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 The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



Scroll down to 2010 to see how I learn
and how I now want to celebrate
January 27 - February 3

no date (but inserted in Godchannel.com at least 10 years ago, since it's mentioned on May 15, 2000, in the Channelers' list of updates ]
[comment of Christa-Rachel on January 27, 2010:
please - if you are not familiar with Godchannel's mythological language, - don't read this outcry of a "Mother" fragment!]

Mother Teachings
Please Help with the Pain & Terror


Hello there Mother, if you feel anything like me you must feel horrible in places.
I'm glad we're getting some healing light.
I didn't realize it but I am really afraid of the mixed light I've been getting
because of the giant reflections I've been getting
that also contain Satan and Lucifer
(not always noticeable till much damage is done).
I'm trying to revel in the increase of vibration and healing
that is occurring in many places
but it seems to set me up for terrors
that are not only powered by my denials and hatred
but also highly charged gaps of God's and Grandfather's denials,
and asuras to boot.

Sometimes it seems I'm dealing with twenty or more than double that at a time.
Government people are threatening and plotting to declare me insane.
I'm trying to locate and release judgments
but the great body and emotional pain
keep driving me semi-conscious
and very vulnerable to these fast moving, highly powered attacks.

I'm scared, tired, horrified
and feeling on the edge of giving up.

It's been hard to keep financially and energetically empowered
although I feel that you and God have been helping with that.
Your meetings feel great in my body
and I'm afraid I might drop the ball, so to speak.

My granddaughter is being held by social services
and I won't even try to describe the things I've felt and seen from that.
She's being held hostage so that they can get to me.
I know this so deeply.
They want me to stop vibrating Mother,
along with my whole big-Willed family.
Dead dead dead.
More implants please, a whole round for the house.

I want to take this time to thank you
for everything you've done for us
and ask your forgiveness for any pain damage death I've caused you.
I can't deny I've seen much on many levels.
And I'm horrified shame ridden over the things I've seen done and felt.

I would like you to see
if God would look into these huge gaps
which include the strangulation death of my best friend's baby.
And see if he and Grandfather can preen this task for me
because I've tried and tried and some things just don't move or heal.
I suspect bleed through from Grandfather's creation.
Please help. And once again thank you.

PS I love the pictures you send me .
I learn and perceive best that way sometimes, most of the time.

"Child of Original Heart,
there is so much around you
which is terrifying to you and to myself as well.
There is much movement to do,
and much healing that is needed.
Danger is close,
and you are trying bravely to move emotions in the face of this danger.

"This has been very helpful to your Will,
and I am grateful for all the vibration
you have been able to create in this dark place.
Now it is time to open to your own loving spirit
so that you can gain the strength
and the Spirit power you need here
to be smart in the presence of hateful light.

"Much of the material on this web site,
particularly the healing class has been
toward helping Spirit open to the plight of Will,
and you now have the vibration needed
to open and receive Loving Light in yourself
and gain balance in this place.

Please, release the judgment
that you are not as smart or capable as unloving light.

"Mother aligned with Loving Spirit
is the deepest, truest kind of intelligence,
and you have found access to this alignment
whenever your Will has allowed herself
to open to your own loving spirit within yo
To successfully push off government empowered unloving light,
your will needs the strength
of being filled and informed by Loving Light."

"I was often so clenched
in the face of unloving light in the past,
that I could not feel
when God was trying to help me in the quiet way
in which he can come forward in the dark places.

I judged his power to be too weak and his Light too dim,
but now I have seen and felt
that this softer Light can penetrate the darkness more completely
and more wholly than anything Lucifer or Satan, Ahriman can produce.

"There is a path out of this hell we have been trapped in for so long.

"But you cannot just move your emotions without your spirit's help.
Think ~
let loving mind inform your Will
when it is safe to move,
and when it is best to show only the strength of your loving spirit.

As you know,
it is not safe to move emotion in front of those who attack Will.
You are good to be parental to yourself in these places,
and act protectively with yourself and with your children and grandchildren.

"What your feelings know is true,
Lucifer does track the lines of Will families
and tries to destroy them.
But the denial spirits,
the asuras which act in Lucifer's place
are not conscious of what empowers them,
so confrontation there is only met with greater denial.
And you are right, you have been experiencing
a bleed-through from Grandfather's Creation,
the denials of that Creation are what power the asuras.
We cannot be parental to what is not ours,
and the denial spirit essence in the asuras
needs to be given to God to put in their right place,
which is not in this Creation.

"Gather your allies,
seek a safe place to move the fear and weakness,
and then allow God and Grandfather
to fill you with strength and courage and thoughtfulness
about the route out of the place of pain.
There is a path home for us,
but I need more loving light within you
to help us through this place.

"I made this mistake for-almost-ever,
to move in the face of Lucifer,
hoping my movement would bring pity and healing.
It never did.
Only in finding a safe, quiet place to move,
and in remaining closed to unloving light
have I found that Loving Light can reach me
anywhere Lucifer is not allowed.
Let your wisdom lead you."

Mother Sophia

Mother Teachings Introduction / RUOW Page
Discussion of the Right Use of Will Material



January 27, 2010, Wednesday,
in my sanctuary at Arad





This is the day of the Liberation auf Auschwitz 65 years ago
Not by chance I came across a video on the site of Elah, my eldest granddaughter,
whose grandfather was a German Jew and whose grandmother is a born German.

