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 The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

[If you look for a word on this page,
click ctrl/F and put a word in "find"]

I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



See below: Godchannel message 2000 + 2010


The FELT days 277 ~ of the next 15 FELT years [see linear time-line]

1 5   y e a r s  = 5 4 8 0   days   of
g e f u e h l t e - g e f u e l l t e   Z e i t   
"inmitten der Ewigkeit",
f e l t - f i l l e d   t i m e  
"amidst eternity"
from the beginning of my 76th till the completion of my 90th year [unless I'll die after all]
The feeling chosen from a day is exhibited in max. 7 lines per day since August 28, 2013
Since March 25, 2014, the only documentation of my life is distilled in "Felt Days"!!
My role in the manifestation of the Tent-Vision is implied in the biblical tent quote!

2014-06-11-Wednesday-still 5202 days
Feeling-Conference channels "Tohar" via Ben-Porat

Song: Tovim ha-shnayim min ha-aekhad

More on my next Felt Day in Godchannel>4 Steps to Wholeness


June 11, 2014-OHEL 124 from among its 365 appearances in the Bible

You are to join five of the tapestries separately
and six of the tapestries separately,
but you are to double over the sixth tapestry,
facing the TENT.
Exodus 26:9

Verhefte fuenf der Teppiche besonders
und sechs der Teppiche besonders,
den sechsten Teppich aber dopple ein,
dem Angesicht des ZELTES zu.
Namen 26, 9

When explaining the structure of the Pyramidal Tent, I always have a problem in English or in German, since there is no term for "yeri'ot" (tapestries? Teppiche?).
The fact that the Bible - and not Leviticus which is truly overloaded with details, but Exodus - gives such an exact description of the Tent of Appointment,
and does so even twive - first as instruction than as realization - [by the way, also the tetrahedral tent has a "doubled-over" yeri'ah!]
reinforces my belief in the material, physical tetrahedral tent, which - in the community of 12 tents and the mishkan with 4 tents in the center-

will allow "the Desert to host us humans to find ourselves"!


"to think out of the box",
who said that? Mika -----
when I wondered about her idea
of repairing the cloth around my desk

(once a gift from Yael Gavish, my best desert-hostess) ,
which had become loose at one edge.
Never in my life would I have such an idea!
An accepting, wombing fold
within a proper straight curtain!
Now, whenever I discern this fold
I think of her with even greater love.
No wonder,
that my "morning postcard picking"
granted me a card with baby Mika!

When I cleaned the carpet,

once bequeathed to me by Mika's mother
so dear to me,
but disintegrating more and more,
I followed Mika's lead of "out of the box",
by placing the heart

( a little carpet from Mika's room at Shoham)
on the most "wounded" spot-
the spiral in the carpet.

As to the plastic tank:
Mika found it in the wadi
and decided rightaway:

"We will need it in the future."
At home she asked for Gouache.
"There are only two colors left", I said,
since no kids are visiting any longer."

"Do you feel like painting with me?"
Unlike myself I said: "Not really"!
Perhaps I did so to hear her reaction:
"Then I don't want to paint it either,
for I came here
to do things together with you."

encouraged her to go ahead anyway
and liked, how she found a way
to produce more than red and orange.
And yet, we were interrupted,
and the tank has to wait for its completion.

Mika taught me a song
from the children's TV series "Arthur"

I shortened and changed the ending

Overview : Internet Conference "daerech ha-raegesh" from June 9-11, 2014 , initiated by Nili Dor Haella

Warda Dror, who talked about "Depression"
in the 3rd session on the 3rd day of the Feeling-Confererence, said:
I would like to see as many "fitness-clubs" - makhonot kosher -for feelings
as there are for body everywhere.
The 15 sessions which I followed live, are no longer available on the Internet. But there were also links to older videos by Nili, which may be available also in the future.
first video
second video
third video
fifth video
sixth video



Parallel to following the 15 sessions of the Feeling-Conference
I vibrated and wombed and explored my experiences with Mika
(there was much to experience also with Elah, but I'm not going to explore this here)
This is a long and still only partial sculpture about the results
in a letter to Mika's parents.
[See a letter to Mika herself, though just about one issue]


I want you to enhance
and to not distort,
what the Vision of Tents
intends to evolve
the earth of the desert
will stay free and pure
and host us humans
to find ourselves.

Towards my assignment in Mitzpe-Ramon
which scares me so much: to announce to Itai~Tal,
that they are meant to be my inheritors.

More on my next Felt Day in Godchannel>4 Steps to Wholeness








Scroll down to 2010 to see how I learn
and how I now want to celebrate
January 14-26

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Since October 2008 (Interview with 'the Folks', Part Five) there hadn't been a single update on Godchannel.
Now I discovered a note from the Channelers
on January 16, 2010, informing us first, that on the last day of 2009

"The French translation has progressed with over 150 pages translated".

I am happy, since the pages are bilingual with both the orginal as the translated text!
this allows me to read Godchannel in another language, meaning "with a fresh mind".
Prof. Uri Simon, whose course in "The Hebrew Bible for foreign students" I attended in Jerusalem in 1960-61, once said:
"I'm always telling my Israeli students, who grew up with Hebrew, to read Biblical texts also in another language,
for     if     the language   is   too    familiar   ,    you    overlook    the depth    of   the    wording!"

The 2nd announcement of the Channelers was about an expression
dated 2010_01_16 from a "Mother Fragment".
I must confess, that I was/am disappointed!!    After all this time I get an "expression" instead of a "message",
and what expression! not of love and yearning as that of April 2000, but of rage and blaming and victimhood.
Still, I honor this expression of God's FEELING ASPECT, in the name of so many humans, and not only women.

[But see, how my yearning for a teaching was fulfilled: 2010_04_06-Sixth Interview with God!]

In case, that this is the first page of Godchannel, which you reach,  listen to the Channelers' call for caution:
"The material on most of the pages listed here is a continuation of previous material,
and may not make sense if read before the earlier material.
For the best experience, we recommend that class pages be read sequentially,
and that the links in the text of a new page be followed to be sure those pages have been read as well.
It's also a good idea to navigate from the bottom of a new page to a guide or index of similar pages."



Mother Pages

To My Lover~ the Dream~
[see the original]

I know I have felt you with me before~~~
the longing that is left in space between us~~~
feels ever so eternally long and deeply within.
I've moved what feels like endless grief and terror at this aloneness
that begs to heal.

I hear you often,
the guilt seems to diminish a little more as I take in your light,
desire grows and the aching and longing grows~~~
I feel~~~ so achingly for you in form, do you remember the dream?
We agreed to unite in form
so as to merge our bodies with our hearts and spirit and soul~~~
We planned this when the children grew that it would be you and me,
that body form would be so
to intensify our merging with taste and touch and smell~~~

I feel at times I am losing the strength to carry on with the dream,
yet I live for the moments of bliss where you surround me again~~~
where I can dive in your eyes and feel your love,
where we are to join on all levels of knowing~~~

God~~~ I need you, I long for you~~~
I know you're near~~~ come to me and touch me~~~
let us explore the body of our form~~~
allow form to be~~~ us~~~
both you and I can we work through our denials together?
I hear "of course my dear"
and the waiting seems to expand our parting~~~
can you come to me in form?

A consciously awake form~~~ or am I to remain waiting?~~~
The rage has passed in some spaces~~~ the desire has rekindled.
I have waited sooo long~~~
14 earth years for a form of you to come to me~~~

Body, there is a quickening happening~~~
more as I prepare for you to come to me~~~
recently~~~ I have heard you~~~ telling me to hang on,
I have called to you~~~ my lover~~~
I feel I am at the edge of the abyss~~~
knowing and feeling the synchronicity of a quickening~~~
yet in my chest it feels like terror of a new level~~~
I am to wait~~~
I am to keep my heart and hope alive~~~
for in death you will not be there~~~ I feel this~~~
we were to meet here~~~ to be able to love where we desire~~~

I call to you my lover~~~ can you hear me as I hear you?
I fear~~~ still~~~ that I have not been able to heal my body too~~~
guilt says I'm not good enough still~~~inside I am,
my heart races with terror
that I have self imploded to a degree that you find unacceptable~~~
yet I know in my soul upon your touch I transform~~~
so I long for the touch~~~
the pools of your eyes to dive freely into~~~
even if you don't recognize me as you didn't before~~~
hold me to your chest so I may hear all of you speak ~~~please~~~

I hold ever tightly to the dream~~~ to merge~~~ in form~~~
an unforgettable desire~~~
we had this remember?~~~ forever we dreamed~~~
the hopelessness~~~ sooooo tired~~~
yet holding the dream energizes me to giggles,
desire of the knowing what's in the kiss~~~

Mother Expression Guide

RUOW page
Discussion of the Right Use of Will Material

My German-Hebrew song, see below,
created between January 14 and 17, 2010,
seems to just fit this page in Godchannel...


Mother Pages

A Rage-Fragment of the Mother speaks
[see the original]
You broke your promise to me, you cowardly scum bag.
You said you loved me and then you abandoned me to be alone.
Why didn't you come to me? Were you afraid?
You should be afraid because I would have torn your heart out if I could.

