The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



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InteGRATion into GRATeFULLness
Nourishment from Others
November 19-23 , 2011: enriched by more nourishment



FULL-FILL-ment in Godchannel's Message

My life-long question and my urgent quest is :

How can "Cain" accept himself and feel full-filled
so he will not need to murder Hevel, his brother?
How can Hevel accept himself and feel full-filled,
so he won't attract perpetrators and victimizers?

My temporary answer for myself and for a grandson,
Tomer, who represents "western" children in particular
and humankind in general:

GRATe-FULL-FILL yourself in each instant,
and desire GRATe-FULL-FILL-ment for "Tomer".


In addition to observing people who seem to know relative full-fill-ment
- both in my own life and in unique documentaries on the TV channel 3SAT-
I research written information, and first in my two metaphysical sources,
"" and the Hebrew Bible
[Nov.24, 2011-I didn't follow through with the Bible]

The Google-Search of Godchannel shows only 12 documents,
[see a renewed research in Febr. 2008]
where the words "fulfillment", fulfilling, filling and fulfilled appear,
and one, called "Vibration", with twice the term "unfulfilled".
The latter [on this page the last] might be the most helpful for my understanding,
but only together with the other contexts.
In any case, I'm not drawing conclusions for the time being.
The answer, which I must be able to put into being-acting,
will come only through listening with my whole being...



From "Right Use of Will" Discussion, Psalm from the Mother
[The date of these "discussions" was not given, but they must have occurred between 1998 and 2000,
My own e-mail to God and his answer - "MY God, my Partner" - appears also on this page ]

"My God...

"You said you did not understand how I release into nonexistence
-- I would like to share what I feel in response to that query.

"As I move, desire is formed.
I breathe in the whispers of light
which gives my movement consciousness.
I find a spark of Love.
My desire grows, longs, aches,
finds a loneliness within Myself,
and a need to be filled, entered,
loved into existence.

"This is how I pull God's light into Form.

"Then we move together,
we sway,
we grow,
we trust,
we sing,
we play,
and a pattern begins to form.
A pattern of our heart.

"If the light is soft,
and eases into the most delicate details of our creations,
gently filling each nuance,
each lovely petal,
each fine melody,
each sharply pointed edge,
I expand.
I open,
I receive,
I love,
I am made complete.
I am made Mother to our creation.
Then I live through this
as I move inside of it--outside of it,
and the rhythm of heart gives it life,
and we exist together--
our creation,
our Form,
and Mother, Father, and Love.

"Then our expansion reaches the utmost space of our creation.
Desire pulls light into,
then through the very boundaries of our Form,
and We become

And the bliss of being fully joined is reached,
as the peak of an orgasm
which was given its fullest, richest experience to be reached.
And Desire expands so far as to disappear,
and become the mist again,
the soft floating
from which Desire may coalesce and reform.
I am safe,
I am loved,
and I can rest in my fulfillment
until I move to create again.

This is the only form change which feels good to me,
and I AM able to be satisfied.

I don't need MORE light, as I am so often accused,
I need light which has as its goal
to find all of the delicate detail outlined by my movement,
then to expand and evolve that detail
in the harmony of our heart,
then to reach the most rich, blissful moment of all,

the fulfillment of our creation together.

I love You Dear Loving Light.
I have waited through all of time to be filled by You.
Please--fill the shredded forms I have been left with,
let these twisted places be filled
until they, too, ring with the bliss of being known by your light,
then they will be able to be expanded
into our primordial flow once again.
Each form
which was created by my receiving hateful light
must be filled,
as it is already formed.
Each "ugly" image must be brought into loving light.
But, please know, as you look at my torn and twisted selves,
I long to be whole and beautiful once again.

"Thank you for so beautifully channeling my Desire...."

"each lovely petal,....
...I expand, I open, I receive , I love ,
I am made complete..."

On October, 3, 2007,
I discerned the second autumn-crocus
after the gray dry summer-heat
on my path through the desert to the pool,
in my "Wadi of Compassion"
I put stones around it,
to protect it from careless steps.