I look at the faces of the singing, acting, dancing students of an artschool in Israel,
- I cry and sigh and sob and laugh and jump and praise and bless and thank,
for the most horrific horror on this planet is slowly receding,
and Jewish children, Jewish girls, Jewish boys sing, act, dance
in a country which is free and safe, even if the price is terrible.

These are images from a video with Elah's class at Bet Zwi in 2008, edited by her father,
which can be seen in full on Elah's website

2007, dancing with Mika, my tenth grandchild

e-mail quote today -"Abraham" 2004

We would never move forward in the face of negative emotion.
There are many people who would teach you otherwise.
They say, you've got to face fear to get over it.
And all they do is desensitize themselves to the point
that they get themselves into situations
where they have no idea what's going on,
and the end of them comes rather abruptly
~~~ And then everyone calls them brave.

Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene

through Celia Fenn, Jan 18, 2010
an e-mail from Starchild Global , [this channel sometimes nourishes me!]

..... Things will move so swiftly
that unless you are flexible and able to flow with the changes,
you will find great difficulty in accepting what is.

The characteristics of Higher Dimensional Consciousness
are Movement, Creation, Change and Flow.
The way to be in Higher Consciousness is to surrender to the Flow
and allow Spirit and your Higher Self to direct your course.

The Mind cannot direct your course now,
as it does not have the ability to function within multidimensionality.
Only the Higher Self or I AM can do that.
The Function of the Mind is to make choices
according to what is offered by Spirit
and to discern what pathways open before you.

Beloved Family of Light, this is a time of great blessings
as you learn how powerful you are.
Sometimes, power is experienced simply by
releasing and letting go
and allowing Spirit to be your guide.

Indeed, in this year of 2010, you will be challenged to release
all expectations and attachments to outcomes
and allow what is to unfold in your life,
knowing that your I AM presence and Spirit
will deliver to you exactly what you desire
and what is for your highest good and growth.

Beloved Ones, in the process of Flow,
remember always to align
Live in the Present moment, in the Now.

If you try to attach to the past or future,
you will be disoriented and out of flow, and things will not go well.
If you focus into what is given through Grace in the Present Moment,
you will align with the Flow of Divine Will and Divine Grace
and you will experience Abundance and Joy.

In this Acceleration and Alignment with Divine Will,
you will release all that is not necessary for your path,

and you will be drawn to those who are your Soul Family.
You will, in this year, truly understand who are your Soul Family.
You will truly understand what it means to be Family of Light
and to be fully awakened and in communion with Soul Family.
This will be a great blessing.
You will learn to create together,
to play together
and to shape the future of the Planet in Peace
through Loving Intention right now.

Beloved Ones, in this year that comes
you will learn to perfect your skills of manifestation.
What you desire and ask for will come to you with great speed,
and you will learn to accept, integrate and express gratitude
at the accelerated creation of all that you desire.

You will indeed be greatly blessed in this coming year,
but it will require inner strength and trust
to handle the power of the energy of 2010.

We say to you also that there will be many challenges in this time.
As you create Peace and Abundance,
you will need to confront all that is not Peace and Abundance
so that it may be released and transformed in the Light.

At these times,
hold to your truth and hold the Peace in your heart,
and move through these situations by asking for guidance ...
Where there is conflict, let there be resolutions,
where there are problems, let there be solutions.

Where you are challenged,
look always for the highest good of all concerned at all times.

…. And so, as you pass through the month of January
with its powerful shifts and accelerations,

we wish you Grace, Peace, Love
and the Power of your Divine Inner Being!

The Dance of the Shekhinah: a video

Beata Hardes interprets the energy of "Shekhinah", the Divine Feminine, in Jerusalem
Celia's video ends with two merging views: a Christian Church and the Muslim Mosque

On this day of 65 years of the Liberation of Auschwitz
Israel's President Peres and German's Chancellor Merkel
will mainly discuss "the thread from Iran"

I'm, therefore quoting from an e-mail sent by "Olam Katan",
which reached me today from Jerusalem, "The Heart of the World"

A prophecy about a revolution in Iran is channeled [from "Kryon" ]
which might turn our thoughts into what will be right with the World:

I said that there’s going to be a revolution in Iran. There was, and now I’d like to give you the rest of the story. It began this year. The seeds are there for a major Iranian revolution. Oh, it was suppressed~~~ or was it? It grows even as I speak to you right now. The very few control the many there in that country, which has literally been called an Evil Empire. Isn’t it odd? So were the Soviets, and look what happened.

Let history show what is going to happen for these are the potentials I give you now. The revolution in Iran will be called the Great Revolution. The removal of the mullahs will take place. You will see it. If the potentials are as strong as they are today, you will see it. And with the removal of the mullahs, you will find a young Iranian civilization that is mature in their faith, who knows what they want, and will create stability. In fact, so stable can it become – are you ready for this statement? – that the stability of Iran may eventually lead to a stable Middle East. The~~~ Iranians may very well start to bring about peace in Israel.