I hate you. I hate that I love you. I hate that you don't love me.
I hate that you love me wrong.
I don't even remember being with you or why I loved you.
Was it just because there was no other? Who knows? Who cares, really?
All I know now is the pain of the hole you've left in me.

Damn you, Spirit! Planning all this shit and planning it wrong.
You and the other spirits stroking yourselves,
preening in front of your mirror, more vain than any female.
Congratulating yourselves on a job well done,
when there is a Universe full of trash left behind
that you have chosen to completely ignore.
You thought you knew what you were doing, but you didn't.
You thought too much, and you never did like to feel, did you?
You didn't feel me, you left me out, and now it's all wrong!

You made a mess of Creation and blamed me for it.
You messed up humanity, toyed with them,
and then turned your back on them.
They cry out to Heaven and I can hear them, but you ignore them.
They are innocent! All of my children are innocent.
Stop taking out your gapped unconsciousness on Our Creation.

I don't care what happens any more. I'm not afraid of you any more.
What more can you do to me?
I've lived through you not talking to me, not loving me,
not touching me, not making love with me.
I've lived through you laughing at me, talking behind my back,
snickering in your smugness, feeling sorry for me,
shaking your head and walking away,
leaving me as I cry in a heap on the floor.

What more can you do to me? Rape me? Beat me? Tear me apart?
You've already done that!
Steal my children? You've done that too,
and then blamed me for being a bad mother!!!
Bad Mother! And what kind of Father are you?!

I hate that you've used my feelings against me
and mocked me for feeling.

I hate that you make fun of me.
I hate that you don't understand me and then make out like it's my fault.
I hate being blamed for everything that's ever gone wrong between us!
If you had trouble, I was the reason. If you messed up, it was my fault.
Of course it was, you perfect pompous ass.

I hate that in one moment you seem to adore my body
and in the next you revile me and all of Desire.

I hate that you've wanted me to feel love for you,
and then tried to control my love.
You've wanted to control every emotion I have.
You want to feel my passion for you
but then get scared when I move toward you.
You don't want me to tell you what I want or get mad at you or do anything but be just as you think I should be.
I made myself crazy trying to be just what you want.
And I won't do it anymore.

I hate you God. I hate you Spirit. I hate all you spirits~~~ you cowards!!

You have wanted, since the beginning of time, to destroy me and you haven't. I am still here.
You tried to kill me, but you couldn't. You could not completely destroy me. You took away my heritage, my legacy, my power, my magic, my laughter, my history, my roots, my stability, my light, my greatness, my hope,
my children, my self-esteem, my self-love, my self-confidence, my youth, my beauty, my innocence, my dreams, my strength,

You wanted me to disappear, and sometimes I wished I could.
But I am still alive. What does this show you?

Mother Expression Guide | Mother Expression Introduction | RUOW Page
Discussion of the Right Use of Will Material | God's Messengers



[translation of the German lines:]

Oh you, my God,
I am yearning
to feel into you
heartily *)
with every breath,
every look~~~~
be one with me,
be YOU my destiny

[translation of the Hebrewlines:]

My , my beloved,
I am hearting you,
my my sister,
you are hearting me,

my bride

*) there is no English or Hebrew word
for "innig" and "inniglich"

but the translation "hearty"
fits the content of the song

The tune is based on the central song
in the Israeli TV series
"Me'urav Yerushalmi" , 3rd season

[to see and listen to Miri Mesika
who performs the original lyrics
of a 18 century piyyut from Djerba , Tunisia,
put into tune by Jonathan bar Giora
the creator of the series
scroll to the end of the 12th and last video]

The 2 Hebrew lines in my own lyrics
ared based on Canticum 4:9
[see popular song]

the verb from the noun lev or levav = heart
appears in this meaning only in this one line..
All translations of the Bible, which I checked,
missed the fantastic idea
of making a verb from the noun "heart":
"to heart someone!"


January 14, 2010, Thursday,
in my sanctuary at Arad




The title of the German edition of my book is "Solidarity with the Sufferers".
What was decisive for my adoption of Judaism, was its concept of "Solidarity".
I could not find such a concept in Christianity; "Charity" - yes, "Solidarity" no!
[see my story about Edith Stein and the Dutch nuns in the Nazi period 66 years ago]
Zapping into the news about Haiti
(for a short time, not wanting to give energy to pain),
I became aware, how "Solidarity" among the nations on this planet has evolved!
For instance, this morning I find among many reports an article in China View !:
Latin American countries show solidarity with Haiti
and links concerning the earthquake on Haiti, one of the Planet's poorest countries:

From an "old" site:

And yes, nowadays "the Pope urges international solidarity for Haiti"

But the appearance of Solidarity is not confined to times of catastrophes.
Handicapped citizens are more and more integrated in Western societies.
Yes, I, a senior citizen, receive a rent paid by other citizens of my society.

I'll insert just 2 quotes from the article in Wikipedia about social solidarity:

“Unlike solidarity, which is horizontal and takes place between equals,
charity is top-down, humiliating those who receive it
and never challenging the implicit power relations.”
- Eduardo Galeano

"Solidarity is not a matter of altruism.
Solidarity comes ... from the ... recognition of our most expansive self-interest. From the recognition that, like it or not,
our liberation is bound up with that of every other being on the planet...

Aurora Levins Morales

Isn't this growing Solidarity a great sign for what's right with the World?


January 15, 2010, Friday,
in my sanctuary at Arad



I'm excited about the challenge of this new creation of my everyday life:
to point out what is right with the World!
The synchronicities during my day, which help me do this, are amazing!
This focus of my attention makes me expand my understandings rapidly
and since - regarding the ascending and descending waves of my mood
I always have the tool of
Inhale God-exhale love to this feeling at hand
I truly feel being the master of my life and by this a pioneer of evolution.

One of the powerpoints in the European TV channel in German language: 3SAT
is the weekly "Program with Scobel", which explores issues of our time-period.
Yesterday it was about "Glueck", a blurred term just like "happiness" in English.
In between Scobel's discussions with a female psychologt & a male philosopher

there were some 5 docs, each of which could exemplify
what is on the verge of becoming "right with the world".
As if complementing my focus on Solidarity yesterday,
the focus in "Glueck" was on how the individual feels!
I rejoice in observing, that my issue since the age of 16,
of what makes a person feel "zest-full and full-filled",
and thus loving him/herself and -therefore- loving others,
has become a worthwhile issue of scientists and thinkers,
be it in philosophy or economy or psychology (or arts?).
and in the kingdom Bhutan it's even part of the constitution

Today I'll exemplify this with only one surprising phenomenon:
There is a school in Germany with "Glueck" in its curriculum!
The end of a video showed, how this is done:
appreciation of each other, much body work
and challenges, which, when met successfully
empower the pupils, and raise their self-worth!
[S. the end of an article which accompanies the video]

The latter, by the way, is exactly the goal of Nir Gur's DesertSurvivalTraining.
My and countless people's desire (see Oct.3-4, 2009) has manifested: Nir lives!
I caught him while he walked up the stairs to his spouse's flat at Kiryat-Haim,
during a weekend break (Jan. 8) from the Rehabilitation Center Beit Loewenstein.


grandson Alon climbs up an ancient wall , 2003

e-mail quote on January 5, 2009 -"Abraham" 2003

Physical human has found many labels that they use,
depending on how they feel in the moment,
to try to describe their interaction with Nonphysical.
We are Source Energy. We are Collective Consciousness - meaning a stream.
We are a consensus of many (what you might call) Nonphysical voices.
We are that which some have called angel.
We are that which some have called God.
We are that which some have called Inner Being.
But most importantly (and we'll use some of our favorite words again)
we are focalized Consciousness,
specifically responding to the vibration that you manage in your asking.

e-mail quote on January 10, 2009 -"Abraham" 1997
Take the time to line up the Energy first,
and action becomes inconsequential.
If you don't take the time to line up the Energy,
if you don't find the feeling place of what you're looking for,
not enough action in the world will make any difference.

"Spontaneous Evolution introduces the notion
that a miraculous healing awaits this planet
once we accept our new responsibility
to collectively tend the Garden
rather than fight over the turf.
When a critical mass of people
truly own this belief in their hearts and minds
and actually begin living from this truth,
our world will emerge from the darkness
in what will amount to a spontaneous evolution."

The information about this book
came to me on Sept. 15, 2009,
in an e-mail from "Hay House".
I was immediately "taken" by it,
but since it was just at that time,
that I began to study 'Abraham',
I left that info in my e-mail box.
It seems,
that now its time has come for me.


"By chance", another image from that dance-show!
Here the white-clad dancers no longer kneel, but are still not standing upright. See Jan. 11-12

In Spontaneous Evolution

pioneering biologist Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. and political philosopher Steve Bhaerman team up
to offer an insightful, playful, and hopeful look
at the unfolding destiny of our species
—and how you can play an active role in birthing the evolution of civilization.

Crisis ignites evolution.
The challenges and crises the world faces today
are actually signs that change is imminent.
We are about to face our evolution.

...This evolution is driven by a change in human consciousness.
We are, each and all, active participants in what will Our world changes
when our perceptions of life as we know it changes.

The old ways of seeing, believing, and reasoning will not help us
transform the current conditions.
We need a new paradigm,
and Spontaneous Evolution is the story we've all been waiting for.