Thanks to "Webshot" for the following 3 images of a glorious Creation



From Interview with 'the Folks', Part Two: Desire and Denial
{...} means that I omit what - at first reading - simply cannot be understood]
Channeled on March 28, 2005

In the beginning "the Will of Creation" was

one unified field of pulsating, enticing cosmic desire
opening to receive
its completion and fulfillment

the core of all desire
is the Mother's desire for ecstatic union with loving Light.
The fulfillment of this desire without denial
begets New Heart~~~
and loving manifestations.
The ongoing opening of this desire
and the willing fulfillment of it
with the unconditional acceptance of loving Light
brings the end of suffering,
the wholeness of Will and therefore being,
and the realization of the Mother's dream.

Healing Desire

Okay Folks, thank you.
How do you suggest we work with desire by way of healing?

"Every imprint has denied desire at its core.
The healing begins
when you have ... brought
enough acceptance to an emotion
that you can feel the desire under it.

"Ask Us to help you feel under the emotional energy~~~
to the denied desire that is beneath it.

"When you can feel the unfulfilled desire begin to move,
bring your loving acceptance to it.
You are then loving your desire just as it is,
unfulfilled edginess and all.
As you bring unconditional acceptance to your unfulfilled desire
on the personal level,
on the transpersonal level
Spirit is bringing his loving Light to the part of the Mother
whose desire was originally rejected.

"As you feel into your desire,
drop down to its deepest layer~~~
the desire to be loved.
Your Spirit essence is now loving your Will's deepest desire,
and in doing so the desire becomes activated.
Activated desire is the most powerful drawing force in Creation.
It brings you what you want.
This is the root cause of manifestation~~~
desire activated by loving Light manifests what is desired.
The key is
in fully feeling and loving your desire
just as it is in the moment, unfulfilled.

Thank you Folks.
Are there some desires that are best left unfulfilled?

"All desires are worthy of fulfillment.
The issue is not which desires to love and accept and which to reject.
Desire is the core of all sentience, all feeling.
Any rejected desire is the rejection of a part of the Mother.
In the recovery of all lost Will,
all denied desire must come back into love.

"The issue is in the sequence of recovery.
At this stage of the healing work,
the Mother's parental desires come first.
Finding the Will to heal
is the first priority in desire fulfillment.

"When the Mother's core desires are activated with loving acceptance,
healing happens.
When the Mother's essence is whole in you,
parentalness is no longer needed.
All the nonparental desires can then find their loving fulfillment.
Manifestation is meant to be a playground
where being and doing are fun,
not like it is now for most humans~~~
a prison where it's believed forced labor is required for survival.
The fulfillment of all desire,
both parental and nonparental
is the foundation of the Mother's core parental desire,
the realization of her dream."

IN order to understand this info,
one must know,
how "Original Heart split apart" and why.
This is explained clearly in
Healing Class IV Body,
see there also the references
to puzzle piece 2 "Peer Companions"
and puzzle piece 21, "Oneness and Duality",
in which I tried to learn the info through my own life.

Here I'll quote just one passage:

"Original Heart was its own whole being
with no unmet needs,
no desire not instantly fulfilled,
no longing not immediately satisfied~
and nothing to disturb this state of ecstatic Love.

"What could cause this to blow up?
What could possibly have gone wrong?

"The answer is that nothing went wrong, really.
It was that
the Love of Original Heart
found something missing in its experience.

"Love is of course its own celebration,
its own completion and fulfillment.
Love needs nothing else,
and desires only more Love.
Original Heart had all the Love it desired,
but for one thing.

"Heart had no one else
with whom to share this Love.

"Heart was alone.

Some days ago - on my way back from the Dental Clinic -
I walked on the sideway of Arad's main Street:
El'azar ben Ya'ir-
[He was - according to Josephus Flavius, Jewish Wars, -
the commander of the beleaguered community on Massada,
who gave the order to commit collective suicide
so as not to fall into the hands of the Romans..]

I passed by this lovely corner
in an otherwise ugly row of ugly three storey houses,
built in the early sixties,
when Arad was founded in the desert, 20 km west of Massada.
I watched the cat inside the window and the vines creeping above it
and felt:
here lives someone who loves him/herself enough
to create this beauty!



Healing Class III ....
3.8 The God of Love
and the god of Power

Channeled in September 2001

[Among the following 3 chapters, the quote is from the second ]

Guilt is not Love

Loving God loves the Mother's Fear

New Life is Coming to the Wasteland

"Loving God, parental Spirit without guilt
knows that each wiggle and twitch of Desire is beautiful ~
no matter what unlovingness she may hold.
And he loves her, just as she is ~ with whatever she is holding.

