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 The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

[If you look for a word on this page,
click ctrl/F and put a word in "find"]

I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



See below these messages:

The photos of the "WALK ABOUT LOVE 2009" ~ continued from~ Godchannel.com, Leave without Absence
my graphical edition of the Godchannel files
in the chronological order in which they were given.


A Message from the Channelers [see their "newsletters" on another page]

First message on December 21, 1998, ----last message so far - on March 10, 2010

Former Messages

February 19, 2010
October 2, 2008

July 23, 2008
January 21, 2008
October 29, 2006
January 12, 2005
September 28, 2004
October 26, 2003
February 7, 2002
August 18, 2001
January, 27, 2000
June, 16, 1999
May 10, 1999
December 21, 1998

Updated March 10, 2010
Dear Friends,

Just a short note to let you know that since our last message,
we've set up a facebook page for GodChannel.
So come join us on facebook, if you like...

On November13, 2011, I discovered, that this "short note" had been taken off this page,
but the facebook page still exists.


February 19, 2010

A Message from the Channelers

Dear Friends,

We apologize for being away for so long (again).
Thank you everyone who has written, we're grateful to hear from you,
and encouraged by hearing about how the channeling has been helpful in your healing process.
Here's some news about what we've been up to since this page was updated 18 months ago:

We have just posted a new index, Denial Pages
that lists the more prominent places on the site
where denial energy is discussed
and the various ways of releasing it are described.
Working successfully with denial energy
has become more and more important in our personal processes
as we go deeper into the healing of the most lost fragments of the Universal Feminine.

There is also a new kind of channeling linked from Denial Pages.
The Psychopathic Killer is our first attempt at channeling denial energy itself,
and this channeling has been very evocative in our processes.
Please see our note at the bottom of that page.

Most of our focus, energy and time over the past few years
has been spent on developing and nurturing a new healing modality
based on the GodChannel material
that also works for people at the personal level of process.
It's called Process Coaching,
and the manual for this work that we mentioned a couple of years ago on this page is now complete.

We're currently writing a book that will document
the process of creating the GodChannel site, channeling the material and posting it here.
The book will have several threads running through it.
There'll be a personal story
about how the channeling has inspired and informed our processes and our lives,
including the development of Process Coaching,
revised and excerpted channeling from the site
with comments,
clearly explained steps for real-life practice of the healing tools described on the GC site,
and accounts of successful healing experiences
using the tools in self-healing work and one-on-one coaching sessions.

The French translation of the main body GC site
(including the Mother Pages and class discussions)
has been ongoing over the past three years,
and we're very happy to report that it is now nearly complete.
The translator is a native French speaker living in France and a professional translator,
and we are told the translation is of exceptionally high quality.
The channeling on the site is not the easiest material to translate accurately,
and we're very grateful that Christine has taken on this task and done such a great job with it.

With gratitude,


October 2, 2008

Dear GodChannel Newsletter subscriber,
There is some new channeling from the Folks now on the site.
It's about the upcoming American election, healing at the level of world stage events, and more...
... Thank you to everyone who has written to us over the past few months.
We feel blessed to get so much kind and supportive mail.
We're sorry we still don't have time to respond, however we do read every email we receive.
And we hope to address at least some of the process issues that readers have mentioned in emails
when we publish the next issue of the Newsletter, hopefully later this Autumn.

If you haven't seen it already, here is a link to the latest issue of the Newsletter:
http://GodChannel.com/newsletter3.html The other two back issues are linked from that page.

And here is the link to the new channeling: http://GodChannel.com/folksinterview5.html

Best healings, Channelers


July 23, 2008

Dear Friends,

Thank you everyone who has written, we enjoy hearing from you.
We read all the emails we receive,
however sometimes it's weeks before we get a chance to read the mail,
and unfortunately we cannot reply to every email.
[See the Channelers' sharing in "Leave without Absence", 1998]
In a month or two we hope to publish a new issue of the GodChannel Newsletter
and we'll respond there to some of what you've said to us in emails.