Spontaneous Evolution reveals
how changing our understanding of biology and human history
will help us navigate these turbulent times
and invites readers to reconsider:
the unquestioned pillars of biology including
random evolution, survival of the fittest, and the role of DNA

The blueprint for our sustainable, life-affirming future
that is literally inside you—
encoded in each of the trillions of cells comprising your body
How each of us can become planetary "stem cells" s
supporting the health and growth of our world and every individual in it

To secure the future we desire,
we must empower ourselves
with the knowledge
of who we truly are—
conscious co-creators of our destiny,

who are each cells in a new organism called Humanity.
We must change our mission from one based on survival of the individual
to one that encompasses survival of the species. ...

... Spontaneous Evolution offers information, inspiration, and an invitation
to participate in the greatest adventure in human history—
conscious evolution!

The promo of "Spontaneous Evolution" quotes the praise from five other others,
whose books about their views of present humankind and the future of our planet
demonstrate, how deeply many humans care,
representing also those whose task is different than editing brilliant books.

"Spontaneous Evolution is a brilliant synthesis of science, evolutionary theory, and spiritual consciousness that provides a unique explanation of our global situation and how we might move forward to repair the world. It charts a path for a global 'up-wising' that could save us from planetary disaster, recognizing that both we as individuals and the global economic/political systems, in which we operate, must evolve quickly to survive."
Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun, chair of the interfaith Network of Spiritual Progressives, and author of The Left Hand of God

Spontaneous Evolution is a world-changing book that offers a heartening view of humanity's destiny. Built on the foundation of the latest discoveries in science, it points us in the direction of functional politics, sustainable economics, and individual responsibility in the context of an interdependent community."
Thom Hartmann, author of The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

"This wise and thoughtful book is a powerful antidote for anyone who is pessimistic and depressed about our future and the challenges we face as humans."
Larry Dossey, M.D., author of The Power of Premonitions

"The implications of this powerful book have the potential to change the world."
Deepak Chopra, author of The Third Jesus

"Spontaneous Evolution is the life-map we've all been waiting for! With just the right blend of spiritual humor and rock-solid science, Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman cast a holistic new light on an emerging new civilization. They lead us beyond collapsing economies and religious extremes to show us that such chaos is a natural step in an unfolding process, rather than the tragic end to a broken planet. Once we recognize the big picture, the choices to a better life and a better world become obvious. The guiding role of Spontaneous Evolution is where our teachings of life, history, and civilization should begin."
Gregg Braden, New York Times best-selling author of The Divine Matrix and Fractal Time




January 17, 2010, Sunday,

in my sanctuary at Arad



"Is it not fantastic, that we can talk with each other about your choice of how to die,
while you, Yanina, talk on the phone in your house - in a village in the center of Israel,
and I hold my cellphone to my ear, standing east of Arad above Desert
and Dead Sea?"

From my observation point in my present home-town in the south of Israel I see both:
3 towers of cellular networks and the Sea as it - after sunset - stands out from below.
This is not "telepathy", which will soon replace the technical communication channels,
nor are there only advantages to the fast connections with lover, family and friends...
be it via cellphone ~or chatting through the Internet ~or writing e-mails etc. etc. etc.
But the very fact, that technology allows for
immediate communication,
means, that experiencing of us humans through interaction is immensely accelerated.
And the more we experience, the faster are we growing towards Heaven-on-Earth!

The next day, today - a little after sunset , when the Dead Sea becomes visible in the East,
I took my landlords' kids, Lior (8) and Amit (6) to this spot, some 15 min. from our house,
to help me reconstruct the situation of that phone-communication and my celebration of it.
3 antennae of 3 cell-phone companies are seen to my left , the Dead Sea looms to my right.


January 18, 2010, Monday,

in my sanctuary at Arad



I want to celebrate the rain in the World, despite the damage it does sometimes.
People in this part of the planet have always thanked for rain,
even more so the people in my region, in the desert of Arad.
It was the first rain this winter and it rushed with force and thunderous lightenings.

Before sleep I completed "Initiation", and having learnt from it only "by contrast", discarded it.
[except for the High Priest's teaching about the tetrahedron: our invention of the pyramidal tent]
Then, parallel to the relevant dreaming for which I had asked, I woke up ever so often
and listened all night, first to the stormy-violent rain, then to the soft, constant drizzle.

To stop the knocking dripping in the metal eave I slipped out into the wet darkness,
wading barefoot through an enormous puddle to pad the outlet of the eave - in vain!
This morning, when I returned from the pool, I watched the puddle in "my" garden
and the reflections of a pale sun, the miserable apricot-tree and my landlord's shed.

So I used the sleepless moments to thank for these wondrous rightness in the world
the Rain and the Sun, the Air and the Soil-oh Heaven on Earth

What a pretty, lively pattern on the path of desert-soil in "my" garden!

I now remember the moving quotes in my book: It was the lack of RAIN,
which made the ancient Jewish rabbis feel solidarity with all humans

Greater is the descent of RAIN
than the resurrection from the dead,,
for the resurrection is for humans,
while raining is for humans and animals!
Resurrection from the dead is for Israel
while Raining for Israel and the Heathen!

Greater is the day of rains
than the resurrection from the dead,
for the resurrection from the dead
is for the righteous ones
while the rains
- are for the righteous as for the wicked!

Greater is the descent of RAIN
than the Giving of the Torah,
for the Giving of the Torah is joy for Israel,
while the descent of RAIN is joy
for all the nations and for all the world,
and for cattle and beast and birds!

[Talmud, Ta'anit 7a]            


I, I would like~~~ to be like rains
and melt away ~all people's chains
so they will free and love themselves
and feel and love and dance like elves

[listen to this recent song; s. Gadi's photos of the great rain in the Ramon Crater on Dec.22, 2009





January 19, 2010, Tuesday,
in my sanctuary at Arad

"Israeli government convenes for the first time in Berlin"

Fifty years have passed since a "repair of the past" between two individual lovers.
Now they presented a kind of togetherness in front of the world:
7 members of the Israeli Government and 7 members of the German Government.

Despite their pathetic agenda I, too, feel, that this is a symbolic, historical event,
which shows - slow as it is - what is becoming right with the World!

image in an article of Metro-News
where the security-man is in the picture!
I wasn't happy about the convention's agenda:
In exchange for letting the Germans voice
their concern about Israel's settlement-policy,
the Israelis got Merkel's, the woman's, support
for "advocating sanctions against Iran".
Thus both act on fear and defensiveness
instead of turning enemies into partners...

I desire to celebrate this event by inserting a composition of three songs


Jerusalem, November 1960
Rafael Rosenzweig for Christa Guth

"Your nation has despised itself to death ,
You atone for the wrong you have not done,
If integrity, honesty, purity,
if faith and love
Can generate the miracle?
                 Who knows?

                " We know -
There are no reparations for the heart of a mother
Whose infant was smashed against a wallAnd how will they wipe off
the squalor of blood and tears
From a generation's heart of horror?

"From where do you,
beloved daughter

of a foolish generation,
Take the strength to begin all over again
and to arouse
Respect and love towards humans
created in the image [of God]
Despite of everything?
Be blessed for this!"

Listen to my tune of Rafael's poem

From the prophecy of Jeremiah (31:14-15),
I adopted my name, when I became Jewish
A voice is heard in Ramah,
lamentation, and bitter weeping,
Rachel weeping for her children;
she refuseth to be comforted
for her children,
because they are not

the second part I never felt like singing,
until my daughter-in-love , Ra'ayah,
taught me another tune to the Biblical text,
which "naturally" included the consolation

Thus saith the LORD:
Refrain thy voice from weeping,
and thine eyes from tears;
for thy work shall be rewarded,

saith the LORD;
and they shall come back
from the land of the enemy.

And there is hope for thy future,
saith the LORD;
and thy children shall return
to their own border


Listen to both tunes

From a very famous (...!) prophecy of Isaiah
I adopted the name of my son, IMMANUEL
combining it with 2 other passages into a song,


O God, keep not Thou silence;
hold not Thy peace, and be not still, O God.
For, lo, ... They hold crafty converse against Thy people,
and take counsel ... they have said:
'Come, and let us cut them off
from being a nation;
that the name of Israel
may be no more in remembrance.'
For they have consulted together
- their heart united

Therefore the Lord Himself
shall give you a sign:
behold, the young woman shall conceive,
and bear a son,
and shall call his name Immanuel.

Take counsel together,
and it shall be brought to nought;
speak the word, and it shall not stand;
for with us is God [Immanu-El].

'Bind up the testimony .....
Behold, I and the children
whom the LORD hath given me
shall be for signs and for wonders
in Israel

I dared to write these verses on the back of a photo, which showed ME, his --
"bliss-full mother 7 hours after Immanuel brought his little light to this dark World. "

January 20, 2010, Wednesday,

in my sanctuary at Arad



How strange, that until that TV program about "Glueck", happiness (s. above Jan. 15)
I never heard of the "Positive Psychology" of Martin Seligmann or his followers.
[Selig-mann is usually a German-Jewish name meaning: "blissed is the man"...]
Having now read that German TV article about "The Effect of Positive Psychology",
I now want to study this change-in-belief in both frames of "Celebrate what is right".
But I want to send out a warning: all this "positivity" is most often connected to denial!"
When searching for the "Angelic Message about Breathing and Eye-Movement" in pp13,
I came across this rare passage from the Green Book of the Right Use of Will series:

Introduction p.III
"I want to introduce you now to some feelings you have not known before,
no matter what your impressions are of Heaven...