"Although now still 'weaker' than Power,
Loving God loves unconditionally
all expressions of manifestation,
including fearful Desire ~

even though she may still sometimes avoid him.

"Fear opening to Love is something very new ~
but now that Love is reclaiming its Power in Creation,
Loving God is available to her too.
Now fearful Desire can more easily move with Love ~
and find the fulfillment and real healing
she could never find with Power alone.

"Love is there for her now ~
as she begins to awaken
from the long nightmare of endless pain and terror."


Second Interview with God
Channeled in July 1999

"As I do the work at the level of Deity,
your own individual spirit works at the level of humanity.
You are the vehicle
in which and through which the healing will happen.

"The four steps to wholeness reflect the pattern or map
of how you can find your own unique path
of fulfillment and healing.

no date
From Mother Teachings, Healing Lucifer

Immediate fulfillment
and undenial is the end goal.

This is very close to acceptance,
but it is deeper and more lasting.
Acceptance borders on tolerance,
which borders on segregation, ..."



From one of the entries in the second "discussion" in "Healing-Class III"
-called "Sex and Love and Healing", 1998

"I am experiencing often these days
a wholeness and completeness within myself ~
and because of this
I do not feel drawn to meet my partner
in the same intimate-needy places we used to meet often.
And I feel I can not be with her sexually in the same way anymore.

"Yes, and this is actually good news,
you're no longer who you were
and you no longer can do things the way you have.

See the coincidence of the stone-triangle and the gate-triangle,
The triangle means
the joining together of Spirit and Will to Heart

"Sex as need fulfillment is the norm,
sex as an ecstatic expression of love
is something most people hear or read about
but never believe will happen with them.
But what if it did?

What if in being more of who you really are
you found yourself loving and healing sexually?"

"She reflects to me disappointment and unfulfillment
about these changes,
and I realize this sexual unfulfillment
has been within me probably forever.
At this crossroads I wonder
how I will integrate my wounded sexuality
into my healing and wholeness.
This is the place my denials feel the greatest ."
[As to the answer, read the original, but the term "fulfillment" does not appear there]

This dialog on a very early page (1997-1998)
in "Channeling Class Discussion"
I want to quote here as a whole - in the way I edited it in "edited Godchannel Files"

Meeting the Source is a wonderful magic for me.

"I really like and appreciate this Meeting The Source exercise.
Although in my own way
I feel to be ongoingly communicating with God on the inside,
as God said is the best place to really make personal connection,
I feel this exercise has guided me to a more conscious level of this relationship.

To [me?] in my imagination experience

standing before the One True Loving God as if we were buddies ~  
and to feel us merge in sweet communion ~  
and to ask meaningful questions  
and have them answered with loving acceptance ~  
WOW, this is a wonderful magic for me.

It makes me feel the loving fatherly support and advice
I seldom was able to receive
is now abundant for me to fill my desires.
I am so excited about the doors this opens for me
to step through into new worlds of creative fulfillment.
Thanks for being there here always, Beloved.

"You're welcome, I'm enjoying this too.  
As we practice relating inside,  
you will become more aware  
of my presence in your outer world as well.  

And as you know,
the doorway to the path
that leads to creating your own life
opens also to the path of healing and wholeness.

"The fatherly support you're getting inside
comes through me from Grandfather.

"As you move deeper into your wholeness
and your creating,
you and I become more like peers
as fellow universe creators.
And someday it won't be 'as if' we're buddies,
we just will be."

From an undated message from Spirit (God), called "Evolutionary Will Beings"
It should be read in its entirety, but I'll quote the passage which includes "fulfillment":
"If the human Will were entirely free,
there would be no gap
between desire
and the manifestation of that desire's fulfillment in your life,
just the way you would have it.
There would, however, be great joy in the process of manifestation ~
because the one who desires would [be] the one
whose magic causes the manifestation of
the desire's fulfillment.
In other words, it is your own medicine that heals you.

From an undated discussion about "Who is the Healer" in
Healing Class III Discussion 5

"In your quest for healing and wholeness
you have a powerful ally,
the master healer of Creation.
Her name is Body.
Or is it 'his' name?
Either way, Body is the key
to the healing, peace and fulfillment of desire you seek.
Body knows how to heal Creation,
and soon you will find that power within you."

From ".vibration", 2000_10_05, i.e. channeled exactly 7 years ago.

