The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



K.I.S.S. - L O G    2 0 0 8
Keep It Simple Sweetheart

"AZ NIDBERU" - My new Midrash and song in 5 languages
about the prophecy of Malachi 3, 16
["YHWH" is named "HA-SHEM"= The Name]

Then those who see Ha-Shem, will talk among each other,
and he listens      and he hears

yatakaalamuna     allathina     yarau'na-hu ,
va-yusri        va-yasma'

Dann die IHN schauen, werden reden miteinander,
und er lauscht      und er hoert

Puis ceux qu'ils voient Ha-Shem, se parlent l'un a l'autre
il entends,        il ecoute
It seems that I chose 26 actors for my life's drama and those 26 actors chose me! One common trait of all roles is "mutual dependency" between them and me.
With 16 actors - my family - the mutual dependency is life-long! With my landlords at Arad & with my 6 starchildren,
born between 1986-88, it may be temporary.
My children: Immanuel, Ronnit, Micha; my children-in-love: Efrat, Uri, Ra'ayah; my 10 grandchildren [born 1987-2005): Elah-Alon-Tomer-Mika; Jonathan-Rotem-Yael-Itamar; Arnon-Ayelet
My landlords: Ofir & Meital+ Lior (2002) & Amit (2005). My starchildren: Lior Oren, Zipi Winkler , Dina Strat , Meshi Taib, Gal Mor, Boris Arons [26=YHWH=13+13=ahavah+ahavah =

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October 26

Tishrei 27


8th day of turning
"my greed to create
+ Cain's need la-têt
into a" GATE",

Actions:  Much sleep!
Communication with Deity!
playing with Mika
talking with Efrat
watching with her
Big Brother and
Once in a lifetime

with Efrat and Mika

Dental Clinic, Shani, postponing appointment on Wednesday


Parting from
my obsession
to complete

this page---
on November 26




Know exactly what you want, communicate clearly what you want, then get out of the way, live and play, and let happen what may

I desire to come back to my innermost self & sanctuary in the al-one-ness of the next 8 1/2 hrs.
I desire to understand: why was the surface of my sea so troubled during all these last 3 days?
I desire to use these 2 quiet (?) days in order to drive backward to the last -turbulent!!- month.
See the answer below in
"and walking humbly with your God"
image of the day: "Alone"

hodayot [thanksgivings] for today

My Body, my Partner, my God
I give thanks to the peace and wellness which you engulf me with,
despite the "something" in our soul, which makes you go on coughing

(honey+onion juice are helpful, but tonight I had to return to my pills...)
Thank you for being able to walk despite the pain in the groin.
Thank you for being able to see despite the strain often felt in our eyes.
Thank you for being "health itself" .


I'm grate-full for the wonderful togetherness of us 4 girls!
(Mika this morning:
"Will Lior come back tomorrow?"
Her mother: "I don't know, if Lior will come again".
Mika: "So she'll come back today!")
And I'm grate-full that now I am al-one .

last communication next communication
see in

"and walking humbly with your God" [ Micah 6:8]

I've dozed for 3 hours, eaten a good breakfast, put some order into things,
and tried on another of the dresses bequeathed to me by Efrat's friend -
it's a golden-colored dress, as if made of Byssus, a little tight on my bosom, -
I hope to find a solution, for it's exciting to wear a golden dress at this time!

"Indeed it is! "

You know, that last night, when the unexplainable emotional turmoil on the surface of my "sea" still hadn't subsided, I decided to seek rescue in YOU.
And after a good night, except for the cough-attack when the cock crowed,
and the good moments with E. and Mika, before they left for work & play,
and after you let me discover that pretty image when I searched for "alone",
I allowed myself to go to bed again, to doze off time and again,
and to feel so comfortably embraced by Body in moments of being half awake.
And then - suddenly - a memory from "The Bringers of the Dawn"
about the need to sleep more at these times of what I would call:
the transformation of frequencies
(I don't know if this is their word too).
Was this your inspiration, please talk to me - and I'm again tired...

"Then go to sleep again and I'll "give it to my friend in sleep!"[see song below]

This is not ME- sleeping as if I were Lior Oren...

"Lior gave you an example! Lior whose frequencies are rising so fast!"

And when I had the strength to get up, I wanted to repair the golden dress,
the more so, as among the few threads I have with me in this room,
there was exactly the amount of golden thread which I needed for all repairs.

"Isn't this nice, that you preferred sowing to writing on the computer! "

But now I have less than 80 minutes for being with you and on!

"When you see our simple answer to your quest, you won't need more time!"

Please tell me!