The latest segment of the Interview with God was posted to the site today.
This channeling was nearly complete a couple of weeks ago,
and has since been expanded with a new section on
Embodying Loving Spirit.
As with several previous channelings,
in this piece we link to an article on another of our other web sites,

The healing work we do is primarily focused on our own processes
and secondarily focused on making the tools and perspectives
we've discovered in channeling the GodChannel material available to the general public.
And this is the purpose of our other web sites.
Although most of our channeling is either private or shared only amongst ourselves,
we feel honored and grateful to be able to publish public channeling here on GodChannel.com.

We are most thankful when readers get their own connection with Deity
and write to us about it.
As we say on the home page:

"We believe everyone has a direct connection with God,
and the channeling on this site reflects our connections.
You are welcome to use this material in your healing process,
however please disregard anything here
that conflicts with what you are getting directly
through your own inner communication with Deity."

If there is any conflict with what you are getting on the inside,
please put the information from your own communication with loving Spirit and the Mother
ahead of what we've channeled here.
It is not our intention to replace anyone's intuition or inner connections,
but rather to help validate the loving inner voices you are already attuned to~~~
or if that hasn't happened yet,
to support you in finding your own deep connection with Deity.

One of the general themes we've been noticing in our lives
and in the mail we receive
is a certain 'quickening' of energy
and some real progress in the healing work.
There also seems to be a new kind of energy spreading
that is making it easier for denials in ourselves and in the culture
to become more obvious.
On the other hand, the challenges, both inner and outer
seem to be intensifying as well
What has been your experience of this?


January 21, 2008

A Message from the Channelers

Dear Friends,

As you know, it's been a long time since we've posted new channeling to the site.
And it feels good that our absence hasn't gone unnoticed,
thank you to those who have written to inquire if we're still here. :)
Our attention has been focused on other aspects of the healing work,
including writing a manual with tools and practices for self-healing
at both the personal and transpersonal layers of Being.

We've recently become more available to do some channeling for the site,
and we're feeling moved to get back to public channeling.
It will probably be some time before it's ready to post,
but at least we're beginning the process.

In the meantime, we've been focusing on the French translation of site.
If you read French and would like to try it out,
we'd love to hear from you about your experience of it.
Here's the link to the French Site.

We'll likely publish another issue of the GodChannel Newsletter
to let you know when the new channeling is posted to the site.
If you're not already on the mailing list, please let us know and we'll add you.


October 29, 2006

Dear Friends,

A new page in the Interview with the Folks series is now available for reading.
We also want to mention that once again we've had to change our email address
because of too much spam.
Listing our email address on the web site unfortunately opens us to be included in spam mailing lists.

And more unfortunately, in trying to manage the spam,
we lost all of our real mail since late July of this year.
If you have sent us an email since July 23, 2006,
please send it again to our new email address:
channelers(at)HealingToWholeness.org. (Please remove 'NOSPAM' from the 'To:' field in your email.)


March 20, 2005

A Message from the Channelers

Dear Friends,

In an addendum to the latest issue of the GodChannel Newsletter [see further down: February 7, 2002]
we mentioned that often during the editing process when links are added,
we've stopped to read the earlier pages that are being linked to.
And very often in rereading them,
we've been guided to add links to newer pages,
make corrections or updates to the language, and sometimes make additions to the material itself.

As a result of this process,
the material on many pages, particularly the earlier ones, has evolved~~~
as more recent material and understandings unfold.
Most of the channeled changes to the text have been minor,
however some pages have had lots of material added.
We mentioned the page Who is God?
as an example of the evolution of the material.

Now there is another example of a page
that has been radically updated with additional material~~~
Four Steps to Wholeness.
The earlier version of Four Steps has been preserved,
if you wish to compare the new version with what was channeled seven years ago.
[On my edited Godchannel the two versions have been paralleled graphically!]

Also, we are experimenting with some new formatting on this page and the Four Steps page.
The font size has been reduced on this page.
On both pages the margins are wider,
and the colors of hyperlinks have been changed to more closely match the normal text color.
What is your opinion? Is this page easier to read with smaller type?
Do wider margins and similar type colors make it easier to read this page and the Four Steps page?
Please drop us a note if you'd like to register your opinion:


January 12, 2005

Dear Friends,

A new issue of the GodChannel Newsletter
[about this format of info for registered recipients only - see below]
was sent out last week.
It has been quite a while since the previous issue,
so some of the newsletters 'bounced' because the email addresses were no longer in use.
If you have not received a copy of the newsletter in the past few days,
and you want to be on the mailing list, please let us know.