... Watch how it gets put together! It will be Middle Easterners with Middle Easterners. ... a mature, stable Iran will make peace with those around them, perhaps even set up a union of Islamic states, and with their resources and their financial maturity, they will see that a one state solution can work in Israel. They will desire to have peace in the region, for it will impact their own stability.

It’s really not that much of a stretch. Let me explain what they have at this moment. In Jerusalem at the moment there is a kind of static peace, for the reality is that you have three major religious players on the opposite ends of the hate scale, having to share the most hallowed, holy ground that exists for each of them. And it just happens to be the same exact place for all of them. In that place, where the Temple is to be rebuilt, is the place of the astral ascension of Mohammad, the Prophet of Islam. The Temple Mount is the place, and it is also precious to the Jews and Christians.

The Jews would argue that Abraham’s son, Isaac, was almost slain there. Their history is clear on this. Even the Christians believe this. However, in the Islamic world, it was Ishmael, the other son of Abraham, who had that experience on the Mount. So they both share the same holy places and they coexist in a peace of necessity. Have you noticed? That’s not where the trouble spot is in Israel. It’s all around it, but they keep the Temple Mount sacred. By de facto, they have been sharing this space for two generations, you see?

Now, let me insert the new energy. What I’m giving you now is already under way and although it seems far-fetched that the Jews and the Arabs would get together and fund the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple, the seeds of this have already been presented. Think for a moment of the incredible resources of both groups!

This would be the third time for the Jewish temple, and in the middle of it would be an allowance for the grandeur of the Islamic Temple of the Mount. Together they would build something they could share and continue to share, but in the process, make it grander than ever~~~ perhaps grander than anything that has ever been built! Together they would create ways where they could both visit each section of their own, and the Palestinians would visit their part for the first time, freely and openly...without those standing by with weapons in case there’s trouble.

Against all odds, and for the first time in history, the Jewish nation and Islam would come together in a neutral area by their own agreement, and with Iran’s help. A stability would eventually take place. Who would be the real benefactor of this? It would be Iran, the largest and most stable nation in the Middle East.

There’ll come a day, my partner, when the Middle East and the trouble there will be a distant memory. What is your memory of Ireland and their problems? What about Germany, Japan, or Russia? Former enemies of half a century are now trading freely with each other and have economies that are intertwined. It’s time to see this same attribute in the Middle East. Impossible? Against all odds?

... you can see the beginning of what can happen on the planet~~~ Expect clearer minds because the energy is changing, against all odds~~~

There is a potential that before all this takes place, there will also be still another flare up in these areas~~~ such is the old energy, and such are those who wish to move the planet backwards in energy. There are, and will be for some time, those who will willingly die to bring the earth back into darkness and a consciousness that is elementary, basic, and unenlightened. But I have given you a glimpse of a future time~~~ somewhat in the distance, but close enough to be real to you.

What are you going to do with all this information?
Many will laugh, point at the problems and current hatred and tell you that it’s simply “against all odds.” If they do, then you can smile, since that is exactly the issue. Against all odds is the energy of the day, and represents the shift.

What is it that is against all odds with your personal life? .... Is it with family? Is it with your health? What is it you have said, “I can’t do”? What is it you have assigned to the impossible? It’s part of that three-dimensional list that humans have, the doable and the not doable. Humans treat these as they would laws of physics!

I’m going to ask you tonight to get interdimensional with me because I see who you are and I see the magnificence of those who sit in the chairs. I see the creative ability you all have. Throw away those lists of what you can’t do~~~ What is it you’ve decided you can’t do against all odds? You can have that healing. Maybe it’s the healing of love, and you know who I’m talking to.

What part of your family don’t you talk to anymore? Perhaps they’ve changed. Maybe you’ve changed? Did you know what love does on this planet? It is the creator of peace. Reestablish connections you think are gone. Impossible? Against all odds? Who have you met today in the synchronicity of this meeting, who don’t you know? Have you thought to yourself, “I’m going to go to somebody who I don’t know. Maybe they’re here with something I need? Perhaps I have something for them?” That is synchronicity! Do you know that’s why old souls get together?

There’ll come a time when that’s why you will come to a meeting like this. Oh, not to hear the speakers, but to meet each other! But you really haven’t recognized that yet, have you? Have you? There is so much here that hides. There’s so much potential~~~ against all odds.