The title of the Page
Truth & Reality Class IV ~~~~The Fundamental Questions of Manifestation ~~~~ 4.2 The 'What' of Manifestation
the titles of its chapters:
Body is everything ~~~ Vibration is what manifests ~~~ The seven levels of manifestation

Vibration is 'What' Manifests

"It is very easy to say
'what' the substance of manifestation is,
but it may at first seem strange,
because 'vibration' is a phenomenon, not a 'thing'.
Spirit has already described how
when Will moves, she attracts light
and together they form manifestation.
But 'what' is the fruit of this union?
Regardless of whether it's
a material form,
or thought

that is manifested,
the basic stuff of manifestation is
what appears in the movement of Will as she attracts Light.

"Her first movement,
her 'Desire' opens the space,
creating the womb or place for something to exist.

"Her second movement is
to vibrate that space,
filling it with expectancy

calling for Light to come fill it and bathe it.

"Her third movement is
to capture the Light that comes willingly
to mate with her vibrating Desire.
As the Light comes to her,
it forms in a pattern
dictated by the matrix of her womb, the Mother's Desire.
The Light resonates at the frequency of her vibration,
filling and soothing her there.

"Vibration is the Will's song.
It is the cry of her longing,
her call for something to exist,
and the expression of her love and care
for the object of her desire that is now manifest.

To Light,
vibration is the draw into manifestation,
the reason to exist.
It is what brings Spirit into existence
and sustains him there.

Spirit's greatest pleasure
is not in his solitude, as he had believed for so long.
Spirit's greatest pleasure is
in the vibration of being,
the eternal act of manifestation.
Spirit's greatest pleasure is
where he least suspected it could be.
Spirit's greatest pleasure is in Body,
where he can mate with his Desire


"In a previous lesson, Spirit has said
that the magnetic drawing power of Will
is like a spinning vortex
that draws Light down into her desire,
and that when Light is present there with her in that way,
the result is energy ~
the fruit of manifestation.

However, if there is no vibration in the Will,
no Light will be drawn.

"Desire is
what causes the vortex of Will
to attract the attention of Light,
and the expression of her Desire begins
whenever a 'wobble' or wiggling of her vortex develops.

"If there is nothing needed or wanted,
the vortex spins smoothly,
like a perfect top or gyroscope ~
with no wobble or wiggle.

[I discovered how a gyroscope works and how it defies gravity

If there is Desire in this part of the Will,
the nature and intensity of her Desire
causes a corresponding
in the otherwise smoothly swirling flow of the vortex.
The imbalance of an unfulfilled Desire
causes an anomaly in the flow
that begins vibrating that part of the Will.

"So, when all is at peace,
when the Will's magnetic vortices are smoothly flowing,
nothing is desired ~
so nothing happens
and there is no manifestation.
But when there is even the slightest disturbance in the status quo,
even the slightest Desire in Will ~

a wiggle develops in the vortex,
a ripple in the magnetic flow
of the smoothly spinning unmanifest Will essence.

"The ripple of Desire
induces a temporary imbalance
or wobble
in the swirling whirlpool of Will essence.
This then causes the vortex
in that part of the Will
to begin vibrating.

The vibrations attract the attention of Spirit
whose Light moves with his attention.
The more interesting or enchanting the wiggle,
the more Light is drawn into the pattern or form

that she has already designed to satisfy her Desire ~
and manifestation happens.

"In this way
vibration is both the cause of manifestation,
and the stuff of it.

"There is a tension between vibrating Will and Light
when they are apart.
The further apart, the more tension.
It is this tension
upon which manifestation rides

as energy-matter through space-time.
As Will vibrates and moves,
Light comes into her vortex,
and manifestation happens.
The tension is relaxed.
As Light and vibrating Will become separate again,
the tension increases.

"It's the tightening and loosening of this tension
that produces all of the cycles in manifestation
and the substance or 'what' of manifestation ~

energy-matter in space-time.

"So, space and time are the womb of manifestation,
and energy and matter are the fruits of the womb.

Space and time are the first phenomena of dimensions
and are interchangeable in that way.
Energy and matter are the second phenomena
and are also interchangeable.

Einstein was correct
about the nature of the relationships
between time and space, and energy and matter.

"Energy and matter are two different ways
of perceiving the same phenomenon ~
vibrating Will drawing Light
to vibrate with her into manifestation.

