Energy will answer.
That's why there is eternally more.
Always has been, always will be.

Addition on April 8, 2010:
This very concise advice from "Process Coaching"
[based on Right Use of Will and Godchannel]
complements what's missing in "Abraham"!
The article with its links needs to be read in the original

continuation of "My daily Desire" in "The Mother's Eruption"