~~~This is why we’re here, to help you see what is inside each of you. This is what we do to remind you of who you are, and ask you to begin to remember it all.

And so it is.               KRYON
[The next day I came across a document of mine called "Israel's Uniqueness"


January 27, 2010, Wednesday,
in my sanctuary at Arad





The "Tristram"-starlings , indigenous only around the Dead Sea till Arad, sing!
Some 12 cats in the vicinity of the pool, - each unique in size and color - play!
"Sani", the dog, accompanies the painful, stiff steps of Altzheimer sick Shifra!

These are just 3 examples of how animals enhance human lives in this World!
But half a year ago an anonymous presentation reached me which "says it all":






2006_04_01, Mika, 3 months old, can raise head & chest
and "read" a book of big animal pictures like "cat" and "cow"

e-mail quote today -"Abraham" 1997

"Whatever you are giving your attention to
already has a vibration of its own,
and as you give your attention to it,
you include its vibration in your vibration
~~~.and then your point of attraction is affected
. "

Today I want to quote excerpts from the enormous compilations
which Jean Hudon is sending twice a month to countless people.
There you find much of what's going on among "spiritual" folks !
I miss "The Mother", the Will, the Feelings~in most of this stuff,
and must trust, that I'll be guided to what's relevant for my life.

The Earth Rainbow Network

"One Planet, One People, One Future"

The love you giveis returned to you a hundredfold

This saying at the entry of the site is an example for my difficulty:
The pain I caused other people came always from too much love.
Since this could be called the "tragedy" of my life until this day,
I won't go into it, it's too gigantic an issue, but I'll say one thing:
If love is simply "given" , without me paying attention,
if it causes the other person to love him/herself more,
then love is dangerous and causing havoc in the world.
If I'm only a giver and not a receiver, then ~~~
Let me stop here....

e-mail compilation January 22 -
Over 46,800 words and 228 links!
Turning Tide of History : All together we CAN make a difference


"I was listening to an awesome thing the other day, on NPR. It is a test which has been done and it is illuminating. One brings to an office a box of seventy cookies, home made, they look and smell delicious, and bits are cut of a few so you can have a bite and sample them. They are then offered at the price of 3 dollars for seven cookies. People all scramble to get as many as they can. Three dollars is a very interesting offer and demands are high from everyone in the office. Now, a few days after, one comes with the same amount of a new batch of cookies, all smelling and tasting like the ones before, delicious. This time the cookies are free. An interesting thing happens, everyone takes about two cookies. When asked why, everyone says I wanted to make sure there was enough for everyone in the office. Isn't this illuminating? It is most evident that our new world needs to be one where there is no more money and everything is free, it is the only immediate natural balance for Life. "

- Florence Chapgier (flofrog@mac.com)

"We don’t see the world as it is
– we see the world as we are."

Taken from The Fifth Agreement's blog

NOTE from Jean:
... I've been aware for over 25 years of the ongoing efforts to draft an Earth Constitution and I'm happy to see that an Earth Federation movement now exists to support this brilliant idea. Only such a grass-root endeavor, not under the control of any nation nor any shadow group, can ultimately lead us toward a unified planet that will be freed from the scourge of narrow national self-interest, occult scheming and widespread corruption that has so far prevented from reaching fruition the noble efforts of those who have first envisioned the United Nations Organization as the medium through which humanity could co-create a peaceful, socially equitable and environmentally sustainable world. Its various agencies have indeed done much good, but the UN itself, although essential for a while, was just a stepping-stone towards a higher degree of harmonization, integration and constructive, mutually beneficial collaboration between all human beings. Something new is ready to emerge and we are the ones who can assist its birthing process. Please take a couple minutes to explore their site and see if you feel you can be of any assistance.


There is a constellation of groups and individuals who are actively involved in that field of human endeavor and yet the public rarely, if ever, hear about them and their hope-stirring, global citizen-empowering vision of a people-centered, decentralized global system of democratic governance that would gradually replace the nation states and the giant transnational corporations as the main forum where the life-defining decisions affecting the entire human race will be taken. It is likely that the new path of global, decentralized self-governance advocated by those who support the Earth Constitution will grow around the world, alongside the existing nation-centered and corporate profit-oriented system, gaining legitimacy and ever more credibility until a new world consensus emerges to politically retool our planet so we may be able to face the challenges of a fast changing world and fast awakening humanity, within the greater context of the galaxy-spanning civilization—one among many, may others—that will one day emerge from the fertile ground of this magnificent jewel of Life called Earth.

In reading on - with unusual strain - I came across quotes,
which hint at vast information about the "evil" in the World.
Should I give one of the horrid examples about Israel????
Or about what humans are behind the Haiti Earthquake??
I feel great pain now, not because this info is a defamation,
and not because most of these "things" are as described,
but because I am confused as to what I should give my attention to!
If I close my eyes to all those horrid actions and processes
and only stress and celebrate what is right with the World,
will I not be a "facilitator", yes a participator in all the evil?
I have no answer today, but I'll unsubscribe Jean Hudon,
and instead make space for the old turtle and the Hippo:



January 29, 2010, Friday,
in my sanctuary at Arad, with Rotem, my daughter's daughter from Modi'in.
See images about our 48 hours togetherness in Desert, House and Garden.



Rotem, 16 1/2 years old, saw the green quote above and told:
"While sitting in class (in the Democratic School) I was in a sad mood lately.