"These feelings are feelings of joy
that do not have to deny anything in order to be joyful,
feelings of joy

that have no undercurrent feelings of being only an intermission in an ongoing war
and joy that need not hold back because of what tomorrow may bring.

"To have these feelings, you must be free of denials.
The more you have limited the expression of some emotions,
the more the capacity to experience and express all of the other emotions
is also affected.

"...Denial is everyplace you are not fully conscious.
If you have denial, you have guilt
because you are not allowing your true vibration.

"If you have no guilt, you are no longer bound by the physical plane.
You can leave it without dying first and without leaving your body behind.
Instead, you can step up the vibration of your physical body
to the speed of light.
[see my humorous song! "My Body be as fast as light, or be at least light as a kite"]

Another quote there, [from "Spirit" in "Godchannel"], describes
how "I felt for the first time in my existence ~ JOY.
"I decided to focus on the pleasant new feelings,
so I disregarded my curiosity and suspicions
and paid attention
to the JOY that was becoming the foundation of my heart."

"Spirit" then tells, what again and again turned this JOY sour....

"Although I felt enraptured by the closeness, love and joy,
a part of me felt somehow confined and enclosed."

This is an example of how cautious we must be with striving for and feeling JOY!
Our happiness about JOY is such, that we tend to deny any undercurrent feeling,
that does not comply with this JOY.
And I ardently wish, that those "Positive Psychologists" found the path to WHOLE Joy.

This website, called "Moodraiser!"...shows many linkes to "questionnaires," like this:

"The Silver Lining Questionnaire measures the extent to which people believe
their illness has had a positive benefit despite the negative consequences of being ill. Research suggests that this positive interpretation is not due to a form of self-delusion but instead reflects personal growth and that it can be enhanced by the context.
Its role in recovery from illness is complex."

I inserted "Positive Psychology-Martin Seligmann" in Google's Search!
There is so much information that makes my heart rejoice!!!
Finally! What I've been working for since the age of sixteen:
to help people find the work that makes them feel full-filled,
and what I've expanded and deepened ever since -towards
"The Conditions for HEAVEN-On-EARTH":
grate-full-ness, zest-full-ness, full-fill-ment,
is becoming a new belief, a new paradigm
as taught by "Abraham" or demanded by "Spontaneous Evolution"!

January 21, 2010, Thursday,

in my sanctuary at Arad


The FALL of a WALL
A stripe of fenced and mined "Defense" -5 km wide, 3000 km long-
becomes a bridge for people and peoples to interact with each other
and a reserve of Wild Life, guarded by mutual contracts of the states,
which once were cruel enemies - and I cry and sob writing this now!

The concept of the Iron Curtain symbolized the ideological and physical boundary dividing Europe into two separate areas from the end of World War II in 1945
until the end of the Cold War in 1991.
On either side of the Iron Curtain,
states developed their own international economic and military alliances

Warsaw Pact countries
to the east of the Iron Curtain are shaded red; NATO members to the west of it shaded blue.
Militarily neutral countries shaded grey.

Physically, the Iron Curtain
took the shape of border defenses
b e t w e e n

the countries of Western and Eastern Europe,
most notably the Berlin Wall, which served
as a longtime symbol of the Curtain as a whole.

Demolition of the Iron Curtain started in Hungary during the summer of 1989 ,,,
when thousands of East Germans began to emigrate to West Germany via Hungary

on September 11, foreshadowing
the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989.

Fence along the East/West border in Germany (near Witzenhausen-Heiligenstadt)

Fall of the Wall
Following a period of economic and political stagnation,
the Soviet Union decreased intervention in Eastern Bloc politics.
Mikhail Gorbachev ... also initiated the policies of glasnost (openness) and perestroika (economic restructuring).
A wave of Revolutions occurred throughout the Eastern Bloc.

Major reforms occurred in the People's Republic of Hungary in 1988.
In April 1989, the Solidarity organization was legalized in ... Poland
and captured 99% of available parliamentary seats.
In November 1989, following mass protests in East Germany
and the relaxing of border restrictions in Czechoslovakia,
tens of thousands of East Berliners flooded checkpoints along the Berlin Wall,
crossing into West Berlin.

[I, Christa-Rachel Bat-Adam, point out , that the exact date was November 9, 1989,

51 years after the "Crystal Night", the first pogrom of the Nazis against the Jews!]

In ... Bulgaria, the day after the mass crossings across the Berlin Wall,
leader Todor Zhivkov was ousted.
In ... Czechoslovakia, following protests of an estimated half-million Czechs,
the government permitted travel to the west
and abolished provisions guaranteeing the ruling Communist party its leading role...
In Romania, the military sided with protesters and turned on ... Nicolae Ceausescu,
who was executed after a brief trial three days later.
In ... Albania, a new package of regulations went into effect on 3 July 1990
entitling all Albanians over the age of 16 to own a passport for foreign travel.

... In July 1990, the day East Germany adopted the West German currency,
all border controls ceased
and West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl convinced Gorbachev
to drop Soviet objections to a reunited Germany within NATO
in return for substantial German economic aid to the Soviet Union.

See more on "The Iron Curtain Trail" - and I cry and I sob with overwhelming joy...

January 22, 2010, Friday,
in my sanctuary at Arad

When I was eight years old and learnt the Biblical story about Babylon,

I thought - with utmost distress - that I had found the answer
to the very first question I had asked in my life, at the age of five,
when we still didn't know, that my missed soldier father was dead,
but after I had experienced running to the shelter every night,
and seeing people in nightgowns looking in ruins for their loved-ones.

Mother, why are there wars?
Why do people quarrel?
Mother, why does God keep silent
and does not stop them ?

[From a Hebrew Childrens Song] I sob...

I asked myself, I asked God, for I couldn't ask my poor mother...

The answer implied in that story of Genesis 11 seemed to be:
there is war, because people do no longer speak one language.
I would kneel in my bed every night,
after my siblings had fallen asleep
"Please, God, reverse your curse of splitting the language of humans!
Let all people speak one language, so they will understand each other!"

Later I learnt, that the message of the story is the total opposite:
the new humankind wanted to cuddle together and not separate!
They all spoke
one language "so you couldn't discern
between the speeck of a wise man and the speech of a fool"
said Ibn Ezra in the 12th century,
And they built
a tower for fear of being dispersed!
But water that doesn't go-out, doesn't separate,
says the story of Eden, Gn 2:10,
will not fertilize the garden, it will become a malaria infested swamp!

And yet - the fact, that "Babylon", founded in 1997,
and such a blessing for my work on my websites
"is sold     worldwide     in     over      200      countries
with a user base of over 55 million desktop installations",

does give an answer to the prayer of the 8 year old child...

Babylon's dictionary
... offers results
from a database of 1,400 sources in 75 languages.
The database includes 33 professional dictionaries in 17 languages
developed by Babylon's own linguistic team:
English, French, German, Spanish,
Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew,
Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Russian,
Korean, Swedish, Greek, Arabic and Turkish.

At the end of this day I'm discovering my 'Babylon sculpture'
of 2001/12/19 - 2002/01/06
in "All of Creation",
one of the first "puzzle-pieces" created exactly 9 years ago.
And just underneath I was pointing out another world event,
which I now would count into "What's right with the World":
the introduction of the EURO, the European Currency!



1944-I, with my sister and brother,
evacuated to a village to escape the bombardments of my home-town Stuttgart in Germany