Also, there are two new improvements to the site.
A site search feature has been added.
And the alphabetical list of page names has been recently updated;
useful if you want to be sure you've found all the pages on the main site.



September 28, 2004

Dear Friends,

We have resumed channeling for the site.
Tomorrow we'll post two new pages, once channeled~~~
and another from us, at the request of 'the Folks',
as we call the Mother and Loving Spirit together.
We're driving backwards and uncertain about what's next,
however we sense more channeling waiting to come,
and we'll post it when it does.

We also hope to publish a second issue of the GodChannel Newsletter very soon.
Some of the channeling on the new page is partly in response to questions we've received by email.
We'll have a chance in the newsletter to respond to some of the other issues
that have been raised by readers in the 18 months since the first issue was published in Spring of 2002.
If you would like to be on the mailing list for the newsletter, please see below.


October 26, 2003

Dear Friends,

Although we've been busy offline for quite a while,
several months ago we moved the site to a new web hosting service.
In the move, some files were lost and no longer available for reading.
We've since found the missing files,
and they're now available again on the site.
Our apologies for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.



February 7, 2002

A Message from the Channelers

Dear Friends,

This month marks our fifth anniversary on the web.
A lot has happened since February of 1997 when we began putting up these pages,
and especially since our message last August.
The material we've channeled over these five years,
much of which is published here,
has been immensely helpful to us in our personal healing efforts.

We've also heard by email from hundreds of readers and dozens of contributors
that the channeling has been helpful to you too.
And this feels very good.
We're grateful to the Folks for their presence with us here ~
and to our peers who have been traveling with us
on this long, strange journey backward toward healing into wholeness

As many of you know, over the past few months
our focus has been moving more and more toward "real life"
and away from the internet and working on the site.
As we get more and more in touch with the Mother in us and with Body,
we're becoming more eager to find ways
to reduce the time we spend staring into our computer screens.
As our internet time decreases,
we're able to be even more present in our physical lives,
where the world of Nature has been calling us.

Real life feels much more like right place to us;
it's where we are beginning to realize the fruits of our healing work.

And even though publishing
what we've been getting from the various parts of Deity on this site
has been very helpful in our healing so far,
our Wills and Bodies are craving more and more real life experiences.
At the same time we're being drawn less and less to participate in the culture of the internet.
This feels liberating on one hand, and sad on another ~
because of the deep and meaningful connections we've made here.

We've decided to take an extended vacation from publishing on the site.
We're driving backwards,
so it's hard to know for sure,
but it seems likely
the site will remain as it is with only minor format changes.
It also seems likely
there'll be one more piece of channeling
in general closure of the material that's already here ~
and of course there's always the possibility
that sometime in the future we'll be drawn once again to publish channeling work on this site.

GodChannel Newsletter

We will still be reachable by email, but at a new address.
We'll send out a small newsletter from time to time
to folks who tell us they want to hear from us.
Because we probably will not be able to answer individual emails,
we intend to use the newsletter format
to respond to concerns and answer any questions that have been asked in emails we receive.

Speaking of email, we will soon be closing our old mail server.
Once it's closed, all mail to godchannel.com will "bounce."
Our new address is: Channelers@Godchannelers.com.
If you'd like to be on a list to receive news of us from time to time,
please write and let us know.

Whether you choose to stay in touch or not,
if you've been able to use the material on the site to any advantage in your healing process,
we're very happy that our labor of love has been worthwhile.
We feel that it has been the Wills of those reading and using the material
that has drawn the Light of the channeling we've published here.
Thank you for hosting us and our channeling work in your venue. :)

We feel honored and blessed
to have had this incredible opportunity of expression and connection.
We are very grateful to all who have contributed your expression to the site,
and very thankful for all the love and general good energy that we've received over the years.