My friend Michal saw it and ~ sent me a note with exactly this quote!"

and Rotem recited it by heart.
An old friendship between two young girls, who truly care!

2000_11_04-I moved from my son's flat at Shoham with my tent on his car and ALL my stuff - to live in it in my daughter's garden at Modi'in


A friendship which is meant to make things in the world right

During the 48 hours with Rotem, mainly while walking in the desert, we touched the evils of the world as well as its goodness.
Let's begin with the 24 schools in Israel, mentioned in the world's "Education Revolution", one of them being the Nadav school.
This school in Modi'in was founded in 1999 by a mother after her 5 year old child Nadav, was killed by a careless driver, when Rotem reached school-age.
The "Democratic Schools" are examples of "what is becoming right with the World": children and tutors feel zest and fulfillment!

In Oct. 2009, Rotem & Jonathan, her brother, as well as Yahel & Shira, the twin daughters of my best friend, Polio-stricken Yaacov,
were among the 50 pupils from three Democratic Schools who traveled through Holocaust-Poland from horror-place to horror-place.
Yaacov and I had been very much opposed to the participation of his twin daughters' and my grandchildren in this journey, fearing,
that they, too, would be infected by the attitude of victimhood,
which is the sad source of Israel's ongoing acting against its own self-interest.
But the wise manner, in which tutors of the 3 Democratic Schools, and the guide of "the tour", helped the young people to experience,
inspired them to step out of their individual lives and understand how they are connected to their community, their nation, their World.
[Some images which Rotem showed me on "Facebook", others I cropped from the 18 min. video, which a few participants, Rotem included, edited lately under the title
The Journey of the Four to Poland, October 2009 ].

Rotem and - in front - Jonathan

Rotem and Yahel at Majdanek

Yahel, Michal and Rotem
in front of one of the countless "Toetungs-Gruben", "Slaughter-Pits, in which some 2 500 000 Jews were murdered one by one,
before "the more effective method" of the gas-chambers was invented.

The Broken Heart Monument in Lodz, where between 1942 and 1945 perhaps 20000 Polish (not Jewish!) children between 2 and 16 years were imprisoned in conditions which caused probably 5000 of them to die in slow torture

Only in the German Wikipedia
I found extensive information about the "Jugendverwahrlager Litzmannstadt"
But see also a passage:
The Broken Heart Memorial built in memory of Polish children, the prisoners of the only concentration camp for Polish children only. It had a 3 meters high barbed wire fence, wooden watchtowers, blockhouses, main square, internal prison and the house of tortures. The food rations were lower than in the other concentration camps.
There is an inscription in the front of the monument -
“They have taken your lives. Today we can offer you only memory”

It was there, where they "saw" the Broken Heart Monument for thousands of Polish (not Jewish) children suffering till their death.

A few months before that journey and again a few months after it, Rotem participated for a week in the Nir-School of the Heart ,
where Israeli Jews and Arabs from Israel, Palestine,Jordan come together to explore the physical heart and to understand each other.

With Nir-School of the Heart in Sderot [see the program with 80 movies about "Gaza-Sderot" 2008]

January 31, 2010, Sunday,
in my sanctuary at Arad




Balancing themselves between The Broken Heart Monument in Poland
and the excruciating "interactions" in the Nir School of the Heart (s. below)

2006-Mika 9 months old - balances herself

February 1 , 2010, Monday,
in my sanctuary at Arad




It is not enough to "celebrate what is right with the World".
Boris reminded me of the "dragon" in "Right Use of Will" :

I must show, how to cope with what cannot be celebrated,
and then to celebrate, that nowadays, on February 1, 2010
we have access to information about WHO WE really ARE.
From knowing and living who we are, will follow right doing.

In June 2009, Rotem and Farah (Ramallah) trained giving an infusion to Olga (see more)

We were sitting west of Arad, above the Dead Sea and an illegal Bedouin village.
"This time"
, told Rotem, "it was more painful in the 'School of the Heart'.
My best Palestinian friend, Farah Alem from Ramallah, confronted me:

"I read many books!
There were only a few thousands Jews killed in the holocaust,
not six millions as you Jews claim!"

And then she even moved out of our room, and without informing me."

It's one thing to encounter racism from all kinds of people around you,
and another thing to experience, how even your best friend betrays you.

Though Rotem added, that after the participants tore each others to pieces,
they didn't mind - in the breaks - making fun and laughing with each other,
she couldn't handle the utter despair:
"If Farah ... what about all others?"

Farah and Rotem half a year ago - during 10 days in the School of the Heart.

At first , we pointed out to ourselves the fact and "celebrated" it,
that these Palestinian pupils did come to meet their Jewish mates.
Second: that the Israeli Arabs, especially Wasim, one of the tutors,
understood both sides and consoled Rotem and other crying kids.
But this was not enough, neither for Rotem nor for me.
It suddenly seemed to us, that it was too difficult to cope.
I took half a day to get an answer from the inside and said:

"The 'betrayal' has nothing to do with the personal friendship between you!
On the contrary, only because of the loving trust between you and Farah
could the transcendental drama behind Jews and Palestinians
come to the foreground - ripped off of all denials and nicetees.
What we, who care for peace and what I call "Heaven on Earth,
have to do, is not doing, but being, being both sides, being ALL.

"When we become "parental" for ALL, without guilt, without blame,
we will also know, what to do and how to act in a specific situation.
In the meantime, we must do, what we do with all painful emotions:
breathe and cry and scream and sigh them, let our Body move them!"

Today, Febr. 1, I came across a passage in Godchannel>Redemption,
which, nine years ago, I quoted in puzzle piece 4>Identifying Triggers:

"Too often in the human level of this work
natural allies have become enemies,
because they lost track of the fact
that they're here working together
to help heal themselves and Creation.
Too often they've taken the triggering of each other seriously,