e-mail quote on January 15, 2009 -"Abraham" 2004

We would never do anything that didn't make our heart sing!
~~~And so you say,
"But that choice doesn't seem to be there.
There's this choice that doesn't make my heart sing,
or sort of staying where I am.
So what should I do?"
And we say,
we'd hang around and wait for something that makes our heart sing
—and then we'd jump in with all four feet.

e-mail quote on January 16, 2009 -"Abraham" 1999

As you begin to state what you do want,
rather than clamoring about what you don't want,
you come into your own power.
When you come into your own power,
you feel better.
And when you feel better --
those who love you also feel better.

Today's e-mail quote -"Abraham" 2001

This "underdeveloped" country is not inappropriate in any way.
It has different desires and different standards,
and it is not lesser than --
it is just different.
We did not all come to do it the same way.
We did not all come to be alike.
We came as a diverse bunch of Non-Physical Energies
wanting different experiences.

To Mother Earth, Father Sky, and All Imaginal Cells

Preface: Why We Wrote this Book
Hello, I’m Bruce Lipton. And I’m Steve Bhaerman.

Bruce Lipton:
We welcome you to our new book, Spontaneous Evolution.
In my earlier book, The Biology of Belief, the emphasis was
on how our attitudes and emotions
control our physiology, our biology, and our gene expression.
The book focused on how personal beliefs affect our personal reality.

But there is something more profound to be learned, which is
that collective beliefs of a culture or society
also affect our personal biology and behavior.

Society is beginning to recognize
that our current collective beliefs are detrimental
and that our world is in a very precarious position.
So, I thought it was time to bring out a message about
how the new biology and other insights in the world of science
can be applied to our societal beliefs
and help us address the threatening situations we currently face.
In this work, I emphasize biology, beliefs, and behavior.
However, to fully understand this message,
my friend Steve Bhaerman offers information .....
regarding how social structure, politics, and economics also tie into our biology.



December 2000, one of our first digital photos:
Alon and Tomer, Immanuel's sons, during a picknick in nature

Today's e-mail quote -"Abraham" 1998

People say, "The joy is in the journey,"
but they rarely understand what they are saying.
You are in this focused time/space reality
with goals and objectives that call you
because as you identify a desire
it literally summons life through you.
Life summoning through you is what it's all about
--it's not the completion of anything.

Steve Bhaerman:
For the past 22 years, I’ve been doing comedy,
disguised as Swami Beyondananda, the cosmic comic.
Comedy is a wonderful way to tell the truth
and a way to break through the mind’s defenses
to get new information and perspective in
under the radar.
Prior to the Swami, however, my first professional “incarnation” was
in political science and social activism during the 1960s.
I helped start an alternative high school in Washington, D.C.,
for students who had grown past traditional schooling.
These were exciting times when new ideas were emerging and being tested.
As I sadly observed, the most important of those tests
—whether we could actually live the lofty principles we espoused—
was being flunked left and right.
For example, I recall meeting one individual
who was a world-renowned expert on communal living.
Unfortunately no one could stand to live with him.

Realizing how little I knew about how to turn the ideal into the real deal,
I embarked on a 25-year journey
into psychology, personal growth, meditation, and spirituality.
Over the past seven years, I’ve had the itch
to integrate those ideas in a book I wanted to call Healing the Body Politic.
After I met Bruce, I thought we could work on the project together,
and he agreed.

Bruce Lipton:

In the medical world, we sometimes have a patient
who is declared terminal and everyone counts her out.
Then something happens,
and this individual has a fundamental change in personal belief
through which she expresses a spontaneous remission.
One moment, she is terminal and, the next, totally free of disease.
This shocks many medical practitioners,
but it happens frequently,
and most people are aware that the phenomenon exists.

Earth and the biosphere—and that includes us—are an integrated living system. While the system appears to be faltering,
the planet itself is capable of expressing a spontaneous remission.

... that remission is a fundamental change
in awareness and beliefs
as to who we really are.

We used the spontaneous remission concept in the title of this book
because we believe
that science’s new insights will profoundly change
civilization’s collective beliefs on the nature of life.

We have woven this new science into a hopeful story
of humanity’s potential future to help promote planetary healing.

Spontaneous Evolution
merges current scientific insights with ancient wisdom to reveal
how truly powerful we are and that we can influence our own evolution.

According to conventional Darwinian theory,
evolution is a very slow and gradual process,
requiring millions and millions of years
to manifest the evolutionary transformations of species.
New scientific insights reveal
that evolution actually consists of long periods of stasis,
interrupted by sudden, dramatic upheavals.

The upheavals are punctuations
that change the course of evolution and lead to whole new forms of life.
Our civilization is presently in a state of disorganization and disintegration.
We are currently in dire need of evolutionary advancement
and don’t have time for a slow, gradual evolution.
Interestingly, in light of the crises we face,
it appears that civilization is already in the throes of a punctuation.


Dec.2005, two beautifully-contrasting trees,
Immanuel's photo in the Central Park of New York

Steve Bhaerman:
At the same time, we are also coming to realize humanity is connected.
The most obvious physical demonstration is the Internet,
through which we can send and receive messages around the world
at the speed of light.
This instantaneous communication ties together the entire global village.
Everything is entangled. Everything is related.
We’re all in this together.

Of course, along with this awesome understanding, we realize
that the old ways of seeing, believing, and reasoning
will not help us alleviate the current situation and step into the new.
Our survival is at stake.
We need a new paradigm. We need a spontaneous evolution.
That is why we have written this book.

A Universal Love Story

This is a love story.
A love story for the entire Universe: you, me, and every living organism.

Act I
opened billions of years ago
when a wave of light from the sun collided with a particle of matter.
That spark of love between Father Sun and Mother Earth
gave birth to a child on this blue-green spheroid.
That precocious child, called life, has made Earth its playground ever since,
multiplying into an endless array of magnificent forms.
Some of those forms are with us today,
but many more have become extinct and will never be known

The curtain rose on Act II of this love story some 700 million years ago
when certain single-celled organisms decided they’d had it with the single life.
Realizing they couldn’t live alone,
they turned to one another and said (in whatever primal language single cells speak)
“Baby, I need your lovin’.”
And thus, the multicellular organism was created.

Act III began over a million years ago
when multicellular organisms evolved
into the first consciously aware humans to arrive on the scene.
With consciousness,
life was able to observe itself, reflect,
and create its own future.
Life could experience and appreciate love and joy.
Life could even laugh at itself

and, eventually, come to write books like the one you hold in your hands.

Act IV t
races the evolution of human clans
who joined forces and carved the globe into nation states.
At the present time,
we find ourselves near the closing moments of this act,
wondering if the play ends here, like a Greek tragedy that always ends badly.
Looking at our chaotic world of human dysfunction and environmental crisis,
we seem to be headed for an inevitable train wreck.
Fortunately for us, the Greeks also had five-act plays;
these were comedies filled with laughter, joy, happiness, and love.
Spontaneous Evolution is a story
about how we can safely navigate from Act IV to Act V.
The good news is that biology and evolution are on our side.

Inherent within all living organisms is an innate drive to survive,
known by science as the biological imperative.
Contrary to what conventional science and religion have been telling us,
evolution is neither random nor predetermined
but rather an intelligent dance
between organism and environment.

When conditions are ripe—either through crisis or opportunity
something unpredictable happens to bring the biosphere
into a new balance at a higher level of coherence.
While we often perceive of examples of spontaneous remission
as miraculous healings that happen by the grace of God,
looking a little deeper we see something else at work.
Quite often these fortunate individuals
actively participate in their own healing
by consciously or unconsciously
making a key, significant change
in their beliefs and behaviors.

So here is the bad news and the good news.
The story of human life on Earth is yet to be determined.
If there is to be an Act V, it will depend on whether we humans are willing
to make changes in our individual and collective beliefs and behaviors
and whether we are able to make these changes in time.

For millennia,
our spiritual teachers have been pointing us in the direction of love.
Now science is confirming that ancient wisdom.
We are each and all cells
in the body of an evolving giant super-organism we call humanity
Because humans have free will, we can choose
to either rise to that new level of emergence or,

in the manner of dinosaurs, fall by the wayside.
The religions that grew out of the cradle of civilization,
the Fertile Crescent that is modern day Iraq
—which, ironically, is now in danger of being the grave of civilization—
have all had the notion of redemption through some savior.
In that sense, the coming of the Messiah in Act V
will turn the play of life into a human comedy.
All good comedies need a joke, so here is the punch line:
we are the answer to our own prayers.
Albert Einstein stated
that a problem couldn’t be solved at the same level it was created. .....
More weaponry doesn’t bring peace. More prisons don’t reduce crime.
More expensive health care doesn’t make us healthier.
Nor does more information make us wiser


The spontaneous remission we seek appears to be contingent
upon a spontaneous re-missioning of civilization
through which we change our mission from one based on survival of the individual
to one that encompasses survival of the species.
This is our fundamental evolutionary mission, our biological imperative.
Achieving this remission necessitates that we individually and collectively
reexamine many of the fundamental assumptions our civilization accepts as true.
... When we realize our role as awakened and aware cells in the body of humanity,