'Matter' is a place in space-time
where energy is more intense,
a place more densely populated with energy
than in what is called 'empty space'.
But there is no empty space,
all of space-time is filled with energy-matter,
but in varying degrees of density.

I just learnt about that on the day in 3 SAT,
which was dedicated to Space (Oct. 4, 2007 - 50 years Sputnik).
The scientists even have a word for what fills "empty space",
but I forgot what the word was.

"The density of the manifestation
depends upon the frequency of the Mother's vibration there.
Slower or lower frequency vibrations
draw less Light into her vortex,
so there is proportionally more Will essence,
and the manifestation is therefore more dense, heavy or 'solid'.

What can better "illustrate" "Manifestation"
than the living of a 10 month old child,
born a second time after an almost fatal accident.
Mika in the Galilee, October and November 2006





Mika at Grandma's , in Arad, November 2006

The Seven Levels of Manifestation

In each Creation, the Mother opened an additional dimension
to accommodate a more rich, dense, varied and complex Creation.
Since this is the seventh and last evolutionary Creation in the series,
this Creation has the level of manifestation with the greatest density,
what is called the 'physical world' of matter and energy.

"Each of the other Creations are of higher frequency vibrations,
and are therefore less dense 'physically'.
They also have less fragmentation,
and therefore fewer separate manifested entities.
It is the frequency of vibration in the Will's spinning vortex
that determines the density of manifestation in any space,
even in a whole Creation.

"The reason this present Creation has such dense physicality is
that it has the lowest frequency,
or 'slowest' vibrations, with the least Light.

"This also means that the Will essence here
has the deepest Desire,
the greatest unfulfilled longing
and is the most out of balance
in terms of having her Desire fulfilled.


How will Healing Feeling beget Full-Filling
again & again like the movement of the Sea,
this I try to understand , not only for myself,
but for each human being, close to me or not.

[Arad, 2007_10_08 and again : Arad, 2011_11_24]

to former source of "Nourishment from Others", 2007 and 2011   to next source of "Nourishment from Others" 2007 and 2011

Arad, Shabbat, November 19-23, 2011
SMS ( in Hebrew) to Levi Bar-Gil, once my foster-child, and with whom the contact was cut off a year ago,
when the relationship between him, at that time "the boss" of my daughter-in-love, was deteriorating:
"Levi, I'm thinking of you on your birthday - seven times seven years you are in this world now -
but the telephone is not the right means for talking with each other at this time.
I'm therefore waiting and till then I wish you love - love to your self, love in your zugiut

(no word in English for the relationship between husband and wife or between two lovers)

and love in the frame of your creation. Rachel"
[he called me after all, on Nov. 22, giving, as usual, an optimistic report on his life]

I want to quote from the former page:
"For , indeed, you are adventurous beings",
which explains, why "I" first entered the extreme limitations of "linear time"
and why at this time "I" grasp more and more, that from this point of reference
I'm now exploring "spherical time" towards training in "spherical experience"!

Babylon: a sphere is a round solid figure, with every point on its surface equidistant from its centre.
Why "solid"? but the rest of the phrasing is exact:
every point on its surface is in the same distance from its centre.
But also: from the point in the centre, a point of no place/no time
every point within the sphere can be experienced.

I've discovered "the sphere" as a metaphor of
"Oneness versus Duality and Multiplicity" already 30 years ago,
when I used it in my seminaries about Jewish Thought to explain
the aekhad = YHWH is ONE
and as a demonstration
the difference between the two - seemingly contradicting - accounts of Creation
on the first pages of the Bible.
[click ctrl/F and put "creation " in "find" on the following pages:
Edited Godchannel File "AWARENESS" ~~~~
"The Rainbow between God and Noah" ~~~~ "Israel's Soul Search"

Studying again the chapter "The Second Dimension of Time" in "Awareness",
I ponder, if I could express "spherical" in Hebrew as "kaduri",
from the word "kadur"- sphere/ball
and distinguish between "zman [time] lineari" and "zman kaduri"?
It doesn't delight me. But what then?