"You noticed, that the "turmoil" began right after the festive season,
when you hoped for the return of "the peace and quiet of routine"!
The sudden interaction with all 6 starchildren on the one hand,
and the hidden or open clash with "old friends" on the other hand,
showed you, that you must be ready for accelerated change.
Do not suspect that the tiny "defects" in your life (with Body & with people)
result from still existing denials.
You may trust the degree of wholeness which you have healed yourself into!"

Really? What if I'm kidding myself?

"You are not!
Seventy years of listening to yourself - throughout all those painful detours,
reward and award you now with the knowing that you are whole,
and that "difficulties" are due to the changes in the universal frequencies."

I tremble! And if I delude myself?

"We - whom you embody as New Heart in Body
- ask you to let go!
To let go of being so preoccupied
with your personal evolution.
Accept that as an individual
you are neither righteous nor perfect.
Even your latest endeavor
- what you called the "Gate-Message" -
is something you can let go off now.
Do no longer focus on "getting it right".
Do no longer focus on Christa-Rachel Maryam Bat-Adam.
You ARE a manifestation of New Heart now,
and as such you must concentrate
on anchoring wholeness
in the collective consciousness & feeling of Earth."

This is terrifying!

"We've been warning all of you, who "make the train coming",
that it will be terrifying to embody New Heart on Earth!"

And if i'm simply megalomanic!

"Then move this feeling
and hold on to your knowing anyway!"

And how is this connected to my troubled "sea" and my tiredness?

Your "sea" is troubled
as long as you are still stuck in personal "betterment".
If you in every moment, with every breath, know who you are,
whom you embody,
and what your task as New Heart is,
you might be "troubled",
but it will not trouble you that you are troubled.
You'll find it natural that the sea is rough at this time.
You'll find it natural, that Body is not always in sync !
And you'll give SLEEP preference over any "activity"! "

I'm stupefied by this message!
Can you give me an image, a code, to which I can hold on to?

"Find an image with a heart which embraces your planet!"

From "A Letter from God
to Those Doing the Healing Work"

[re-edited on July 28]

"This is Spirit,
and I wish to speak to those of you
who are driving backward now in your lives
as you do the healing work ~

"about some of what is immediately ahead,
and also more in the distance
on the road to wholeness
and the completion of the healing.

"Some of you are closer
to the wholeness of your own being
than you have realized.

And as you get even nearer,
it will seem at times
like you have been going in the wrong direction.

"At times your experiences
as you approach the threshold of wholeness
will likely seem to be complete reversals
of all you have done in the healing work.

It will seem
that the entire world gaps or splits from you,
and becomes oppositional to you.

"Where you once believed yourself
to be only good and righteous,
you will find your goodness has also had its shadow.
This pattern will apply at each 'gate' or 'threshold'
you must pass through
as you near the end of the journey home.


"As humanity begins to fulfill its destiny ~
some of you will be embodying divinity
here on Earth ~
as Bodies

that will endure and thrive for eternity,
regardless of what form you may choose from time to time.
However, in order for this outcome to be possible for you,
you must choose it completely ~
from your own free human Will.

"You must decide that this journey
and its destination is your life's purpose,
and know it as your deepest desire.

Among the makers of humanity are those of you
who are doing this healing work ~
manifesting your own healing into wholeness,
and by extension, the healing of all Creation.

"Eventually there will be many separate humans on Earth
the Father of Manifestation and the Mother of Manifestation.

as they realize the intention of Original Heart.
And they will not be competitors,
they will be allies and cooperators

...Toward More Wholeness
" All of this will happen over enough time
that even the most serious Earth changes
will cause no harm to those
who can embody wholeness.

"Those of you who are soon to become whole
need to know
that all you have dreamed will come to pass ~
and much, much more.
However, there is a point
where you will need to take a huge risk,
to make the leap of choice ~
to embody divinity,
and all that this implies ~

or die trying to avoid it.

"The terror of truly becoming who you truly are,
and the terror of that choice ~
more terror than you have yet known,

will be moving in you as you approach the point of no return.
Only you and your peers are capable
of completely realizing Original Heart's most fervent desire ~
to be fully present and whole in manifestation
with a lover, friends and peers ~
each embodying
Spirit and Will
in ecstatic union
as New Heart in Body.

It is the Parents of Creation who you will becoming ~
as you embody divinity.
And of course it is they who will be helping you now
on the inside.


Song of the Day

Psalm 127:2 + Proverbs 10:22 + Proverbs 16:3

It is in vain for you to rise up early,
to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows.
Yes, he gives his friend sleep!
[meaning probably:
"gives it to his friend while he's asleep"]

The blessing of YHWH, it makes rich,
and it doesn't add sorrow with it.

Yes, he gives his friend sleep

Roll on YHWH your doings,
and your plannings shall be established.

Yes, he gives his friend sleep.