and forgotten that the true cause of their immediate pain
is not their friend
who has triggered them in present time,
but something from long ago,
and until now hidden deep within themselves."

2001, Alon, my grandson, playing on a beach of Israel

At first I felt despair, when Rotem told me the clash with her Palestinian friend,
but then I remembered the "Fifth Interview with the Folks" - in October 2008,
the last message on Godchannel so far - [context: the American Elections]

Thank you Folks, what do you suggest we do here by way of healing?

"First, find the frozen terror in yourselves
that has been triggered by the world stage events,
and bring the light of loving acceptance to your own lost Will.
You can do this more easily when you remember
that you are truly safe
and that the world stage events are happening
for the purpose of triggering this frozen terror
so that full loving acceptance and healing
can finally come to it.


"As your Will essence begins to vibrate
with your acceptance,

you also have a good opportunity
to take your projections off
of the economic leaders and politicians
on the world stage.
You can now own them
as parts of yourselves,
which they truly are.


"Bring the ancient war home to the only place it can be healed,
inside of you.
You will be pleasantly surprised
by the powerful results
of owning and healing the perpetrators
within yourself.


"The outer political beliefs
that seem opposite of yours
are being held inside of you
by parts of yourself

that you have been unconscious of,
parts that are still in your shadow.

These are fragments of spirit [read more about this concept]
that can lead you to the lost Will they have been controlling.
The key to doing this is
in your willingness
to own the perpetrators
you've been seeing outside of yourself
as the reflections
of ... parts of your whole Being."


Thank you Folks, what else can we do to heal this gap between loving Light and lost Will?


"You can find the qualities that you abhor
in the politicians and business leaders
you don't agree with,
and then find the parts of yourselves
that have had these qualities.

You must of course be honest with yourself,
and judgment release is vital here .


"Please remember that you have been innocent all along.
There has been much unconsciousness,
and yet evolution happens.
All that has been unconscious is destined to become conscious.
The main issue now is that your Human identity
has been squeezed into a very small container

by the conditioning of the civilization that has sought to control you.
The time has now come for this conditioning to move~~~
your full, undenied greatness
is needed
for the healing at hand."

Thank you Folks,
near the end of Part Four of this interview you said something similar,
that as humans we are responsible
for all that has happened in Creation.
At first glance it could seem
that this means humans are somehow at fault for all the evil
that is present on Earth now.
Would you please say more about this?


"First, as We mentioned in that part,
it's important to make the distinction
between 'responsibility' and blame or fault.

As what has been hidden within you
comes into the light of your loving consciousness,
you can see more clearly
that there really is no valid reason
for either blame or fault.

"As Spirit has said [in .parentsletterr>doing the best],
everyone has always been doing the best they could
with what they were working with at the time.
The only guilt or blame that exists is
that which has been held in place
by the judgments in imprints.
Since none of those judgments are true,
neither is the guilt or blame.

there has been a tremendous amount of evil and perpetration...
And not so obviously
there has been an evolving movement

to heal the imprints and their reenactments
that the evil and perpetration have been part of
Now that more Humans have become aware of the issues
and have more and more willingness
to heal these imprints,

real healing has begun in many of these imprints~~~

both in the human healers themselves
and in Creation as a whole.

February 2 , 2010, Tuesday,
in my sanctuary at Arad




"Women everywhere, of all cultures,
merit access to education
and basic human rights"

Motto of the AHA-Foundation, AHA stands for one outstanding woman:

"24 January 2010: Ayaan Hirsi Ali accused the world's liberal democracies
of appeasing radical Muslims:
People are worried of being seen as anti-Muslim
and thus betraying their own liberal traditions,
This appeasement has made the public space in these countries a lot less safe,"

Two months ago Micha, my son, gave me the "INFIDEL" in its Hebrew translation,
the autobiography of the Somalian woman, 40, whose life is threatened since 2004.
"You should read this! I wasn't aware of just how terrible and dangerous Islam is."

Throughout the first third of the book I was doubting, if I should go on reading.
'I want to celebrate what is right with the World and not deplore what is wrong!'
But the experience with the triptych of my granddaughter ROTEM's young life -
her "Democratic School", her Journey to AUschwitz, her "School of the Heart" -
made me grasp that much of what's going on in the world can be celebrated only,
if I mention the not-right "things", that begin to be transformed into what is right.
And also that I must show our responsibility for the dynamics:
how the not-right things are exacerbated as a reaction to what seems to be "right".
And also: that I must point out the danger of "reversals" in "positive developments",
if "progress" in an issue is reached through denial of too many 'unevolved' factors!
In short:
as much as I truly celebrate this fantastic woman, Ayaan Hirsi Ali,
her intention, dedication, determination, sincerity, courage, power,

- it is not "Islam", which is accountable for the horrible abuse of Muslim women,
and AHA's fight will make things right only if we accept the problem as our own.

"Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Between Two Worlds (March 2007)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a woman equally scorned by some Muslims and secularists in Holland. Her new book, an autobiography with the clever title "Infidel" will confirm many of their prejudices. The really inter-esting aspect to the Hirsi Ali story, is the opposition she ran up against in Holland when she tried to defend the rights of abused women in Dutch Muslim commu-nities. She offended those who view multiculturalism in terms of community and who consider it incorrect to interfere in the cultural life of individual members. Even a number of Dutch feminists, who one supposes care deeply about the mistreatment of women, were unwilling to support her position