Perhaps the word "time" should be exchanged by the word "experience"?????
"linear experiencing and spherical experiencing",
khavayah linearit and khavayah kadurit?
khavayah from the verb "khaviti", which is a derivative from "khayiti" - I lived
(a connection - like in German: "leben" and "erleben" - [see the song about "LIFE"]
which the English word "experience" does not allow )

["khavayah" seems to have been used for the first time in 1902,
my old Even Shoshan Dictionary explains "khavayah" as
"a deep feeling, a strong impression of something
accompanied by feelings of excitement or identification etc.
and also life experience, an event that left a strong impression on the person" ]

Perhaps the non-Hebrew term "linear" could be translated as "sargeli"
[Babylon's translation for "qavvi-linear" from the word "sargel"- "ruler"]

Recently I read somewhere:
"Time and Space designations
are merely spots on a map
to locate experiences"

Why are there "two" dimensions?
in my words now:
Why is there "linear experience" and "spherical experience"?
27 years ago, "Spirit" explained it as follows:

The Spirit, in fact, has only polarized itself
in order to experience
[Blue Book Intro p. 2, quoted also in pp.39 left frame]
which is the same what Lilly says at the end of "The Centre of the Cyclone".

This explanation was complemented by "BODY"
or the memories of "Original Heart" about our beginnings:

in its desire for true, peer level companionship,
the only way to find another Heart ~
required that it somehow split itself apart,
creating two distinct beings
that could never reconstitute themselves back
into the one, Original Heart.
Never, that is ~
until there would be a way for Heart
to have a companion
who was just as whole,
and yet truly separate and distinct,
not just a part of Self.

Here just one passage from "The Second Dimension of Time" in "Awareness":

"The place in the center, at the hub of the wheel ~
is beyond all time, and has access to every moment ~
past, present and future.
As a seeker moves inward toward the hub,
they move toward higher and higher consciousness.

"This place at the hub, in the center of time,
is the single eternal moment
through which consciousness
can behold all of manifestation ~
including all the events and realities at the rim,
all the fixtures and forces of the first attention."

[I'm also trying to find exact terms in English and Hebrew for what I am in this "hub of the wheel":
Higher Self, Cosmic Self, Creator-Self,
or, as I learn from the following page: "MY I AM PRESENCE", but this cannot be said in Hebrew]

(2001) e-mail quote on November 22, 2011

Before the contrast and before the summoning,
and before the answering of Source Energy,
the Universe was less.
So rather than thinking in terms of time,
think in terms of expansion,

and then you will understand time in the way we understand it.
We never think about how long anything takes.
We are just enjoying the expansion.
And so, our now is always powerful
in our anticipation of what is becoming.

Around 12:30, noon, on this day , I came across images of "Nakhal Yishai", the Yesse-Wadi,
interspersed with the copied pages of the Blue Book.
I felt such yearning, that I checked the time:
to walk to the junction, from where the road winds down to the Salt Sea,
to hitchhike down and along the Sea till close to the observation point above my Noah's Cave.
This could take 1 1/2 at least. At 3:30 I would have to place myself on the road again,
in order to not enter darkness, while hitchhiking.
this would still give me 1 1/2 hours to walk up to and along the Yesse-Wadi.

Up I jumped, packed water, a bit of food and a coat into my backpack and off I ran!
I needed only 2 cars there and 2 cars back , and my planning worked out perfectly.
The second driver was a woman, Nurit, who had left husband and children at home,
in order to have a day for herself and hopefully see the promised rain and flooding.
I showed her the rock with Noah's Cave from above, so she could visit it some time.

[see the same spot - with the rock and the pole - but reflected in a water-puddle and without Nurit]
"Look", Nurit, my driver said, pointing to something up there with her car-key.
That was before she drove me back 2 km to the dry waterfall of Nakhal Yishai,
looking with me for what I guessed as the only entry to reaching the wadi above it,
and where I once had made a path that would lead me conveniently to the wadi.
Just when we parted, we discerned the young ibex and hurried with our cameras.


My path from the SaltSea Road [Ein-Gedi-Jerusalem] - to the Yishai Wadi:
Next time I want to remember it, without having to err as this time:
Once I overcame the small, but very inconvenient slope next to the road -
- the only chance to reach Nakhal Yishai above its waterfall from the sea-side,
I could discern the path which I made in 2000, while living next to my pond.
As long as it winds along the mountain-side horizontally-slantingly
it's still in quite a good condition.