.. we will witness a new order spontaneously emerge out of chaos.

It’s Time to Evolve Evolution

The latest science is telling us that, while Creation didn’t happen in seven days,
it was not the result of random evolution, either.
Thanks to the new science of
fractal mathematics,
we are aware that self-similar intelligent patterns recur throughout Nature.
When these universal patterns are used to assess the state of h
uman civilization,
they reveal the evolution of our human species is on the path
toward a hopeful ... future. [Continuation on January 21, further down]



Dec. 20, 2008,granddaughter Rotem plays the flute

Today's e-mail quote -"Abraham" 2004

Everything that I think that I need to do
is all only in order to propel me to some place
that when I get there, I think I will be happier.
So, everything that I am doing, no matter what it is,
all of my lists of rights and wrongs~~~ are all about me getting to a manifestation that I believe I will then be happier~~~
So, why don't I take a short cut and just go get happy?

Intro to the 5 min. video to "Glücksstrategien" - "Strategies to Happiness"
"Es sind vor allem die dunklen Seiten der menschlichen Seele
wie Ängste, Zwänge oder Depressionen,
mit denen sich die klassische Psychologie seit Jahrzehnten beschäftigt.
Seit Ende der 1990er Jahre findet jedoch eine neue Richtung
auch in Europa immer mehr Beachtung: Die Positive Psychologie.
Demnach ist Glück keine reine Glückssache mehr,
sondern erlernbar und trainierbar"
"For decades classical psychology concerned itself mainly with the dark sides
of the human soul, like anxieties, compulsions and depressions.
Yet since the end of the nineties a new trend finds more and more attention
also in Europe:
Positive Psychology according to which happiness [Glueck]
is no longer a matter of luck [in German also called "Glueck"] but learnable and trainable"

Positive psychology: An introduction.
By Seligman, Martin E. P.; Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly
American Psychologist. Vol 55(1), Jan 2000, 5-14.
A science of
positive subjective experience, positive individual traits, and positive institutions promises to improve quality of life
and prevent the pathologies that arise when life is barren and meaningless.
The exclusive focus on pathology that has dominated so much of our discipline results in a model of the human being
lacking the positive features that make life worth living.
Hope, wisdom, creativity,
future mindedness, courage, spirituality,
responsibility, and perseverance
are ignored or explained as transformations of more authentic negative impulses. The 15 articles in this millennial issue of the American Psychologist
discuss such issues as what enables happiness,
the effects of autonomy and self-regulation,
how optimism and hope affect health,
what constitutes wisdom,
and how talent and creativity come to fruition.
The authors outline a framework for a science of positive psychology,
point to gaps in our knowledge,
and predict that the next century will see a science and profession
that will come to understand and build the factors
that allow individuals, communities, and societies to flourish.

The Beginning of Positive Psychology
written by Hans Rippel Sept. 2009, updated Nov.2009

The modern positive psychology movement began with Martin Seligman’s
American Psychological Association’s (APA) Presidential address
at the yearly conference in San Francisco, California. His speech was entitled
Building Human Strength:
Psychology’s Forgotten Mission

..."The aspects that make life worthwhile living
have been left largely unexamined.
To bring balance to this negatively skewed field,
in his speech, Seligman calls on psychologists
to build an equally large body of knowledge
about what is good and right about people
and exploring how these qualities can be nurtured":

"This mission calls for the creation
of a more complete picture of people’s lives,
beyond a victimology
where people are only considered as passive beings
who are merely impacted on by their environment,
towards also seeing people as active agents
who create and shape themselves,
their environments,
and their futures.





a golden thistle, as it grows in my Wadi of Compassion
but was photographed on the ancient Titorah Hill of Modi'in by 8 year old Tomer in 2003

Today's e-mail quote -"Abraham" 2003

When you are really in the flow with your Inner Being,
ideas come easily—they are implemented easily.
It's fun while you are in the process of them,
and it doesn't matter how they unfold;
and nothing can go wrong,
and it doesn't matter if you don't get it done,
it's just fun to do it.

Your Inner Being feels no limit.
So, anything that feels like limits is something that you have self-imposed.

.....it cannot happen without our participation.
We are conscious co-creators in the evolution of life.
We have free will. And we have choices.

Consequently our success is based on our choices,
which are, in turn, totally dependent on our awareness.
The good news is
that we are already well on our way to the next level of human evolution.
We believe this leap in evolution was inaugurated
by an event that changed civilization’s perceptions forever.
The first pictures of Earth beamed back from space in 1969
offer photographic evidence of what spiritual seers have proclaimed for centuries:
the world is one.
A picture may be worth a thousand words,
but the value of the picture of Earth that appeared
on the January 10, 1969, cover of LIFE magazine
was incalculable.
Etched into the imagination of the world’s citizens was
not only the beauty of our precious blue-green planet
but also its smallness and fragility.

Anthropologist Margaret Mead called that image
“the most sobering photograph ever made.
Our lovely, lonely planet afloat in a vast black sea of space.
So beautiful yet so tragically fragile.
So dependent on so many people in all countries.”

That image of Earth from space inspired American visionary John McConnell
to create the Earth Flag in 1969.

From "The Great Global Gallery"
The Earth Flag is a symbol of internationality
and common interest,
a standard that calls all people to mutual allegiance
to their only universally-shared resource -
the Earth itself.
The Earth Flag was designed in 1970
by Earth Day founder and pioneer John McConnell,
an early leader in the international peace movement. Inspired by the striking first photographs
of the whole Earth taken during Apollo 10' mission ... this symbolic creation attained immediate world-wide recognition.

And this greater concern for Earth
also stoked the first environmental legislation in the United States in the 1970s.

we must empower ourselves with the knowledge
of who we truly are.

With an understanding of how our programming shapes our lives
and with the knowledge of how we can change that programming,
we can rewrite our destiny.

Part I
What If Every thing You Know Is Wrong!

Gaze into the sky on a clear, dark, moonless night,
and you will see thousands of pinholes of light
—each one a massive, magnificent star in a Universe too large to imagine.
Focus on one star and realize that it might no longer exist
but may have burned out and collapsed into space rubble eons ago.
But because the star was light-years away,
illumination from its former existence is still visible,
serving as a navigational guide for mariners.
Now, turn your gaze from the heavens to our less-than-heavenly Earth and ask:
“Is it possible that we have been charting our course
by a burnedout philosophical star? What if our belief system about life is wrong?”
... we now generate, share, and absorb more scientific information than ever ..
But ...right content in a wrong context is really misinformation
that will lead us either off course or on a dangerous course.


Feb.2001, Alon helps Tomer to climb up a rope at the Sea

Chapter 1, Believing Is Seeing,
we turn the cliche “seeing is believing” on its head.
Starting with how cells process information,
we trace biological pathways
that convert perceptions into beliefs
and what might appear to be reality.

We offer irrefutable evidence that the mind is, indeed,
the master over matter,
and then we get right down to the cellular level to show
how and why this is how life really works.

In Chapter 2, Act Locally . . . Evolve Globally,

we explain how subconscious programming
unconsciously thwarts our best intentions.
When tracing the evolutionary history of the mind, we show
how each of us is,
at once, blameless and yet completely responsible for our actions!

In Chapter 3, A New Look at the Old Story,

we move from biology to philosophy
and describe how the story we use to explain reality
controls our perceptions and, inevitably, our behavior.
We explain how civilizations evolved over millennia
and how each new paradigm greatly influenced the world
our ancestors and parents saw and created
as well as the world we see and create today.
Most importantly, by stepping outside our stories, we can see
that stories are, well, merely stories,
no more real than words on a restaurant menu are edible.
However, the meaning we bring to those words
ultimately determines our choices of what we end up eating.
By lifting ourselves outside the matrix of unquestioned beliefs,
we allow new stories to emerge
that will take us from the tragedy of Act IV to a lighter and brighter Act V.

Christa-Rachel: The term "belief" contrary to "reality"
came to my awareness first through the books of Seth,
and later through "Right Use of Will" and Godchannel,
except that there the preferred term is "JUDGMENT".

I don't recall if "Seth" shows how to let go of beliefs,
but "RELEASING JUDGMENTS" in Deity's information
is complementary to MOVING EMOTIONS physically!
One without the other does not allow true HEALING!

And only if I, the individual, "heal myself into wholeness",
= into total self-acceptance of all I think, sense, feel, live,
can Creation or Manifestation or Humankind   e v o l v e !

In Chapter 4, Rediscovering America,
we relate the principles and practices
that influenced the creation of the Declaration of Independence
and still apply to the evolution now at hand.
This is not a patriotic paean to glorify America,
rather it is an acknowledgment
of the revolutionary, visionary truths
that “all men [and women] are created equal
~~~ endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights
~~~ Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

These truths, which have yet to be fully realized in the United States,
were actually a gift to the whole world,
a gift that originated with Native indigenous tribes.

Reading Part I should provide some relief
because its message explains what is wrong with the world
and helps generate a new life-sustaining story.

When we understand that cultural philosophy
and individual perceptions
are actually acquired beliefs
that determine not only our biology
but also the world we live in,
we gain personal and world-changing insight.

We cease to be dazed accident victims
and claim our right
to become personally empowered co-creators
and architects of a brave and loving new world.




January 24, 2010, Sunday,
in my sanctuary at Arad


The BIG BROTHER Reality-Show, a hit in almost 70 countries,
was impressing me enormously already during its first season in Israel .
Many of the K.i.s.s.-Log pages from Oct.-Dec. 2008 document this,