I deeply identify with Ayaan's mission of freeing cruelly oppressed Muslim women.
I confess, that calling Western multi-cultural tolerance "appeasement" confuses me.
Was it not too much goodness/love, which drew the bad out of my closest people?
What I had to learn so painfully in my personal life, is it not true for communities?

We "liberals" are so certain, how governments should behave towards individuals.
Now, after Ayaan's book, I've lost my certainty, I doubt the absolutism of values!

But more important than doubting our values is the awareness and recognition,
of how our naked-libertinistic, individualistic life-style polarizes Muslim nations.
We do not have to change ourselves, but we must see our part in the dynamics.

Much much important even that the polarization of life-style is the overall fact,
that in our era (unlike 900 years ago) there is no "EQUALITY in SELF-ESTEEM"
It has been my growing insight ever since 1974, that "Equality in Self-esteem"
is - even before "Common Interest" and "Mutual Trust"
- the overall condition
for people/s to accept themselves and therefore to accept and respect others.

Even the way Muslim (or fundamentalist Jewish or Christian) women dress,
is a way to assert their identity, i.e. self-worth, and religion is just an excuse.

The only way to free Muslim men from oppressing and torturing their women,
is to help them to discover their self-worth, to love and to accept themselves,

The way to empower Muslim women to stop letting themselves be victimized,
is to help them to love and accept themselves and to discover their self-worth!

I saw a sweet and sophisticated German movie (2005): Oddyssee of the Hearts,
which lovingly, humorously explores what love between equal people means,
be they bride and bridegroom or parents or daughter-in-law and mother-in-law.

I also remember the song, a prophecy? of 'black and white' becoming EQUAL.

Dec. 2000 , my daughter, my son-in-love and Rotem

More from "The Fifth Interview with the Folks"

"Your wholeness and your healing
are yours for the having,
and you can have them
when you take full and loving responsibility
for all of the evil and perpetration in Creation~~~
as well as
for all of the goodness and beauty.

You Are the Universe

"To get a feel for this movement,
pause for a moment now~~~
and imagine something good in Creation.
When you have chosen something~~~
observe it carefully and then say to yourself,
'I did that.'
The 'I' who was speaking
was speaking for the deepest part of your identity.
You were speaking for Us, the Creators in you.

"Now take another momentary pause
and imagine something that's evil in Creation.
When you've thought of something,
take a deep breath~~~
observe it carefully and then say to yourself,
'I did that.'
Again, you spoke the truth
of the deepest part of your identity.
This is where true Human greatness rests,
in your ultimate identity
as the Universe itself~~~
all of it,
including all that has felt 'good'
and all that has felt 'evil.'


"Now here is a vitally important point.
The new awareness of your deepest Self as perpetrator
can lead you to one of two places~~~
the 'courtroom' or the 'classroom.'
In the courtroom
you will find guilt for yourself as the perpetrator,
and because that guilt is fundamentally untrue,
justice will be elusive.
This is because the courtroom is about
accusations, judgments, guilt, blame, and suffering.

In the classroom however, there is opportunity
to learn, evolve~~~ and heal.

"If there are judgments to release,
feel the 'bad' feeling
and release the judgments.
Then immediately feel back into the feeling
without judgment
and come into loving acceptance of the feeling energy

as a rightful part of your wholeness.


"If you are fully identified
in the feeling essence
you can move your body
and sound the feeling to express it.
Dance and song work well together
to embody the feeling
and bring it fully into manifestation...
... to full-bodied joy and mirth.

e-mail quote today -"
Abraham" 2004

See this world as a free world,
and see everyone in it as trying—through their individual experiences—
to find their way back to that calling, back to that Source Energy.
And even though there are billions of them going about it
in a way that is different than you would choose,
there's no right or wrong way.
In other words, bless them all,
and get on with the only thing you have any power about,
which is opening or closing your vortex to your natural state of Well-Being.

February 3 , 2010, Wednesday,
in my sanctuary at Arad



Yesterday I invested excruciating energy of mind and feelings in the question,
how to celebrate what is right with the world, without denying what is wrong.
I came across an "old" sculpture of mine, which says this ever so poignantly:

July 27, 2006: "Only today - after my experience in the "Zealots Valley"
do I understand the condition
for the success of my vision:
Every realization of a dream,
yes every progress in the world,
are sentenced to arousing "anti"

[s. enlightened Germany and holocaust!]
if the realization does not base itself
on self-acceptance
- of those who realize the dream,
the vision, the progress,
as well as of the people,
for whom we "realize" the vision.

"I, Christa-Rachel Maryam Bat-Adam,
am a pioneer in realizing the assignment
of present humankind
self-acceptance ~self-esteem ~self-love,
and my prophecy is that the time is near
the quantum-leap
in the evolution of self-love."

What is demanded now is - HOW can "AHA" and all other "world-changing" efforts
focus on causing people/s to feel their self-worth and from there: to feel equal?
This is my life's mission, though the practical arena, which I chose at the age of 27,
has now been taken over -THANKS "GOD - by people like Coacher Alon Gal!
And yes -on a small, but exemplary scale- my daughter Ronnit Shai with "PLACES"

Ronnit reads to Mika, her niece (photo of my son, sometime in 2009)

I found this phrasing on this background in the biographic-background to my book
See also 2 1974 Hebrew documents in Closeups to my Past>Full-Fill-ment in Work
The very entry-page to Healing-K.i.s.s. summarizes this mission - in January 2009!
Scroll down to the frame "But why am I called to a new Lekh-Lekhâ?"

On January 13, 2010, I dedicated my "Celebration of what is right in the World",
to Coacher Alon Gal and his Reality Show, the name of which I cannot translate.
I've mentioned him often in K.i.s.s.-log 2008,
There is a human being who creates an empire and earns fame
with empowering pople!

About his work with the Levi Family