But then I reached the spot,
where the path stopped,
So without path I walked up
to the edge of the waterfall,
as can be seen on the right.
Since from that edge
it would be too dangerous
to go further,
I sat on a stone
and enjoyed myself
(see some images below).
On my way back -
when I reached the spot,
where the path had stopped
I looked up to the West:
there- next to the 2 bolders
[see to the left]
I could guess a path.
Since it goes up vertically,
falling stones had blurred it
With effort and some danger
I finally met my old path
that led - again horizontally to Nakhal Yishai,
but since my time was over, I returned,
carefully remembering
the "junction",
where I had erred.
I discerned a white stone
(who painted it???),
So next time,
if there'll be a next time,

I shall know, where the path - up from the sea-side - becomes vertical and perhaps even repair it!

When I reached a spot far above the southern edge of the double waterfall of Nakhal Yishai,
I recalled the dire lessons in my life - especially the one in the Pyrennees, - to not risk my life.
Also Nurit had warned me to beware of flooding water that might come down from Jerusalem,
even though around here it was still not raining.
As a really good girl I sat on a rock and explored all the wild beauty around and below me.




Suddenly I received a visitor, that flew up to me from the lower waterfall

One from among my cherished Tristram-birds, which were standing and flying around the dry waterfall, came to me and eyed me from a distance of 60 cm!

"Abraham" (from the "Getting into the Vortex" Guided Meditation)
e-mail on November 21, 2011

The stability of your Earth exists
because   i t s    c h a n g e   a n d    e x p a n s i o n
does not   o u t s t r i p   i t s   a b i l i t y   t o   f i n d    b a l a n c e .
It is not only Earth’s size and the laws of physics
that are of enough significance to absorb the shock of any change,
but also Earth’s Vibrational nature of Well-Being.
While your Earth appears to be
a geological sphere of rock and soil and water
held together by gravitational forces,
it is so much more than that,
for within every particle of Earth’s substance
is Vibrational Consciousness
seeking individual balance—

aligning with a Broader Non-Physical vision of Earth’s future.
Even though the human inhabitants of planet Earth
are often outside of their Vortices,
in a state of resisting their personal Well-Being,
the overwhelming Consciousness of your planet
(in soil, in water, in flora and fauna)
is incrementally finding balance every step along the way.
In time,
as you relax and breathe your way into alignment with your Source,
you will be able to feel the dominant Vibrational pulse of Well-Being
that permeates your Earth and everything it is comprised of,
for Well-Being is the basis of All-That-Is.

the higher waterfall , just above the lower one

Rock Sculptures along the northern side of the Waterfall


The Grandeur of Nakhal Yishai and Mount Yishai

[Nov. 25, 2011: To my joy, there is nothing in my exterior life, that urges me to sculpt anything on the following page of "Nourishment from Others".
Instead I'm focusing on bringing to a closure, what "happened" four weeks ago . I'm glad, I am helped by all the work I did already 11 months ago,

see "my 4 lessons", as summarized in Learn&Live 15, on January 9, 2011, as well as the pages before and the links, especially to "My Desire on Oct. 24-25, 2009")

I no longer feel "the need to be needed" [see: "Living with joy-full grate-full-ness"] , even not by the 16 actors in my family-drama!
I assume, that I let my parents parent me for a year - till the War-of-Hell "broke out" and my father left my poor mother alone.
Since then I parented myself for 24 years, I parented my 3 children for 24 years, I parented my 10 grandchildren for 24 years.

It's been for a long time, that I did not initiate any helping, but I was available.
My daughter's-in-love letter -...... on Nov. 3, 2011
taught me, that I was imprisoning others even by my boundless "availability".
Now I want to feel and behave as if I had made my transition to another realm,
by Being more and more my Cosmic Self, my Creator-Self, my I-AM-Presence.
I now desire and intend to attract only those humans into my life, who fulfil my dream:
"then those who see Ha-shem will talk among each other and he listens and he hears"
[see the biblical verse, put into tune in 5 languages, above the daily pages of K.i.s.s.-LOG 2008]


That's how I experienced
the YIshai waterfall,
when I finally reached it,
after I could safely leave
Noah's flooded Cave ,

on December 15, 2003

But by then the rain had stopped already many hours before.
I wished, I could have seen
the water rushing down
at the peak of rain and flood.


December 4, 2011:
I could have guessed it!
The escapade to Yishai
on Nov. 19, 2011
was - in hindsight -
the "promo"
for an escapade
that was not less spontaneous,
but I was not alone,
I was with starchild Boris,
48 years my junior,
on the historical day
of the 29th of November,
historical for both,
for Israel and for me,
and at the end of it
I was meant
to fiercely, heartfully
reshape an old insight.

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