We're also grateful for the reflections of our shadow
and previously denied parts that publishing this work have shown us.
A lot of healing has happened
as a result of the triggers we've received in turn
from readers who were triggered by the material that's been published here

Thank you very much for whatever role you've played with us,
and for inviting us to play a role in your venue.

And thank you very much for your love, acceptance, appreciation and encouragement.
We feel blessed that you have been in our lives,
and we know that we shall meet again.

Our love,

August 18, 2001, Dear Friends,

A lot has happened with us in the year and a half since we last updated this page.
We got a very favorable response
when we mentioned the possibility of an interactive element to the site
in the January 12, 2000 update below.
Instead of the email discussion list we initially proposed, however,
we added a web-based discussion forum to the site.

The forum was hugely successful on one level.
The discussions and personal interactions
were very catalytic of both
personal and transpersonal healing for many participants,
including us.

On another level, however ~ we felt
all of that attention and energy in that virtual space
was taking us too far way
from the most difficult part of the work in real life ~
with our Wills and with Body.

And we recently got some channeling
about hidden issues and dangers to the magnetic essence sometimes
when relating interactively on the internet.
Although still incomplete,
that channeling has made it even more clear
that the right place for us to do our healing work is in real life ~
and not in the virtual world of cyberspace relating.

(We'll be publishing the complete channeling soon.)

Our main problem with cyber-relating, however ~
has been the need to spend so much time
sitting in front of a computer screen.
This may seem strange for the providers of a web site to say.
But for us at least,
the internet has not been a good place to hang out ~
and especially if you want to be
more in touch with yourself
and what's going on inside.

The main purpose of this site has been
to help readers find the presence of God and the Mother
inside of themselves ~
and then use their presence to help guide us
in doing the work of healing ourselves and all Creation.
This kind of work is hard to do on the very spirit-polarized internet.
The healing involves finding and reclaiming the most damaged parts of ourselves,
the lost Will of Creation.
Many of these parts within are agitated by and afraid of light,
and especially the kinds of light
that can sometimes come through our screens from the internet.
In earlier channeling Spirit had suggested
printing out new pages of the site,
rather than trying to read them on screen.

Our personal journeys have now brought us to the place
where we feel we can no longer be so interactive
with friends and readers through the internet.
We want to bring the focus of our involvement with the site
away from so much cyber-relating
and back to the channeling work.
And we hope you will help us with this.
We love hearing from you,
and we still want to receive your comments and questions ~
and contributions to discussions.
However, please forgive us if we do not respond directly.
We read all of our mail,
but we no longer feel we have the time or energy
to write individual responses.

The channeling on the site has always reflected
an awareness of the questions and comments we've received,
and we feel that will be even more so now
that we won't also be writing so much in direct response.
We expect to be doing more "interviews"
and will incorporate questions and comments we get from you by email.
And of course selected contributions will again be posted to discussions ~
as they were before the forum served that function.

Our address is Channelers@GodChannel.com.
Thank you very much for understanding our situation,
and our need to focus more on the channeling work.

January 27, 2000

Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for reading, and writing to us.
Again we wish to apologize for not posting for a while, and for not answering mail.
We've read everything we've received,
including some excellent contributions,
and we hope to be putting up quite a lot of new material soon.
Since last Fall we've been receiving some very challenging material
that has caused to stop posting to the site
while we take time to move and process the new understandings and the emotions they invoke.
Some of this new material affects us and our work more deeply than we've been accustomed to.
Driving backward has meant, among other things,
a release of expectations about what we will be doing next, and when.

But all indications are that we'll be back fairly soon.

There will be some changes on the site,
and one will be a new method for posting contributions.
Rather than post a contribution and channel a direct response to it,
we'll be referencing the contribution(s) that triggered a channeling
at the end of the page or section of channeling.
Like this: Contributions that relate to this material.

We're also exploring possibilities for new ways people can be involved with the site
that will relieve some of the pressure for us to answer mail.
If you would like to participate in an email discussion group regarding the material on the site,
or if you have another idea along these lines, please let us know.