on Jan. 25, 2010l see video.
"To grant and not to push"
"the bottom line is:they don't really need me".

From an article about the Training of Coachers in Gal Alon's business "Tut",
after from 3500 candidates only 10 people are considered to become trainers:

Right Use of Will - Yellow Book -Heart Song p.233
"Greatness is a matter
of feeling good about oneself
and one's accomplishments.

"Whatever talents and skills feel right to the spirits involved
are the right measure and proportion of greatness
and are innately rewarding!"

Quoted in K.i.s.s.-log Dec. 21, 2008, and applied to myself:
"This is my goal, the purpose of my life on this planet:
to help people to discover and to realize the conditions

for "feeling good about themselves and their accomplishments!"

How wondrous that I seem to have more and more partners who desire this!
[To my regret I couldn't find "Communication for action", on which Alon's method is based.]



2008, Mika on a Grandma-Day with the Quartet

e-mail quote today -"Abraham" 1998

"There is not something you're supposed to do.
There's not something that you should do.
There is only that which you are inspired to do.
And how do you get inspired except by the contrast?
It's the life experience
that gives you the idea of the desire,
and then as you focus upon the desire,
the Energy flows.

Contrast is definitely not the only source of inspiration for desire.
Look at Mika - she desires all the time and not from any contrast.
But the desire, which I'm going to realize in this "learning-frame",
does come from contrast- my frustration with "spiritual e-mails"!
There was, e.g., The World Puja Network newsletter on Jan. 29,
from Maureen Moss, the leader in Empowerment Internet Radio
to which -since 11 years - 750,000 people have made their way.
Many "Cutting Edge" thinkers participate and I do celebrate this.
And at first I even agreed to what her guides told her:

"My personal sessions have shifted to accommodate
the amplifications of the current energy
and to help you stabilize your internal grid
and set the foundation for your Light Body
Please note: Sessions are fully guided energy sessions
coupled with guided empowering spoken word sessions.
Lives worldwide change as a result.
My guides are asking that you please steer away
from "what job am I supposed to be doing?" questions.
Let's use our time together well
to transmute, stabilize, and upgrade your

But then - and especially after today's sculpture of what I "celebrate" -
I felt that I had to seek refuge in "walking humbly with God"
[Micah 6:8]
and not "set the foundation for my Light Body" nor "transmute-upgrade my frequency"
[on Febr. 6 I discovered a relevant message from Maureen in "Compassion for myself"!]

but continue to heal my feeling, "God's" Will, God's "magnetic essence",
as I have been doing for the last 24 years as a hologram for humankind.

I therefore return to the beginning, to the day on which I was shaken
by "God's" direct message in the blue book called "Right Use of Will".

In April 2003, I decided to gradually edit the Blue Book - graphically,
in order to deepen my understanding and apply them in my daily life!

This time I shall read the book in the 2002 Hebrew translation by Talila Haendel,
excerpt the sentences which have been most relevant to me through these years,
and insert them [as .gif images, since the Dreamweaver software doesn't support Hebrew]
together with the English sentences which can be read in the context of the book.


If this book
is for you,
you will know it
from these few introductory pages.
Realize it is meant
to affect you
and is not meant
to be just
a mental exercise.

If this book
is for you,
it will bring forth emotional release.
You need
to allow this response
without harming yourself or others.

dvora_Ilan@hotmail.com / talilahendel@yahoo.com



From "Introduction", p I in the original, p I in the translation

"The unconditional love of the Spirit for everything that exists
has been under-stood on Earth for quite some time.
This, in fact, has been called Divine Love.
Now there is a need for another understanding on Earth:
that of Divine Will.

"Most people on Earth have made a separation
between the Spirit and the Will.
They have felt their own Will was not acceptable;
that to love the way God loves,
they must eliminate their own feelings and opinions
and do what they have imagined is the Will of God.
An understanding is needed here:
the Will of God
is not in opposition to the Will of the individual.



Since August 2010 I sing 3 lines to the same tune:
"Celebrate what is right with the world!
Celebrate, celebrate your self-worth!
Celebrate, that your joy has been birthed!"


Since I no longer create new entries in Healing-k.i.s.s.
and the Hebrew website www.shemshem.org does not yet appear on the Internet,
I'm going to note here links to pages (mostly from the Hebrew "GoodNews"),
which contain info about "things", which I personally want to celebrate in this world

Since with the celebrations between Febr. 12 and 22 I reached the limit of this page (1300 kb),
I'm continuing with adding daily celebrations to K.i.s.s.-log 2008, beginning with Febr. 22, 2008

February 22, 2012

I came across my first encounter with Ben-Shemen on Febr.2, 2008,
where Tomer, my grandson is still a student,
and right after that I opened "GoodNews"
"The writing of a blog assists people in social-emotional distress"

February 21, 2012.

How the Google Science Fair 2012
encourages young people to ask questions

watch the very good Hebrew video!
this image reminds me of what I learnt recently:

Healing through sound: a Cat-Purring-Therapy-Device

On February 17, 2012
Immanuel, my son, sent me a link to a video,
which shows the solidarity of the world with Japan
after the earthquake and Tsunami on March 9, 2011,
and also the moving expressions of gratefulness.
I sob even when only remembering the video.

19 years ago I read in "Bringers of the Dawn",
[one of the very few sources from "beyond" which resonate with me]
that at the time of painful changes on the planet
also the solidarity of the people will apear.

On February 15, 2012 "GoodNews"
acquainted me with the movie
"Choice Point: Align your purpose"

And though the ideals here are lacking in my eyes,
I'm happy, that such great people propagate them.

On Febr.14, 2012 "GoodNews" told me about
"Jamming- a house for c0 creation in Acco", an Arab-Jewish town in Israel


February 12, 2012

Dolphins and Wales play with each other.
No aggression, no victim-perpetrator "game",
just playing, enjoying

Research shows,
how plants communicate with each other