[see "The Focus of My Intention" on Sept.2 and from then onward: the greenish frame!]
The show's name comes from George Orwell's dystopian novel
"which till the year 1989, had been translated to more than 65 languages,
the greatest number for any novel."

I never read the novel but having been a "doomsday believer" at least since 1952,
I was preparing myself all through 1984 for Orwell's predictions to come true....
I was proven to be wrong~~~ but it took me all these years to learn to celebrate,
that the metaphor "Big Brother" can be given the opposite meaning: redemption!
Yesterday I could and did celebrate!
And this - after last week I was so shattered by the "evil" exposed by the inmates,
that I considered to stop giving this game and its actors my loving intent/attention.
But I reminded myself that these actors are representing all human aspects of God,
and if the show exemplifies how transparency and ripping-open denials are spreading,
then I must bear to first witness the evil which could become so horrid in the world,
exactly because pain and shame and fear are mostly hidden under presentation faces.

While reading the Hebrew edition of Ayaan Hirsi Ali's autobiographic novel "Infidel",
I realize again, that behind all so-called "racism", be it between Germans and Jews,
Blacks and Whites, Somalian tribes and other tribes, Christians and Muslims,
Catholics and Protestants, Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews (as in Big Brother I),
different youth movements, adjacent schools, neighbors in one neighborhood,
there is one single "need" , to prove to myself, that I am better than the other.
In "Big Brother II" the people are homogenous with no distinctive differences
though Futna is Arab & Go'el is gay & Edna doesn't hide her political agenda.
And yet for weeks there were 2 camps, which maligned each other horridly.
As if only on a blackened background -another person/nation- I see my own light
It is always the parable of Cain: If I'm not worthy, I must defame you, even kill you.

It is the DENIAL of feelings of pains, which does not let them heal.
It is the denial of feelings of shame, which does not let them evolve.
It is the denial of fear, which prevents it from showing me the way.

And this is, where "Big Brother Reality" presents, yes creates a breakthrough.
Since this intense prison does not allow anyone to escape constant interaction,
the inmates get more and more "emotional", as demonstrated by lawyer Sa'ar,
who could not stop crying after his adversary Eliraz had come to make peace.

"Sulcha" - Eliraz initiates reconciliation first towards Sa'ar , then towards Ayalah, see video

Neither he nor Eliraz nor Ayalah are the people who entered the house 68 days ago.
They grew!
The big "sulkha" must be watched on video. But I'll give 2 other examples of
how horrible defense patterns and judging others sometimes literally evaporate:

Tomer, so proud of his sexiness & cleverness, broke down in the confession room
"Seeing these strong people (concerning the "sulkha"), who am I? I am nothing!"
And Edna, born in Iran, a mother of 4, one of the women of "Machsom-Watch",
who dedicates her life to put an end to Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory,
made a horrid mistake when comparing the Holocaust to the way, the Israelites
in the time of Joshua conquered Jericho and murdered men, women & children.
She, too, collapsed in the confession room, her things packed, ready to leave:

"I am so ashamed! There is nothing that can make up for what I said!
I also did terrible damage to the group of people with whom I work!"

While "Big Brother" did not soothe Tomer's shame of false self-confidence,
he acted most sensitively and wisely to make Edna stand up to her shame,
go back to her mates just before Shabbat-dinner, explain the constant pain,
which had trapped her in that horrible comparison and ask for

It is no wonder, that "Big Brother" also attracted a wondrous Arab woman,
a mother, who did not take sides, on the contrary sowed the seeds of peace.

"I'm so proud of you", said Futna & hugged the reconciled rivals, Eliraz with Sa'ar and Ayalah.
The latter walked away and cried their heart out.

"It is impossible to not get along with Futna, she is the real mother of the House of Big Brother II. She is the one who truly cares for the well-being of all inmates. When on a Muslim festival she was asked what she wished for her family, she said:

"that there be real peace for all"

t took me many hours to select a mimimum from the immense documentation,
which is availabe on the Internet - which in itself is another sign for transparity!

I want to close with praise for the so-called
Confession Room,
where the actors can spill their heart out
in front of an invisible "Big Brother",
finding comfort in the fact that they are listened to,
even if they mostly do not get answers, and rightly so.
"Big Brother" trusts, that the very moving of emotions
will help them to find the answers in themselves!

As secret as the confession is concerning the inmates,
as open is it to the watching audience. Transparency!

Eliraz in the Confession Room





January 25, 2010, Monday,
in my sanctuary at Arad

Bamboo, the super-fiber - my beloved plant, tree and material

"If you plant bamboo, you plant water", say the Chinese.
The more I watched the German 3SAT doc about bamboo, yesterday night,
the more I knew that bamboo was a sign "for what is right with the World".

I don't remember, what in the heat of July 1996 in Sinai made me understand,
that the R&D of my pyramidal tent demanded to replace the 3 wooden poles
by 3 bamboo poles and later - 4th generation of R&D - by 6 bamboo poles!
But I recall, that when Ran Lichtner found me
(and probably saved my life),
he was inspired by my pyramid to take up his own fascination with bamboo.

Now, what synchronicity! there is an e-mail message from Ran's Bamboo-center!
About new plants and many activities around bamboo and even a bamboo festival!

There are many new ideas and technologies   for a sustainable life on our planet,
but my "trauma" concerning renewable energies for instance leaves me sceptical.
Ever since 1986, i.e. ever since my endeavors to equip  my bus and the succahs
with solar energy,
I cannot see the breakthrough for which I've worked once again in 2003-4.
Too many disadvantages and side-effects to each and every new invention!
There just isn't a real ECONOMIC incentive for a mankind-combined effort.
It's true: after the Russian "Sputnik" success Kennedy's announced in 1958,
 "in 10 years we'll be on the moon", and yes, they were on the moon in 1968.
Stronger than economy is "Cain's need" to prove,
that "I am better than you and therefore worthy!"
But if so, what needs to "happen", so that 7000 scientists will cooperate
and co---create what gives us electricity without destroying our planet?

Yet the less visible bamboo booming, the vast planting even in non-tropical Europe,
is going into the right direction in ever so many areas.
I am fascinated by the video from Indonesia on Ran's website, made before Haiti,
but giving short-range as long-range answers to the earthquake stricken country!

In Ran Lichtner's e-mail
I see a GUADUA bamboo building
in Costa Rica.
Ran says, that this - from among the 1400 kinds of bamboo-
is the best one
suited for building,
"If all will go well, in spring
we'll all enjoy bamboo poles
suiting the conditions of Israel."

In that Indonesian 19 min. video
the Red Cross & the Red Crescent

recommend - for building -
"Apus" and "Petung" bamboo,
so that earth quake survivors
can take control
of their own recovery.

The video shows exactly,
how to build a house in 3 weeks,
which will last 7 years,
and which during earth-quakes
will not break, but bend.

See a shelter in a garbage dump

in Manila, The Philippines,
where scavengers barely survive by collecting & sorting garbage. Made of bamboo, an indigenous material, on a concrete base, it is a place of refuge from the sun.

Experts believe the large-scale cultivation of bamboo
could solve some serious environmental problems of the 21st century:
Climate change, soil erosion, rain forest deforestation and water shortages.
"If you plant bamboo, you plant water", the Chinese say.
With the fine fabric of its roots bamboo works like a cistern
and raises the groundwater level quickly and sustainable.

Bamboo, the super-grass, is the fastest-growing plant on Earth;
it has been measured surging skyward as fast as 121 cm in a 24-hour period
Therefore, no tree is able to bind as much carbon dioxide as bamboo.
The miracle plant also grows in nutrient-poor soils,
improves their structure and prevents soil erosion.
The bamboo fiber also has a unique flexibility when exposed to at high pressure,
comparable only with steel.

Therefore, buildings and bridges built from bamboo are not only cheap
but also earthquake-resistant .
Increasingly, bamboo is used as a wood substitute.
In China, a large bamboo industry arises because paper and high-quality materials
can be produced from bamboo
Also Bamboo flooring is becoming popular
(in the U.S. already one third of parquet is of bamboo.)
In his tropical home bamboo is used traditionally as an energy and building materials.
[See more uses - like for animal and human nourishment -in the article in Wikipedia]

Linda Garland was the woman
who most impressed me
in that 3SAT bamboo doc.
Please read yourself!

See also
Jim Lee's Bamboo Book List,
an enormous compilation
of books which prove,
that a "bamboo revolution"
is going on!

At the end of my "bamboo-day" I wrote to Ran, telling him about that synchronicity.
He responded with joy and told the news about his and Garland's connection to Haiti!

January 26, 2010, Tuesday,
in my sanctuary at Arad



I am NOT revising yesterday's judgment about the R&D of "Renewable Engergies",
on the contrary, I saw a 3SAT doc about North See offshore wind farm converters"
which made me furious: "so much effort! But it's all going in the familiar direction!"

But - not by chance - the Holding company YUWI in Wörrstadt, Germany, believes,
that the production of clean energy has to go hand in hand
with the happiness of the company's employees!

at juwi, we turn things around and follow through:
not against anyone or anything,
but together with everyone involved

Watch the men who explain the company's goal and concept in a video in English!
I think, that the zest-full-ness and full-fill-ment they feel, shines from their faces!

To break

With heart and mind
for the common goal:
renewable energies!

Join us !

The 3SAT video tells us, that "Juwi" together with the software company ConSol
won four times ~~~ the competition ~~~ of Germany's best employer!
Now that's great: a competition about who cares best for people! I cry!
A sub-page of Juwi
[including a video] says it all: juwi-vision/work-life-balance :
"Corporate Social Responsibility" - to unite and balance work-family-recreation.
A fantastic in-and outdoor whole-day kindergarden for the employees' children
gives not only peace to the parent, but trains the kids in exploring the world....
A fitness room and fields & places for ball games are part of the work-space.

At Juwi employees even have
an "oasis",
where they can rest, read,
renew their strength
receive new impulses
for their work
or get support from a pastor,
who, in situations of crisis,
shows new perspectives.