June 16, 1999

Dear Friends,

We want to again thank those who have written to the site.
We very much appreciate hearing from you.
We read every email we receive
and we'd love to respond to everyone,
and we apologize that we haven't been able to.
We are very busy offline these days.
We hope you understand this and forgive us for not making a personal response.

We also want to apologize again for no longer being able to channel answers to personal questions.
However, many who have written with questions and/or concerns
have heard directly from God in answer,
and that has given us a sense of relief
that a response from us is not so important.
We very strongly recommend the practices in the channeling class to anyone
who wants direct communication with our Source.

We have received some excellent contributions to the discussions over the past several months
and we'll be posting them as we get the time to channel responses.
We also have new material to post,
but we feel a need to continue with the dialogs as well.
Of course we're still very busy offline with out personal processes and "life".

Also, we're still working on a general reorganization of the site
to make it easier to navigate and print out.
As a step in this direction we recently posted two new pages.
The Site Map is a list of links to all the pages, grouped under general headings.
The Alphabetical List is just that, all the pages in alphabetical order.

Both of these new pages list the document name as it appears in the "location" field of browser,
rather than the "title" as it appears in the browser window or on bookmarks.
For instance, this page is listed as "message.html", and the complete address for this pages is "http://www.godchannel.com/message.html".
You can use either or both of these new pages to check to see if you've missed visiting a page.
If you're printing out the site or just want to make sure you've seen all the pages,
you can check to see if all the links are marked as visited.
If not, just click on the page or pages that aren't marked.
You also may want to reset your browser for all links to "expire now" just before beginning to print,
to keep the list of visited/printed pages accurate.

Thank you again for your encouragement and support,
and for sending us personal letters and contributions for the site.
We feel like this work has been a great blessing for us,
and hearing from you is a big part of it.


May 10, 1999:

Thank you very much to all who written in the past several months
with contributions to the site and/or comments to us.
As we've mentioned in the past,
our personal processes have become quite intense,
with lots of opportunities for healing.
While this has been good for us and our processes,
it has meant that there's been very little time and energy available
for answering email and doing channeling for the site.
Again we ask you to forgive us if we have not yet responded to your email.

We've gotten quite a lot of information on the next lesson in the healing class about Body,
however most of the material has yet to be channeled.
We'll probably put it up in stages, as we did with the previous lesson.
In the meantime, there's also new material on the way
for the classes on Truth and Reality
and the New Language of Heaven.

In working with the practices that are suggested in the new material on Body,
we're beginning to understand some the deeper significance of the other practices we've been doing.
The Four Steps to Wholeness (or full self-realization)
is the basic framework of our intentional healing practice.
The practice of driving backward keeps us anchored in the present
and helps break the habit of looking to the future,
planning ahead for possible pitfalls or "solutions" to present "problems".
True Sacrifice combines with running energy
to enable a vivid, whole body experience
of healing the gaps between
Body and Spirit, Body and Will, and Spirit and Will.
And of course judgment release
is the quickest and surest way we've yet found
to release bad light and guilt from emotions,
enabling them to move freely in whole acceptance.

There are changes underway on the site in general,
and they are coming slowly.
We have revised the site guide
and posted a separate guide for the classes
to make it easier to find many more of the pages.
We are also planning a more linear way to navigate through the site.
The "random access" capabilities will stay,
but with the changes it will be easier to find yourself again
after surfing the links in the text.
Specific material is becoming hard to find as the site grows in size,
and the classes will probably be the first area of reorganization.
The lessons should be easier to track,
and the discussion of issues raised in the lessons
will be linked to directly from the section of the lesson that the discussion refers to.
The new site and classes guides
are meant as a short term aid in navigating the site
while we're reorganizing.
Thank you again for being patient with us and our pace of work on the site,
we're hoping to be more active in the very near future.


December 21, 1998:

This new page will enable us to periodically let you know
about what's going on with us in relation to the site and the healing work we're doing together.
We've been very active in "real life" for the past couple of months,
and we're happy to be getting back online to work again on the site.
We're just now completing yet another level of work in our personal processes,
and we're feeling optimistic about the healing work in general
and the effects of God's increasing presence here on Earth.