Finetuning to my Present

Following a talk with Efrat
I decided to postpone my appointment at the Dental Clinic
and to stay at Bet Nehemya
during the 2 days pause in between Immanuel's flights.

Hopefully Immanuel will find a solution for the cable between camera and computer, which I left at Arad by error.
[Next day: he gave me a hard ware device
for connecting the memory card of the camera to the computer!]

I am glad, that I'll be spared the strenous traveling back and forth this time.

And since we reached this solution right after my communication with Deity,
I feel , that it is another symbolic gift which tells me

"you can relax into BEING
one of those hearts em-Bodying United Deity on Earth!"

[Next morning: Efrat;
"You want to see another sign that you should stay here:
the news said, that there won't be any trains in the south until Thursday!"]






Imma tells stories which she invents right now.
They carry a deft message about a little clown who didn't listen and therefore...




More photos about Hagar's wedding, given to me by her mother, my stepdaughter Dita

In the night after I had completed this sculpture
- before, in between and after the shattering show of "Big Brother" on Nov. 25 (see Nov. 27),-
I realized, that the chosen images had coalesced into a puzzle of the descendants of Rafael, my husband,
including his first wife Ines, and their common children and grandchildren.
Ines was the one, who
- in her great pain after learning, that her husband had a child from me, who by then was already 8 months old -
wrote a letter to me (perhaps in September or October 1963) :
I don't hate you, like I don't hate the Nazis"
(she had been in hiding in Holland during the Holocaust)
"I despise you, like I despise the Nazis".
It was only after Rafael's death in December 2001,
that she related to me as to a normal human being.
This happened during an exhibition of her daughter Dita's paintings!
When I didn't appear at a family event in 2007, organized by Eliahu Shavit, Rafael's cousin,
she said to Immanuel:
"Why didn't your mother come?"

Rafael Rosenzweig's descendants

I n e s

Dita &Gideon

(&Ofer, Udi, Itai)

Hagar (&Rafi)

I n e s

Joel &Tova

Ran (&Shir)


C h r i s t a - R a c h e l

Immanuel& Ruth
Elah 1987
Alon 1991

Immanuel & Efrat
Mika -2005

C h r i s t a - R a c h e l

Sister Ronnit&Uri

Jonathan 1991
Rotem 1993
Yael 1996
Itamar 1998

C h r i s t a - R a c h e l


Arnon 1996
Ayelet 1998


Images of Rafael's two ex-wifes/widows and all his descendants
were among the 300 photos which Dita gave me,
except for Rotem
[but see her among my own wedding photos on Sept.12]

Ines, my husband Rafael's first wife, now 85
Immanuel, Rafael's and my son, with Efrat, his second wife, and Mika, their daughter, i.e. Rafael's and my granddaughter
Micha, Rafael's and my son, with our grandchildren Arnon and Ayelet
Hadas, Joel's daughter, and Hagar, Dita's daughter,
i.e. Rafael's and Ines' granddaughters.

My stepdaughter Dita
and her husband Gid'on




My son Immanuel with Dita's daughter Orit


Hagar's elder sister Orit with Offer
and their two sons Udi and Itai

My daughter Ronnit with Dita's daughter Orit



Rafi and Hagar,
with me, her "step-grandmother"



with my daughter Ronnit
and two of Ronnit's children;
Jonathan and Itamar,
i.e. Hagar's step-cousins

Joel, Ines' and Rafael's firstborn, with his wife Tova, and Joel's sister Dita ~~~~~ Joel's and Tova's daughter Hadas and son Asaf +girlfriend

Joel with his daughter Hadass and his son Ran +Shir


Dita with her stepbrothers,
Immanuel and Micha,
+ Micha's wife Ra'ayah

Rafael's and my grandchildren: Tomer (next to Immanuel's second wife Efrat), Elah, Alon and Elah's boyfriend Lior


Hagar with me, her step-grandmother, and with Elah, her stepcousin
Elah, my granddaughter, with her stepcousins Hagar & Orit and Elah's brother, Alon, my grandson, with me



Hagar with her grandmother Ines, and Ines' second husband Heinz

finally a good photo of Dita, Hagar's mother

Are they waiting for children like these:
their step-cousins Yael, Arnon, Ayelet,
my grandchildren?

More Professional images of this togetherness of a big family see on the page with a song, created for a wedding long ago


October 26

Tishrei 27


8th day of turning
"my greed to create
+ Cain's need la-têt
into a" GATE",

Actions:  Much sleep!
Communication with Deity!
playing with Mika
talking with Efrat
watching with her
Big Brother and
Once in a lifetime

with Efrat and Mika

Dental Clinic, Shani, postponing appointment on Wednesday


Parting from
my obsession
to complete

this page---
on November 26

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whole&full-filled, never perfect&complete
Keep It Simple Sweetheart
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