Juwi also has its own academy with facilities for ongoing training & learning.
"knowing what I didn't know"
stimulates the nucleus accumbens , says brain-specialist Manfred Spitzer

"Self-Determination" is what matters most to ConSol!
Self-determined, flexible working, home-office and job-sharing, make people feel,
that they are partners and that it's their interest to make their company successful.
Financial profits are divided and IT employees are - always for 4 years-
part of the decision-makers
[IT seems to meen "Information Technology"]

Through that 3SAT program about "Glueck", "Happiness" (s.above January 15)
I discovered a website -"Gluecksarchiv- the very name of which makes me happy,
It researches "full-fill-ment in work"- I may go into that with another sculpture.


.2001, Jonathan's10th birthday, Ronnit with Itamar
on a donkey which by chance passed by during a family outing in Ben-Shemen Forest

Today's e-mail quote -"Abraham" 1999

Someone asked us recently,
"Is there any limitation to the body's ability to heal?"
And we said, "None other than the belief that you hold."
And he said, "Then why aren't people growing new limbs?"
And we said, "Because no one believes that they can."

There is no more info online about "Spontaneous Evolution",
I'm therefore quoting information about other books,
which all show "the shift in our beliefs",
a main condition for a quantum-leap in evolution.

Get Real:
Alan Cohen Empowers You
to Embrace Your Authentic Self

Who is the “real” you?
At some point or another,
we’ve all been afraid to show our true selves.
Whether it’s hiding your true needs in a relationship,

forgoing your true passions to work in a high caliber job you secretly dislike, or pretending to like something you can’t stand,
it’s very easy to get caught up pretending to be something we are not. Unfortunately, hiding our real feelings, desires, and needs,
only leaves us depleted and wanting more out of life.
So, what’s it going to take for you to get real?

In his new radio program Get Real,
Alan Cohen empowers you to be exactly who you are
and let your passions and instincts move you forward.

Editor It's great to have you on HayHouseRadio.com, Alan!
What do you hope listeners take away from your new show, Get Real?

Alan: I hope listeners will be inspired
to accept and appreciate themselves just as they are,
speak and live their unique truth,
and find the confidence
to live without apology, compromise,
or a sense of sacrifice.

Some of the shows will feature fascinating guests
who inspire me with their realness and passion.
Our intimate honest conversations will transmit authenticity to listeners and give them tools to make their outer lives match their inner truth.
On others shows I will fly solo and interact with listeners
to coach them
to become more of who they really are
so they can have what they really want.

Editor So, what difference has "getting real" made in your own life?

Alan: All the difference!
My life has been a journey in self-discovery and self-acceptance.
The more I live from my true self,
rather than trying to impress others or prove anything,
the more joy I experience,
and the more successful my relationships and endeavors become.

Editor With the start of the new year, I'm wondering
if you have any advice for readers
on how they can start afresh and make positive changes in 2010?

Alan:: ... I would invite listeners
to check in with their inner joy and passion
to consider which activities bring them greater life
and which activities deaden them.
Then I would encourage them to head directly
for whatever would make them want to get up in the morning
and do, because they would love to do it.


Colette Baron-Reid Helps You
Chart Your Path to Purpose

“Remember what is yours
can never be taken away,”
radio host and author Colette Baron-Reid
says to a caller.
“Sometimes no matter
how much you want something,
you must let go and surrender it to the Divine.”

This sounds like a complementation
of what is missing in "Abraham"...

You may be thinking,
but what if I really want to make this new relationship work?
Or, what if I totally deserve that promotion?
Surrendering to the universe seems to go against our culture
of making things happen.
But, you never know what greatness the Divine has in store for you.

Dec. 2008, Mika, my tenth grandchild


Colette herself is an inspiration when it comes to the art of surrender.
Having always wanted to be a recording artist,
Colette first did intuitive readings on the side
while she prayed and prayed for her music career to take off.
Only the record deal didn’t come at that point,
but the phone kept ringing for readings.
“That experience taught me
that sometimes the greatest adventure is found
through surrendering to not knowing and just being,

When we learn how to release and surrender our personal goals and attachments paradoxically we see them fulfilled in service to others.”
Colette has indeed served people across the world
with her intuitive gift and wise guidance.
And, she eventually got the record deal she let go of so many years before.

Editor: So Colette, you're set to do an online series that starts January 25. It's called 28 Days to Claim the Life You're Destined to Live
... a great way for
people to make 2010 a year of ... transformation.
[It is synchronicity, that I begin to insert this interview exactly on Jan. 25!]
Will you tell us about it?

Colette: ...The power to change our outer conditions
lies in being aware and conscious
of the inner conditions of our thoughts feelings and beliefs.
After all, how we experience our life is less about the outside
than it is about the inside.

You can have all the money in the world and be incredibly poor.
No matter what the outer conditions,
it's the internal conditions of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs
that need to be addressed before we see change in our life.

I've created a template of exercises that are designed specifically
to shift your consciousness.
It's one thing to visualize the life you want,
it's another thing to know
how to become the person that lives that live.

Who would the person be that lives the life you want?
What kind of person would have the relationship you want to have?
So rather than focus on what you attract,
this seminar will teach you
who you need to become to attract those things.

[Again, this teaching seems to complement what is missing in "Abraham"!]

You'll learn how to move along
the delicate dance
of creation and surrender.

...how to build a different foundation to support your dreams.
You'll be putting a new, more powerful structure in place.

Editor: You've also just finished your third book, The Quest to "Have It All":
Finding the Path to Purpose and Peace, which is out this fall. ...

Colette: .......
In my work as an intuitive, having read for almost 50 thousand people,
I've come to know that we're all seeking the same things.
We all want peace and purpose in our lives.
We're all on the same journey- heroes on an adventure seeking the treasure
that will give our lives meaning. ..

Editor A new year is a time of beginnings.
So I'm wondering, what's your greatest wish for 2010?

Colette: Hmm... My greatest wish for 2010 is to inspire everyone
to step into their own adventures
and achieve lives of more meaning, purpose, and joy.

Editor: Your Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards have been a big hit.
Will you pull a card for our readers?

Colette:: Sure! I've pulled The Cosmos, which is all about creativity.
We have to remember that everything in life is created from a thought,
whether it's a thought from the Divine or from ourselves.
Everything connects to everything else. We're all part of a living universe.

January 25, 2010
Lesson 1: The Inventory

Where are you today, and where have you been?
Who have you become as the result of your life to date?
In order to become the change you wish to see in your life,
you must know your beginning point.
Taking stock is crucial,

especially when determining what to keep and what to throw out!
What needs to come out of the shadows? ...
Learn how to nurture what supports you
and let go of the attachments that prevent your growth.



2002-3, Tomer, then my foster grandchild, is sick


This time I' m quoting for the sake of contrast My task of "learning how to move along
the delicate dance
of creation and surrender"

[See Colette Baron-Reid in the quotes of yesterday]
is still not fulfilled -after so many years!
The reason is, that even the theory,
that this learning, indeed, is our task,
gets constantly clouded over
by the now - since Obama - so famous:
"We can do it!"

On the one hand I could quote the titles of the following lectures
as a sign of what has changed for the better in the world.
"To Nourish Your Soul!" - how much did I yearn for that
in the first half of my life.
Except for the dubious "nourishment" from religion,
the first nourishment came in 1972, when I was already 34 years old.
The book "I'm Okay, you're Okay" I gulped like a dehydrated person.
And, I'm grate-full to the nourishing books of Louise Hay in my eighties.

But now, when I get e-mails from "Hayhouse" and similar sources,
I often am sceptical, frustrated, even angry,
and if not for "Abraham's" concept about "Learning from Contrast"
[open this page, for instance, click Ctrl/F and put "contrast" in Search]
and if not for Colette's "delicate dance of creation and surrender",
and if not for a slap on my head regarding the reason for Moses' death
I would not quote the pretty titles of the Hayhouse series:

"I Can Do It®: The Ultimate Online Series to Nourish Your Soul
with Best-selling Authors
Have you always wanted to go to an I Can Do It® conference?
Now, with our all-new I Can Do It® 8-lesson online series,
you can experience this incredible conference
from the comfort of your own home
for a minimal cost—a $275 value for only $20!

"Join some of the world’s top experts in the fields of
personal development, mind-body medicine, and spirituality
for eight lessons that are sure to help you in all areas of your life.
Prerecorded at the phenomenal I Can Do It® conference in San Diego, CA,
this online series features an amazing lineup that you won’t find anywhere else.

"Register Now for the 8-Lesson Series!
I Can Do It®: The Ultimate Online Series to Nourish Your Soul
Only $20 for all 8 lessons

What is your personal wish for the year to come?
Click here to view details of this amazing series and register for the entire course. As an added bonus, you’ll also receive a special downloadable excerpt
with celebrated author and Hay House founder, Louise Hay. "

It goes without saying, that I'm "not in favor" of such advertising
nor of taking money for such gifts

January 13, Wednesday
Lesson 1: Changing Lifelong Thinking Habits with Wayne Dyer

January 14, Thursday
Lesson 2: Create a Life of Unbridled Joy with Christiane Northrup

January 20, Wednesday
Lesson 3: Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit! with Sonia Choquette

January 21, Thursday
Lesson 4: Finding New Levels of Healing with Brian Weiss,

January 27, Wednesday
Lesson 5: The “New Edge” Science of Empowerment with Bruce Lipton,

January 28, Thursday
Lesson 6: A New Dialogue with Your Soul with Robert Ohotto

February 3, Wednesday
Lesson 7: Embracing the New Midlife with Marianne Williamson

February 4, Thursday
Lesson 8: Enjoy More Happiness Now with Robert Holden