We feel that this Solstice may mark the beginning of a significant renewal of the true Light of healing.

There will probably be updates to the site every two or three days for a while,
as we channel responses to contributions and post them.
We're also working on two more parts of the third lesson in the healing class,
and the beginning of the fourth lesson which is titled "Body".

We've just updated the Channelers' Page
and added a post to us about Lucifer
with our response to the Channelers Discussion page.
There is also a new contribution as reply to "Leave Without Absence."
Also, recently we added a new area of the site, Mother Expression.

Another new area will be added to the channelers' section
for folks who would like to share some of their personal channeling
as we have on the page Channeler's Notes.
[This page does not exist any longer]
The idea here is to give those who are doing the exercises in the channeling class
more examples of the varieties of written God channeling
that are happening among readers.
If you'd like to contribute to that area of the site, please address your email to: mychanneling@godchannel.com.
[This line does not exist any longer]

To the folks who have already contributed to the site,
we'd like to say thank you very much for sending your questions and comments.
Since Summer of 1997
we have been behind in our channeling of replies, as well as replying to emails.
The mail is increasing and it seems that we will be behind for quite awhile.

Whenever we make an addition to the site,
the "update date" is changed on the Home Page.
A page listing site additions has been added
that can be accessed from the update link in the upper right of the Home Page,
or from the Site Guide page.
Also, there's a page for comments and questions to the channelers.

As of November 1, 1998,
we are concentrating on channeling new material for the classes
and on posting contributions with channeled responses to the various on-going discussions.
We are no longer able to channel responses to personal questions and comments.
If you'd like a channeled response to a question or comment,
posting to a class or messengers discussion is the best approach for now.
For a more detailed explanation of this, please read Leave Without Absence.

Thank you for your understanding, and for your continuing support and encouragement.



I follow my understanding and new lekh-lekhâ on January 1, 2009,
  that - after 7 years - I should no longer create new pages on my 2 websites,
but intermingle the evidence of new experiences with that on existing pages.
Since March 2009 I've been "synchronizing" the chronological process of the Godchannel.com files
with the chronological process of my photos and - if there should be time - observations of the

"Walk About Love"

continuation of April 8, 2009 - a special sunrise on Tel Yarmut near Kibbutz Netiv Ha-Lamed-He;
latest update of this page: July 13, 2009

Hugo ( France), who probably didn't know about the special morning, plays and sings anyway


May 22, 2009

"The Blessing to the Sun" , "Birkat Hachamah"
with Yif'at and Dido,
after an evening till midnight with Yif'at in my tent.

A pity I did not take more pictures,
and especially none with Dido,
whom I didn't even get to know on that morning,

I tried to focus on the blessing.
"Tried", because I had my difficulties with it....

The one line in the blessing that drew my attention,
was interpreted wrongly by me,
as I see now (May 22), after having discovered,
that the phrase is obviously based on Psalm 101:8

"Morning by morning will I destroy all the wicked of the land
to cut off all the workers of iniquity from the city of YHWH."

Since "rish'ee ha-aretz" can also mean: "the evils of the land",
I hoped the sentence meant,
that it is "God's" job to deal with evil,
since, after all, it's him who "created evil". [Isaiah 45:7]
(see this concept and quote in the context of puzzle piece 24 !!!)

Of course, this is not correct either,
for if we are One,
as many of the Walkers keep repeating,
then the Evil is part of me,
as it is part of "God",
and it is definitely no solution,
to see the evil in other people
and pray, that they may be annihilated.


Then we set out for Nes-Harim near Jerusalem towards the Eve of Pesach

Yig'al - who in time grew into a fantastic leader

Maria (France) in a cistern

a play of sun and shade above the cistern


suddenly an abundance of blue flowers


Ein Mata - from the time of the Crusaders



is a site from the Crusader time.
Sources from this time tell, that this place was founded and maintained by Cistercians monks
and it is possible that its name was Salvatio [redemption].
The central structure is a church and the rest of the buildings served an agricultural farm".


Continuation of the photos of the "Walk about Love" in the Godchannel file
Healing Class III, Discussion 3